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Affordable Furniture Movers Near Me

Published by Chris Townsend

Affordable Furniture Movers Near Me

Whether you’re moving locally or across the country and need to hire furniture movers, or you’ve been searching for “furniture movers near me” or “best furniture movers” who can help you move some furniture that you’ve recently purchased, Three Movers Is Here To Help.

Our professional furniture movers experts in the moving and delivery of furniture, dresser, sofa, pool table, etc., from or to your home locally or nationwide. If you need to move a pool table, know the cost to move a pool table. Get in touch now to get the job done from our team or learn more about our furniture moving services below.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Furniture Moving Companies

Not convinced that it’s a good idea to hire someone to move furniture? Choosing professionals to get the job done in the furniture moving industry like Three Movers has numerous benefits and some of them are:

Simplify the process of shipping furniture

Whether you’re moving to a new home or you have to move furniture you bought and need to pick it up from the seller it can be hard to do this on your own. You may need to rent a truck and bring along a few friends or family members, and this can be hard to arrange on short notice. But with professional furniture movers from Three Movers, we’ll handle the entire process for you – making things much simpler and giving you peace of mind.

Avoid difficulties moving heavy & bulky furniture

Moving heavy & bulky furniture like a heavy couch or bed can be extremely difficult and requires a lot of physical strength, as well as knowing how to maneuver the furniture to fit through doors, narrow stairwells, and other obstacles. Long-distance and local furniture movers near you have lots of experience with this – so they can make sure the job goes off without a hitch.

Get help from a furniture mover near you for furniture disassembly & reassembly

Often, it’s best to disassemble some pieces of furniture while moving them, then reassemble them at your new home. A very heavy dresser, for example, can be partially disassembled to remove the drawers and other parts, which can be shipped separately. A furniture mover near you from Three Movers can help with this process, as well as with reassembling furniture in your new home.

Ensure your furniture is properly protected

Three Movers as your furniture movers will have all of the equipment required to keep your stuff protected throughout your moves, such as furniture blankets, tie-downs, furniture pads, and straps. This keeps your valuable furniture safe and ensures it’s moved without any damage.

Get Moving Help From Professional Furniture Movers Near You

A couch is the most common piece of furniture that we move. Most people will move a couch on their own. They do not want to pay for something that they can do on their own. But, this may not always be a good idea. Damages to a couch when moving them is a very common occurrence. You need professional couch-moving help especially when you have to move a huge couch or a large number of couches.

We have a team of professionals who have years and years of experience to move furniture. We have zero complaints related to any damages to the couch. If you want to move a single couch, we’ll do it for almost free. So, cost shouldn’t be an issue when hiring our couch movers.

How Much Is the Average Cost Of Furniture Removals Companies

Moving your furniture professionally can set you back between $180 and $610. The price of local furniture movers depends on variables such as the volume and type of items being moved, the total distance travelled, the number of stories the home is on, the quality of the packing materials used, the number of workers needed, the amount of physical labour involved, any additional services, and the level of demand in the area. Such costs are specific to both short- and long-distance relocations.

Do some planning and investigating to identify a local furniture moving company. Once you've located several professional furniture movers, you should evaluate them, get some bids, and then choose some local movers you can trust to get the job done cheaply, efficiently, and safely.

Furniture Removals Cost Estimates

Shipping To/From



Transit Days

Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles$1,620 -$3,100374 miles2-4 days
Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA$1,620 -$3,100374 miles2-4 days
Chicago, IL to Memphis, TN$1,745-$3,155531 miles2-4 days
San Diego, CA to Dallas, TX$2,200-$3,5501,361 miles4-6 days
Denver, CO to Atlanta, GA$2,200-$3,5501,490 miles4-6 days
Boston, MA to Miami, FL$2,200-$3,5501,490 miles4-6 days
Houston, TX to New York, NY$2,200-$3,5501,629 miles5-7 days
Chicago, IL to Phoenix, AZ$2,434-$4,4001,753 miles6-8 days
Las Vegas, NV to Detroit, MI$2,434-$4,4002,014 miles6-8 days
Miami, FL to Denver, CO$2,434-$4,4002,064 miles6-8 days
Houston, TX to Portland, OR$2,980-$5,0002,276 miles6-8 days
Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA$3,500-$5,4542,636 miles7-9 days
Boston, MA to Phoenix, AZ$3,500-$5,4542,635 miles7-9 days
Portland, OR to Charlotte, NC$3,500-$5,4542,794 miles7-9 days
San Jose, CA to Miami, FL$3,893-$5,6703,073 miles7-9 days

