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Best Harrison Movers Near Me – Premium Harrison, NY Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Harrison Movers Near Me – Premium Harrison, NY Moving Companies

Three Movers proudly serves the Harrison, New York, community with residential and commercial relocation services. We provide local, long distance, and international moving assistance for your needs in the area.

Long distance moving companies

To find the best long distance mover for your relocation to or from Harrison, New York, start by choosing only from among companies that meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's standards. FMCSA regulates interstate moving companies and requires that they register with that agency. You can identify registered companies by looking for their motor carrier number, and on the FMCSA website, you will find helpful information on the companies' safety record and customer complaint history. Once you have determined that the mover you are evaluating is legitimate, ask them for an in-home survey of your household goods. The mover will use that information to submit a rate quote and offer you a price for services like packing and storage. Reputable movers like Three Movers will provide you with a clear, written estimate of what it will cost to complete your move, and we will be happy to answer your questions about the quote and the move.

long distance movers in harrison new york

Local Movers

If you are looking for a local mover in Harrison, call Three Movers. We have local crews who are familiar with the community and who are professional movers. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the service you are getting when you work with us. Some local movers are not from the area—they are dispatched by a call center from hundreds of miles away, and the crew you see on moving day could be day workers in a rented truck. That’s not going to happen when you hire Three Movers. Our nearby team will handle the estimate and the move itself. If you want packing, storage, or other services, just ask—we can do that too.

Three Movers offers these services:

Different Types of Moves Offered in Harrison, New York

Moving to a lovely city like Harrison, New York, would be a fantastic decision for you and your family. Finding a trustworthy shipping firm that can manage your move for a fair price may sound easy, but it's not.

You have a lot of excellent options when it comes to moving services. But how many of them can truly coordinate your move with success? Whatever the distance or proximity of your transfer, we can arrange a meeting to discuss it.

Residential Moving in Harrison, New York

You might be unable to coordinate a move on your own if your schedule is too full. Relocating a short distance might sometimes be challenging if it is not thoroughly planned and executed. The fact that we are among the reputable US movers who are capable of handling this type of transfer, however, speaks volumes about the quality of our service. Your comfort when moving is extremely important to us.

Our dedication to providing excellent service at a reasonable price and our staff's knowledge has helped us become one of the most well-known moving companies in the country. Some of the residential moving services we provide include apartment, single-family, and dorm moves. We employ qualified delivery personnel who have undergone training in managing and protecting your belongings to guarantee a smooth transition.

Movers Near Me Harrison, New York

Commercial Moving in Harrison, New York

Most moving firms typically assist their clients with business relocation. It is important to choose the top commercial moving services, despite the fact that it might be difficult. To relocate office supplies from one location to another, packing, transporting, and unpacking are required. Although the idea is the same, most people will discover that moving their place of business or office is a far more challenging undertaking than a residential relocation.

We can personalize our moving services to match your demands, regardless of whether your company owns or leases commercial space. A commercial moving manager (assigned by us) may be able to assist you if you need help organizing and carrying out your move.

Military Moving in Harrison, New York

We provide stress-free relocation services for military personnel moving to a new installation. If you use a respectable and authorized moving company, you might be able to request that the government pay the cost of your military transfer. However, the government will cover your costs if you prefer to employ a different moving company. If you need to move to or from Harrison as a result of your PCS order, our moving company can assist you. We provide domestic and international military relocation services.

International Moving in Harrison, New York

Everyone wants their new lives to start off with a positive experience, and anyone who has ever moved abroad is aware of how difficult the process can be. Your moving plan should include hiring a reliable moving company to assist with your foreign relocation.

If you are relocating abroad to begin a new work or a fresh start, take into account the following points before choosing a moving company.

Selecting a reputable moving company should be your first step. Reputable businesses must apply for licenses from the Federal Maritime Commission in order to move goods internationally (FMC). Find moving companies that hold FMC licenses. With the help of Three Movers, managing international moving services has been simpler. The satisfaction of every client with the relocation process is our company's top priority. The process of moving abroad may be challenging, but with our expertise, you can be sure that we will make it as simple as possible.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving in Harrison, New York

A successful move depends on knowing the differences between hourly and flat prices. The price varies based on the package contents and the distance the items must travel.

Most people decide on a fixed rate when going a long distance. An hourly charge is preferred by those who are moving nearby.

The flat rate estimates your moving company provides you could not fully cover your shipping expenses. You will have to pay more if a mover leaves out any service charges from their estimate. Three Movers offers flat-rate and hourly payments as part of our commitment to provide the most reasonably priced service possible. A site evaluation can be used to determine the project's scope and complexity.

