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Best Yonkers Movers Near Me – Premium Yonkers, NY Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Yonkers Movers Near Me – Premium Yonkers, NY Moving Companies

If you are looking for a local moving or long-distance moving company in Yonkers, New York, you will be pleased to learn that Three Movers is operating in the community. Three Movers is one of the best movers in Yonkers in the area and is available for all relocation services, including residential, office, retail, restaurant, corporate, and military-sponsored.

Long Distance Moving Company in Yonkers

The search for an ideal moving partner for your long-distance move, be it to the bustling city of New York, the sun-soaked Orlando in Florida, the scenic Westchester county, the comfortable White Plains, California or the serene landscapes of Connecticut, can be quite a task. Depending on your condition and the case at hand, necessary services like packing service, piano transportation, and in some cases, even a pool table might need to be moved. You have your work cut out in a manner that industry expectations of smooth transit shouldn't be compromised when choosing the right moving company.

Excellent customer service is vital, especially when you're juggling various tasks. You’re right in not wanting to stress about its absence. Consumer advocates recommend professionally registered companies like Yonker movers, who are associated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This accreditation signifies an insured and reliable move. Although it's specifically required for interstate operations, it's still a praiseworthy credential for in-state movers too. FMCSA provides exhaustive advice and resources on its website, aiding consumers in identifying legitimate vendors. These resources provide insights into how Yonkers, NY moving company insurance and pricing function, along with other industry standards.

Three Movers, reputed for its detailed quotes, is a great consideration for your long-distance move to or from Yonkers. They also cater to moving needs from Towanda, New Rochelle, Elmont, and numerous other bustling cities in New York and beyond. If you're planning a transition to Florida, California or Connecticut, our experienced local team will be at your service for your personalized in-person estimates.

If you are seeking reliable movers in Yonkers for your local move, consider reaching out to Three Movers for a quote. Our professional, experienced team excels at packing, unpacking, and efficient transportation in a manner that removes the stress of moving. They will gladly visit your home or business to understand the scope of work. This step is fundamental to generate an accurate cost estimate. Here, you get an excellent opportunity to finalize a Yonkers, NY movers’ service you're comfortable with. Additionally, feel free to request references from our past clientele in the Yonkers area to grasp a better understanding of our service quality.

Move costs are challenging to estimate until you receive a commitment from a reliable company like Three Movers. They provide detailed quotes based on your unique moving needs, whether it's shifting a grand piano or a beloved pool table. You may retrieve estimates from various Yonkers, NY, professionals and figure out a match that suits your case. Remember to inquire if the estimates are binding or non-binding—it underlines the difference between a fixed price and a fluctuating quote. Costs depend on the volume to be moved and the services availed. Don’t neglect discussing the cost of moving insurance too.

Local Yonker Movers

If you are looking for movers in Yonkers for your local Yonkers, New York, move, call Three Movers for an estimate. Our professional, experienced representative will be glad to come to your home or business and conduct an in-person survey of the scope of the work you need to be completed. This survey is an essential step toward getting an accurate estimate of the cost. Your residential move can be a smoother experience with Three Movers. Our team of movers in Yonkers will proficiently transport your belongings anywhere in the country. Whether it's a precious piano or a cherished pool table, whether you're moving to or from Yonker City, New York, Orlando, California or even Connecticut, our team is skilled at handling all kinds of packings, transportation, and unpackings in a manner that ensures a stress-free transition. Trust us as your reliable mover, available to assist coast to coast. Our services offer one of the most affordable pricing models in the market.

Office relocation requires transportation of every piece of equipment integral to your business, from computer hardware to phone lines, paperwork, pool tables, and even specialized apparatuses. The team at Three Movers understands your diverse needs and is prepared to accommodate them all.Yonkers, NY based Three Movers, under the capable leadership of Elizabeth, the star manager, is proficient in handling the entire operation, ensuring a seamless transition to your new location. With our efficiency-driven crews, we can cover a broad range of locations. The sheer volume or loss of materials can make relocating by yourself a daunting task. Here is where Three Movers, with our efficient crews of experienced guys, can step in with our top-notch services guaranteeing your satisfaction. We guarantee the safety of your belongings, including valuable property, with our specialized moving boxes, a perk that homeowners in Stamford and other areas appreciate.

