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Best Lumberton Movers Near Me – Premium Lumberton, NC Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Lumberton Movers Near Me – Premium Lumberton, NC Moving Companies

Are you about to move between homes? Do you require a quick and efficient moving company to assist you? In case you are, look no further! Three Movers is the perfect moving organization for the task! We have the best cheap Lumberton, NC local and long-distance movers.

At Three Movers, we are dependable, time-conscious, available, and ready to have your effects moved as fast as possible. It is safe to say that you are asking why we're the number 1 choice. Take a look at our moving bundles, and you'll know precisely why — we offer you the easiest moving experience at affordable rates! With our reasonable rates, productive assistance, and expertise, we're the perfect choice to help you move your things.

Employ our services and have the time to focus on other essential tasks you need to complete while we move your belongings. Continue reading for in-depth information on the services we offer:

We Provide Long Distance Moving Services

A moving trip that covers 50 miles or more is termed a long-distance move, whether within a state or across state lines. If you’re moving within a state, it is known as an intrastate move. An interstate move is made between two states —you will cross state lines.

At Three Movers, we move belongings interstate, locally, and intrastate. We are known by the officials —federal and local— overseeing the moving process. Because we care about our clients and their assets, we have put insurance policies in place. These arrangements cover hazard liabilities during and after moving.

We have the most reliable and dedicated movers and drivers who will deliver your possessions without manhandling them. All our services are pocket-friendly, so don’t stress about us ripping you off.

long distance movers in lumberton north carolina

Our Local Movers Are The Best You Can Find

Moving locally costs a lot less than moving long-distance. We offer even more reasonable rates of $30 to $40 an hour.

Our licensed and committed local movers will give you value for your money and comply with your requests and suggestions. We’re familiar with large cities and urban areas, so we know how to move your possessions without any unwanted occurrence.

We have the finest group of local movers who are always available to assist you in mapping out the moving process. Ask our clients in your locale for reviews, and you’ll see that all our clients are satisfied.

Other Services We Provide

Our local and long-distance moving company in Lumberton, NC, offers numerous services that allow you a comprehensive run of alternatives. Keep reading for a long list of our services:

best movers in lumberton nc

Moving Services in Lumberton, North Carolina

Residential Move

Residential relocation is the process of moving to a new residence, regardless of whether you are moving down the street, across the country, or even across the world. We need to pack, load the truck, unload at our destination, and unpack at our new home.

Specialists are needed to accomplish this. Moving companies provide this service. You can contact us for any assistance you need. We will provide you with moving firms in your area so there are no surprises should a problem arise.

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Lumberton, North Carolina

Transport companies provide an excellent alternative to moving companies. Companies often need to move sensitive items like machinery and furniture.

A moving company is generally a good idea if you are moving.

Regardless of how big or small the move is, we are always up for the challenge. The number of remote employees has significantly increased since COVID-19 emerged.

Military Moving Services in Lumberton, North Carolina

When you receive your orders to be relocated, you will only be able to start planning for the move. The decision to move within the United States or to another nation is not one to be taken lightly. Before embarking on a voyage by land, sea, or air, it is important to plan your means of transportation.

Military personnel who conduct their own move often referred to as a procured maneuver, are part of the procured maneuvering process. There is no need for the military to offer relocation assistance to military personnel since they are able to hire their own movers instead. In the case of military personnel, relocation assistance may be due. PPMs are without a doubt the simplest, the fastest, and the most effective solution for you, for the simple, the fastest, and for the most effective reasons.

International Moving Services in Lumberton, North Carolina

It makes sense to go with a company with substantial experience in foreign transfers because foreign transfers are time-consuming and energy-consuming. Our organization has been transferring clients internationally for almost two decades.

Taxes and imports must be cleared by the client with the assistance of the moving company before proceeding with the rest of the process. It is considerably more difficult to move across international borders than it is to move within one's own country.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

If you believe the transfer will take more than an hour, then a fixed price may be the best option. In the case of a large apartment, a lot of furniture is likely to have to be moved, as well as a lot of other things from the house. An excellent option if you live in a heavily trafficked area.