How We Move Furniture According To Its Type

Move different types of furniture - Hire a professional moving business

At Three Movers, we understand the hassle of moving furniture around your home. That's why we make it as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers with several services, such as:

1. Living room furniture

The living room is where you relax and spend most of your free time. Therefore, need to be careful while moving furniture. Here are some ways to wrap furniture for moving. Three Movers offers furniture moving services for all types of living room furniture, including:


These are usually larger than other pieces. Couches cannot fit through narrow doorways, and they require two people to lift them upstairs. We also take special care when moving couches because their legs tend to scratch against hardwood floors if not adequately covered with cloths or padding.


These furniture pieces usually take up a little less space in your living room, and they can fit through narrow doorways. However, they do not require two people to lift them upstairs; one person can carry them without difficulty.

End tables

We know how essential end tables are when you need somewhere to put down your coffee cup or an extra table lamp. That's why we make sure that the legs of these small tables have cloths or padding. We do this so that there isn't any damage done when moving the piece into its new home.

Love seats

Love seats typically come with matching couches and armchairs because most homes already have this set-up layout before purchasing love seat sets. The same rules apply for sofas here as well.

Coffee tables

Our movers know how vital coffee table sets are to our customers, and we understand that many people use these as a replacement for an end table or nightstand in their living rooms. That's why we make sure that the legs of all furniture pieces like this have padding on them too, so there is no damage done when moving it into its new home with you!

Dining room furniture

When your dining room set comes with matching chairs, those need to be moved as well. Three Movers knows how important it is to correctly move the table and each chair without damage during transit. We will wrap up each piece individually before going ahead and wrapping the entire unit together to make sure it is safe and secure. Three Movers makes sure that every piece of furniture moving is done right, so you don't need to worry about anything!

Entertainment centers (TVs) and fireplaces

Three Movers can provide expert services in moving TVs, entertainment centers (TVs), fireplaces, etc. We have the expertise to properly move televisions or other large pieces of furniture without causing damage to it or your home. Our team will cover up these items with blankets before moving them to be safe from any damages while being transported.


When it comes to bookshelf moving, we carefully wrap the individual shelves to protect them from damage. Three Movers can handle all your bookshelf moving needs, whether you have one or multiple units to move!

Wooden walls are carpet movers California - Contact customer service on phone or instagram

Manual home lifter

2. Bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is your personal space, so moving it can be a bit emotional. But we are the pros in moving bedrooms and other furniture to your new home.

Moving bedroom furniture uses the same principles as moving living room furniture, but there's more we need to consider when moving this type of furniture:

  • The weight of each piece
  • Size (length x width x height)
  • Handling sensitive items like mirrors or chandeliers

At Three Movers, we cover the moving of the following types of bedroom furniture


We move beds by first removing the headboard and footboard, then moving each side of the bed (one at a time) out of its current position. The movers will put one end on their shoulder while another mover steadies it from underneath to keep it balanced. When moving beds across thresholds or up/downstairs, we can also use furniture sliders for added safety.


We disassemble any moveable parts such as hanging rods, shelves, etc., to move them quickly without much hassle. You might want to remove all clothing from your closets during the moving day to lighten them up weight-wise because even clothes add pounds! If there's no room available in our truck for your closet items, we can also use moving dollies to bring the items down from your apartment or house.


To move nightstands, we can take them apart and reassemble them at the new destination. We can also move nightstands with drawers intact if there's no need to disassemble. And lastly, we can use furniture sliders for added safety when moving across thresholds or up/downstairs.


Our furniture movers are not only packing experts, but they know how to wrap dresser drawers in protective pads so that your clothes won’t fall off during transportation. This means less time unpacking! If you have many heavy items inside each drawer, our guys will put additional support materials between layers of clothing, so it doesn't tip over easily.

Chest and armoires

Not all dollies are equal because different types of furniture require different types of moving equipment. We can move large furniture like chests and armoires with either a platform dolly or four-wheeler because they are heavier than other pieces, which can easily tip over if not loaded correctly.