Relocation is a hallmark in our service to our troops. Over the years, Three Moverstars, named for our shining reputation, have had the privilege of assisting our troops and their families transition to their new homes, manifesting our gratitude in service. Our specialized crews, instilled with confidence, have helped homeowners start new chapters with minimal stress. From packing, transportation to safe unpacking at their new location, we are there every step of the way, committed to an orderly and organized move.

How much does it cost to move to Yonkers, New York?

Move costs are hard to predict until you get an estimate from a professional mover like Three Movers. You may want to get estimates from several movers in Yonkers, NY, and compare them. Remember to ask the professional movers if the estimates are binding or nonbinding—it’s the difference between a firm price and a quote that can change. Move costs depend on how much you need to move and what services you want, like packing and storage. Don't forget to ask about the cost of moving insurance, too.

A swirl of paperwork and varying responsibilities can easily overwhelm you when you're planning an international move. As opposed to other moving companies whose guys may leave you high and dry, moving specialists from Three Movers are there to help understand your paperwork. This is one of the many things that give our people satisfaction in knowing they've provided efficient and reliable help to homeowners. We take care of packing your belongings in our specialized moving boxes, ensuring a smooth international moving experience from our Stamford base to anywhere in the world.

With locations spread across the country, including Stamford and other areas, we understand the diverse needs of our clients. Each one of our people and crews is highly trained, providing a range of services with unbeatable efficiency. Our businesses in Yonkers, NY, and beyond, are all driven by the same commitment to providing quality service to homeowners and adults alike.

Make no mistake, these aren't just empty promises. Instead, they're a solemn contract of trust we reliably deliver to homeowners and businesses alike. We pride ourselves on the transparency embedded within our company culture, including open communication channels, inviting you to ask anything, anytime, to promote understanding and trust. Just like Elizabeth, we aim for the stars in our pursuit of total client satisfaction.Our crews, all across the United States, work tirelessly to ensure all your moving needs, all the 'things' you require from packing to transportation, are catered for under one affordable rate. Ensuring clear communication from our end helps maintain this transparency, enhancing our efficiency. We strive for a response from homeowners with the same commitment in cities like Jersey City, even in these challenging COVID times.

In Yonkers, New York, Three Movers offers these moving services:

Long Distance Movers In Yonkers and New York

Types of Moves offered in Yonker City, New York

Residential move information

Your residential move can get easy with Three Movers. Our Yonkers movers can help you transport your belongings anywhere in the country. Our residential moving service can go both short- and long-distance. We can move you to your new home in Yonker City, New York, as fast as we could. Our team of moving experts can help you in packing, transport, and unload your belongings to your new home. Get a mover who can help you move anywhere in the country. Our service is the most affordable and fairest in the market.

Commercial and Office Movers in Yonker City, New York

You need to relocate every piece of equipment that runs your business when you move your office. You have to carry your computer hardware, phone line, papers, and other special equipment on your moving day. There are tons of items that you need to carry, and you cannot move them all by yourself. Three Movers can help you move with our top-notch moving service. We can protect your belongings with our specialized moving boxes. Our team of movers in Yonkers can help you get to your new office in Yonkers City, New York, quickly.

Military Movers in Yonker City, New York

Relocation is part of the service of our troops. Three Movers has helped our troops and their families move to their new homes for years. Our Yonker movers can help in packing, transporting, and unloading items to new sites for our troops. We are there every step of the way. We can plan your move to make it more organized and orderly. You do not want a messy moving day, so plan it with our moving experts who give the best tips. Do your document , equipments and furniture moves with Three Movers. You are in safe hands in our service.

Military Movers In Yonkers and New York

International movers in Yonker City, New York

You can be overwhelmed and stressed by loads of paperwork and other responsibilities that you will face when you want to move internationally. Moving specialists from Three Movers can help you understand your paperwork, while other moving companies might not help you at all. We can pack your stuff in our specialized moving boxes. We can protect your belongings with our free padding. Transporting your belongings to the port is an easy job for our movers. We practice transparency as well by encouraging you to ask questions. Get all this service from our movers in Yonkers.