If you're packing your own items, local moves provide an excellent opportunity to benefit from an hourly charge. You can also consider this if you plan on downsizing to a smaller house with fewer possessions.

Any further information you need can be obtained from your relocation counselor.

moving services in lumberton north carolina

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Lumberton, North Carolina

Packing and Crating

Clients should be cautious when handling packages. In order for the relocation to be hassle-free, everything needs to fit neatly inside, be labeled correctly, and be arranged correctly.

In order to ensure the highest level of service to our clients, we only hire highly experienced and well-trained personnel. If you hire a moving company that offers all-inclusive services, you will have fewer worries.

Your sense of luxury will be enhanced by our white-glove treatment. It may even be a good choice if you prefer an upmarket service. We'll take great care of your valuable items with our "white glove" services.


According to federal law, every customer is required to have free insurance. A basic insurance policy could cover some of your assets, but it may not cover all of them.

If you want to protect yourself, you must ensure you have the right amount of insurance. There is always the chance that something may go wrong, although Three Movers will do all they can to make the move as smooth as possible.

Full-Service Moves

We are a moving company that offers a variety of moving services including residential and commercial moves. All your moving needs can be handled by a reliable company like ours. At first glance, full-service movers may seem more expensive than local movers, but at the end of the day, you will be happy with the outcome.

In order to move your belongings, you must pack them, load them onto a moving truck, transport them, unload them and then pack them again. In addition, you will have to assemble and disassemble some of your furniture.

If you have any questions about such a move, the relocation specialists at Three Movers can help you with them.


Storage can be requested by a client. Relocation decisions are subject to the approval of the authority person concerned, and so it might not be possible for the new tenant to transport all of their belongings to their new apartment without the permission of their landlord. It is possible for homeowners to be forced to sell their goods under certain circumstances.

In order to make their lives easier and to avoid having to let go of their possessions, Three Movers provides storage services to its customers. Regardless of where you go, you're sure to find one in every state.

Same-Day Moves

Moving day is a very busy day for many people. We are committed to being there for you all the time. An unexpected event or last-minute decision may force you to relocate. We are here to help you if this happens to you.

In the event that the same-day relocation window is unavailable on the day of your choosing, we recommend you schedule your move for the following day. Migration is more common in the summer, probably because schools are out and people have more free time.

Auto Transport

Considering moving across the country with a car to start a new life can present significant risks. Therefore, you should carefully consider working with auto transport companies before moving.

During a relocation, the price of moving a car may seem overwhelming at first, but when you see the results in the end, you will be glad that you did it.

The two most important items you will need while traveling is fuel and food. You will have to spend a great deal of money on fuel in the long run so that you can drive to your new home, especially if you are traveling a long distance.

Moving Companies Near Me Lumberton, North Carolina

Types of Moves Offered in Lumberton NC

Residential Movers in Lumberton NC

Both long-distance relocations to Lumberton, North Carolina, and local moves within the city can be physically demanding. However, ease of mind is paramount when picking a moving company to help with relocation. Because of this, we suggest that you hire the most reputable local moving company possible.

If you need assistance, Three Movers is here to provide it. Since every move differs, we empathize with your predicament by providing a cost-effective and adaptable moving service. All of our moving packages include the use of a moving truck and a trained team. As a result, we work hard to make sure that you have a positive and stress-free relocation.

Office/Commercial Movers in Lumberton NC

Anxiety can quickly build up at the mere prospect of having to change your company's operations, which is why any such relocation needs to be carefully and methodically planned and carried out. Three Movers is the company you can rely on for that.

As your commercial movers, Three Movers understands that we are helping you move your company's primary source of income.

When it comes to packing, packaging, dismantling, loading, unloading, and setting up your new offices, our trained professionals will do whatever you need.

