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Cheap Local Movers In El Paso and Texas
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There are many moving companies to choose from, When it comes to moving to or from El Paso. Many people are not sure if they need a moving company in El Paso or not, but you will find that moving companies in El Paso have a lot to offer you.

If you are looking for affordable El Paso movers for local or long-distance moving services. You’ve come to the right place. Three Movers operates throughout every major city in Texas as well as the rest of the United States. Whether you’re moving a few miles or across the country, we offer industry-leading rates, professional movers, and timely service. Give us a call at (888) 202-0036 to get the help you need right away.

Long Distance Moving Companies In El Paso

If you’re preparing for a long distance move, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, particularly if you’re moving from a large home and have kids or pets. There’s a lot to do, and you may not be sure where to start.

So simplify things by hiring Three Movers as an ideal partner for moving from among multiple El Paso Movers. We offer affordable long distance moving services in El Paso, and in addition to standard moving services, we can provide full-service moving.

In this type of moving, we offer packaging service as well where we pack up your stuff for you and unpack it in your new home – speeding up and simplifying the process significantly! Get in touch to learn more now.

Local Movers El Paso, Texas

Are you prepared to make a move to a new El Paso house, condo or apartment? Moving on your own may be stressful and time-consuming especially if you have to coordinate aid from friends and family rent a truck and relocate during the hot El Paso summer.

That’s where we come in. Our professional local movers are trustworthy and always on time, and we offer transparent moving services, up-front pricing to ensure you can make your move in El Paso more easily, even on a tight budget.

We Offer Comprehensive Moving Services In El Paso

Over the years, Three Movers as a moving company has expanded to offer a full suite of moving service in El Paso, including the following:

Long Distance Movers In El Paso and Texas

Types of moves offered in El Paso city, Texas

Residential move

Navigating the traffic in a truck you aren’t experienced in driving can make your move very frustrating. It isn’t uncommon in such instances to get lost a couple of times or forget a box of items at your former residence. These frustrations are more common when you are doing your move yourself.

For this reason, moving companies are important. They alleviate the mental load of relocating. A residential move is a service where you pay a moving company to move your items from one address to another for a fee. Such a service might seem luxurious to people who have researched DIY solutions but in practice, residential moves are a necessity.

Three Movers provides such moves to clients in El Paso. We will navigate the city with its unpredictable traffic and get your items to their new place.

Office/Commercial Movers in El Paso City, Texas

Business owners come up with ironclad expansion plans but get defeated by the reality of moving their office equipment and furniture. A wrong move can lead to the loss of investment. Sometimes items even get misplaced in commercial moves that are wrongly done. This is why most businesses now use professional movers to move businesses.

This reduces their share of the liability, and chances of potential loss or damage. Most office moves are full-service moves which mean experts pack the items, load them, and transport them to the destination. Three Movers provides both local and long-distance office moves. We even provide international office moves as well.

Military movers in El Paso City, Texas

The military has movers that move the property of officers to new posts. However, some people might prefer third-party moving companies. Three Movers understands the peculiar needs that accompany military moves and that is why we have such a service in El Paso.

We move the personal belongings of military officers and their families to their new location. We do this swiftly too as we understand the need for officers to settle in. We also make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Military Movers In El Paso and Texas

International movers in El Paso City, Texas

If you intend to change your country of residence, you might’ve done some research on the destination country. The one thing that is easily noticeable from this research is the difference in laws between both countries. These laws can confuse your moving plans instantly. Fortunately, experienced moving companies can navigate all that stress on your behalf.

Three Movers makes international moves as comfortable as possible. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a whole shipping container to yourself, we will provide one and load it with your stuff. If you can’t fill a shipping container, we have LCL shipping services as well.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers in El Paso City, Texas

Hourly movers exist to cater for those who have planned their move into hours and just need a crew and a vehicle for those hours. Hourly rates are calculated by how long it will take a crew to complete a move and charged as such. Flat rates are fixed prices set for specific metrics like how long a move will take to how heavy a shipment is or how far the destination is.

It is always a good idea to compare these rates with standard moving rates because, in some cases, the prices of hourly rates can climb significantly. Three Movers provides these services and also provides consultation on which moving plan is best for you.

Best Movers In El Paso, TX

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in El Paso City, Texas

Packing and Crating

If you intend to move precious items like antiques and paintings you might want this service. Most moving companies offer packing and crating services to help their clients move their precious cargo. It involves hiring a crew to pack your items into boxes and crates in a professional manner. It provides the advantage of reduced risk of damage.

Packing services give people who intend to relocate, the opportunity to focus on other things. Three Movers offers these services including “white glove” crating. This form of service is the utmost form of careful packing of items.


Insurance is a vital aspect of professional relocation. It provides a cover for your items in the event of loss or damage. Most moving companies offer a form of insurance. There is also the option to get a third-party insurance company involved.

