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International Movers | International Moving Company Near Me | Best International Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

International Movers | International Moving Company Near Me | Best International Moving Companies

International Movers: Top Rated International Moving Companies

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime: moving to a new country to start a job or spearheading a corporate relocation. Or possibly you are fulfilling the dream of retirement in a quieter part of the world, a less hurried land. Maybe the challenge came out of the blue, or perhaps it’s something you’ve long been working toward. Whatever the reason, here you are, ready to go. But now you need to pack up your house and go. It’s time to find an international mover to partner and work with you every step of your move overseas. And international moves around the world with customs clearance is not easy.

International Moving Agencies Operating From The United States

International Mover: How do I find One near me?

The good news about international moves is that you have plenty of moving services from which to choose. Any International moving agencies operating from the United States must register with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), which licenses companies authorized to handle international relocations.

Coordinating international and worldwide deliveries requires a lot of expertise. The company will need to work with a network of subcontractors, agents, and moving specialists including trucking companies, van lines, warehouse and storage providers, and ocean transporters. The international moving company of your choice must be reliable and above-board, committed to standard operations. If you live near an origin port in the U.S., and moving to Canada from USA or other nearby countries, the total distance may be shorter, but there are still multiple steps and logistics involved in the process.

The FMC maintains a consumer resource site where you can identify licensed and registered international moving services and investigate whether the international moving companies you are considering have a history of complaint issues. You should also consider checking with your state consumer protection agency for customer concerns and look for cases reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Cars in shipping containers - a different level of international shipping

You may want to start with U.S DOT licensed local agents of national van lines that offer international moving services including customs clearance. With any household relocation around the world, the work you do at the pre move stage in your move planning, to find a trustworthy international moving company will pay off as you continue through the process. In international air freight, the importance is higher since you relinquish control for a longer time and greater overseas distance.

Ask for referrals from your contacts; people or a business you know have made international moves to anywhere. Chances are they used a local United States company that has a network with one of the major overseas vendors and experts that have coordination capacities for such international relocation services.

International Relocation Services

International Movers: What’s the best way to start my search for them?

The FMC suggests starting with a moving plan, including the following pre move elements:

Make a list of everything you plan to ship before packing.

Keep in mind that international relocation is expensive, so you may want to cull this checklist down to the essentials of your personal belonging, especially if the moving cost is coming out of your wallet. If the move is temporary, consider putting some of your household goods in storage or donating them before you go. You may want to decorate your new home in the style of the country of your new home. You may also be occupying less square footage in your new residence, so we advise customers don’t take too much of your belongings with you internationally.

Obtain written quotes from several international moving companies based on an onsite inspection of the shipping goods

The minimum recommended number of estimates is three, but you may want to get more. Getting an appraisal is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with a representative of the door-to-door international movers and decide if you’re going to partner with them. Make sure that you read the mover’s terms of service and understand any conditions or responsibilities they place on the move.

International shipment charges are based on the amount of space that your shipment occupies, and often the moving quote does not include packing material, which requires additional space, or palletizing, which adds even more. Palletizing protects your goods from shifting while in land, air or worldwide sea transit to international country destinations and may also supply an added layer of protection against weather but does increase the cubic volume. Verify with the international moving companies you are considering how much this will increase the estimates they provide.

Shipping overseas from Brooklyn, New York, and nearby cities

Insurance is essential, and it is often necessary to obtain coverage from a third party rather than from the international mover. The insurance company may require that your goods be packed by the international mover, not by you. Carefully review the insurance terms of any policy before you agree to it. Some marine insurance policies only offer protection in the event of a total loss of the vessel, and not any coverage of routine damage during the move. There may also be exclusions and other loopholes that you want to be aware of in advance. It's okay to plan to move on budget, but it's important to ensure you are getting the necessary coverage

Talk to potential moving vendors about their role in customs documentation, customs clearance, and any other paperwork both for exiting the U.S. and entry into the destination country. They may charge for these services, and you want to consider those fees as part of the overall cost. You can also research the customs requirements at S. Customs and Border Patrol.

International Movers With Results

Top Traits Of The Best International Moving Companies Near Me

Storage solutions for all your household goods and resources

Making an international move is a big decision that comes with it own challenges. The last thing anyone wants is to start this great new life with a hangover of a bad international move process. So during your pre move planning, it is important to secure the best global moving services and we have provided some tips here to help you spot a reliable international moving company with experience.

License, Insurance, Accreditation, and Affiliations

A reputable international mover should have the necessary registration document, comprehensive insurance coverage, accreditation and affiliations with credible associations of international movers globally.

In the US, international moving companies are regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission. You can also check their standing, reputation or rating with organizations such as Better Business Bureau, International Association of Movers, FIDI Global Alliance, and other relevant agencies across the globe. A reputable international moving company should also have traceable overseas partners and associated destination services.

