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Use Our Website To Help You Handle Your Next Move

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Use Our Website To Help You Handle Your Next Move

Three Movers is a privately owned and operated full service moving company comparison website that strives to treat every customer just like family. We are providers of highly professional moving services that are handled by skilled professional movers and moving helpers and a friendly customer service staff.

Whether you are moving to a new side of town or across the U.S., our trusted moving companies will meet your needs and safely relocate all of your household property and vehicle (through trusted partners quickly and efficiently.

Choose from 1, 2, 3 men with a moving truck or more!

Learn more about moving with us

Our trusted moving companies offer many moving services including:

Three Movers trusted moving partners handle local and long distance moving services and can also assist with international moves to locations throughout the world.

Our website is perfect for homeowners and renters, students, military and veterans and small and large businesses and can move to and from every state in the nation. When you trust our website to help with your next move, you can rest assured that you will get professional services that are friendly, safe at all times and priced at a rate that others cannot beat.

Whether you are moving to a new side of town or across the U.S., our expert movers will safely relocate all of your household property quickly and efficiently using our trusted team of movers with truck.

Three Movers handles local and long distance moving services and can also assist with international moves to locations throughout the world at affordable prices.

We work for homeowners and renters, students, military and veterans, and small and large businesses and can move to and from every state in the nation including California, New York, and Maryland. We own our moving equipment and tools, moving van, pickup trucks, and containers  Our customer support team is top-notch, and they are always available to provide moving assistance, tips, guides, and other required information every step of the way. When you trust us to handle your next move, you can rest assured that you will get professional services that are friendly, safe at all times, and priced at a rate that others cannot beat. That’s a robust experience altogether that not many in the moving industry can boast to provide.

Whether you are moving to a new side of town or across the U.S., we will safely relocate all of your household property quickly and efficiently using our team of movers with truck.

What our clients say

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the extremely hard working crew that handled my move. I admit I was skeptical of hiring a company to move my household stuff but I was so pleased with the services. These guys packed everything up and had it loaded and delivered in no time at all. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and my wife and I were able to take some much needed time to check out the new town without having to worry about getting things unpacked. Three Movers took care of everything and we really appreciate it! Jeff T.

Three Movers

I hired Three Movers to help me move to a new office a few miles away from my old location. While it was a very short distance, there were so many things that needed to be taken care of as we have a few computers, printers and other office equipment that needed to be handled with care. The men that showed up to assess the office were really friendly and on moving day, they had everything carefully packaged up and moved far quicker than I expected. This really helped me because I was able to re-open several days sooner than I had anticipated. That was really beneficial to my business and I appreciate the efficient work that was done. Thanks so much for the help with my move and I will definitely be referring you all to any friends or family that need a dependable moving company! Kevin S.

Three Movers

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great help with our move. We have so much stuff and I was really worried about being able to take the time off work to pack and get everything moved and unpacked. Three Movers saved the day! Your men showed up and had our house and garage packed fast and even put everything in the precise room at the new house. You saved me a great deal of time and saved my family a lot of money! Thanks so much! Annette P.

Three Movers
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How much does 2 Guys and a Truck cost?

With a clear, transparent up-front moving quote from Three Men and a Truck, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for packing supplies, moving services and more.

How far in advance should I get an estimate?

We advise our customers to contact us at least 4 weeks prior to the date you need to move. The more time we have, the better chance we will be able to schedule your move on the day that you need it.

How can I get an estimate for a move?

You can fill out the fast quote form on our website and a moving specialist will contact you shortly. You can also contact us by calling: 888-202-0036.

What Can I Expect On My Moving Day?

Your moving team will arrive at the agreed-upon time. Then, you can supervise as they move all of your boxes, furniture, and other items into a moving truck. Once all of your stuff has been moved into the truck, you will be responsible for the final cleanup of your home – this is not typically included in moving service.

Once your movers have finished moving all of your stuff into the truck we highly recommend that you walk through your home one last time to make sure that everything you are moving has been picked up and taken to the truck. This ensures there are no boxes or furniture that are accidentally left behind!