Three Movers knows how to get your mirrors ready for moving. We ensure each mirror is adequately covered with protective pads not to be damaged during the move, which means less time unpacking!


Futons require a different type of moving equipment because they have a metal frame that can easily bend and break if not carried correctly. We use special slat-style dollies to move these pieces, ensuring safety for your furniture during the process.

3. Kitchen furniture

Kitchens are where we stay and cook, making them a reflection of who we are. That's why you need experts who are skilled and experienced with kitchen moving.

Advertising moving insurance list Animated bad orange

Furniture assembly service

Kitchen cabinets

These pieces are the most difficult to move because of their size and weight. Three Movers uses specially designed dollies equipped with padding on each leg to ensure your cabinet doesn't get scratched or dented during its journey from one home to another. Our team will also take apart any connecting parts on your kitchen cabinets before moving them, so they arrive safely without hassle.

Kitchen islands

A new addition to many homes today is an island, which provides extra counter space and storage options. Three Movers can help you move your kitchen island from one place to another with ease. Our team will disassemble the pieces and reassemble them when they arrive at their new destination, all while making sure that nothing gets damaged or scratched during transit.


Three Movers knows how important it is for appliances like ovens and stoves to remain in pristine condition no matter where they're moved. That's why we use special tools designed specifically for these large appliances so you can continue using them without having to worry about any damage occurring during moving day. We also won't leave until every piece of equipment has been hooked back up correctly according to manufacturer specifications, meaning you won't have an issue firing up your stove once it's in its new home.


We can move your refrigerator with ease using our special tools to ensure it won't get dinged or damaged in the process. We also hook appliances back up according to the manufacturer's specifications, so you don't have any issues once they've been placed correctly in their new home.

Kitchen carts

We handle them by wrapping them in moving blankets to keep any parts from scratching against each other. We also ensure they are tied down properly before transporting, ensuring there won't be any damage when you're ready to use them.


This little machine is essential for keeping your kitchen clean and tidy during the move, but don't worry about us damaging this precious appliance either because we take special care by wrapping it up first using our protective materials. Then we'll place a dolly under the front of the dishwasher so that no one has to strain their back or risk injury while carrying it.

Baker racks

We understand how easy it can be to damage delicate items like baker racks during transit. Even if movers toward protecting them take every precaution possible, but there are some things you can do to help minimize the chances of those items being moved.

Kitchen buffets

We move buffets by dismantling them into pieces and then placing those smaller units onto dollies. This way, we can minimize the chances of damaging any part of your buffet and its surroundings by making sure that all parts are correctly wrapped with moving blankets or plastic sheeting for protection.

4. Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture help to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in our backyard or front porch. It is vital to move outdoor furniture with care as moving them can cause damage if they are not appropriately handled.

Patio dining seats

We move patio dining seats by moving the seats from the table. We wrap them in moving blankets and stack them on a moving truck or moving van, depending on how many sets of outdoor furniture we have to move.

Patio chairs

We take care of patio chairs by disassembling each chair into its separate parts. For example, patio chairs typically come apart into a back frame with four legs attached to it that can be easily stacked onto a moving truck or moving van depending upon where you're headed next.

Patio umbrellas

We move these types of furniture by moving the umbrella first and then moving the stand. For example, patio umbrellas come apart into three or four separate pieces that can be easily stacked onto a moving truck or moving van depending upon how many sets of outdoor furniture we have to move.

Outdoor cushions

We move outdoor cushions moving the cushion first and then moving the chair. For example, outdoor cushions come apart into two or three separate pieces that can be easily stacked onto a moving truck or moving van depending upon how many sets of outdoor furniture we have to move.

Patio tables

Patio tables are typically very bulky. We use special equipment for moving them, such as dollies and other tools designed specifically for lifting and moving large patio furniture items without causing damage to either party involved in the transaction (us included).

Clients training appointment

Move heavy furniture without lifting a finger

Our furniture moving process

Our furniture moving process starts with us contacting you to schedule a time for your free estimate. We'll ask some questions about the items that need to be moved, including measurements of each item.

Once all that's done, Three Movers will send out one of our trained professionals who brings everything needed for efficient standard or flat rate moves!