Military Move in Lumberton NC

Some of the military commanders and their families who are being transferred to Lumberton, North Carolina, are refusing to have the federal government coordinate their move. Instead, they hire professional movers to aid them in making the transition. We at Three Movers have put in the time and effort to ensure that your move is as smooth and trouble-free as possible because of customers just like you. All the way through the moving procedure, you will have a good time.

Just let us know what you need to be done, and our team of Three Movers will get to work immediately.

International Movers in Lumberton NC

It's stressful enough to uproot your life and move to a new nation without having to keep an eye on your possessions the whole time. If you require international shipping services, the skilled crew at Three Movers can take care of them, no matter where in the world you're located or whether you're relocating to or from Lumberton, NC.

We have extensive experience with international shipping, storage, and inland transportation of foreign items, as well as comprehensive container service, lift van service, complete documentation service, custom crating and packing, customs assistance, insurance coverage, and shipment. We guarantee that even the most complex international move will be simple and stress-free because of our extensive knowledge, thorough training, and unflinching professionalism.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

Everyone looks for a cheap moving rate that won't break the bank. Rates can be either hourly or flat, with the former being the more common option. For specific purposes, each rate is set. In the case of transfers estimated in hours, the hourly charge applies, while the flat rate is reserved for relocations that may take several hours. You can count on Three Movers to give you a quote that takes into account all of your needs right now. Our rates are competitive, and our staff is kind and competent. If you want to make some great memories with us, then you should definitely drop by Three Movers right now.

Long Distance Moving Companies Lumberton, North Carolina

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Lumberton NC

Packing and Crating

Weighing more heavily on the mind than actually moving can be the ordeal of packing. The packing services provided by Three Movers can handle jobs of any size, from packing up a few select items to an entire household.

Have you always preferred to pack everything by hand? It's a hassle trying to find enough boxes to store all of your stuff. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and everything else you would need to ship something are all available for purchase from us. Moreover, at Three Movers, we tailor our services to your unique needs to ensure a smooth relocation.


Packing, transporting your belongings to the moving truck, unloading it, reloading it, and finally, unpacking can be a significant obstacle during a relocation. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the items you are moving by covering them as thoroughly as possible.

For this reason, we at Three Movers strongly suggest you take advantage of our comprehensive insurance services, which will pay for the replacement cost of all your damaged or lost possessions. We treat your belongings with the same degree of concern that we do you.

Full-Service Moves

Pros in the workforce, or anyone else who doesn't have the time to pack and move alone, will appreciate these full-service movers. Let me be clear: hiring full-service movers is the surest way to have a hassle-free move.

In addition to a smooth relocation, Three Movers is prepared to meet all your needs. The full-service mode includes not only meticulous placement of your belongings in their new home but also thorough cleaning before and after.

When you hire Three Movers for your upcoming relocation, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process while we handle all the hard work.


Three Movers offers both long-term and short-term storage, private rooms, and a range of room sizes. If the dates of your closing and relocation don't line up, or if any unforeseen problems arise, all you have to do is call Three Movers. We'll take care of the logistics of storing your belongings temporarily. Three Movers offers on-site storage in a storage container and temporary storage in the moving truck. You are free to go with whichever choice strikes your fancy.

Same-Day moves

WOW, that was fast! Only Three Movers can provide you with an exclusive quick moving service, which is meant to get you in your new house the very same day. Our rapid moving system is available around the clock, every day of the week, and is ideal for apartment and home moves because it allows us to complete the job the same day. The movers at Three Movers will carefully and quickly pack and load your belongings into the truck, seal them for added security, and transport them to your new home, workplace, or other destination.

Auto Transport

To successfully manage the transport of a car across a state, country, or ocean, one must have the requisite knowledge, expertise, and planning. Furthermore, it would be best if you had the certainty that the company you pick is capable, experienced, and trustworthy to ensure the security of your vehicle throughout transport.

