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Best Shelby Movers Near Me – Premium Shelby, NC Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Shelby Movers Near Me – Premium Shelby, NC Moving Companies

Are you about to move between homes? Do you require a quick and efficient moving company to assist you? In case you are, look no further! Three Movers is the perfect moving organization for the task! We have the best cheap Shelby, NC local and long-distance movers.

At Three Movers, we are dependable, time-conscious, available, and ready to have your effects moved as fast as possible. It is safe to say that you are asking why we're the number 1 choice. Take a look at our moving bundles, and you'll know precisely why — we offer you the easiest moving experience at affordable rates! With our reasonable rates, productive assistance, and expertise, we're the perfect choice to help you move your things.

Employ our services and have the time to focus on other essential tasks you need to complete while we move your belongings. Continue reading for in-depth information on the services we offer:

We Provide Long Distance Moving Services

A moving trip that covers 50 miles or more is termed a long-distance move, whether within a state or across state lines. If you’re moving within a state, it is known as an intrastate move. An interstate move is made between two states —you will cross state lines.

At Three Movers, we move belongings interstate, locally, and intrastate. We are known by the officials —federal and local— overseeing the moving process. Because we care about our clients and their assets, we have put insurance policies in place. These arrangements cover hazard liabilities during and after moving.

We have the most reliable and dedicated movers and drivers who will deliver your possessions without manhandling them. All our services are pocket-friendly, so don’t stress about us ripping you off.

long distance movers in shelby north carolina

Our Local Movers Are The Best You Can Find

Moving locally costs a lot less than moving long-distance. We offer even more reasonable rates of $30 to $40 an hour.

Our licensed and committed local movers will give you value for your money and comply with your requests and suggestions. We’re familiar with large cities and urban areas, so we know how to move your possessions without any unwanted occurrence.

We have the finest group of local movers who are always available to assist you in mapping out the moving process. Ask our clients in your locale for reviews, and you’ll see that all our clients are satisfied.

Other Services We Provide

Our local and long-distance moving company in Shelby, NC, offers numerous services that allow you a comprehensive run of alternatives. Keep reading for a long list of our services:

best movers in shelby nc

Moves Available in Shelby, North Carolina

Shelby, North Carolina Residential Movers

When you engage a moving company to help you move your goods from one area to another, you are promised peace of mind, as opposed to having friends or relatives assist you in relocating your belongings during a change of residence.

Your belongings are maintained safe and secure at all times with the assistance of our skilled movers.

Three Movers service is dependable and will save you time if you need to be established in your new home right away, and our shipping charges are reasonable; use our moving calculator to get an idea of your shipping costs.

Shelby, North Carolina Office/Commercial Movers

Commercial migrations necessitate careful planning and preparation because business owners have a lot to do before the big day, and worrying about the success of your office relocation should not be on that list.

You should engage a commercial moving company like Three Movers for an efficient and effective moving experience so that you and your employees can sit back and relax while we handle everything from packing up the furniture to big items of equipment.

Our moving staff will do all possible to ensure that your belongings are delivered on time and without affecting your business activities.

Shelby, North Carolina Military Movers

If you are undergoing a permanent change of station (PCS), the important question is whether you want to arrange your relocation yourself or have the government handle it.

While it may appear to be a smart idea to let the government handle your move, a personally acquired move allows you to oversee your relocation while also profiting.

A personally procured move (PPM) is one in which you handle your own move but with the help of professional movers.

Three Movers is a well-equipped shipping firm that will handle your shipping needs to any base you have been assigned to, whether in North Carolina or outside the continental United States (OCONUS).

Contact us for any of your military shipping requirements or receive a quick shipping quote right now.

Shelby, North Carolina International Movers

Traveling to a new country is an exciting experience; whether you are moving abroad for a new job, school, or simply a lifestyle change, it is an event you will remember for the rest of your life.

Moving your belongings to a new nation, such as furniture, dishware, clothing, and books, among other things, necessitates careful planning.

We at Three Movers know how to get things done as quickly as possible, and with our team and partner networks distributed throughout Shelby and North Carolina, we can handle your move with ease.

To get an instant estimate of your delivery cost, use our shipping calculator.

Hourly and flat-rate movers

If you are contemplating a move to Shelby, you must first decide whether a flat rate or hourly moving company is best for your needs.

A flat-rate move is one in which you pay one moving rate regardless of the circumstances; nevertheless, hiring flat-rate movers can result in your moving costs skyrocketing; flat-rate movers are the greatest option for long-distance removals.

