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Best Canon City Movers Near Me – Premium Canon City, CO Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Canon City Movers Near Me – Premium Canon City, CO Moving Companies

Three Movers is a high-quality, value-driven moving company in Canon City, Colorado. Our dedicated crews assist residential and commercial clients with their local and long distance moving projects. We can help you when you need any of the following:

long distance movers in canon city colorado

Long distance moving companies in Canon City, Colorado

Finding the right mover to manage your long distance relocation to or from Canon City, Colorado, will be a big relief. However, you might be a bit unsure of how to get started if you haven't moved recently. Three Movers offers these tips to help you evaluate interstate movers:

  1. Stick with companies that register with FMCSA—the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates interstate moving companies. You can quickly verify a mover's registration by going to the FMCSA site. While there, check their safety record and any customer complaints.
  2. Always get written estimates from movers and ensure that the bid is based on an in-person inspection of your shipment. The mover can’t create an accurate forecast of the weight unless they review your household goods. Each estimate you get should state whether it is binding (fixed price) or nonbinding (might increase if the weight is higher than predicted.
  3. Don’t trust a mover that wants a large deposit before the move, especially if they ask for cash. Movers typically receive payment when they deliver the shipment, not before. Asking for payment early could be a red flag.

Local Canon City, Colorado movers

The process of choosing a mover for a local project in Canon City, Colorado, often starts with a referral from a friend, family member, or professional colleague. If you do get a referral, make sure that you do some checking on your own as well. Ask the mover for a copy of their state business license if they are not registered with FMCSA (they don't have to register if they don't work on interstate moves.) Also, get contact information for some recent customers so you can inquire about their service level. Finally, check the Better Business Bureau website for reviews placed by other consumers.

best movers in canon city co

Canon City, Colorado Moving Service Types

When choosing a moving company, it's important to know what services you'll need from or to Canon City, Colorado, in order to avoid setbacks, delays, and subpar moving services. Everyone is unwilling to deal with it. This is why Three Movers provides a wide variety of moving services to ensure your relocation goes well.

Canon City, Colorado Residential Movers

Can you imagine how challenging moving alone may be, especially if you already have a lot on your plate? You've probably given it some thought.

A residential move may rapidly turn stressful for everyone concerned if it is not thoroughly planned. The easy and stress-free moving day you anticipated will end up being a stressful and complicated process. You can move into your new house smoothly if you work with Three Movers.

We are one of the top moving companies in the country because of the high caliber of our services at competitive rates and the commitment and expertise of our moving crew. We provide our staff with the necessary training to protect your possessions while easing your transition to a new home. Give us a call if you want to seek a moving company that will assist you in effortlessly relocating your family's possessions.

Canon City, Colorado Military Movers

We all respect and value the military and the services they render to our nation on a global scale. For military personnel, the government will cover your moving expenses if you choose a qualified and insured moving company. They will assist you regardless of whether you use a third-party mover. Service members who travel regularly benefit from Three Movers' expertise as a top military relocation business. Families of service members can use our moving services to travel to and from Canon City, Colorado. We have you covered if your PCS orders call for your deployment to another country.

Canon City, Colorado International Movers

Leaving your nation of origin is a significant decision that needs to be treated seriously. It can be challenging to maintain and often requires a lot of forethought. We can all agree that no one wants to start their new life burdened by the repercussions of a mismanaged overseas relocation. As a result, selecting the best international moving company for your relocation to Canon City, Colorado, is a crucial step in the pre-move planning process.

Hiring a reputable and experienced moving company is essential if you want your international move to go smoothly and expeditiously. Choose a firm that is authorized by the Federal Maritime Commission. For a professional international moving company to function, a license from this institution is necessary. It makes sense to engage Three Movers to help you relocate as a result. Since we've been serving our customers for more than 20 years, we have a lot of experience making sure their transfers are successful. You won't need to worry about anything because we can assist you with your forthcoming move. In other words, we can help you move to or from Canon City, Colorado.

Canon City, Colorado Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

Whether you pay a flat charge or an hourly rate depends on how far you need to move your possessions and the goods in your apartment.

A flat charge from your moving company can be the best option for you if you are relocating over long distances, have a large apartment with plenty of goods, or simply don't want your moving rates to go up. It is crucial to keep in mind that some moving firms impose additional charges on top of the pre-agreed rate. Typically, this is a result of their estimate being wrong. Working with us won't lead to any of these issues because we can provide you with an accurate quote after inspecting the items at your location.

