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Best Maple Valley Movers Near Me – Premium Maple Valley, WA Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Maple Valley Movers Near Me – Premium Maple Valley, WA Moving Companies

Three Movers is an outstanding, value-driven mover in Maple Valley, Washington. Our friendly crews work hard to provide exceptional service to residential and commercial customers completing local and long distance moves. If you want to experience the best service in Washington, please call us. We offer the following options:

Long distance Maple Valley, Washington movers

As you plan a long distance move to or from Maple Valley, Washington, you may be concerned about the reports you hear of increasing incidents of fraud in the moving industry. If you are wondering how to avoid becoming the victim of an unscrupulous mover, Three Movers has some tips for you:

  1. Don’t trust a mover that offers you an attractive price over the phone but won’t visit your residence to review your shipment. Some movers give you a great price based on a phone conversation but demand a lot more money when they start loading the truck. If you don’t have a written agreement, you could be stuck.
  2. Don't pay a hefty deposit before the move, especially if the mover wants it in cash. Movers should expect payment when they deliver your shipment—not before. If you pay before they start the work, they might disappear with your belongings or not show up at all.
long distance movers in maple valley washington

Local moving companies in Maple Valley, Washington

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates long distance moving companies, local vendors in Washington are supervised by the Utilities and Transportation Commission. These movers must have a permit issued by the UTC and provide the customer with a written estimate and detailed inventory of the items they are moving for you. Check it for accuracy, and make sure both you are the mover sign off on any changes. Be aware that movers won't accept anything dangerous (like explosives, guns, or even gasoline in most cases) and can refuse to transport anything they think is a hazard.

best movers in maple valley wa

Moving Services Types in Maple Valley, Washington

When moving to or from Maple Valley, Washington, you'll need a moving company that can provide a wide range of excellent moving services. In the end, you don't want to have an unpleasant moving experience.

The majority of people would prefer not to experience the difficulties and discomforts associated with moving. As a result, we provide a range of moving services to make sure that our customers have a great moving experience.

Commercial/Office Maple Valley, Washington Moving Services

The majority of non-residential transfers are business-related. Therefore, it is not necessary to overestimate their importance. Due to the abundance of movers claiming to provide the best services, choosing the best one may be difficult. The procedure is comparable to moving household items, albeit being substantially more difficult. It is crucial for the move that all office supplies be packed, transported, unpacked, and then reassembled at the new location.

Our services are available to your company if you need to move items like office supplies and furniture. The services we provide are beyond just moving things. You will be provided with a commercial moving manager who will assist you in organizing and carrying out your move to or from Maple Valley, Washington.

Residential Maple Valley, Washington Moving Services

You have a lot of responsibilities, so you are aware of how difficult it can be to relocate on your own. If you don't carefully plan your relocation, even a short-distance relocation can suddenly become complicated and stressful. A respectable moving company, like ours, can be of assistance to you in making your residential move work perfectly. We don't just say it; you can confirm it through our previous results.

We earned our reputation as one of the top moving companies in the nation by providing top-notch services at competitive prices and staffing our company with skilled and devoted movers. The crew at our organization has received specialized training to ensure that your belongings are handled with care while you move from one home to another.

International Maple Valley, Washington Moving Services

It takes a lot of work to relocate to a new country; therefore, it should not be done lightly. The majority of the time, extensive and complicated planning is expected. No matter where you want to go, you don't want to make a mistake by selecting a mediocre moving company. Therefore, as part of your pre-move preparation for your migration from your current home to Maple Valley, Washington, a reputable moving company must be hired.

How can you recognize trustworthy international movers? There are numerous options to take into account.

If you want your international relocation to go smoothly, you must engage with a trustworthy and knowledgeable moving company. You should cooperate with a moving company that is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. They are responsible for approving licenses for corporations that export goods, and they only do this for moving companies that have been previously vetted. Because of this, we are confident that we are the best choice for you. We know how to take care of our customers and make sure they are satisfied with their relocation, thanks to our years of experience. While making the moving process as transparent and competitively priced as we can, we want to give you the best moving experience we can.

Military Maple Valley, Washington Moving Services

It is a universal truth that the military makes a considerable contribution to society. By using a qualified and insured moving firm, military personnel can receive reimbursement for their relocation expenses. In order to provide military members with the best moving experience possible, Three Movers has chosen to include military moves as a part of our moving services.

For military families moving to or from Maple Valley, Washington, we offer personalized long-distance and international moving services. No matter where you are moving to for your PCS, we are always here to assist you.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Maple Valley, Washington Moving Services

The cost of hourly and flat-rate services depends on how far your belongings need to be transported and what's in your home.

Customers often pay by the hour while moving to a nearby location. When relocating out of state or country, or if you don't want your moving prices to increase, ask your moving firm for a flat rate. However, the moving company you choose has the right to charge extra. This is due to their inability to provide you with a precise moving estimate. But none of this will be an issue because we always charge our clients fairly and transparently. We may also assist you in selecting the best payment method based on your moving budget.

moving services in maple valley washington

More Moving Services Offered in Maple Valley, Washington

Packing and Crating

Before moving to or from Maple Valley, Washington, we can help you pack fragile or essential items. We provide crating services for customers who need to transfer expensive items from their residences or workplaces.