The type of insurance you get is usually tied to the premium you are willing to pay. Three Movers provides company insurance of different types to clients upon request. There is even full-coverage insurance which gives full coverage over the items being shipped.

Full-Service Moves

There is a moving option for when people don’t want to be physically involved in moves. A full-service move is a move where a company is hired to pack, load, transport, and unpack a client’s items. This sort of service is the most convenient moving service available. It takes all the work of relocating and gives it to the mover. Three Movers provides this service in El Paso.


Sometimes items cannot fit into the destination apartment. Other times, the building isn’t ready. In other scenarios, the items arrive at the destination before the owner. In all these cases, the solution is to take the items to storage. Storage services are very vital to the moving business and that is why many companies have storage facilities in different cities.

Others that don’t have, hire storage units on behalf of their clients. Three Movers offers storage services of different types to its clients.

Same-Day moves

Same-day moves are very important because they give people a chance at moving services on the fly. Unless you contact a moving company during the height of peak moving season, you will easily get same-day moving services.

It is important to note, however, that depending on the nature of the move, you might pay high rates. Three Movers provides same-day moves at affordable rates that cannot be beaten.

Same Day Movers In El Paso and Texas

Auto Transport

Most people relocating to far places don’t know what to do with their cars. This becomes a more serious issue when there is more than one vehicle. A solution that was used before was selling the vehicle or driving it to the destination.

There is a third option that Three Movers now provides. You can request auto transportation and we will transport your vehicles in our trucks to the destination.

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Movers Neighborhoods Area

El Paso, TX Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don’t see your neighborhood listed here, don’t worry because we can most likely service it.

Emory Rd W Sunset Rd The U of Texas at El Paso
N Stanton St Copper Ridge Dr Pearl Ridge Dr
Brisa Del Mar Dr Isla Del Rey Dr N Mesa St
N Festival Dr Crown Point Dr Thunderbird Dr
Westwind Dr Country Club Rd Doniphan Dr
Mission Hills Loma Verde Dr Roberta Lynne Dr


Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From El Paso

To / From El PasoDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
El Paso, TX to Wichita, KS742$1335.6 – $1632.4$1780.8 – $2003.4$2374.4 – $2745.4
Bakersfield, CA to El Paso, TX912$1641.6 – $2006.4$2188.8 – $2462.4$2918.4 – $3374.4
El Paso, TX to Cleveland, OH1771$3187.8 – $3896.2$4250.4 – $4781.7$5667.2 – $6552.7
Aurora, CO to El Paso, TX635$1143 – $1397$1524 – $1714.5$2032 – $2349.5
El Paso, TX to Anaheim, CA786$1414.8 – $1729.2$1886.4 – $2122.2$2515.2 – $2908.2
Spokane, WA to El Paso, TX1582$2847.6 – $3480.4$3796.8 – $4271.4$5062.4 – $5853.4
El Paso, TX to Santa Ana, CA788$1418.4 – $1733.6$1891.2 – $2127.6$2521.6 – $2915.6
Riverside, CA to El Paso, TX749$1348.2 – $1647.8$1797.6 – $2022.3$2396.8 – $2771.3
El Paso, TX to Corpus Christi, TX695$1251 – $1529$1668 – $1876.5$2224 – $2571.5
Lexington, KY to El Paso, TX1502$2703.6 – $3304.4$3604.8 – $4055.4$4806.4 – $5557.4

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

Other Popular cities In Texas That We Serve:


El Paso, Texas includes ZIP codes:

79835, 79901, 79902, 79903, 79904, 79905, 79906, 79907, 79908, 79910, 79911, 79912, 79913, 79914, 79915, 79916, 79917, 79918, 79920, 79922, 79923, 79924, 79925, 79926, 79927, 79928, 79929, 79930, 79931, 79932, 79934, 79935, 79936, 79937, 79938, 79940, 79941, 79942, 79943, 79944, 79945, 79946, 79947, 79948, 79949, 79950, 79951, 79952, 79953, 79954, 79955, 79958, 79960, 79961, 79968, 79976, 79978, 79980, 79995, 79996, 79997, 79998, 79999, 88510, 88511, 88512, 88513, 88514, 88515, 88517, 88518, 88519, 88520, 88521, 88523, 88524, 88525, 88526, 88527, 88528, 88529, 88530, 88531, 88532, 88533, 88534, 88535, 88536, 88538, 88539, 88540, 88541, 88542, 88543, 88544, 88545, 88546, 88547, 88548, 88549, 88550, 88553, 88554, 88555, 88556, 88557, 88558, 88559, 88560, 88561, 88562, 88563, 88565, 88566, 88567, 88568, 88569, 88570, 88571, 88572, 88573, 88574, 88575, 88576, 88577, 88578, 88579, 88580, 88581, 88582, 88583, 88584, 88585, 88586, 88587, 88588, 88589, 88590, 88595

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Are Your Moving Estimates and Are They Considered Final?