Canon City, Colorado Commercial Movers

As a result of the ability to find greater chances for development, commercial relocation has grown highly popular in recent years. However, many moving companies claim to be the best, making it challenging to pick the ideal one to move your business to a different state or nation. While the process is similar to residential moves, moving your business to a new location is far more complicated. The process entails loading, unloading, and packaging as well as transporting.

If you are running a business and need all of your assets – like office supplies and office furniture – moved, we can help. If you need help with the preparation and implementation of your move to or from Canon City, Colorado, our commercial moving consultants are here to help.

moving services in canon city colorado

Additional Moving Services in Canon City, Colorado

Storage Services

Customers moving to far-off places need storage more than anyone. The majority of their belongings are transferred first, and the remainder is done afterward, once they've become used to their new home. Three Movers has several storage facilities in different parts of the country. Our customers won't have to deal with two different businesses for storage and transportation. By utilizing both services, they'll be able to combine everything under one roof.

Auto Transport

In addition to other places across the nation, our organization provides auto shipment to Canon City, Colorado. Long-distance moves of vehicles, furniture, and other possessions are not uncommon. By using this service, you can avoid driving numerous vehicles for your move and the wear and tear that long-distance moving may bring about. It also allays any worries you might have about transporting your automobile.

Same-Day Emergency Services

Unforeseen events may force you to pack up and move. Your career, health, family, or even something totally unrelated could all be contributing factors. Finding a reliable and efficient moving company in such a short time can be challenging. We, therefore, provide emergency moving services in Canon City, Colorado, as well as other cities around the nation.

Packing and Crating

Any important or sensitive objects you have can be packed before your move with the assistance of professional movers. We offer box services to customers who want to move extremely precious objects like artwork.

Don't worry if you don't have enough time or if you're worried that hiring help would cost a lot of money when packing for a move. We can even make specialized boxes to protect your possessions during your move out of Canon City, Colorado, thanks to our affordable rates and knowledgeable personnel.

Full Moving Services

For our clients' comfort and ability to focus on more crucial issues, we provide a full variety of moving services. We pack your possessions, transport them to their new location, unload and reorganize them, as well as perform any other unforeseen moving services you might require. We will also help you to acquire moving boxes and packing materials.

Movers Near Me Canon City, Colorado

Canon City, Colorado Move Types

Residential Moves in Canon City, Colorado

The path ahead of you for your migration is not as simple as you may think. You may believe that a few obstacles are insurmountable. Three Movers can assist you in reducing and resolving all of these difficulties for a more enjoyable moving experience. We use multicoated boxes that are specifically designed to protect your belongings from damage, so we can considerably limit the danger of your treasures being ruined. Safety precautions are in place not only to be more cautious, but also because we want to move faster than ever before, wherever and whenever we choose.

Canon City, Colorado Commercial and Office Movers

Using information gained from previous relocations, we discovered how to transfer a firm more efficiently than ever before. Aside from speed, we believe that establishing security would allow our carriers to successfully transfer any goods anywhere and at any time. Three Movers employees can protect your office equipment by wrapping it in bubble sheets. After that, putting them in lockable boxes not only helps to organize them within our car, but also keeps them organized so they may be safe and undamaged as we travel. Moving your company quickly has a cost, but with our movers, you can do so with ease. Contact us right away to get your company started.

Military Moves

Cooperation is the foundation of military relocation in Canon City, Colorado. You understand that you must trust your mover since they have the greatest tools and protective techniques for safely transporting your valuable items to any destination you wish. Three Movers is a moving business that goes above and beyond to secure your belongings during the moving process. To ensure the safety of your belongings, we employ wrapping sheets and huge boxes. We need to take greater precautions than ever before. We also encourage you to convey your concerns whenever it is convenient for you, as we are convinced that we will be able to assist you with all you require to make your relocation a success.

Canon City, Colorado International Movers

When you think about it, assistance may appear to be unnecessary and uncomplicated. However, when faced with the obstacles of an overseas transfer, you will undoubtedly require the necessary help to meet your specific requirements. Three Movers improves its services with each relocation for one of its clients. When we desire to cross borders, we all have different needs that must be satisfied. You may require more security for your stuff. You could also look for help with the relocation procedure. We make every attempt to remedy any concerns by delivering services tailored to your specific requirements. Call us right away to begin processing your foreign relocation.

