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Long Distance Movers In Hamilton, Ontario

Moving can be a hassle. All the packing and arrangements that need to be made before the move can make the process rather burdensome. If you find yourself in the same predicament, then choosing to hire a moving company will come in handy.

If you are in Hamilton, Canada, you don’t need to look beyond Three Movers. It is a reliable moving company, with a wide range of services that have served people nationwide with outmost care.

Satisfying our customers’ needs is our greatest priority. We ensure this by providing highly professional and efficient services.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in Hamilton

A move of a hundred miles or more is considered a long-distance move. This is regardless of whether you are moving between states or even across the nation. For such a move, you will require the services of a long-distance mover to make sure everything arrives to the destination in the same condition it left the previous location.

Long-distance moves require proper planning especially if you are making an accurate cost estimate. Factors that will affect the price of such a move include distance and the number of belongings being moved. In order to facilitate your planning for the move we offer our customers a free quote.

Considering and planning a long-distance move can be hectic and time-consuming but with the help of the right movers, the process can go smooth. We do the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t need to load or unload. We also offer packing services in case you are not able to do it yourself along with the required packing supplies.

Local Movers In Hamilton

If your move is less than a hundred miles, whether it is across town, within the state or even across the state, then the relocation is considered a local one. Three Movers offer local moving services that will cater for your local moving needs.

A short distance move can be just as cumbersome as any other move and therefore seeking the help of a mover is can help you make an already difficult action somewhat simpler. You don’t need to worry about hiring a truck or hauling furniture from an apartment, we will help you move your belongings across town in no time.

Cheap Local Movers In Hamilton, Ontario

Moving Services Offered By Three Movers

We offer a wide range of services to cater for all your moving needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Move In Hamilton, Canada

The cost of any move is determined by the nature of the move. If it is a local move, the factor that mainly determines the cost is time. This means that customers will be charged on an hourly basis, including the time spent to load and unload.

If the move is long-distance, then the factors that determine the price are distance and the size or weight of the belongings. As in the case of local moves, many other factors will affect the price.

Work With Three Movers

We are ready to help you move whether you are moving locally, long-distance, or even internationally. Make an informed decision about the services you require and let us provide you with the quality services that you need. Call us today for our comprehensive list of services and a free quote at +1(888) 908-6496.

Best Movers In Hamilton, ON

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Hamilton

To / From Hamilton Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Hamilton, ON to Quebec City, QC 542 miles $2,050-$2,534 $2,870-$3,635 $3,635-$4,065
Hamilton, ON to Surrey, BC 2661 miles $10,464-$11,794 $14,478-$16,243 $16,243-$19,958
Windsor, ON to Hamilton, ON 189 miles $561-$991 $1,070-$1,535 $1,535-$1,818
Hamilton, ON to Coquitlam, BC
2669 miles $9,499-$11,829 $13,526-$16,291 $16,291-$20,018
Lethbridge, AB to Hamilton, ON 2023 miles $7,676-$9,006 $10,682-$12,447 $12,477-$15,173
Hamilton, ON to Winnipeg, MB 1223 miles $4,180-$5,510 $5,922-$7,687 $7,687-$9,173
Whitehorse, YT to Hamilton, ON 3355 miles $10,496-$14,826 $17,607-$20,372 $20,372-$25,163
Hamilton, ON to Kamloops, BC 2458 miles $9,576-$11,906 $13,270-$15,035 $15,035-$18,435
Saint John, NB to Hamilton, ON 955 miles $3,008-$4,338 $5,327-$6,092 $6,092-$7,163
Hamilton, ON to Mount Pearl, NL 1952 miles $7,365-$8,695 $10,259-$12,024 $12,024-$14,640

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Hamilton, ON Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don’t see your neighborhood listed here, don’t worry because we can most likely service it.