Flat Rate and Hourly Movers in Yonkers NY

Flat rate and hourly moving services are not supposed to be costly, but other moving companies insert hidden charges to their substandard service. They can also add services that you might not even need just because they want to get you at your best. Three Movers offers the most transparent service in the market. We practice transparency by encouraging you to ask questions, and we will let you see a complete rundown of all the services that we have rendered to you. Our Flat Rate and Hourly Moving service in Yonker City, New York, have the best services for your move at the fairest and most affordable rates.

Best Movers In Yonkers, NY

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Yonker City, New York

Packing and Crating

The packing and Crating service from Three Men And A Truk saves you from the hassle of leaving your items behind in your old home. Get your relocation moving with our service. Our movers in Yonkers, NY, can help you pack your belongings with free padding and our specialized moving boxes. You may ask for assistance with your heavy items, and our professional movers will ask you if you need crates. You can transport your belongings with our service. You may ask for a “white glove” service if you want to protect your items with the most delicate care we have.


Three Movers’ Insurance help service can give you the security you deserve. We want to protect you even in times of accidents because we do not want you to get stressed out on your moving day. Our team of moving specialists can help you compute the estimated cost and prices of your belongings to be covered by insurance. Get the best service even in times of emergencies. Our movers in Yonkers are there to protect you. Relieve some stress with the protection that you deserve.

Full-service moves

It can be stressful to hire multiple moving companies for just one moving job. They might not cooperate with you and other moving companies. You do not want to face that kind of stress. Three Movers has all the services that fit all your needs on your moving day. Our moving services can extend from packing your belongings with our specialized moving boxes to moving your items quickly to your new home in Yonker City, New York. These services are just a few among our many other services. We also offer insurance help to our customers. Get the best service in town with our movers.


Your new space should not be overcrowded. You might get stressed with moving them constantly or thinking about how you can arrange your belongings. You can avoid stress with Three Movers Storage services. You need to get the most protected and accessible storage facility in Yonker City, New York, and our movers can get you the best spot. You can get in touch with our Yonkers movers and tell them where you want your storage facility to be located. You may also call us when you want to get all your items from the storage facility to your new home. We are here to help you.

Same-day movers

You need to have the best emergency moving service in Yonker City, New York, with our movers. Our quality service assures you that all the penny that you spent is worth it. Our movers in Yonkers, NY, can make your move perfect with all the tasks that you need to finish within the day. Our Same-day moving service is the best in town. We can pack, transport, and unload your belongings in no time. Get high-quality service from the best moving company in Yonkers, New York.

Same Day Movers In Yonkers and New York

Auto Transport

Driving can be stressful, and it can overwhelm you especially when you are moving to a new place. You do not want to get stressed over driving your car to Yonker City, New York. Ship your car with Three Movers’ Auto Transport. We will board your car to our big truck, and transport your car to your new home be it across the state or the country. Avoid getting stressed on your moving day by removing one responsibility from your list. Hire our movers in Yonkers to do the job for you.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Yonkers

To / From YonkersDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Yonkers, NY to Daly City, CA2921$5257.8 - $6426.2$7010.4 - $7886.7$9347.2 - $10807.7
Boulder, CO to Yonkers, NY1803$3245.4 - $3966.6$4327.2 - $4868.1$5769.6 - $6671.1
Yonkers, NY to Allen, TX1556$2800.8 - $3423.2$3734.4 - $4201.2$4979.2 - $5757.2
West Covina, CA to Yonkers, NY2783$5009.4 - $6122.6$6679.2 - $7514.1$8905.6 - $10297.1
Yonkers, NY to Sparks, MD217$390.6 - $477.4$520.8 - $585.9$694.4 - $802.9
Wichita Falls, TX to Yonkers, NY1623$2921.4 - $3570.6$3895.2 - $4382.1$5193.6 - $6005.1
Yonkers, NY to Green Bay, WI1007$1812.6 - $2215.4$2416.8 - $2718.9$3222.4 - $3725.9
San Mateo, CA to Yonkers, NY2933$5279.4 - $6452.6$7039.2 - $7919.1$9385.6 - $10852.1
Yonkers, NY to Norwalk, CT39$70.2 - $85.8$93.6 - $105.3$124.8 - $144.3
Rialto, CA to Yonkers, NY2759$4966.2 - $6069.8$6621.6 - $7449.3$8828.8 - $10208.3

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom-tailored to you.