Reasonable and Transparent Pricing

Pricing is a good indicator that an international moving company understands what it takes to move your belonging to your destination. So when you are given moving estimates, compare them with the average international moving costs. A price that is too low indicates that the mover might do a shoddy job and a price too high might mean a mover is trying to take advantage of you. You'll have to look for a company whose pricing and competence match your budget.

The best international moving companies and businesses don't just provide generic estimates, they provide customized international moving quote to each customer with explanation on every item on the estimate. So if a company is not providing enough information, that's probably a red flag. However, it is important to note that international moving costs are relative to where you are moving to. So it makes more sense to find an average cost relative to your destination country.

Skilled Staff

Professional cheap international movers are always well-trained employees or representatives who can handle pickup, packing, unpacking, loading and unloading carefully and professionally. From the moment you talk to them on phone to when they come to inspect your house or office and provide estimates, you will always notice that touch of professionality if it's a reliable company.

International Full Service Moving Company

One of the traits of reliable international moving services is that they can handle all the logistics of your move from packing in your current location to unpacking at your new location. That includes the ability to provide temporary or long term storage services as well as specialized moving services in case of items with extra large dimensions, works of art, pianos, pool tables, antiques and other precious items.

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Guatemala International Freight Shipment Charges

What are the red flags that an overseas mover might be shady?

The FMC cautions that consumers should be wary of the following when considering relocation services for their international move:

  • If the company claims that the FMC license or bond is just an option
  • If the mover’s website doesn’t have a local address
  • If the mover doesn’t want to do a visual inspection of the household goods to move
  • If the estimate is much lower than the others obtained
  • If the mover doesn’t accept credit card payments or charges a fee to take them
  • If the company doesn’t allow cancellations or charges an excessive fee in the event of cancellation
  • If they have numerous complaints on file
  • If they claim to include insurance coverage, but can’t give you a copy of the policy

Seal up your box content tightly

International Moves On A Shoestring Budget

Can Overseas Moving Specialists Ship My Car To Another Country When I Move?

Car transportation to different locations abroad

Probably. The same moving company that you use to move your household shipment is likely to be a good source of information about moving a vehicle, or you can research car transportation companies on your own. Where you are going on the globe, what kind of car you want to move, and how long you are staying are factors in determining whether it makes sense. Usually, a vehicle exported for personal use needs to be without a lien. It will be subject to an import tax and must comply with local transportation regulations in the destination country or on the part of the globe you are shipping to (e.g EU). It probably won’t travel with the rest of your belongings, so you may also want to look at alternatives for shipping the car. You can send a vehicle as unprotected cargo in a “Ro/Ro” or Roll On/Roll Off transit, or in an exclusive or shared container.

In a Ro/Ro transit, the vehicle is driven onto a vessel with a huge cargo area that is essentially a parking lot on board. Shared container involves multiple vehicles loaded into a shared container. There are more fees–terminal handling charge, a trucking charge, unloading charges, and customs clearance charges. This takes more time because the container has to be full to leave. “Full container” according to industry standard means one vehicle in a shipping container, which is more expensive, but is the most secure and fastest means of global auto delivery.

Choosing A Reputable International Moving Company

Relevant Statistics

  • On average, over 15 million people relocate to a different country each year.
  • Approximately 40% of international moves are due to work-related reasons.
  • The United States is the top destination for international movers, attracting around 4.5 million individuals annually.
  • Over 75% of international movers choose to move within the same continent.
  • Among international moves, the average distance traveled is around 4,000 miles.
  • Roughly 60% of international movers opt for professional moving services.
  • The most popular time of the year for international moves is during the summer months, comprising around 45% of total moves.
  • On average, it takes about two to three months to plan and prepare for an international move.
  • Approximately 70% of international movers experience some level of culture shock in their new country.
  • Over 80% of individuals who have previously made an international move report gaining valuable life experiences and personal growth from the process.

General Facts

  • International movers are companies that specialize in handling the relocation of individuals or businesses to different countries.
  • They offer a range of services, including packing, shipping, and customs clearance.
  • International movers ensure that belongings are safely transported across borders, coordinating logistics and ensuring compliance with international regulations.
  • These companies have expertise in navigating complex paperwork and customs requirements specific to each country.
  • International movers may offer additional services like storage, insurance, and pet transportation.
  • They use various modes of transportation, such as air freight, sea freight, or land transport, depending on the destination and client's requirements.
  • The cost of international movers depends on factors like the volume of goods, distance traveled, and additional services availed.
  • Choosing a reputable international moving company is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience.
  • It is advisable to get multiple quotes from different international movers to compare prices and services.
  • Properly planning ahead and communicating effectively with the chosen mover can help minimize stress during an international move.

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