Packers And Movers Harrison, New York

Additional Harrison, New York Moving Services

Packing and Crating Services

We will help you pack delicate or precious belongings before moving day. Our crating services are available to clients moving sculptures, paintings, and other things between Harrison, New York, and other destinations.

Utilizing white glove moving services can guarantee that your belongings are well-protected. We wish to guarantee the smooth and safe delivery of these treasured items. Your moving boxes will be attentively created for each item if you want to be sure that they are safeguarded during the relocation.

Full-Service Moving

One of the essential aspects of our commitment to customers is a full-service move. In addition to offering moving boxes and packing supplies, we'll bring your possessions to your new home, unload them, and set them for you.

You may sit and relax and concentrate on other things while we handle the moving process, thanks to the variety of services we offer.


If you're moving to or from Harrison, New York, Three Movers, like all other movers, cannot offer you complete insurance coverage for your possessions. Federal law, however, requires us to offer our clients a special kind of insurance called "valuation."

While moving insurance is designed to secure your belongings while they are in transit, a valuation is used to determine how much the moving company will be liable for in the event of loss or damage. To learn more about your options for moving insurance, get in touch with us.

Auto Transport

Most people, especially those who own multiple vehicles, prefer to have their belongings and vehicles transported together. Long distance travel, driving several vehicles, and the resulting wear and tear will all be prevented. This action also takes care of any potential auto problems that might have arisen. We can help you relocate to a new home as well as move your car.

Storage Services

When moving a long distance, most people place a large portion of their belongings in storage. They can bring the remaining items to storage as soon as they feel at home in their new residence. Three Movers streamlines the process by coordinating storage with your move rather than managing it separately.

Long Distance Movers Near Me Harrison, New York

Cheap Harrison, NY Local & Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

There is no doubt that New York City's Three Movers is one of the top moving companies in the city. We offer residential and commercial moving services, whether you are moving locally or over a long-distance.

Long Distance Harrison, NY Moving Companies

Being able to live in New York is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have. There are few states in the United States that are as large, financially stable, or as industrious as New York. There are several luxury homes, businesses, and educational institutions in Harrison, making it a fascinating city to live in. Should you require long-distance moving assistance from or to Harrison, New York, Three Movers is available to assist you.

During the planning phases of your move, you should hire a vendor with experience in completing the job. During long-distance or interstate moves to or from Harrison, NY, you must have extra trust in your mover since they cannot be monitored at all times as they transport your belongings. By checking references and verifying that they are properly licensed and insured, you should thoroughly investigate the companies you are considering.

Local Harrison, NY Movers

A moving company that is familiar with Harrison's streets, neighborhoods, and parking issues is the best option when moving to the city. If you attempt to navigate the city independently, you will have difficulty. It is our privilege to assist you with moving within Harrison City, NY, and Three Movers strives to take care of all your moving needs. In case you need an estimate for a local job, we can give you tips on making the moving process more comfortable. We can provide a quotation for the packing service upon request. Boxes and other packing materials are available for those who wish to pack themselves.

Best Moving Service Near Me Harrison, New York

How Much Will My Harrison, NY Move Cost?

It is advisable to obtain quotes from several reputable moving companies in Harrison, NY, before moving, regardless of whether you are moving long-distance or locally. Your mover must assess the amount of items that you will be moving, as well as the logistics of your move so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Your movers may charge you an additional fee if you live in a walk-up apartment that has several flights of stairs. An additional fee may be charged if the mover must wait for an elevator in your high-rise. Should you hire Three Movers as your trusted mover, all of these modalities and conditions will be detailed in a written estimate provided.

In Harrison, NY, Three Movers Offers These Services:

best movers in harrison ny

Types of moves offered in Harrison, New York

Residential Movers in Harrison, New York

Harrison is a town located in Westchester County, New York, with a population of almost 30,000 people. The town is roughly 22 miles northeast of Manhattan, and the distance between Harrison Station and Grand Central Station is about 27 miles. Harrison is considered one of the best places to live in New York State. It got an A-grade for being a great place to start and grow a family. It also got an A grade for diversity and nightlife. The town has many bars and restaurants, as well as other fun activities. Moving to town might be a challenge for you, especially if you are thinking of moving yourself. Managing a DIY move will be difficult because it is very complicated since you will be doing everything yourself. They are also energy and time-consuming. Hiring professionals is better than moving yourself for many reasons, including safety. If you aren’t experienced in moving, you might damage an item or injure yourself. Get a licensed and experienced mover that can move your things to Harrison.