If you’re renting your current home, it’s also a good idea to clean up your home or apartment to ensure you get your security deposit back. This may also be a stipulation if you own your home and have sold it to a new owner. You can do this right after the movers leave, or you can come back to do it later, depending on your situation and your schedule.

For short-distance local moves, you’ll just meet the movers at your new home and they will begin unloading your stuff. For long-distance moves, it may take a few days before your items arrive, but the process will be the same. Whether you fly or drive on your own, you’ll meet your movers at your new home at the specified time and date – and your stuff will be unloaded and brought into your home.

Why Shouldn’t I Move On My Own?

A DIY move can save you a lot of money, but it’s also extremely time-consuming, and you’ll likely need the help of friends and family to help you move heavy boxes and furniture – which further complicates the process.

Hiring a three or two men and a truck simplifies the logistics of shipping your stuff to your new home, saves you a lot of time, and ensures that the process will be much faster. This is particularly handy if you have a large home or a lot of items.

The right choice depends on your situation. If you can organize a DIY move and pull it off on your own, that’s great – but if you have a lot of stuff, don’t have much time, and would prefer to leave things to the professionals, Three Men And A Truck is always going to be here for you.

Do You Have Insurance For My Property During the Move?

Anything that we move personally, we will insure for damages. However, this damage insurance doesn’t extend to items you carry yourself. The professional mover we sent to help you out will detail the coverage we can offer you for your items.

What's The Process for Moving with Three Movers?

If you decide to opt for our full-service offering, you won’t have to do much aside from being there at the time of the move. Our movers will pack stuff into boxes, load them onto the truck and carry them over to your new location. You’re welcome to follow or meet us there; the choice is yours. Once we get to the destination, we’ll unload your items carefully, paying close attention to the fragile items.

If you opt to do the packing yourself, you’ll be responsible for getting your packing supplies. Most hardware offers a reasonable price packing supplies like tape, boxes, and padding. Alternatively, you can source empty boxes from your neighborhood grocery. Packing should be done the week before the move, keeping the essential items out for last and storing them separately. On the moving day, we’ll send our movers over, and they’ll take care to load your stuff into the truck and take it to your new location. They’ll unload it there, but the onus is on you to get it all set up and installed.

If you’re in a rental apartment, it’s a good idea to clean it up after you leave. Many apartments hold on to a security deposit that they keep if you damage the apartment in any way. Cleaning might allow you to spot damage and fix it so you can recover your deposit. If you owned your home and sold it, you might also want to clean it for the new owners. While it’s usually not a stipulation in contracts, it’s still a decent thing to do. Movers won’t help you with that cleanup step, but you can hire a company to do so professionally if you prefer.

Should I Pack an Essentials Box?

We would advise having a box set aside with all the essential items you’ll need immediately. Ideally, this box should be clearly labeled, and you can even move with it in your own vehicle if you so choose. The essentials box ought to contain the things you use often. When packing for your move, you should take note of the things you use the most. These should go into the essentials box since they are the core of the things you use in your current apartment. Items like your toothbrush, coffee maker, coffee, and even things like towels and dishwashing material may go here since they will be in use up to the night before you move.

Should I Pack My Important Documents Separately?

Ideally, you should have a waterproof sleeve for your essential documents. While most people pack their documents and other stuff to move, you might want to keep them separate and in their own location. Carrying with them in your car or in a backpack is a good idea since you can find a storage spot at your new place where you can keep them once there. DO NOT move around with the documents. Once you get to your destination, find a place to put them and leave them there. Packing them with other items can work if you don’t mind looking for them afterward. Losing essential documents in a move is a crucial concern and one you should address with the proper planning. If you do store those documents in a box, make sure the label is openly visible.

Do I Need to Hire Movers to Help?

Professional moving companies like Three Movers are always better choices for moving houses. Some people don’t like the idea of hiring a mover, so they prefer to make the move on their own. They quickly realize that moving logistics are not as simple as getting stuff from your home to your new apartment. Planning time and transport between locations are crucial. Many people ask friends for help, but these friends might not be able to chip in thanks to their schedule. Some friends might not even be able to stay for the duration of the move, forcing you to complete it independently. Even if you do manage to perform the move on your own, you’re still limited by what you can move in your vehicle.