Our virtual consultations are 90% accurate based on verified facts that we confirm with you. However, an on-site inspection is highly suggested to investigate any cost variances that may emerge.
We will come back to you right away with a personalized estimate when you fill out our estimate form on the website, detailing the locations to be transported to and from, as well as a probable deadline. Every additional cost, such as insurance policy, recent fuel charges, and extra service fees, will be included in the final bill, which will be communicated in advance.

What’s the Best Time to Move to El Paso, Texas and How Far Ahead Should I Plan My Move?

As it is renowned as the Sun City, the best time to move to El Paso, Texas is during the winter months to avoid the warmest summers from mid-May to September.
If you’re moving locally, you should start packing at least two weeks ahead of time. To reduce the stress of last-minute planning, organize your packing 4-6 weeks ahead of time for a long-distance move. Finally, if you are considering a same-day move, let us know about your needs and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Is There Anything That a Moving Crew Won’t Accept to Load?

To avoid complications on both ends, we avoid packing certain types of things in your moving truck or vehicle. These are the following:
●   Inflammable materials: gasoline, firecrackers, or matches
●   Legally restricted items: Ammunitions, chemicals, cleaning supplies, or birth certificates
●   Perishables: Food
●   Livestock and pets

Who Regulates Moving Companies in El Paso and Where Can I Verify a Movers’ License?

Keep track of the various licenses that the company you choose holds. Mandatory federal and state licenses should be required. The organization’s vehicles should also be appropriately registered.
If you’re moving interstate, your organization should obtain a unique US DOT number, which is utilized for commercial vehicle registration. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations should also be conveyed ahead of time.
Moving restrictions in El-Paso are overseen by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Your moving company should be aware of their guidelines.

What Documents Do I Need to Have on Me on the Day of the Move?

After deciding on an estimate with the company, you should be aware of a document checklist.
These are:
●   The quotation provided to you immediately after filling out the form should be retained for reference.
●   Bill of Lading or the contract
●   Order of service
●   Inventory documentation or a list of your belongings
●   A copy of the rights and responsibilities
●   Tax forms
●   The United States Postal Service Change of Address

Do I Have to Be Present During the Move or At the Destination?

We recommend that you be present on the day of packing from your beginning point so that you may oversee our team’s completion of your on-site requirements. This will ensure both parties’ credibility.
However, if you correctly convey your expectations from the start, you may easily leave everything to us on the day of arrival at the destination or even the beginning place.

I’m Not Ready to Move All My Items to the Destination yet. Who Provides Storage Services in El Paso, Texas?

We offer a variety of storage options in case that you don’t have space or aren’t ready to move everything to your new place yet. We also have storage locations all over the country.

Is El Paso a Good Place to Live?

El Paso is a great place to live. It is considered one of America’s safest cities, which attracts families who want a peaceful and secure lifestyle. Residents can also enjoy Downtown El Paso’s entertainment options at a very reasonable cost.

How Long Does Moving in El Paso Take?

El Paso movers generally take around three hours to complete each job. However, this will depend on the mover and travel routes.

How Many Movers Do I Need for My Move in El Paso, Tx?

Most people who move to New Rochelle employ 2 movers. You may need more movers depending on how many items you have to move.

How Do I Find the Best Moving Company in El Paso?

The internet can help you find the best El Paso Movers. You can read reviews and compare past customers’ experiences to determine which El Paso moving company is best for them. Refer to your friends and family for a recommendation.

How Much Should You Tip the Movers in El Paso?

If you are happy with the relocating service provided by the movers, you should generally tip 5-10% of the total moving cost to the movers.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at [email protected]

Customer Reviews

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the extremely hard working crew that handled my move. I admit I was skeptical of hiring a company to move my household stuff but I was so pleased with the services. These guys packed everything up and had it loaded and delivered in no time at all. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and my wife and I were able to take some much needed time to check out the new town without having to worry about getting things unpacked. Three Movers took care of everything and we really appreciate it!

Jeff T.

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Prices Of Movers In El Paso, Texas (TX)

The table below outlines very rough price estimates based on historical moving cost information:

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Less than 50 miles $240 – $675 $710 – $1,400 $1,100 – $4,900
250 miles $800 – $2,300 $1,400 – $3,950 $2,050 – $4,700
1000+ miles $950 – $2,900 $2,100 – $7,800 $4,900 – $8,100
2500+ miles $1,300 – $3,800 $3,400 – $7,900 $8,400+

Keep in mind that the actual cost of your individual move will vary. The best way to obtain the most accurate price for movers in El Paso, Texas (TX) is to contact a professional moving company directly for a customized quote.