In moving your furniture, we use our well-equipped 26ft. truck with a hydraulic lift gate that can take apart and reassemble your furniture in minutes!

Our furniture movers are trained to disassemble properly, load, transport, unload and reassemble the items you’re relocating safely. We use tape measures, crates and blankets, plastic wrap, furniture dollies, pneumatic tools, furniture sliders, and furniture pads.

In addition to our standard equipment, our movers have the necessary tools for disassembling your furniture before moving, loading and unloading. For example, we can remove sofa legs (including sleeper sofas) using a screwdriver or cordless drill if needed! We also know how to reattach them when you get into the new place properly.

And this applies not only to sofa legs but all kinds of furniture pieces that need dismantling for us to transport them safely, such as entertainment centers (TVs), dressers, beds, closets, kitchen cabinets, ovens, refrigerators, patio chairs, and outdoor cushions.

Sometimes furniture sliders come in handy when moving large pieces such as drawers across thresholds. If there is no room available on our truck for your bed frame and mattress set, then we will use furniture dollies, too, just like other items that are hard to carry throughout stairways or doorframes.

We'll take care of all local regulations regarding moving, including parking permits when needed for street or loading zone usage during move-out/in times. There won't be any need to worry about if this is done correctly as we have been doing this for years!

Packing Process While Moving Furniture

The packing process for a variety of furniture items - Heavy duty warehouse or residential mover

Furniture Packing Services NYC

Many people assume that packing various furniture items would be the same, but that's not the case. We pack items like couches and chairs is very different from handling moving furniture with glass or delicate details!


We pack breakable items such as dishes, glassware, and porcelain in moving boxes. We also wrap them with moving pads or bubble wrap to ensure they don't get damaged during the move.

Wall hangings and artwork

We pack these with care to prevent damage during the move. We'll use moving blankets or bubble wrap, depending on what's needed. If possible, we will disassemble any large art pieces to fit into a smaller box size, making moving easier!

Heavy pieces

We load heavier furniture, including armoires and desks, onto our moving trucks using furniture pads or dollies, so your flooring is undamaged by the weight of the piece. This also helps keep any dirt or mud off of your floors!

Coffee and end tables

First, we remove the legs, which we do by using a screwdriver or simply using your hands. Once we take care of that, we will invert the tabletop and wrap them in moving blankets before moving it into its new home.

TV cabinets:

Before moving them, we will disassemble them with screws as they require reattachment after installation. Also, we cover the screen with moving blankets and bubble wrap.

Draperies and window treatments

We ensure they are not bent out of shape while moving them. We also use proper padding for these fragile items so that no rips or tears form during the move.


As books will typically be moving in large boxes, we keep this in mind when packing and do not stack heavy objects on top of one another. Also, we make sure there is enough space between each box for air circulation.


We roll up rugs with ease using a rug pad underneath, protecting the flooring beneath from damage through scratching or scuffing. We roll your rug around our moving blanket-covered cylinder rod until it's completely wrapped.

The Packing Supplies We Use

Supplies are necessary during moving. We keep different types of supplies on hand for every job we do. These supplies include

  • Moving Boxes: Moving boxes are necessary because they provide a place to put all of the items we will move. These moving supplies should come in different sizes and shapes, depending on what we are packing into them.

For example, larger square or rectangle-shaped moving boxes would work best for large bulky items such as books. In contrast, smaller, more triangular moving boxes would work better for small, fragile yet lightweight objects like glassware or figurines.

On top of this, we have particular types of moving box designs, the most popular being wardrobe, dish barrel, door dolly moving boxes, moving paper, moving labels, and mattress bags.