When moving out of a tiny apartment or within short distances, consider an hourly mover; a two-bedroom apartment may take three to four hours to move; a three-bedroom house may take seven or eight hours; an hourly move is perfect for the two-bedroom apartment.

moving services in shelby north carolina

Shelby, North Carolina Additional Moving/Shipping Services

Crating and Packing

Three Movers offers packing and crating services to clients who are too busy or prefer not to be burdened by the hassle of packing and crating.

Professional moving firms, such as Three Movers, provide a wide range of services, such as packing and crating your valuables using the appropriate materials.

We will carefully pack your expensive belongings to ensure their safety.


When moving, your possessions are at risk of damage and theft. A moving insurance policy can assist you in reimbursing for any losses incurred during the move.

Insurance is one of the many reasons you should employ a moving company to transport your belongings.

We will handle your move, and if your belongings are harmed, you will be refunded.

Full-Service Relocation

You're in luck if you don't want to do any work for your next move. You may sit back, relax, and do nothing while our skilled full-service movers manage all aspects of your relocation.

Our movers will bring all of the packing items you'll need for your relocation, such as boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and air-filled plastic padding. They will pack your goods room by room, including wrapping them for safety when necessary and marking each box accordingly.


Even if you don't believe you'll need it, it's a good idea to get a price on the cost of storage alternatives from possible movers before signing a contract.

Unforeseen situations may cause your new home's closing to be delayed, necessitating the need of short-term storage.

Three Movers offers both short-term and long-term storage services in Shelby. We are your go-to storage company, and you can rely on us to keep your items safe and secure in our facilities.

Same-day relocations

Three Movers recognizes that customers in extreme emergency moving situations demand extra attention, which is why we developed the same-day mover's service for individuals who require movers as soon as possible.

Customers that needed to leave their houses immediately phoned us for Same Day Moving services.

To meet your last-minute relocation request, our Customer Service Representatives will go above and beyond.

Consider Three Movers to be a trustworthy relocation business in any last-minute relocation circumstance, regardless of the hurdles or specific requirements.

If you require same-day movers in Shelby, please contact us.

Transportation of Automobiles

Hiring an auto transport company for your vehicle shipments makes all the difference, and your vehicle will arrive securely and on time with the help of Three Movers.

Three Movers will make relocating your automobile straightforward and enjoyable. We will deliver your automobile to its final location without delay or damage. Our auto transport crew is made up of highly qualified specialists who are constantly perfecting their abilities to ensure that the shipping of your vehicle goes as smoothly as possible.

To get an estimate right now, utilize our fast shipping calculator. Please contact us if you need to ship any of your vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles.

Moving Quotes Shelby, North Carolina

Types of Moves Offered in Shelby, North Carolina

Residential Movers in Shelby, North Carolina

You’ve found a new home and need help moving your items from your current place to your new one? Then you’ll need to employ the services of a professional residential mover. Three Movers should be your first choice for your residential relocation needs. Why? Our moving team comprises industry-leading experts who are not just great at what they do but ensures that your needs are met, and you feel comfortable throughout your time with us. We also use the best and most up-to-date moving equipment, so you can relax knowing that your items are in safe hands. We recommend using our online calculator to get a rough estimate of your moving cost or calling us for a more personalized quote.

Office/Commercial Movers in Shelby, North Carolina

Commercial moves are similar to residential ones, but a significant difference is that they are more large-scale. While residential moves can be carried out on short notice, depending on the size of the house, commercial moves require more planning. And that is something we take seriously at Three Movers. When you opt for our commercial moving service, you’ll receive a team to help you decide the best time for your move and work for hand in hand with you to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you need to move your small office or a large warehouse, Three Movers can handle your move efficiently and without delays. Count on us to deliver your items safely!

Military Movers in Shelby, North Carolina

Are you planning a permanent change of state (PCS) or maybe even a temporary move? Then you’ll need all hands on deck. Military moves can get hectic, mainly if you handle it as a do-it-yourself (DIY). Amidst the paperwork and packing, you’ll have little time left to plan and organize your move. That is where we come in. As a professional military moving company in the US, we understand how important it is for these moves to be adequately planned. Whether moving to a new base within or outside the country, you’ll need all the help you can get, especially from professionals. Give us a call to get started on your military relocation!

