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During a hot summer 20 years ago, three college buddies were moving to a new apartment. After an exhausting day of packing, carrying, and unpacking, they got to thinking: surely there must be a better way. Well, there was. Three Movers started with just three men and a beat up U-Haul truck. Many miles later and the company is a respected name in the moving industry. Our founders saw an opportunity to kickstart their careers and went for it.

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1452 people moved using Three Movers last week
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Our Founders

Meet Our Founders:
Josh, Chris, And Lenny

Josh, Chris, and Lenny have been in the moving business for over 20 years. After their move, they put their heads together and realized that they could make good business out of their rented truck. They began helping local people move, and their business grew from there. Each one of these men still plays a key role in keeping the company running today.

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Our Customer Satisfaction Rating Speaks for Itself

At Three Movers, we believe in keeping our prices low and your belongings safe. With our free and consistent quotes, you can trust that you’re getting the best deal you can for your move. We provide a full service, including a truck rental and help with both packing and unpacking.

Fast Service

There’s no need to wait for your delivery. We manage our logistics and resources carefully to bring your belongings where you need them as fast as possible.

Free Quotes

We believe in letting the customer make an informed decision about our service. We offer free quotes for all of our various moving services, so you can decide in advance whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

Reliable Service

We don’t cancel, reschedule, or delay. When you book us to help you with your move, you can be sure we will arrive on time and ready to help you.

Always Great Prices

We make it our business to keep our prices some of the lowest in the industry. When you’re working with us, you’re getting the best value and best quality moving help possible.

Our Team

Image of Josh (Company Manager)


Company Manager

Josh oversees all the moving operations. He is the one who handles the day-to-day business aspects of the company. Due to his diligence, the company has a near-perfect record of staying on schedule.

Image of Chris (Management Lead)


Management Lead

Chris oversees all of the personnel in the company. He makes sure that the schedules are efficient, and moves are made on time.

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Image of Lenny (Handling Manager)


Handling Manager

Lenny makes sure that all of the moving specialists are on-time and on-task. He oversees the entire fleet of moving specialists within the company.

Image of Brenda (Finance Manager)


Finance Manager

Brenda oversees all of the accounts payable and accounts receivable for the company. She is also the one who compiles company payroll and sends it to Josh for final verification.

Image of Bryan (Accounts Payable Specialist)


Accounts Payable Specialist

Bryan compiles all of our accounts payable invoices and makes sure that they are paid promptly. He makes sure that the items we offer our customers are fully stocked and up to regulation standards.

Image of Shelly (Accounts Receivable Specialist)


Accounts Receivable Specialist

Shelly is the one who prepares all of our invoices for our customers. After a quote has been taken, your actual invoice will be prepared and paid to Shelly via proper methods.

Image of Daisy (Insurance Manager)


Insurance Manager

Daisy takes care of all the insurance paperwork for the company. She is the one who makes sure that coverage is applied to each truck and all the belongings in transport. When there is a problem, she is the one to handle your claims.

Image of Mark (Insurance Inspector)


Insurance Inspector

Mark and his team inspect all items before our moving specialists begin loading them, and after they deliver them. This helps us ensure that your items are received in the same condition they were in when picked up.

Image of Aria (Insurance Representative)


Insurance Representative

Aria works under Mark and is one of our inspectors. She provides specific documentation to Mark and Daisy for insurance claim purposes.

Image of Grant (Insurance Representative)


Insurance Representative

Grant works in the field with Aria. He also reports all information and documentation back to Mark and Daisy so that they can have information should a claim be needed.

Image of Arthur (Scheduling Expert)


Scheduling Expert

When you call in for a quote or to book a moving date, Arthur is the one who will get all of your information and find a time that is right for us to start your move.

Image of Max (Military Moving Specialist)


Military Moving Specialist

Max is in charge of dispatching our fleet for military moves. With the help of our military concierge, he gets the belongings of military families where they need to go in a timely fashion.

Image of Hilary (Military Concierge)


Military Concierge

Hilary is our military concierge. She grew up in a military family and understood what is involved in moving under those circumstances. When you need to make a move for military reasons, Hilary will be the one to coordinate all of the fine details for you.

Image of Andre (Overseas Moving Specialist)


Overseas Moving Specialist

Andre is the one who takes care of all the companies overseas shipping operations. He obtains the correct shipping methods and ensures expedited service.

Image of Trisha (Overseas Concierge)


Overseas Concierge

Trisha is the right-hand woman to Andre. She gets all of the personal information from our customers about their move. Once Andre has set up the shipping, she will call the customer and let them know the plan by the detail.

Image of Theo (Cross-Country Moving Specialist)


Cross-Country Moving Specialist

Theo works in our cross-country moving unit. He is in charge of coordinating expedited shipping for customers who are moving from one part of the country to another.

Image of Archie (Cross-Country Moving Concierge)


Cross-Country Moving Concierge

Archie assists Theo with the cross-country moving plans. He gathers all the customer information and passes it along to Theo to set up trucks for the move.

Image of Jamie (Customer Service)


Customer Service

Jamie is the person you talk to when you call our office. She handles all of the day-to-day questions about Three Movers and provides general quotes for moving services.

Image of Dani (Moving Concierge)


Moving Concierge

Dani works alongside Chris and Lenny. She makes sure that personnel is dispatched accordingly for each job and that all the trucks are where they need to be.

Image of Finn (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Finn is one of our fleet drivers and unloading specialists. He has been a part of the company since it was born and uses the most exceptional care with your personal belongings.

Image of Conner (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Conner is one of our fleet drivers and unloading specialists. Conner uses his exceptional skill to make sure that all of your things are safely transported where they need to go.

Image of Abe (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Abe is another one of our moving specialists. He is also a one-man-show when necessary. He has worked in the relocation industry for several years and knows how to move all your belongings safely and efficiently.

Image of Russ (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Russ works with our larger fleet trucking services. He is certified to handle expensive and fragile objects with the utmost care.

Image of Kaitlyn (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Kaitlyn assists Russ with the larger fleet trucks for moving. She is certified with her CDL and can drive a moving vehicle with exquisite precision.

Image of Andrew (Moving Specialist)


Moving Specialist

Andrew works part-time for Three Movers. He is currently a college student pursuing a degree in Business Management. He is presently training for management with the company.

Image of Bruce (Fleet Mechanic)


Fleet Mechanic

Bruce is the man who keeps our fleet fully operational. Our ASE certified mechanic knows what a moving truck goes through and keeps it running in tip-top shape to accommodate your moving needs.

Image of Monica (Materials Specialist)


Materials Specialist

Monica is in charge of delivering requested materials to our customers. After a move has been coordinated, she will bring essentials like bubble wrap, moving boxes, and extra packaging materials to those who have ordered it.

Image of Amelia (Organizational Concierge)


Organizational Concierge

Amelia understands that moving can be a stressful time. She offers her organizational services for a small fee with your relocation. She will guide you in the best ways to pack, ship, and get your items ready for pick-up and delivery.

Image of Preston (Dispatch Specialist)


Dispatch Specialist

Preston keeps track of where our trucks are at all times. He can give real-time reports to our customers, especially if they are moving long distances.

Image of Brittany (Satisfaction Technician)


Satisfaction Technician

Brittany makes all the follow-up phone calls to our customers to ensure that their experience with Three Movers was phenomenal.

Image of Dave (Trainer)



Dave trains all the new employees that we hire for the company. He is responsible for teaching new hires the art of precision moving.

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