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Moving From California to Minnesota

Published on 2022-04-07

California to Minnesota

Many people are moving from California to Minnesota because of a new job, a change of surroundings, or a need for a larger space in the Twin cities, among other valid reasons. If you prefer the weekend getaway and professional sports teams, California is the place for you with it’s charming small towns and cold winters. Your relocation success depends mainly on your level of preparation and how much information you have at your disposal. Continue reading for details on relocating from California to Minnesota in the best way.

Average Cost of Moving From California to Minnesota

If you are moving to Minnesota from California, you must be wondering what the total cost for the move will be. Well, several reasons contribute considerably to the cost of interstate relocations. The most important reasons are the distance between California to Minnesota and the type of house you’re moving to. The financial commitment involved in long-distance relocations usually discourages most people, forcing them to push their relocation plans forward too often.

Other factors may include:

  • The weight and volume of moving things.
  • The number of movers you need for the packing services.
  • Other extra services are not included in the standard package.

On average, you should expect a fee of about $1890 – $4790 to move from California to Minnesota from professional movers. Three Movers offers the most affordable rates among moving companies.

California to Minnesota Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Los Angeles, CA to Minneapolis, MN 1522 miles $4,291 – $5,443 $6,469 – $8,645 $8,645 – $12,649
San Diego, CA to Saint Paul, MN 1527 miles $4,296 – $5,451 $6,478 – $8,658 $8,658 – $12,669
San Jose, CA to Rochester, MN 1603 miles $4,406 – $5,593 $6,649 – $8,889 $8,889 – $13,012
San Francisco, CA to Bloomington, MN 1580 miles $4,290 – $5,443 $6,468 – $8,643 $8,643 – $12,646
Fresno, CA to Duluth, MN 1571 miles $4,254 – $5,394 $6,407 – $8,558 $8,558 – $12,512
Sacramento, CA to Brooklyn Park, MN 1507 miles $4,270 – $5,415 $6,434 – $8,596 $8,596 – $12,572
Long Beach, CA to Plymouth, MN 1517 miles $4,292 – $5,444 $6,470 – $8,647 $8,647 – $12,651
Oakland, CA to Woodbury, MN 1589 miles $4,290 – $5,443 $6,468 – $8,643 $8,643 – $12,646
Bakersfield, CA to Maple Grove, MN 1496 miles $4,165 – $5,279 $6,270 – $8,375 $8,375 – $12,245
Anaheim, CA to Blaine, MN 1524 miles $4,292 – $5,444 $6,470 – $8,647 $8,647 – $12,651


Best Way to Move From California to Minnesota

The complications and challenges of long-distance relocations are enormous, making it essential for people to recruit the best hands to help them. Hiring a moving company is the only option that guarantees the least complications and risks during cross-country relocations. The best moving company you can employ from California to Minnesota is the Three Movers moving company. We are the finest California to Minnesota movers.
At Three Movers, we have qualified movers who have the experience and expertise to plan and execute a cross-country relocation. We also have sturdy and spacious vehicles to hold all your things at once without damaging them. Our drivers also ensure that they choose the best and shortest possible route to get you settled in your new Minnesota home as soon as possible. We provide moving services in all major cities of Minnesota and California. If you want to move to Minneapolis from California, you can directly choose California to Minneapolis movers.

movers ca to mn


Cheapest Way to Move from California to Minnesota

There are several moving options for people moving from California to Minnesota. But most of these options are expensive. If you want a cheap way to move to Minnesota from California, try any of the following:

Search for Moving Discounts

Moving companies offer amazing discounts, especially during anniversaries, holidays, and other special events. Veterans, active military officers, and AAA members also have access to special discounts for members only. If your relocation plans from California to Minnesota are not urgent, you can take your time to check the moving company with the best discounts and deals.

Downsize Before Moving

The weight and size of your properties influence your moving exact cost significantly. Hence, it would be best to reduce the things you’re packing from your California residence to your new Minnesota home. You can trash irrelevant items when downsizing. You can donate to charity or sell other valuable items that you no longer need. Selling some of your things is also an excellent way to cover some of your relocation expenses.

Hire Cheap Movers

While most moving companies are expensive, there are several cheap ones too. However, you may not have access to certain services without paying more. You might need to pay for insurance, loading, and reassembly separately from the standard fees. It would help keep a close eye on the movers to prevent them from mishandling your things.

Other Services for Moving From California to Minnesota

Do you need other moving services apart from cross-country moves? Three Movers performs Minnesota moving, California Moving, and also for other states. Three Movers is here to help you. Below is a list of our professional moving services:

cheap california to minnesota moving company

Moving and Storage

If you’re not sure that your new place in the North Star state can hold all your belongings or you need somewhere to keep some of your things while relocating, Three Movers has the storage service you need. Our storage facilities in California and Minnesota have the highest possible moving industry standard. The facilities are safe, convenient, accessible, and pretty affordable.

Who Regulates Long-Distance Moving Companies from California to Minnesota?

Activities of long-distance moving companies in California are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (or FMCSA). So, before anyone can start a long-distance moving company in California, such an individual must satisfy all the conditions laid down by the FMCSA and obtain a USDOT license.

