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For all your comprehensive moving options in and out of Omaha, NE, consider moving with Three Movers. You get a range of moving solutions tailored to cover all your needs. Our services traverse local, national and international borders.

Our unique services range from local to international moves perfected through our vast experience worldwide. We have the necessary approvals and licensing to carry out a seamless move anywhere.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in Omaha, Nebraska

When it’s finally time to move, you might find it challenging to choose a reliable moving company in Omaha, NE. You ought to dig deeper to get the best company that meets your expectations by providing customer-focused solutions.

You would not have made the wrong choice by relying on the long-distance and international expertise of Three Movers. We provide long-distance solutions through our skilled moving team who will ensure that your move is handled professionally.

Our helpful movers in Omaha, NE is at your service to help in planning and execution at affordable prices.

Local Movers in Omaha, Nebraska

Like long-distance moves, short distances require the same intense planning. Our accumulated possessions more often pose a challenge when it comes to shifting. The need to disassemble, pack load, and transportation requires challenges. What with loading, packing, unloading, and ferrying? Furthermore, you are a busy person with other commitments to attend to rather than worry about moving inconvenience.

It saves a lot in terms of time and costs to engage a moving company. The unmatched experience of Three Movers will rescue this situation. Trust them to come with a localized package for your local needs. You can also get free estimates today.

List Of Our Moving Services In Omaha, NE

Our services have been designed with your needs in mind. Add our experience and resources, and you are set to go. From packing supplies to storage services, we provide it with all. Here are the services you will get by entrusting our moving plans:

Cost Of Our Moving Services In Omaha, NE

Our costs are standard, so no need to worry about pricing. Additionally, we plan with you the most cost-effective strategy. If you are thinking of a long-distance move, then you pay per mile traveled. We will also consider the type of packaging, the number of staff required weight and the trucks needed to carry out the move.

We will compute how much time it takes to execute the whole process. We arrive at our final figure after considering your budget limits. As such, you are assured of a cost-saving package. Similarly, our team offers valuable strategies and options for saving costs.

Long Distance Movers In Omaha and Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska Moving Services

Residential Move

Our movers in Omaha, NE tend to live in the places where we do business, so they’ll know exactly where to go for your move.

We at Three Movers specialize in helping people relocate their homes. Depending on the services you select, we will be in charge of taking care of anything you want us to take care of.

We have the needed knowledge to handle any moving issue, whether it’s a home relocation, apartment, townhouse, condo, apartment, or high-rise. We can also help you with any furniture that has to be put together or taken apart.

We’re looking forward to assisting you with your move into your new home!

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Omaha, Nebraska

In terms of per-capita billionaires and Fortune 500 firms, Omaha is ranked eighth among the nation’s 50 biggest cities. Omaha’s economy has developed considerably since the early 1990s, thanks to diversification in various areas including banking, insurance, telecommunications, architecture/construction, and transportation. It’s no surprise that office spaces and workplaces would shift around in a developing economy like Omaha’s.

As a result, hiring a moving company that understands this and has expertise with business moving services is the best option. Because most office equipment is heavy, fragile, and expensive, Three Movers provides a capable team to carry it. A corporate moving manager will also be assigned to you, who will assist you throughout the process.

Military Moving Services in Omaha, Nebraska

A permanent change of station (PCS) move can be one of the most stressful elements of military life, which is why you should choose a reputable moving company.

Military relocations can be classified as “personally procured movements” or “do-it-yourself moves,” relocations carried out by the military’s hired movers or a mix of the two.

The quantity of work you’ll have to do for your move and the types of charges you’ll be reimbursed for will vary depending on the option you choose.

Three Movers does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll walk you through every stage of a PPM project to ensure a smooth transfer to the military. Working with a moving company that knows what they’re doing and offers fair rates is the best way to get your military relocation off to a good start.

Military Movers In Omaha and Nebraska

International Moving Services in Omaha, Nebraska

Moving to a new country can be both thrilling and terrifying, especially if it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There will be a lot of things to check off your checklist with this kind of move and it can feel like a lot of work.

The best way to go about it is to use the moving services of a company in Omaha, NE that knows what they’re doing. Three Movers specializes in international relocations, and we’d love to assist you with your new journey.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

On the surface, flat-rate movers appear to be the best option. Whatever happens, you must pay the predetermined fee. You must, however, determine which type of payment is best for you.