International Movers in Shelby, North Carolina

Moving abroad is so exciting! But it might become scary when you look at how much work you’ll have to get done. Allow Three Movers to help make your relocation to your new country less terrifying. We’ve organized and shipped items to all parts of the world for the past two decades, so you can rest knowing that you’re in safe and experienced hands. We also offer various shipping methods to ensure that you get the best shipping experience that your money can buy. Whether you’re looking to move commercial items or personal belongings, Three movers are the mover you need on your project. We can handle your moving project regardless of how large or small it might be. Have your items delivered to your doorstep worldwide when you ship with Three Movers!

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

Flat-rate moves are generally advisable for long-distance relocations. You’ll be able to save money when you opt for this move when you’re moving abroad or interstate. We generally consider the workforce it’ll take to complete your project, the weight of your items, and the shipping method you choose. On the other hand, you may opt for an hourly move if you’re moving a short distance; let’s say you’re moving to a new home in the same neighborhood or you’re moving intrastate. Regardless of your option, our prices remain competitive, and you can expect the best moving service in the country. Why not give us a try today?

Local Moving Companies Shelby, North Carolina

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Shelby, North Carolina

Packing and Crating

Packing can be a chore, especially if you’re moving a truckload of items. Hiring a professional packer can help reduce the stress that often comes with this task and give you more time to plan other aspects of your move. At Three Movers, we provide a packing service where we help you organize your items into the perfect boxes depending on the items. We also offer packing supplies giving you one less thing to worry about. So if you’re planning a move but don’t have the time or energy to pack and crate your items, you can leave them to the professionals at an affordable price.


Moving insurance is an essential part of every relocation. You'll need insurance, whether a residential, commercial, or military move. You also need insurance whether you’re moving a long or short distance. Insurance helps protect your items while in transit because things may not go according to plan. So, instead of handling the burnt of a mishap alone, you could be eligible for compensation depending on the insurance package you choose. Our representatives will gladly provide more information about moving insurance when you call our toll-free line.

Full-Service Moves

Nothing beats a laid-back, hands-free moving experience where you don’t have to lift a finger throughout your move. A team is assigned to you, along with a moving manager that will ensure your needs are met. For full-service moves, we work hand in hand with you from packing up until unpacking at your new location. It also comes with storage accessibility, so we've got you covered if you need to keep some items. So, what’s stopping you from enjoying this moving experience with Three Movers? Call us today to get started!


Three Movers offers storage services in Shelby, North Carolina. If you’ve been looking for a moving company that provides storage, you’re at the right place. We can assist you in moving your items into a safe and secure storage facility while you put some finishing touches on your new home or while you’re waiting for your new office equipment and furniture to arrive. Whether you need your short- or long-term items, we’ve covered you.

Same-Day Moves

While same-day moves sound like stuff out of a horror movie, they can be pretty successful with the right help. At Three Movers, we’ve assisted hundreds of people in managing their same-day moves with no hassles. If you’re in a similar situation and need help from a team of professionals, then Three Movers should be your first choice.

Auto Transport

Most American households own a car, so you’ll likely need to transport your vehicle when moving. While you may want to drive to your new location, sometimes it’s just easier to have your vehicle transported and save yourself the stress. At Three Movers, we understand how stressful it can get to find a separate moving and auto transport company which is why we offer auto transportation as part of our services. If you need help shipping your truck, motorcycle, or motorhome, we can help. We provide various auto transport methods to ensure you get the service you need within your budget.

shipping services in shelby north carolina


If you plan to move, you will need to find the best local and long-distance movers in Shelby. You’ll have to avoid moving companies that abuse your possessions and lose them. To avert a situation like this, contact Three Movers and move your possessions with ease!

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Shelby

To / From Shelby Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Shelby, NC to Athelstane, WI 783 miles $2114 - $2917 $3619 - $5271 $5225 - $8079
Chloride, AZ to Shelby, NC 1823 miles $3661 - $4874 $5981 - $8341 $8341 - $12375
Shelby, NC to Bates, AR 708 miles $2040 - $2760 $3520 - $5060 $5060 - $7760
Carlile, WY to Shelby, NC 1387 miles $2933 - $4007 $4944 - $6999 $6999 - $10384
Shelby, NC to Hope, AK 3399 miles $5597 - $7563 $9196 - $12845 $12845- $19010
Babbie, AL to Shelby, NC 403 miles $1654 - $2221 $2805 - $4031 $4031 - $6250

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Shelby, NC Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Boiling Springs Dellview Earl
Grover Kingstown Lattimore
Lawndale Mooresboro Patterson Springs

Shelby, North Carolina includes ZIP codes:
28086, 28150, 28152

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