Three Movers offers flexible services for our clients so that they can perform as much or as little of the moving process as they want. Our trucks can easily take items locally, or long-distance, and our moving teams are trained to ensure no harm comes to your goods. All the things we move for you are insured so that you can have peace of mind during the move. While you don’t need to hire professional movers to take your stuff to your destination, it’s good value for money. Give Three Movers a call today to find out how we can help you with your apartment or house move.

What Does Your Full-Service Moving Entail?

Our full-service moving package deals with all the details of moving for you. Our team from Three Movers goes from room to room, ensuring that each item is packed securely and padded to reduce jostling during moving. Once we pack each room up, we make a final pass to check for items that may be left behind. After packing your stuff up securely and loading it onto the truck, we quickly and efficiently take it to your destination. At the destination, we unload the truck, placing boxes where they’re supposed to go (based on labels). Then, our movers will go room by room and unpack the boxes, even setting up your stuff for you, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. Full-service moving is the complete moving package, and it’s worth the cost if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend weeks unpacking boxes from your move yourself.

What's a Good Time to Start Packing?

Ideally, it would help if you started packing when you realized you were going to move. In some cases, you might only get the notice of a move a few weeks in advance of it. If you’re planning the move yourself, the ideal thing would be to start packing a month before you have to leave your house or apartment. This suggestion doesn’t include the stuff you use regularly but the things that are packed away. Seasonal items like Christmas decorations and curtains may be the first things you should pack since it’s unlikely you’ll need to use them soon. From there, you should work down the priority order, with the essential items being packed last.

Is Your Estimate Subject to Change?

When we offer an estimate, it’s not a binding estimate because several extraneous factors might impact the final cost of the move. Among the most common issues that may affect the price of a move are:

  • Weight: Heavier loads will impact the cost a lot more. If you’re moving large pieces of furniture that are hard to navigate with, the cost of the move may be affected as a result.
  • Distance: Closer moves will cost less since they require less overhead. the longer the distance of the move, the more it’s likely to cost.
  • Loading and Unloading Time: Some items are unwieldy, and it may take longer to get some things out of the truck. If you have complicated items to move, you may be required to pay more.
  • Demand: Some seasons are easier to move in, and the demand during those times tends to be higher. Summer, for example, is more expensive to move in because so many people do it.
  • Accessibility: If your destination is difficult for our team to access, we will be inclined to charge more for the move.
  • Full-Service or Self-Pack: Full-service offerings typically cost a lot more than self-pack moving.
  • Supplies: The cost of the moving supplies we use to get your items to their destination will also factor into the overall cost.

How Much Do Three Men and a Truck Cost?

We have a standard rate for Three Men And A Truck, but this cost, as mentioned before, changes based on other supporting factors. Contact us today to learn more about how much our base services cost.

How Much Do Three Movers Cost Without the Truck?

If you’d prefer having your own transport to your destination, we can provide a moving team without a truck. However, the cost will vary based on certain factors. If you’re interested in getting our moving team without a truck, the price will usually be far less than a full-service move. Give us a call today to get an estimate on our pricing.

How Do I Choose the Right Moving Company?

As a professional moving company, Three Movers knows that not every company is the same. Many clients end up choosing the wrong company because they’re looking for savings. There are too many moving scams that a potential client could fall prey to, so choosing the right moving company usually comes down to filtering out those who aren’t worth it. The first place you should look for recommendations is your friends and family who have moved before. They are likely to know some movers in the area and can suggest to you the ones they’ve used. If you don’t have friends or family that have moved recently, you can check out local message boards for reviews on local moving companies.