When it comes to relocating, the choice between an hourly cost and a flat rate is usually dictated by the distance your things must be transported and the size of your current home.

It’s advisable to pay by the hour if your move is more than 100 miles long or spans state boundaries. Please don’t hesitate to contact Three Movers if you need help deciding the best course of action.

Best Movers In Omaha, NE

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Omaha, Nebraska

Packing and Crating

The idea of relocating is exciting, but packing your possessions soon becomes a hassle, so you start putting everything into a box. Most people aren’t aware, however, that packing demands strategic preparation in order to make the most use of the available space.

Fortunately, there are a variety of outstanding moving firms that provide skilled packing services, and if you do your research ahead of time, you may discover the perfect moving partner.

Three Movers, with their team of skilled packers, can help you with all of your packing needs.


To begin, keep in mind that if you do your own moving, you will be totally responsible for the safe keeping of your personal belongings. Your relocation will be safe when you use Three Movers. Getting insurance in case of an accident, on the other hand, is not a bad idea. Movers must have basic moving insurance. This form of insurance is necessary for all customers and is provided at no cost. However, this sort of insurance does not cover all of your possessions.

It is suggested that you have full insurance coverage to ensure that you and your assets are protected in the event of an accident.

Your relocation manager may go over your insurance options and coverage with you.

Full-Service Moves

Three Movers guarantees that your full-service relocation will be handled properly. A full-service relocation is advantageous since it provides you with greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation, storage, and pretty much anything else you can think of are included with a full-service move.

If you don’t have time to pack your belongings or manage all of the other aspects of a relocation, our moving service is ideal.


In Omaha, Nebraska, there are a number of storage facilities to choose from. We hope you can find a storage service option that is ideal for you, varying from cubes or pods to full-sized storage units.

During your consultation call, your relocation manager, who will be assigned to you, will explain the distinctions between each storage service choice.

We believe Three Movers will be able to provide you with the services you want.

Same-Day Moves

Most individuals find moving to be a challenging endeavor since it includes both physical and psychological hardship. You can make it a stress-free transfer if you know some dependable local movers. We understand how frustrating it is to have to relocate unexpectedly.

While it is recommended to begin preparing your move a week in advance, same-day relocations are not uncommon. It is only possible with the assistance of a moving company. Three Movers does exactly what it says it does. We’ve got you covered at any hour of the day or night.

Same Day Movers In Omaha and Nebraska

Auto Transport

Three Movers can assist you if you’re moving long distances and are concerned about transporting your car. We provide a variety of low-cost moving services, including long-distance automobile shipping.

Your Final Move

Reach out for our dedicated and reliable solution from our staff from Three Movers and get a stress-free moving experience. For any moves, involve us in the planning right from the start, and you will find the difference. You will save costs, time, and energy.

Finally, our customer service skills are top-notch. Trust us to give you a wonderful experience.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Omaha

To / From Omaha, NE Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Omaha, NE to Chesapeake, VA 1353 $2435.4 – $2976.6 $3247.2 – $3653.1 $4329.6 – $5006.1
Norfolk, VA from Omaha, NE 1342 $2415.6 – $2952.4 $3220.8 – $3623.4 $4294.4 – $4965.4
Omaha, NE to Irving, TX 654 $1177.2 – $1438.8 $1569.6 – $1765.8 $2092.8 – $2419.8
Garland, TX from Omaha, NE 664 $1195.2 – $1460.8 $1593.6 – $1792.8 $2124.8 – $2456.8
Omaha, NE to Fremont, CA 1681 $3025.8 – $3698.2 $4034.4 – $4538.7 $5379.2 – $6219.7
Richmond, MO from Omaha, NE 208 $374.4 – $457.6 $499.2 – $561.6 $665.6 – $769.6
Omaha, NE to Hialeah, FL 1641 $2953.8 – $3610.2 $3938.4 – $4430.7 $5251.2 – $6071.7
Boise, ID from Omaha, NE 1229 $2212.2 – $2703.8 $2949.6 – $3318.3 $3932.8 – $4547.3
Omaha, NE to Spokane, WA 1376 $2476.8 – $3027.2 $3302.4 – $3715.2 $4403.2 – $5091.2
Tacoma, WA from Omaha, NE 1668 $3002.4 – $3669.6 $4003.2 – $4503.6 $5337.6 – $6171.6

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Omaha, NE Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don’t see your neighborhood listed here, don’t worry because we can most likely service it.