Long Distance Movers Near Me Lumberton, North Carolina

That's why you need to hire Three Movers for your car transportation services. No matter if you need us for personal or business reasons, we have you covered when it comes to transportation. Air, ocean, and ground shipment options that give you flexibility and timeliness are available because of our long-standing agreements with trustworthy carriers.

Cheap Lumberton, North Carolina, Local & Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Three Movers is a top-rated NC moving company known for providing exceptional service. We provide local and long-distance moving services for both residential and commercial properties.

Long journey Moving Companies in Lumberton, North Carolina

There are few things more exciting in the world than living in New York. New York is one of the most economically stable, hardworking, and commercially successful states in the United States. There are several luxury homes, businesses, and educational institutions in Central Islip, making it a fascinating city to live in. Three Movers provides long distance moving services to and from New York City, whether you are moving to the city or have had enough of it.

You should hire a reputable vendor with the necessary expertise to ensure a successful relocation to this country. Long-distance or interstate moves to or from New York City necessitate a high level of trust in your mover because you cannot constantly monitor their activity. You should thoroughly investigate the companies you are considering, in addition to checking references and ensuring that the company is properly licensed and insured.

Local Movers in Lumberton, North Carolina

When hiring a mover in Lumberton, the company must be well-versed in the city's intricacies, such as its streets and neighborhoods, parking issues, and so on. This is not a city that anyone can easily navigate. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your local move to New York, and Three Movers is confident that we can do so. We provide free estimates on local jobs based on the time it will take to complete the work, and we can provide you with moving tips. If you want us to handle the packing, we can provide it at an additional cost. If you prefer to pack yourself, we can provide you with the necessary materials and boxes.

Best Moving Service Near Me Lumberton, North Carolina

How Much Will a Move to Lumberton, North Carolina Cost?

Before moving, it is best to get estimates from several reputable moving companies in Central Islip, NY, whether you are moving locally or long distance. When hiring a mover, make sure they consider both the number of items to be moved and the logistics of the move. If your walk-up apartment has several flights of stairs, your mover may charge you an additional fee. If the mover has to wait for an elevator in a high-rise building, there may be an additional charge. Three Movers will provide you with a written estimate that includes a detailed description of all of these items.

Three Movers in Lumberton, North Carolina, Provides These Services.

  • Local movers
  • Long-distance movers
  • International movers
  • Full-service movers
  • Commercial moves
  • Residential moves
  • Moving and Storage
  • Corporate moving
  • Movers with a truck
  • Movers and packers
  • Military moving
  • Furniture moving
  • Apartment moving
  • Same day moving
shipping services in lumberton north carolina


If you plan to move, you will need to find the best local and long-distance movers in Lumberton. You’ll have to avoid moving companies that abuse your possessions and lose them. To avert a situation like this, contact Three Movers and move your possessions with ease!

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Lumberton

To / From Lumberton Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Lumberton, NC to Barnsdall, OK 971 miles $2514 - $3417 $4219 - $5971 $5971 - $9179
Boardman, OR to Lumberton, NC 2251 miles $4061 - $5474 $6781 - $9341 $9341 - $14375
Lumberton, NC to Ambridge, PA 416 miles $1640 - $2360 $2920 - $4160 $4160 - $6460
Jamestown, RI to Lumberton, NC 631 miles $1933 - $2707 $3344 - $4899 $4899 - $7584
Lumberton, NC to Black Hawk, SD 1447 miles $3197 - $4163 $5196 - $7245 $7245 - $11010
Bowling Green, SC to Lumberton, NC 130 miles $1054 - $1521 $1905 - $2831 $2831 - $4550

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Lumberton, NC Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Butters Elrod Fairmont
McDonald Orrum Pembroke
Proctorville Raynham Rennert
St. Pauls Barker Ten Mile Wisharts

Lumberton, North Carolina includes ZIP codes:
28358, 28360

Frequently Asked Questions

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving. Chris has a keen eye for detail and brings intelligence and passion to every project he’s involved with.

While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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