Once you’ve got a shortlist of companies (like around four or five), you should get in contact with them and compare rates. The quote they give you won’t be binding and would be subject to the same stipulations about price. However, the base rate should be enough to let you know your best option for a moving company. Additionally, if they’ll offer it to you, see if you can get a quote for the additional costs that you might encounter. Once you’ve gotten those quotes for the move, you’re in a more informed position to choose a moving company. Try to avoid going for the cheapest or the most expensive companies, and choose one that’s in the middle.

Can I Store Some Stuff With My Moving Company?

Many moving companies offer storage services at an additional fee, but the only way to find out if the one you choose does is by asking them. Sometimes, people move from a bigger place to a smaller one and simply don’t have the room to fit all their stuff in it. When this happens, a storage locker or pod is the only option they have. While Three Movers doesn’t operate storage, we can arrange to get you some storage space for your items. If you have a storage unit already, we’ll be glad to move your items to your storage facility. If you choose our full-service option, we’ll even have our team unload your items and pack them neatly into the storage location.

Can Three Movers Move a Piano?

Pianos can be complicated items to move, but Three Movers are skilled in handling things like pianos or antiques. These items require training for handling and getting into their final locations. Smaller pianos can require maneuvering to get them into the space dedicated for them. Larger pianos will take professional movers to get them to their final destination. If you choose us for your move, you should let us know that you have complex items to move, like a piano. When we give you our initial quote, it’ll reflect the included complexity of things like these.

Do I Get a Refund on Cancellation?

Three Movers is willing to refund clients that cancel before their move date, providing it isn’t too short notice. If you let us know up to two weeks before your move that you’re canceling it, then we’re willing to give you a refund. However, the closer you get to your deadline date, the more of your deposit we will hold as non-refundable. Our contract typically states these details, and we invite you to read it when you sign up for our services.

Should I Tip My Movers?

We believe that the choice of a tip is entirely optional and up to you. It’s best to look at the quality of service our moving team gave you during the move and decide whether a tip is in order. Our team won’t ever ask you outright for a tip, so the choice is always yours to add extra compensation to the job.

What Happens If Some of My Stuff is Damaged In The Move?

Three Movers covers all the things we move with our moving insurance. However, the insurance only covers items up to a specific value. If you arrive at your location and notice some items have been damaged in transport, you’ll need to file a claim with our customer complaints department. We’ll investigate the claim and submit it to our insurance before offering you coverage for the item. According to regulations, you have up to nine (9) months to file a claim with our insurance, but the sooner you file, the sooner the investigation can commence.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Our offices accept all major credit and debit cards. We may also accept cash or manager’s checks from trusted clients with an established track record. As it gets closer to your moving date, our team will let you know what payment methods are available to meet your obligation to us. If you have any questions or comments, you’re welcome to get in contact with our offices, and they’ll answer any questions you might have.

Truck rental or professional mover: Which one is good?

Whether to rent a truck or hire a professional mover largely depends on several factors including your budget, the size of the move, the distance of the move, and how comfortable you are with handling the moving process on your own. Here’s a comparison of the two options to help you decide:

Truck Rental:


Cost: Generally cheaper than hiring professional movers, especially for local moves.
Flexibility: You have control over your moving timeline and can set your own pace.
Packing: You decide how your items are packed and loaded, ensuring fragile items are handled with care.



Labor: You will have to do all the heavy lifting, packing, and loading yourself unless you have friends or family to help.
Driving: Driving a large truck can be challenging, especially in unfamiliar areas or through busy streets.
Hidden Costs: While the initial rental might seem cheaper, costs for fuel, tolls, insurance, and other potential fees can add up.
Risk: Without professional packing and loading, there’s a higher risk of damage to your belongings.


Professional Mover:


Ease: The moving company handles everything from packing and loading to unloading.
Efficiency: Professional movers are trained to pack and load a truck quickly and efficiently.
Safety: Your items are generally safer as they’re packed and loaded by professionals.
Insurance: Most moving companies offer coverage options for any damage that occurs during the move.
Equipment and Supplies: They have the necessary equipment and supplies, like moving blankets, dollies, and packing materials.



Cost: Generally more expensive than renting a truck.
Scheduling: You’ll have to schedule your move in advance, and there might be less flexibility in choosing your moving date.