Moves from Minnesota to California

We also offer moves from Minnesota to California. The actual distance start point is Minnesota, which is considered one of the most educated cities in the world and the endpoint is California. We cover many major and minor locations in between these estimate distance places. Our movers in these popular cities of Minneapolis, Rochester, Saint Paul, and Bloomington cities will help you to move on these routes. The cost and rates are similar to the rates for moving from California to Minnesota.

Moves From California To Minnesota: Our Top Routes

We move on multiple routes that involve California as a starting point and Minnesota as the endpoint. Our movers in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other Californian cities will help you move on these routes. We also provide moving services in Palo Alto, Pasadena, and other satellite cities in CA. Some of these routes are.

California To Minneapolis

Los Angeles to Minneapolis

Anaheim to Minneapolis

Fresno to Minneapolis

Stockton to Minneapolis

Irvine to Minneapolis

Bakersfield to Minneapolis

Fremont to Minneapolis

Oakland to Minneapolis

Richmond to Minneapolis

Sunnyvale to Minneapolis

Modesto to Minneapolis

Oxnard to Minneapolis

Sacramento to Minneapolis

Santa Clara to Minneapolis

Huntington Beach to Minneapolis

Santa Ana to Minneapolis

San Francisco to Minneapolis

San Jose to Minneapolis

San Diego to Minneapolis

Thousand Oaks to Minneapolis

Chula Vista to Minneapolis

San Marcos to Minneapolis

Santa Clarita to Minneapolis

Long Beach to Minneapolis

California To Saint Paul

Los Angeles to Saint Paul

Anaheim to Saint Paul

Fresno to Saint Paul

Stockton to Saint Paul

Irvine to Saint Paul

Bakersfield to Saint Paul

Fremont to Saint Paul

Oakland to Saint Paul

Richmond to Saint Paul

Sunnyvale to Saint Paul

Modesto to Saint Paul

Oxnard to Saint Paul

Sacramento to Saint Paul

Santa Clara to Saint Paul

Huntington Beach to Saint Paul

Santa Ana to Saint Paul

San Francisco to Saint Paul

San Jose to Saint Paul

San Diego to Saint Paul

Thousand Oaks to Saint Paul

Chula Vista to Saint Paul

San Marcos to Saint Paul

Santa Clarita to Saint Paul

Long Beach to Saint Paul

California To Bloomington

Los Angeles to Bloomington

Anaheim to Bloomington

Fresno to Bloomington

Stockton to Bloomington

Irvine to Bloomington

Bakersfield to Bloomington

Fremont to Bloomington

Oakland to Bloomington

Richmond to Bloomington

Sunnyvale to Bloomington

Modesto to Bloomington

Oxnard to Bloomington

Sacramento to Bloomington

Santa Clara to Bloomington

Huntington Beach to Bloomington

Santa Ana to Bloomington

San Francisco to Bloomington

San Jose to Bloomington

San Diego to Bloomington

Thousand Oaks to Bloomington

Chula Vista to Bloomington

San Marcos to Bloomington

Santa Clarita to Bloomington

Long Beach to Bloomington

California To Austin

Los Angeles to Rochester

Anaheim to Rochester

Fresno to Rochester

Stockton to Rochester

Irvine to Rochester

Bakersfield to Rochester

Fremont to Rochester

Oakland to Rochester

Richmond to Rochester

Sunnyvale to Rochester

Modesto to Rochester

Oxnard to Rochester

Sacramento to Rochester

Santa Clara to Rochester

Huntington Beach to Rochester

Santa Ana to Rochester

San Francisco to Rochester

San Jose to Rochester

San Diego to Rochester

Thousand Oaks to Rochester

Chula Vista to Rochester

San Marcos to Rochester

Santa Clarita to Rochester

Long Beach to Rochester

California To Mankato

Los Angeles to Mankato

Anaheim to Mankato

Fresno to Mankato

Stockton to Mankato

Irvine to Mankato

Bakersfield to Mankato

Fremont to Mankato

Oakland to Mankato

Richmond to Mankato

Sunnyvale to Mankato

Modesto to Mankato

Oxnard to Mankato

Sacramento to Mankato

Santa Clara to Mankato

Huntington Beach to Mankato

Santa Ana to Mankato

San Francisco to Mankato

San Jose to Mankato

San Diego to Mankato

Thousand Oaks to Mankato

Chula Vista to Mankato

San Marcos to Mankato

Santa Clarita to Mankato

Long Beach to Mankato

California To Woodbury

Los Angeles to Woodbury

Anaheim to Woodbury

Fresno to Woodbury

Stockton to Woodbury

Irvine to Woodbury

Bakersfield to Woodbury

Fremont to Woodbury

Oakland to Woodbury

Richmond to Woodbury

Sunnyvale to Woodbury

Modesto to Woodbury

Oxnard to Woodbury

Sacramento to Woodbury

Santa Clara to Woodbury

Huntington Beach to Woodbury

Santa Ana to Woodbury

San Francisco to Woodbury

San Jose to Woodbury

San Diego to Woodbury

Thousand Oaks to Woodbury

Chula Vista to Woodbury

San Marcos to Woodbury

Santa Clarita to Woodbury

Long Beach to Woodbury

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Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great help with our move. We have so much stuff and I was really worried about being able to take the time off work to pack and get everything moved and unpacked. Three Movers saved the day! Your men showed up and had our house and garage packed fast and even put everything in the precise room at the new house. You saved me a great deal of time and saved my family a lot of money! Thanks so much!

Annette P.

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