Gurnett Trinity Macassa
Mountview Albion Mohawk
Broughton East Gourley Balfour
Westmeria Waterdown Leeming



Hamilton, ON includes ZIP codes:
L8E 0G2, L8E 0H4, L8E 1A1, L8E 1A2, L8E 1A3, L8E 1A4, L8E 1A5, L8E 1A6, L8E 1A7, L8E 1A8, L8E 1A9, L8E 1B1, L8E 1B2, L8E 1B3, L8E 1B4, L8E 1B5, L8E 1B6, L8E 1B7, L8E 1B8, L8E 1B9, L8E 1C1, L8E 1C2, L8E 1C3, L8E 1C4, L8E 1C5, L8E 1C6, L8E 1C7, L8E 1C8, L8E 1C9, L8E 1E1, L8E 1E2, L8E 1E3, L8E 1E4, L8E 1E5, L8E 1E6, L8E 1E7, L8E 1E8, L8E 1E9, L8E 1G1, L8E 1G2, L8E 1G3, L8E 1G4, L8E 1G5, L8E 1G6, L8E 1G7, L8E 1G8, L8E 1G9, L8E 1H1, L8E 1H2, L8E 1H3, L8E 1H4, L8E 1H5, L8E 1H6, L8E 1H7, L8E 1H8, L8E 1H9, L8E 1J1, L8E 1J2, L8E 1J3, L8E 1J4, L8E 1J5, L8E 1J6, L8E 1J7, L8E 1J8, L8E 1K1, L8E 1K2, L8E 1K3, L8E 1K4, L8E 1K5, L8E 1K6, L8E 1K7, L8E 1K8, L8E 1K9, L8E 1L2, L8E 1L3, L8E 1L4, L8E 1L5, L8E 1L6, L8E 1L7, L8E 1L8, L8E 1L9, L8E 1M1, L8E 1M2, L8E 1M3, L8E 1M4, L8E 1M5, L8E 1M6, L8E 1M7, L8E 1M8, L8E 1M9, L8E 1N1, L8E 1N2, L8E 1N3, L8E 1N4, L8E 1V5, L8E 1V6, L8E 2J5, L8E 2J7, L8E 2J8, L8E 2J9, L8E 2K1, L8E 2P2, L8E 2R5, L8E 2R6, L8E 2R7, L8E 2R8, L8E 2R9, L8E 2S1, L8E 2S2, L8E 2S3, L8E 2S4, L8E 2S5, L8E 2S6, L8E 2W2, L8E 2W3, L8E 2W5, L8E 2W6, L8E 2W7, L8E 2W8, L8E 2W9, L8E 2X1, L8E 2X2, L8E 2X3, L8E 2X4, L8E 2X6, L8E 2Y4, L8E 2Y5, L8E 2Z1, L8E 2Z2, L8E 2Z3, L8E 2Z4, L8E 2Z5, L8E 2Z6, L8E 2Z7, L8E 2Z9, L8E 3A2, L8E 3A3, L8E 3B7, L8E 3B8, L8E 3C1, L8E 3C2, L8E 3C3, L8E 3C4, L8E 3C5, L8E 3C6, L8E 3C7, L8E 3G6, L8E 3G9, L8E 3H1, L8E 3H4, L8E 3H8, L8E 3H9, L8E 3J1, L8E 3J2, L8E 3J3, L8E 3J6, L8E 3J7, L8E 3J8, L8E 3J9, L8E 3K1, L8E 3K2, L8E 3K3, L8E 3K4, L8E 3K5, L8E 3K6, L8E 3K7, L8E 3K8, L8E 3K9, L8E 3L1, L8E 3L2, L8E 3L3, L8E 3L4, L8E 3L5, L8E 3L6, L8E 3L8, L8E 3L9, L8E 3M5, L8E 3M7, L8E 3M8, L8E 3M9, L8E 3N1, L8E 3N2, L8E 3N3, L8E 3N4, L8E 3N5, L8E 3N6, L8E 3N7, L8E 3N8, L8E 3P1, L8E 3P2, L8E 3P5, L8E 3P6, L8E 3P7, L8E 3R4, L8E 3R5, L8E 3R6, L8E 3R8, L8E 3T8, L8E 3T9, L8E 3V1, L8E 3V3, L8E 3V4, L8E 3V5, L8E 3V6, L8E 3V7, L8E 3V8, L8E 3V9, L8E 3W1, L8E 3W2, L8E 3W3, L8E 3W4, L8E 3W5, L8E 3X8, L8E 3X9, L8E 3Y3, L8E 3Y4, L8E 3Y6, L8E 3Y7, L8E 3Y8, L8E 3Y9, L8E 3Z1, L8E 3Z2, L8E 4A1, L8E 4A2, L8E 4B3, L8E 4B4, L8E 4B5, L8E 4C5, L8E 4C8, L8E 4E6, L8E 4H6, L8E 4H8, L8E 4J4, L8E 4J5, L8E 4J6, L8E 4J7, L8E 4K3, L8E 4K4, L8E 4L2, L8E 4L3, L8E 4M6, L8E 4P2, L8E 4P7, L8E 4P8, L8E 4P9, L8E 4R2, L8E 4R3, L8E 4R4, L8E 4R5, L8E 4R6, L8E 4R7, L8E 4R8, L8E 4R9, L8E 4S1, L8E 4S2, L8E 4V4, L8E 4V5, L8E 4V7, L8E 4V8, L8E 