Control: Some people feel uneasy about strangers handling their personal belongings.



If you’re moving locally, have a tight budget, and feel confident about managing the move yourself (or with friends’ help), then a truck rental might be the way to go. If you’re moving long-distance, have a lot of belongings, want to avoid the heavy lifting, or just prefer the convenience and assurance of professionals, hiring a moving company might be the better choice.

Remember to consider your physical ability, time, stress factors, and the value of your items when making your decision.

Why should I hire movers near me on Three Movers?

Hiring local movers (those near your current location) offers several advantages:

Convenience: Local movers know the area well. They’ll be aware of the best routes to take, local traffic patterns, and any area-specific challenges.

Cost: Hiring local movers might be more cost-effective. Since they are close by, they will likely charge less for travel time and fuel costs. A local company might also have more flexible pricing or discounts for local moves.

Reputation: It’s easier to verify the reputation of local movers. You can check with friends, neighbors, and colleagues for recommendations or warnings. Online reviews specific to your area can also be more insightful.

Easy Communication: Proximity means you can visit their office if needed. It’s also easier to coordinate timings or address any concerns directly.

Familiarity with Local Regulations: Different cities or towns might have specific regulations regarding moving trucks, parking, or unloading. Local movers will be aware of these and can plan accordingly.

Support Local Business: By hiring local movers, you are supporting local businesses and contributing to the local economy.

Personal Touch: Local movers might provide a more personalized touch, ensuring that you’re not just another customer in a vast sea of clients.

Quicker Resolutions: If there are any post-move issues or claims, dealing with a local company might result in quicker resolutions since they will be in the same time zone and, often, more responsive to maintain their local reputation.

Flexibility: Local companies might offer more flexibility in terms of moving times, especially if they are less bogged down by the rigid schedules of larger, national chains.

Storage Options: Many local moving companies also offer storage solutions. If you need temporary storage, it might be more convenient to use the same company for both moving and storage.

When hiring movers, whether local or not, always ensure they are licensed, insured, and come with good recommendations or reviews.

Should I purchase insurance for the truck I rent when moving with two men and a truck?

When renting a moving truck from companies like Two Men and a Truck or any other truck rental service, purchasing insurance is a decision that should be based on evaluating risks and potential costs. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Personal Auto Insurance: Check with your personal auto insurance provider to see if rental trucks are covered under your current policy. Some policies might cover rental cars but not necessarily larger vehicles like moving trucks.

Credit Card Coverage: Some credit cards offer rental vehicle coverage as a perk. Contact your credit card provider to see if they cover moving trucks and understand the specifics of the coverage they provide.

Potential Costs: Think about the potential costs you could incur without insurance. Damaging a rental truck, even if it’s a minor dent or scratch, can lead to hefty repair fees. If you’re at fault in an accident, you might be liable for repairs to the other vehicle and any medical expenses.


Different Types of Coverage:

Truck rental companies usually offer various insurance options, including:

Damage Waivers: This covers damage to the rental truck.

Supplemental Liability Insurance: This covers claims made by others for bodily injury or death and property damage.

Cargo Insurance: This covers the belongings you’re transporting.

Medical and Life Insurance: Covers medical treatment and ambulance expenses for you and your passengers, and in worst-case scenarios, provides death benefits.

Peace of Mind: Having insurance can provide peace of mind during an already stressful moving process. If anything unexpected happens, you won’t have the added stress of significant unexpected costs.

Cost of Insurance vs. Potential Damages: Consider the cost of the insurance premium against the potential damages. If the premium is relatively low compared to the value of your belongings and potential repair costs, it might be worth it.

Driving Conditions: If you’re moving in challenging driving conditions (heavy traffic, bad weather, unfamiliar routes), the risk of an accident might be higher.

Size and Familiarity with the Vehicle: If you’re not used to driving large vehicles like moving trucks, there’s a steeper learning curve, which can increase the risk of minor accidents or scrapes.

What is the difference between a super size truck and a standard truck?