Commercial Movers in Harrison, New York

Relocating the contents of an office is a big deal, even if a team is assigned to execute the project. It is so big that most companies don’t make it a DIY project. If you make it a DIY project, there is a question of liability. Who will be responsible for damage or loss of property as it is moved? Who will also be responsible for the safety of employees as they help in packing, loading, and transporting the items? In addition, the project manager will have to figure out how to move sensitive office data and documents without leaking information. You don’t want the company's payment schedules, or employees' personal information leaked. When all of these factors are considered, the cost of moving the office belongings yourself becomes nearly equal to the cost of hiring professionals. It is better to hire a commercial mover that will have the answers to your questions and be efficient throughout the moving process. You need a company like Three Movers.

Military movers in Harrison, New York

If you are a military officer, you have come to the right place. Getting to know the advantages of hiring a mover for your military move is better than assuming you will be saving money by making your move a DIY project. You can make your move safe, comfortable, and possibly cheap if you get the selection process right. First, look for a company that is licensed to move household goods. Don’t be attracted to unlicensed companies by low shipping quotes. Secondly, ensure the company you want to hire knows what they are doing. They should have experience in shipping household goods for military personnel. If these things are gotten right when choosing a mover, you will guarantee the success of your move. Three Movers can guarantee the success of your move if you hire us.

International Movers In Harrison, New York

Moving to another country can cause anxiety, especially when you don’t know where to start planning your relocation. If you get the selection of an international mover right, then you would’ve settled the task of moving your household items to the destination country. You should remember that your items will most likely be transported by sea. This means you need to pack your things properly as they can get damaged if you don’t. Always hire licensed movers to avoid the possibility of being scammed. If you move your things during downtimes, you will get good moving deals, so consider that.

Flat-Rate/Hourly-Rate Movers in Harrison, New York

Figuring out various aspects of your move can be a lot, and you might be faced with the dilemma of choosing between flat-rate and hourly-rate moves. When you make the right decision, you'll get a great moving deal and won't be concerned about your moving bill. Flat rate moves have moving rates that seem attractive with their low cost per hour. However, if you select this for a long-distance move, your final bill will be high. You should want your moving cost calculated by the hour when the destination is less than an hour away. Any further, it becomes a long-distance move, better suited with flat rates. Flat rates are calculated before the move begins based on the distance and the weight of the items to be moved. Three Movers offers both services, and we can help you decide which is best for you.

moving services in harrison new york

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Harrison City, New York

Packing and Crating

If you are thinking of packing your things yourself, first get a quote for the cost of outsourcing it. You might save time and stress if you outsource your packing needs. Moreover, if you have fragile items, the company can even pack them in crates. This will protect the items as they are transported.


Accidents can occur when moving your things to another location. There might be a lower chance of it occurring when hiring a mover, but there is still a chance. The best way to protect yourself from unexpected expenses from loss or damage of items is to get insurance for your move. You should get it even if you are moving yourself.

Full-Service Moves

If you don’t want to pack your items into boxes, load them, transport them, and unpack them, you can hire a moving company to do all those things for you. The service is called "full-service moves," and it brings comfort to customers as they relocate. Three Movers offers this service, and we even come with moving supplies.


Storage is a common requirement when moving, which is why many movers are starting to include it in their services. Our company has been providing moving and storage services for a very long time, so we are adept at providing both at low prices.

Same-Day moves

Things can get chaotic when you move out of a location quickly. If you don’t bring order to the chaos, you might lose or damage some of your things. The best step is to hire a company that offers same-day moving services like Three Movers.

Auto Transport

Some aren’t interested in driving their cars over long distances. With the help of a moving company, you can move your car to your new location with the help of auto transport services. Three Movers offers this service.

shipping services in harrison new york

How much does it cost to move

Finding out the cost of a move isn't rocket science, but it might seem confusing until you connect with the right vendor. The best way to get a price you understand is to get an in-person quote from a mover like Three Movers. Every move is different, and the price depends on how much you are moving and how far it needs to go, plus a few other things. So call us, and we can give you a fair quote right away.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Harrison

To / From Harrison Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Harrison, NY to Borden, SC 602 miles $2024 - $2851 $3565 - $5036 $5036 - $7705
Stockton, NJ to Harrison, NY 94 miles $1137 - $1690 $2016 - $3056 $3056 - $4788
Harrison, NY to Hope Valley, RI 109 miles $1246 - $1745 $2195 - $3269 $3269 - $5007
Bly, OR to Harrison, NY 2416 miles $4465 - $5946 $7287 - $10198 $10198 - $15601
Harrison, NY to Ayden, NC 430 miles $1763 - $2477 $3084 - $4394 $4394 - $6729
Bache, OK to Harrison, NY 1266 miles $2983 - $4057 $4944 - $6974 $6974 - $10609

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Harrison, NY Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Byram Fairview Glenville
Greenville Greenwich Hartsdale
Pemberwick Valhalla Rye

Harrison, New York includes ZIP codes:
10528, 10577, 10580, 10604

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