Movers Neighborhoods Area

Yonkers, NY Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local movers are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Beech HillColonial HeightsCrestwood
Crestwood GardensRumsey RdPark Hill Ave
DunwoodiePark HillScarsdale Rd
Maria LnKimball AveVredenburgh Ave
Bronxville HeightsDunwoodie Heights

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 95% of Yonkers residents who move choose professional movers for their relocation.
  • Yonkers has more than 40 licensed and insured moving companies serving the area.
  • The average cost of hiring movers in Yonkers is approximately $500 for a local move.
  • More than 80% of customers rate Yonkers movers as highly reliable and efficient.
  • Around 70% of people who hire Yonkers movers are satisfied with their overall moving experience.

General Facts

  • Yonkers movers offer professional moving services to residents and businesses in the area.
  • They specialize in packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of belongings during the moving process.
  • Yonkers movers have experienced and trained staff to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation experience.
  • They provide various types of moving services, including local moves within Yonkers and long-distance moves to other locations.
  • Yonkers movers often offer additional services like storage options, packing supplies, and furniture assembly/disassembly.


Yonkers, New York includes ZIP codes:

10701, 10702, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10706, 10707, 10708, 10709, 10710

Will The Estimate Given to Me During the Consultation Call Be the Final Cost Billed to Me? Moving companies that have been in the field for years can give you accurate estimates based on all the information you provide on the initial consultation call. It might not be binding since, without a physical inspection, there will be inaccuracies in the information given. Things like more items than agreed on and the size of the house to be cleared will result in different estimates. These may result in extra charges. What Are Some Things I Should Look Out For In A Moving Contract?

The moving contract is an important document. You have to make sure that it states every request and service you will pay for, as well as, what the company is and isn’t liable for. If the contract doesn’t sit well with you, don’t hesitate to talk it over with the company.

I Want a Weekend Move. Is That Possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, this depends on the availability of the moving company. If you happened to call a few days before your planned move, you’d discover that we may be fully booked and unable to take in new customers. In this case, you might have to wait for the next availability.

That is why we recommend that customers contact us two to six weeks in advance to have ample time in planning and prepare for your move.

Is It Possible To Change My Services On Moving Day?

It is possible to do that. Of course, we want you to be satisfied with our services. However, this depends on the agreement between you and the company. If the changes you wish to happen won’t affect the moving process heavily, we can usually make that work.

I Have A Damaged Item After The Move. What Should Be Done?

This is why it is important to get insurance. In cases of accidents, you will be protected from damages and the like. As a fully licensed company, Three Movers offers free basic coverage to its customers, but this doesn’t fully cover your items. If you want full coverage, we have complete protection as an additional paid service.

What Should I Expect On Moving Day?

On the day of your move, the moving crew and the moving manager will arrive at the scheduled time. You can then instruct the crew on which items to leave, which ones to handle with special care, and all of your specifics. The moving manager will be there to help you smooth out the details and have you fill up the necessary paperwork. After everything is done, you can just sit back and wait for your new life to start!

The Move Is Delayed. What Happens Now?

If your move was delayed due to the fact that the moving truck was stopped due to a traffic violation, a roadblock, or some other accident, the customer has nothing to worry about. If it was because the customer was unable to procure the needed permits or any other reason that the customer was responsible for, the company may charge extra.

What Should I Do Once I Arrive In My New Home?

If you availed of a complete moving service, the moving crew will unload and unpack all of your items. After that, they will dispose of the boxes and packing materials. Before paying your bill, make sure that everything is correct.

How Do I File A Complaint In Yonkers, New York?

For complaints within the state of New York, you can contact the New York State Department of Transportation at 1(518) 457-6512. For interstate moves, this will be under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving. Chris has a keen eye for detail and brings intelligence and passion to every project he’s involved with.

While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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