Hire a professional packer if you don't have the time or experience to do it yourself. Your possessions will remain secure and safe during the shipping process, thanks to moving boxes designed by our professional packers. We are skilled in a variety of packaging techniques.

Storage Services

Storage services are sometimes required by people who are relocating far away for some of their belongings. The majority of the time, they move a sizable portion of their belongings first, then the rest once they're comfortable. Most movers may either recommend one to you or offer their own storage services.

We have storage facilities spread out across the country because we understand the importance of storage. Our clients may consolidate all of their relocation services with one firm and keep everything under one roof. This, in our opinion, is a much better solution than juggling your moving service requirements with your need for storage.

Auto Transportation

Automobiles are also transported into and out of Maple Valley, Washington, by Three Movers. When moving long distances, many people opt to transport their cars and personal belongings. You can avoid driving your own automobile and the hassle of long-distance car transportation by employing this service.

Same-Day Emergency Services

Due to unplanned events, you might decide to take a significant step like moving as soon as possible. There can be other factors involved. Your career, health, or family could all play a role in why you decided to relocate. Thus, our company provides urgent moving services across the nation, including in Maple Valley, Washington.

We have a moving team on call in case of an emergency, even though we strongly advise planning moves in advance.

Comprehensive Moving Services

When a client needs us to handle every aspect of their move, we offer them our comprehensive moving services. Your belongings are safely packed, transported to your new address, unloaded, and then set up in your new home. Any unforeseen moving tasks are also taken care of. Additionally, moving boxes and supplies are bought. To keep them from stressing about their move, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our comprehensive service. Let us handle every aspect of your move so you can relax and focus on more important things.

Cheap Maple Valley, Washington, Local & Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Our clients know Three Movers as a reputable moving business that handles local and long-distance moves. We provide residential relocation services, including apartment switching inside the same city. We also offer commercial relocation services for clients who want to relocate their businesses. We also help military people ship their personal belongings, including their car and household belongings when transferred to another base. In addition to packing and crating, our services cover loading, unloading, unpacking, and reorganizing items. We can take care of every service mentioned above if you want us to.

Note that our services are affordable and of good quality. We are a reliable moving company with the license to operate within and outside the United States. Therefore, you can trust us to handle your Maple Valley, Washington, move.

Local Moving Companies Maple Valley, Washington

Long Distance Maple Valley, Washington, Moving Companies

It will be easy to choose a moving company. But you should be certain and pick a reputable company. You should thoroughly assess the firm you intend to hire. Verify that they have a license by reading their testimonials and recommendations.

We can manage any long-distance transfer, whether residential, commercial, or military. If you want us to manage every step of your move, we can also take care of the loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and rearranging. Therefore, contact Three Movers if you need to move over a long distance to or from Maple Valley, Washington.

Local Maple Valley, Washington, Movers

If you're relocating within Maple Valley, Washington, you should hire a moving company familiar with the neighborhood. We are accustomed to navigating the city's streets, neighborhoods, and other landmarks. You can have a quick and pleasant moving day by letting us handle your local move. If you would like, we can also offer you a full-service move and the moving boxes you need for your relocation.

How Much Will My Maple Valley, Washington, Move Cost?

The price of moving your goods to or from Maple Valley, Washington, will depend on whether you are moving nearby or a long distance away. The distance we will travel, as well as the volume of your belongings, will both have a significant impact on the cost of your move. You can ask for a free pricing estimate to learn the cost of your move and how well we can accommodate your budget. To explore your local or long-distance relocation from Maple Valley, Washington, reach out to us. You can take advantage of excellent services at a reasonable cost because you are one of our loyal clients.

Moving Quotes Maple Valley, Washington

In Maple Valley, Washington, Three Movers Offers These Services:

Long Distance Moving Companies Maple Valley, Washington

Types of Moves Offered in Maple Valley, Washington

Residential Movers in Maple Valley, Washington.

If you’re planning to move to a new home in Maple Valley, you’ll need as much help as possible. Three Movers is a registered moving company that can assist you in making your move as seamless as possible. Not only are our movers experts and knowledgeable in their field, but we also employ only the best equipment. When you move with us, you don’t have to worry about a thing as we’ll ensure that your items are handled with care and delivered to your destination without delays. We also offer competitive shipping rates, so when you move with Three Movers, you can be sure that you’ll get the best prices in the country.

Office/Commercial Movers in Maple Valley, Washington.

Suppose you’re moving items from your warehouse to a different location, or maybe you’re getting a bigger space for your office operations. In that case, you’ll want to take advantage of commercial moving services. With this moving service, you and your employees can sit back and relax while we handle all the heavy lifting. When you move with Three Movers, you can rest assured that your items will be delivered without delay because we understand how difficult it is to plan and schedule an office relocation. Three Movers should be your top choice if you’re planning an office relocation to or from Maple Valley.

Military Movers in Maple Valley, Washington.