  • Moving Tape: These kinds of tapes are so strong that we use them to secure lighter moving boxes or moving supplies. These tapes can hold up in all types of weather, which is why many we choose them over other types of packing tape.
  • Packing Paper: We use packing paper for wrapping almost any kind of household item, especially ones with glass-like mirrors and vases. This makes it possible for objects to travel relatively safely since the only protection around these items will be the moving blanket but no additional cushioning provided by bubble wrap.
  • Markers: Moving markers come in various colors (red, blue, and green), making it easier to color code moving boxes with the contents inside.
  • Razor Knife: A razor knife is a great tool when moving furniture, especially if we need to disassemble pieces of your couch or bed frame. The sharp blades allow us to easily cut through thick padding and even metal bars, in some cases saving time during moving day.
  • Labels: Moving labels are an excellent green moving solution to reduce moving trash by recycling your boxes.
  • Mattress Bags: Moving mattress bags are designed to help you pack your mattresses quickly and safely.
  • Plastic Bags: Plastic moving bags are a great way to transport lampshades, pillows, or other soft items that cannot get damaged by water during the moving process.
  • Trash Bags: Moving trash bags are an excellent option if you plan on throwing away large pieces of furniture such as their bed frame, couch, or kitchen island.
  • Furniture Blankets: This is generally one of our favorite moving supplies, especially when customers have lovely wooden floors in their new home. We place them underneath heavy sofas, and dining room table covers to protect wood flooring from scratches and dents caused by moving movers.
  • Two-wheeled Dollies: Two-wheeled furniture moving equipment makes it easier to lift heavy objects from one place to another without causing strain on the body since both wheels sit evenly on either side of the thing being moved.
  • Four-Wheeled Dollies: Four-wheeled moving equipment is generally used for lighter items such as boxes and small pieces of furniture. The four wheels work well on flat surfaces without the need to lift the object off the ground.
  • Stretch Wrap: Stretch wraps allow us to quickly move heavy objects like appliances, cabinets, or any other bulky item with minimal effort.

• Rope and tie-downs: Moving ropes will help securely tie down an assortment of different household goods, ensuring they make it safely from one home to another without falling over during transit. On the other hand, moving belts can be wrapped around couch arms, allowing two people to push a large piece of furniture without moving it from behind.

Mover furniture through corners and difficult places

Rearrangement Of Items By Our Furniture Movers

When you hire us for your move, we don't just move things from one house to another. We set up your new home and make sure that your furniture and other belongings are in the right place. Here's how we do it:

We unpack with a pattern

We have years of experience in moving and setting up furniture, so we unpack systematically, moving from room to room. We start with the essential items like beds and dressers first. Then we move on to other furniture pieces that people often need during their first days in a new place - lamps, chairs for the dining table, etc.

We finish up with the kitchen first

Your kitchen is a busy place, so we prioritize it when moving your furniture. That means getting the refrigerator, and everything else set up before anything else. You can always move small items like spices and canned goods after everything's in its proper spot.

The bedrooms come next in our set-up process

You probably spend most of your time sleeping or relaxing at home. And this makes this area just as important as the rest of the house! We'll put together all beds and dressers completely, then add things from there based on what people need during their first night at home.

Next is the bathrooms

The bathroom gets a lot of use no matter where you live, but moving into a new space can be especially tough on this room. We'll hang all the towels, install toilet paper holders and towel bars, put up soap dishes or toothbrush holders. We'll do whatever you need to make your first-morning routine comfortable!

The final section is the utility areas

We arrange furniture for pantries to make sure you can fit all your food in easily. Once we finish this, we'll bring the remaining furniture - like beds for children or couches and chairs for lounging!

Difference In Local And Long Distance Furniture Removals

The difference between local furniture moving and long-distance furniture moving

Freight mover to a storage unit

Local and long-distance moving is different, especially when it concerns heavy moving furniture, for the following reasons:

Relevant Statistics

  • On average, professional furniture movers in the industry complete over 80,000 moves annually.
  • More than 95% of customers who hire furniture movers report a seamless and stress-free moving experience.
  • The majority of furniture movers are equipped to handle delicate items like antiques, with a success rate of over 98% in safe transport.
  • Over 90% of furniture movers offer packing and unpacking services to ensure a hassle-free moving process.
  • Research shows that hiring professional furniture movers reduces the risk of damage to belongings by up to 70% compared to self-moving options.

General Facts

  • Furniture movers are professional individuals or companies specialized in relocating furniture from one location to another.
  • They have the necessary equipment and tools to safely handle and transport furniture, ensuring their protection during the moving process.
  • Furniture movers offer services such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of furniture items.
  • They can handle various types of furniture, including sofas, beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and more.
  • Hiring professional furniture movers can save time and effort, making the moving process more efficient and stress-free.


Moving locally means moving nearby, while moving long-distance might mean moving across the country, which requires more time and effort for the mover.

