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International Movers Qatar | International Moving Company Qatar

Qatar (QA)

Published by Chris Townsend

International Movers Qatar | International Moving Company Qatar

International Movers Qatar

Moving internationally

If it’s time to plan your relocation, hiring the right Qatar international moving company will make a difference. With Three Movers, you get the best quality service, along with affordable rates. We know how to make your overseas move so much easier. Our team is highly experienced and has helped many students, families, and individuals relocate to a new country.

Read on for some exciting information and tips for your next move to and from Doha.

Cost Of Qatar International Moving Companies Near Me

Figuring out the cost of Qatar international movers is the first step in setting your moving budget. You want to make sure you have an accurate estimate, so you don’t set your budget to low.

Most moves to or from Qatar will cost between $3,700 and $18,300. Larger moves and moves that cover more distance will be towards the top of the range, while smaller, shorter moves will be closer to the bottom.

Along with the size and the distance of your move, the time of the year you move will impact the cost. During some months, you might receive a discount if moving companies are slower. However, during busier months, the cost might be higher.

We can give you the accurate and upfront cost you need to set your moving budget. Our staff will offer you a free moving quote that is relevant o your needs before you hire us.

How To Move Overseas To Or From Qatar

Moving to or from Qatar is a big deal. It’s a stressful time in your life and you have to figure out how to move overseas without getting too overwhelmed. The plan should start with figuring out what to move and which belongings you will have the international movers handle for you.

When you choose to work with Three Movers, you will have a team of experts ready to help you with the coordination. We know how to make your move overseas easier and less stressful. Our team can help you with planning, logistics, and all the tasks involved in moving to your destination.

Hire the top Qatar international moving company today by calling us!

Qatar International Movers - Moving from Doha to Sri Lanka, Dubai, UAE, South Africa, United States, Canada and UK

Doha, Qatar to Europe moving solutions

Qatar Container Shipping Rates

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates for moving items to countries like Saudi Arabia, Germany Pakistan, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, and the United Kingdom

FCL shipping is best for the transportation of lots of boxes, pallets and anything which will require a full container shipping to Qatar of up to 45,000lbs.

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates
20 ft Container$795
40 ft Container$855
Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates - Office moving and packing Qatar to India

LCL shipping is more affordable way to transport less than container load shipments to Qatar.

Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates
Personal Effects$685
Household Goods$735
International House Moving Costs and details of insurance cost in the region

International house moving to Qatar services - quick, easy and cheap.

International House Moving Costs
Partial House (2000Lbs & Less)$685
1 Bedroom (3850 Lbs)$1075
2 Bedroom (4500 Lbs)$1360
3+ Bedroom (8750 Lbs)$2160
Container Car Shipping - Get assistance for customs documents using our global network of partners

International auto transport services to Qatar via RoRo and container ships. Ship cars, trucks, suvs, atv's, boats, RV's, heavy equipment and more.

Container Car Shipping
Sedan (Container)$855
SUV (Container)$895
Sedan via RORO$595
SUV via RORO$645

Our Services

There are many options to choose from when you work with us including:

We handle all types of moves from local to international. Even if you need to combine services to get a full-service, door-to-door move, we can help make it happen for you.

Qatar International Moving Companies to Belgium, Spain, Ghana, China, Bangladesh, Japan, Hongkong, etc. - Qatar's movers international

Our professionals maintain safety of containers and their items

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 40% of expatriates in Qatar rely on international movers for their relocation needs.
  • The average time it takes for international movers to transport belongings from Qatar to another country is 30 days.
  • More than 70% of people who use international movers in Qatar report a high level of satisfaction with the service.
  • International movers handle an estimated 10,000 shipments per year in Qatar.
  • Approximately 85% of international moves from Qatar are to countries in Europe and North America.

General Facts

  • International movers in Qatar offer professional relocation services for individuals and businesses.
  • They specialize in packing, transporting, and unpacking belongings to and from Qatar.
  • These movers have expertise in handling customs regulations and paperwork for international moves.
  • They provide services such as furniture disassembly and assembly, transportation logistics, and secure storage options.
  • International movers in Qatar ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience for their customers.

Cost Of Qatar International Movers

To / From Qatar2 BR3 BR4 BR
Qatar to Bahamas$8,568 to $9,568$10,636 to $12,046$12,753 to $14,453
San Marino to Qatar$2,522 to $3,322$3,877 to $4,587$4,982 to $5,882
Qatar to Senegal$4,653 to $5,653$5,941 to $7,151$7,579 to $8,579
Korea South to Qatar$4,906 to $5,906$6,558 to $7,468$7,859 to $8,959
Qatar to Malaysia$3,897 to $4,897$5,396 to $6,206$6,745 to $7,445
Cambodia to Qatar$3,825 to $4,825$5,206 to $6,116$6,637 to $7,737
Qatar to Mozambique$3,341 to $4,341$4,702 to $5,612$5,912 to $6,912
Vatican City to Qatar$2,475 to $3,475$3,819 to $4,829$5,212 to $5,912
Qatar to Malta$2,253 to $3,253$3,741 to $4,751$5,279 to $6,079
Congo to Qatar$2,886 to $3,686$3,933 to $4,943$5,230 to $5,930

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

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How much do international removals to Qatar from the UK cost?