Planning a military move is often complex, whether a temporary or permanent change of station (PCS). At Three Movers, we understand that these types of moves are very time sensitive, so we do our best to ensure that there are no delays and that we deliver your items to your new base within the estimated time frame. Military moves require expertise, and for more than two decades, Three Movers has assisted hundreds of military officers, and their families relocate to new bases worldwide. Choose us for a safe and reliable military relocation experience.

International Movers in Maple Valley, Washington.

Moving abroad is a fun experience, especially if you have everything in place, such as a reliable and experienced moving company. Three Movers has assisted hundreds of people moving overseas safely to relocate to countries worldwide, and we can do the same for you. If you need a team of industry-leading experts who will work with us every step of your relocation, ensuring that every detail of your move is in order, then you can count on us. We offer various moving solutions that you can take advantage of regardless of your budget and the urgency of your move. We also offer consultation services where we plan with you to ensure every step we take aligns with your needs. Choose Three Movers for your international moving needs!

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

It can be difficult for most customers to decide which payment method would be best for their move. In most cases, customers might end up choosing a method that ends up costing them more money. We offer both flat-rate and hourly moving solutions, but they are very distinct and could save you a lot of money if you use them for the right move. We recommend opting for the flat-rate move if you’re moving long distances. That is because, with the flat-rate move, we calculate the distance and weight of your items, and the time it’ll take to complete your move doesn’t play a role in the cost of your move.

On the other hand, the hourly move may be the right choice if your move short distances. Here we focus on the time it’ll take to deliver your items. For additional information, contact us on our toll-free number.

Local Moving Companies Maple Valley, Washington

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Maple Valley, Washington.

Packing and Crating

Packing and crating can be a chore when moving since you’ll have a lot of other things on your plate. You can take this burden off your shoulders by employing our professional packing and crating services. Another added benefit is that you don’t need to worry about packing materials because we’ll bring them along when packing your items. So you can now sit back, relax, and tick off the other item on your moving list while we load your items safely and deliver them to your destination.


Moving insurance is an essential aspect of every relocation project we handle. We understand that sometimes things may not go according to plan, and your items might get damaged. To help ease the cost of fixing or replacing these items should anything go wrong, we strongly advise that you opt for an insurance plan. If you’re worried about the price, don’t be because there are insurance packages that will match your needs regardless of your budget.

Full-Service Moves

Would you like a hands-off moving experience? Then our full-service move would be perfect for you. With this move, you don’t have to raise a finger as we’ll handle everything from start to finish. We’ll handle everything from packing and crating, loading, transportation, offloading, and unpacking at your destination. The full-service move also provides access to a storage facility if you need to keep your items for a short period. We can customize this move to suit your budget and needs, so give us a call to get started.


Three Movers offer storage services to customers who need to keep their items for a long or short period. If you’re moving but haven’t found a new home or office, you can hire us to help you move your items into one of our storage facilities, where your items will be safe. Doing this will help reduce the stress of locating a different storage facility while also looking for a moving company. Choose Three Movers for an all-inclusive moving experience and save yourself the stress.

Same-Day Moves

Same-day moves are hectic. That’s why we’re committed to serving customers who require this type of moving assistance with a swift and straightforward moving experience. Our same-day moving service is not complicated, and we do our best to respond to your needs promptly. To get started, give us a call.

Auto Transport

Do you need to move but are wondering how to transport your vehicle? While driving down to your new location is an option, it might not always be the best decision. You may need to move urgently and taking a flight may be the best solution. So what do you do? Well, you’d need an auto transport company. Even better is when your moving company can also help you transport your vehicle. So, you’ll sort of be killing two birds with one stone. Choose Three Movers for a seamless auto transport experience.

shipping services in maple valley washington

How much will it cost to move to or from Maple Valley, Washington?

The best way to determine what your upcoming move will cost is to compare written estimates from several reputable vendors. Ensure that the movers complete a visual review of the shipment items before they submit their quote, and note whether each bid is binding (fixed price) or nonbinding (the price can change if the mover underestimated the shipment.) The average cost for moving the contents of a medium-sized home long distance is about $5,000, but local jobs are typically much lower. You may be able to complete your move in Maple Valley for under $1,000 if it's not too large.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Maple Valley

To / From Maple Valley Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Maple Valley, WA to Aurora, NE 1267 miles $2884 - $3912 $4826 - $6768 $6768 - $10332
Balfour, ND to Maple Valley, WA 997 miles $2774 - $3803 $4773 - $6613 $6613 - $9214
Maple Valley, WA to Amasa, MI 1577 miles $3379 - $4558 $5604 - $7827 $7827 - $11914
Atlantic, NC to Maple Valley, WA 2486 miles $4445 - $7944 $7287 - $10168 $10168 - $15899
Maple Valley, WA to Alma, NY 2157 miles $4064 - $5341 $6552 - $9132 $9132 - $13060
Gabbs, NV to Maple Valley, WA 624 miles $1946 - $2690 $3354 - $4767 $4767 - $7347

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom-tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Maple Valley, WA Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Black Diamond Covington Kent
Hobart Ravensdale Auburn
Enumclaw Custer Renton
Fairwood Lake Holm Lake Tapps

Maple Valley, Washington includes ZIP codes:
98038, 98042

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