This is due to distance alone not considering large items like appliances or cabinets that can be difficult to transport over longer distances with minimal human resources needed for shorter moves.


Moving locally is easier because typically, there are fewer obstacles such as flights of stairs, narrow hallways, and small door openings than moving long-distance. These challenges exist in greater volume.

This makes it harder for us to pack up your things safely into a truck then unload them at another location without damage during transit.


Moving locally is cheaper because the distance traveled to your new home or office location will be less, requiring less time, labor, and fuel costs by us.

The type of moving company

Not every moving company offers long-distance moving services. Moving locally may require hiring moving companies that specialize in local moves only.

On the other hand, moving long-distance moving companies provide moving services within a specific geographical area and move locally. However, it is important that before you contact or make choice of a moving company, seek information online about them and read customer reviews to find reputable ones.

Three Movers is unarguably one of the leading and most reputable furniture moving services, we handle both local and long-distance moves, with a wide range of services that will meet your specific relocation needs.

Furniture Removal Services

Furniture removal involves moving your furniture from one place to another. Our furniture removal services include moving and packing items, including appliances, cabinets, tables and chairs, dressers/ chests of drawers, entertainment units (TVs), beds, and other pieces that we can easily move.

Our Furniture Removal Process

Packing up the furniture:

The first step in our furniture removal process is packing up all of your furniture. We discover that moving can be stressful enough, so we want to make it as easy as possible by having our moving teams take care of everything for you.

Delivering the furniture to your new destination:

The next step in our process is delivering your items safely and securely to their final destination – whether it's an apartment or a house. This means not only moving them inside but also placing them where they need to go!

Protecting your furniture during the move

Our moving teams take every precaution to protect your items during their move. When you choose our furniture removal services, we will provide wardrobe boxes for those extra-special clothes and other pieces of clothing and moving blankets and moving pads that we can use on everything else.

Three Movers As Your Furniture Movers

If you have been searching for “furniture movers" anywhere in America, Three Movers is here to help with the entire furniture moving process. If you need long-distance furniture moving help then our movers are always ready for you. Whether you need standalone furniture moving services or you’re moving locally or across the country, we’re always ready to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (888) 202-0036 to get a quote right away. As in recent years, lots of moving companies are taking benefits of customers. You can check about your rights and responsibilities which will help you to deal with them if such a case occurs to you.

hire movers for furniture moving

Three Movers is a low-cost moving company that operates across the United States. The following are some of the most common areas for relocation services, and long distance moving companies and moving trucks are available to assist you as your service provider:

FAQs About Furniture Movers​

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Couch?

Based on the size of the couch, it could cost you anywhere between $70 to $125 per hour.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piece Of Furniture?

You are going to hire someone to move one piece of furniture only if the furniture is a heavy one. You may have to pay up to $600 to move such a piece of furniture locally.

Do Movers Disassemble Beds?

Yes, movers do disassemble beds. It is part of their job, and it is one of the services that you are paying for when hiring a furniture mover. Movers will also reassemble the bed for you.

Is It Cheaper To Buy New Furniture Or Move It?

It is better to move furniture when you are moving locally. But, when you are moving furniture long-distance, it is better to buy a new one in most cases.

Who Moves Heavy Furniture?

It will require more than 1 person to move heavy furniture. When you hire movers, employees in a moving company like Three Men & A Truck have the skills and experience to move heavy and awkward furniture.

How Do You Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself?

It is not a good idea to move heavy furniture by yourself. But, if you want to do so, you will need equipment like dollies, sliders, and moving straps.

Will Heavy Furniture Damage Wood Floors?

Yes, heavy furniture can damage your wood floors. But, if you are careful, you do not have to worry. Some damage can be prevented if handled by a professional furniture mover.

How Do You Move Heavy Furniture On Hardwood Floors?

To move heavy furniture on hardwood floors, you need to carry them instead of sliding them.

How Do You Transport A Couch?

You need capable manpower and important technologies like dollies, sliders, and a transport truck to transport a couch.

Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It?

Yes, you can move a dresser with clothes in it. If the dresses are light, it is okay to do so. But, if dresses it is better to move them without dresses.

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Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving. Chris has a keen eye for detail and brings intelligence and passion to every project he’s involved with.

While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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