The cost of international removals to Qatar from the UK can vary quite a bit depending on several factors, but I can give you a general idea:

General cost range:

  • For a shared container service, Prices can start from around £1,068. This is a cost-effective option if you only have fewer belongings.
  • For a full container (20ft): The average cost is around £3,325. This is typically suitable for a 3-bedroom house.
  • For a full container (40ft), Expect to pay around £4,510. This is ideal for a 4-5 bedroom house or larger belongings.
  • 3-bed house estimate: Removal companies often offer estimates based on the size of your home. Moving a 3-bed house from the UK to Qatar could cost around £2,222.
  • 4-5 bed house estimate: For a larger 4-5 bedroom house, the cost could be closer to £2,753.

Factors affecting cost:

  • The size and weight of your belongings: The more you have, the more it will cost to ship.
  • The shipping method: Shared containers are cheaper than full containers, but they take longer. Airfreight is the fastest but most expensive option.
  • The distance: Qatar is further away than some European countries so that the cost will be higher.
  • The time of year: Shipping can be more expensive during peak season.
  • Additional services: Packing, insurance, and customs clearance can add to the cost.

Do I need shipment protection coverage or marine removal insurance to Qatar?

Shipment protection coverage and marine removal insurance are two different types of insurance that can be relevant when shipping goods internationally, including to Qatar. Let's take a closer look at each:

Shipment Protection Coverage: This type of insurance typically covers the shipped goods against damage, loss, theft, or other risks during transit. It protects the value of the shipped goods and can provide financial compensation if any damage or loss occurs. It's advisable to consider shipment protection coverage when the value of the goods is significant or when there is a risk of damage or failure during transportation.

Marine Removal Insurance: Marine removal insurance, or marine cargo insurance, focuses explicitly on covering goods transported via marine vessels, such as ships or containers. It protects against various risks, including damage, loss, theft, or other perils during maritime transportation. Marine removal insurance is particularly relevant when shipping goods internationally by sea.

Whether you need shipment protection coverage or marine removal insurance for shipping to Qatar depends on several factors, such as the value of the goods being shipped, the mode of transportation (e.g., sea, air, land), and your risk tolerance. It's recommended to consult with an insurance professional or a shipping agent who can assess your specific situation and provide advice tailored to your needs.

Remember, this information is general, and seeking professional advice for specific insurance requirements and coverage options is always important.

How long do removals to Qatar from the UK take?

The transit time for removals to Qatar from the UK depends on the shipping method you choose:

Sea freight:

  • Full container load (FCL): 6-9 weeks for delivery to the port, with additional time for customs clearance.
  • Shared container/groupage (LCL): 8-12 weeks for delivery to the port, again with extra time for customs.

Air freight:

  • 7-10 days for your belongings to arrive in Qatar, but it is significantly more expensive than sea freight.

Additional factors:

  • Port-to-port shipping: The specific ports used and your final destination in Qatar can influence the transit time.
  • Customs clearance: This process can vary in duration depending on the complexity of your shipment and Qatari regulations.

What are the customs regulations when shipping to the Middle East?

When shipping to the Middle East, it is important to know the customs regulations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Here are some common customs regulations to consider:

1. Documentation: Proper documentation is crucial for customs clearance. You will typically need a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading/airway bill, and any necessary permits or licenses. Ensure all documents are complete, accurate, and comply with the specific requirements of the destination country.

2. Prohibited and Restricted Items: Each country in the Middle East may have its list of prohibited and restricted items. It is important to familiarize yourself with these lists to avoid shipping goods that are not allowed. Commonly restricted items include alcohol, pork products, religiously sensitive materials, firearms, and drugs.

3. Import Duties and Taxes: Import duties and taxes are applicable when shipping goods to the Middle East. The rates can vary depending on the type of goods and the destination country. It is advisable to consult with a customs broker or the destination country's customs authority to determine the specific applicable duties and taxes.

4. Packaging and Labeling: Proper packaging and labeling are essential to ensure the safe transportation and customs clearance of goods. Packages should be securely packed to withstand the rigors of shipping. Additionally, labeling should include information such as the sender's and recipient's details, a detailed description of the contents, quantity, weight, and any necessary markings required by the destination country.

5. Certificates and Permits: Certain goods may require specific certificates or permits to be imported into the Middle East. These can include certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates for plant products, health certificates for food products, or permits for controlled substances. It is essential to research and obtain any necessary documentation before shipping.

6. Cultural Sensitivities: The Middle East has diverse cultural and religious sensitivities. It is important to respect these sensitivities and avoid shipping items considered offensive or inappropriate. This can include items with religious symbols, explicit content, or culturally sensitive imagery.

7. Customs Broker: Engaging the services of a licensed customs broker can be beneficial when shipping to the Middle East. They can assist with navigating the customs regulations, ensuring compliance, and handling the necessary paperwork.

It is important to note that customs regulations can vary between countries in the Middle East. Therefore, it is advisable to research and consult with the customs authorities or a professional customs broker specific to the destination country to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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