S 96th St Capitol Ave U of Nebraska at Omaha
Underwood Ave Skyline W Center Rd
W Dodge Rd Cass St City Center
S 105th St Creighton U N 24th St
S 192nd St N 156th St Locust St

Cost Of Living In Omaha, NE

With a population of nearly 479,529, Omaha is one of the best places to live in Nebraska. It has an urban suburban feel and most of the residents have their own homes. It has lots of bars, restaurants, parks and shops. Education is above average in Omaha. The people living here are diverse and the crime rate is average for the nation.

Here, our movers in Omaha, NE have provided a cost of living index. If the index number in Omaha, NE is above the national average then it is expensive or else it is cheap.

Index Omaha, Nebreska National Average
Cost Of Living 89.8 100
Goods and Services 132.2 100
Groceries 96.6 100
Health Care 114.4 100
Housing 82.2 100
Transportation 81.7 100
Utilities 98.6 100


Omaha, Nebraska includes ZIP codes:
68101, 68102, 68103, 68104, 68105, 68106, 68107, 68108, 68109, 68110, 68111, 68112, 68113, 68114, 68116, 68117, 68118, 68119, 68122, 68124, 68127, 68130, 68131, 68132, 68134, 68135, 68136, 68137, 68138, 68139, 68142, 68144, 68145, 68147, 68152, 68154, 68157, 68164, 68172, 68175, 68176, 68178, 68179, 68180, 68182, 68183, 68197, 68198

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re considering a local or long-distance move, the optimal time to contact a moving company is determined by your needs. For an appropriate schedule and planning, local moves take roughly 2-4 weeks. Long-distance relocation takes 4-6 weeks. Nonetheless, for clients that require immediate assistance, we provide same-day service.
Local moving occurs within a state across a distance of around 100 miles, and long-distance moving occurs over a distance of more than 100 miles. Long-distance moving could also be movements that necessitate crossing international borders or moving from one country to another.
Because of the pleasant weather year-round, September to November is the greatest season to relocate to Omaha. Furthermore, because this time does not coincide with peak travel times, it is unlikely to be as busy or expensive.
Moving firms in Omaha are regulated by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. The Nebraska Public Service Commission requires every moving company to get an operating authority. The mover must register with the Nebraska Public Service Commission and publicize their tariff. The NPSC holds all movers in Nebraska responsible for adhering to their publicized prices, policies, and procedures as set forth by the commission, and this tariff covers all of the services and charges for the movers. You can check out their website here.
Moving boxes can be obtained from friends and family or local Omaha stores. Our full moving service option, on the other hand, saves you the time and effort of looking for boxes and other inventory. Our team of professionals can assist you with every preparation that will ensure the safe and orderly transfer of your things if you pay a small fee for this service.
We can only provide a final and reliable quote following an on-site inspection. For complaints of excessive charges, this estimate is the only one that the law accepts. Estimates obtained over the phone or via the internet are legally unreliable. As a result, we urged clients not to skip the physical inspection of their belongings.
We know how challenging it can be when moving to another location. You may not want to move all your belongings at once until you’re fully settled. Hence, we’ve ensured that one of our services is to make storage spaces available in various states. This will help you store your items until you’re ready.
Yes, we understand that people forget things and change their minds. As a result, after the initial consultation, service items can be removed or added. Making changes on moving days, on the other hand, can be tricky because of the sudden notification.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at [email protected]

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great help with our move. We have so much stuff and I was really worried about being able to take the time off work to pack and get everything moved and unpacked. Three Movers saved the day! Your men showed up and had our house and garage packed fast and even put everything in the precise room at the new house. You saved me a great deal of time and saved my family a lot of money! Thanks so much!

Annette P.

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Prices Of Movers In Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

The table below outlines very rough price estimates based on historical moving cost information:

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Less than 50 miles $240 – $675 $710 – $1,400 $1,100 – $4,900
250 miles $800 – $2,300 $1,400 – $3,950 $2,050 – $4,700
1000+ miles $950 – $2,900 $2,100 – $7,800 $4,900 – $8,100
2500+ miles $1,300 – $3,800 $3,400 – $7,900 $8,400+

Keep in mind that the actual cost of your individual move will vary. The best way to obtain the most accurate price for movers in Omaha, Nebraska (NE) is to contact a professional moving company directly for a customized quote.