The terms “super size truck” and “standard truck” are not universally standardized across the
trucking or moving industries, so their specific meanings can vary based on the context or the company using these terms. Generally speaking, here’s a basic distinction:


Super Size Truck:

Larger Capacity: A “super size” label typically implies that the truck is larger than the standard offering. This could mean more cargo space, greater tonnage capacity, or both.

Longer Length: Such trucks might be longer and might require special permits to operate on certain roads or bridges.

Higher Operating Costs: These trucks can have higher fuel consumption and maintenance costs due to their size.

Special Considerations: Super size trucks might require drivers with specialized training or specific commercial driving licenses.


Standard Truck:

Average Capacity: This is the typical truck size that a company offers or the most common size used in a specific context (like moving household items).

Easier to Handle: Being smaller, a standard truck is often easier to drive, park, and maneuver, especially in cities or residential areas.

Lower Operating Costs: Compared to super size trucks, standard trucks usually have lower fuel and maintenance costs.

General Use: These are typically used for a broad range of tasks and do not require any special considerations or permits in most cases.


If you’re dealing with a specific company or context (like renting a moving truck), it’s crucial to get the specific dimensions, capacity, and features associated with their “super size” and “standard” offerings. This will give you a clear understanding of what each term means in that specific scenario.

How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

Here are some average rental rates for moving trucks:

  • Pickup truck: $20-40 per day
  • Midsize truck: $30-60 per day
  • Large truck: $40-100 per day

Here are some additional fees that you may be charged:

  • Fuel: You will be responsible for refueling the truck before you return it.
  • Insurance: Rental companies typically offer insurance for the truck, but it is usually optional.
  • Drop-off fees: There may be a fee for dropping off the truck at a different location than where you picked it up.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of renting a moving truck, you should contact several rental companies and get quotes. You should also factor in the cost of gas, insurance, and any other fees.

How long does it take movers to load a truck?

In general, it takes two movers about 1 hour to load a 10-foot truck, 2 hours to load a 16-foot truck, 3 hours to load a 20-foot truck, and 4 hours to load a 24-foot truck. However, these are just estimates and the actual time may vary.

Do you need a large moving truck?

Whether you need a large moving truck depends on the size of your belongings and the distance you are moving.

Here are some factors to consider when determining the size of moving truck you need:

  • The size of your home: If you are moving from a large home, you will need a larger truck than if you are moving from a small apartment.
  • The size of your furniture: If you have large pieces of furniture, such as a king-size bed or a piano, you will need a larger truck.
  • The amount of your belongings: If you have a lot of belongings, you will need a larger truck.
  • The distance you are moving: If you are moving a long distance, you will need a larger truck to accommodate all of your belongings.

If you are unsure of the size of moving truck you need, it is always best to err on the side of caution and rent a larger truck. This will give you more space and make the moving process easier.

What size moving truck do I need?

  • 10-foot truck: This is a small truck that is suitable for moving a small apartment or a few rooms in a larger home. It has a cargo space of about 300 cubic feet.
  • 16-foot truck: This is a medium-sized truck that is suitable for moving a one- or two-bedroom apartment or a small home. It has a cargo space of about 600 cubic feet.
  • 20-foot truck: This is a large truck that is suitable for moving a two- or three-bedroom apartment or a medium-sized home. It has a cargo space of about 1,000 cubic feet.
  • 26-foot truck: This is a very large truck that is suitable for moving a large home or a business. It has a cargo space of about 1,600 cubic feet.

If you are unsure of the size of moving truck you need, it is always best to err on the side of caution and rent a larger truck. This will give you more space and make the moving process easier.

How much is a moving truck with movers?

Here is a breakdown of the average costs for a full-service move with movers:

  • 10-foot truck: $1,000 to $2,000
  • 16-foot truck: $1,500 to $3,000
  • 20-foot truck: $2,000 to $4,000
  • 26-foot truck: $3,000 to $5,000

The cost of the movers will also vary depending on the number of movers needed. For example, a two-bedroom apartment typically requires two movers, while a four-bedroom apartment may require four movers.

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