4W8, L8E 4X8, L8E 4Y4, L8E 4Y5, L8E 5A9, L8E 5B1, L8E 5B2, L8E 5B3, L8E 5B6, L8E 5B7, L8E 5R6, L8E 5T8, L8E 5V5, L8E 5V8, L8E 5W2, L8E 5X4, L8E 5Y6, L8E 6B4, L8G 0B3, L8G 0B4, L8G 0B5, L8G 0B6, L8G 1A1, L8G 1A2, L8G 1A3, L8G 1A4, L8G 1A5, L8G 1A6, L8G 1J3, L8G 1J4, L8G 1J5, L8G 1J6, L8G 2E5, L8G 2E6, L8G 2E7, L8G 2E8, L8G 2E9, L8G 2G1, L8G 2G2, L8G 2G3, L8G 2G4, L8G 2G5, L8G 2G6, L8G 2G7, L8G 2G8, L8G 2G9, L8G 2H1, L8G 2H2, L8G 2H3, L8G 2H4, L8G 2H5, L8G 2H6, L8G 2H7, L8G 2H8, L8G 2H9, L8G 2K2, L8G 2K3, L8G 2K4, L8G 2K5, L8G 2M3, L8G 2M4, L8G 2M5, L8G 2M8, L8G 2M9, L8G 2N6, L8G 3Y8, L8G 3Y9, L8G 3Z7, L8G 3Z8, L8G 3Z9, L8G 4A1, L8G 4J4, L8G 4M3, L8G 4M4, L8G 4M5, L8G 4M6, L8G 4N3, L8G 4P8, L8G 4R2, L8G 4R3, L8G 4X1, L8G 4X2, L8G 4X3, L8G 4X4, L8G 4X5, L8G 4X8, L8G 5A1, L8G 5A3, L8G 5A4, L8G 5A5, L8G 5A6, L8G 5A7, L8G 5A8, L8G 5A9, L8G 5B1, L8G 5B3, L8G 5B4, L8G 5B5, L8G 5C3, L8G 5C4, L8G 5C9, L8G 5E4, L8G 5E8, L8G 5E9, L8G 5G9, L8G 5H1, L8G 5H2, L8G 5H3, L8G 5H4, L8G 5H5, L8H 0A1, L8H 0A2, L8H 0A3, L8H 0A4, L8H 0A5, L8H 0A6, L8H 0A7, L8H 0A8, L8H 0A9, L8H 0B1, L8H 0B2, L8H 1A1, L8H 1A2, L8H 1A3, L8H 1A4, L8H 1A5, L8H 1A6, L8H 1A7, L8H 1A8, L8H 1A9, L8H 1B1, L8H 1B2, L8H 1B3, L8H 1B4, L8H 1B5, L8H 1B6, L8H 1B7, L8H 1B8, L8H 1B9, L8H 1C1, L8H 1C2

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great help with our move. We have so much stuff and I was really worried about being able to take the time off work to pack and get everything moved and unpacked. Three Movers saved the day! Your men showed up and had our house and garage packed fast and even put everything in the precise room at the new house. You saved me a great deal of time and saved my family a lot of money! Thanks so much!

Annette P.

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Prices Of Movers In Hamilton, Canada ()

The table below outlines very rough price estimates based on historical moving cost information:

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Less than 50 miles $240 – $675 $710 – $1,400 $1,100 – $4,900
250 miles $800 – $2,300 $1,400 – $3,950 $2,050 – $4,700
1000+ miles $950 – $2,900 $2,100 – $7,800 $4,900 – $8,100
2500+ miles $1,300 – $3,800 $3,400 – $7,900 $8,400+

Keep in mind that the actual cost of your individual move will vary. The best way to obtain the most accurate price for movers in Hamilton, Canada () is to contact a professional moving company directly for a customized quote.

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