Hourly and flat-rate movers

Minor changes are important, especially when they might have a big influence at the end of the day. The pricing structure supplied by most movers is an example of a little alteration that has a large impact. Hourly services and flat-rate plans are available for individuals who choose a more cost-effective solution. Movers are obligated to explain the distinction to their clients because disagreements may emerge if they do not. Three Movers fosters transparency by being open and honest about our operations and pricing. We recognize the importance of building trust with clients, which is why we try our best to inform them about the several types of billings we provide and aid them in selecting the one that best meets their unique needs.

Hire Movers Near Me Canon City, Colorado

Other Moving and Shipping Services in Canon City, Colorado

Crating and Packing

The vast majority of movers believe that creases and scrapes are unavoidable during a move. This notion is not shared by Three Movers. We believe that your valuables should be kept in good condition during the journey to your new house. If you require additional services, we may provide you with specialized moving boxes and bubble wrap. They serve as safety tools, keeping your things safe and secure while we respond immediately to your transfer. We also use these safeguards when transporting hefty things. Instead of putting them in danger, we can employ containers to keep them safe. Customers who want to move their valuables can also choose for "white glove" service. To learn more about our packing services, please contact us right now.


If your valuables are not insured by moving insurance, a smooth transition is impossible. Anxiety may take over your thoughts, and there is a considerable chance that tension will keep you preoccupied. Three Movers' protection is just what you require because we can not only provide you with confidence, but we can also assist you in making everything easier for you. We can easily assist you with computing, so that will not be a problem. To make your migration go successfully, you will need protection and deliberate care. Learn more about our insurance policies.

Full-Service Relocation

You wish to benefit from the ease of a smooth migration. If there is no possibility of an easier move, you may be deterred from shifting to a region you have already explored. Don't get caught up with your problems; instead, let Three Movers give you with a well-coordinated service that has a higher chance of success. We manage everything from packing to transporting your belongings, therefore security is essential for a seamless relocation. We can transport your belongings anywhere, at any time. We provide services that are tailored to each client.


Trying to cram all of your belongings into a single room is not the most enticing image to project in your new house. It is more likely that your items may be damaged or deteriorated. You must maintain the safety of your items even after our personnel has delivered them to you. Three Movers can assist you in selecting the ideal warehouse to temporarily store your belongings. Because safe and secure storage facilities are not always available, our movers will come in and assist you in finding the best one that matches your needs. Call us to discuss your options and to alleviate any storage issues you may be having.

Same-Day Transport

Urgent relocation is inherently time-consuming due to the volume of stuff you wish to transfer with our service. Some items may appear difficult to transport from one location to another. Any kind of help is welcome, but Three Movers goes above and above to make emergency moving easier and less stressful. Because of modern moving boxes and bubble wrap, we can move faster than ever before, allowing you to relocate on the same day.

Transportation of Automobiles

If you are concerned that driving your car would be too difficult for you during your relocation, you could use our Auto Transport service. Driving on the relocation day should not be a solo responsibility. Three Movers offers this service to safeguard your automobiles while you fly anywhere in the country at your own pace.

shipping services in canon city colorado

How much will it cost to move to or from Canon City, Colorado?

The best way to find out what your upcoming move will cost is to gather estimates from several reputable movers and compare them. Check that the bids are pricing similar service levels, so the comparison is appropriate. Local moves in Canon City will be less costly than long distance relocation due to the lower mileage, but the shipment size also has a significant impact on price.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Canon City, Colorado

To / From Canon CityDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Canon City, CO to New York, NY1661 miles$3514 - $4728$5886 - $8121$8119 - $12373
Los Angeles, CA to Canon City, CO787 miles$2265 - $3105$3855 - $5450$5450 - $8369
Canon City, CO to Chicago, IL954 miles$2510 - $3513$4314 - $6103$6103 - $9372
Houston, TX to Canon City, CO820 miles$2464 - $3479$4286 - $6097$6097 - $9033
Canon City, CO to Phoenix, AZ511 miles$1874 - $2501$3165 - $4511$4520 - $7030
Philadelphia, PA to Canon City, CO1605 miles$3321 - $4514$5661 - $7881$7881 - $11971

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Canon City, CO Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Lincoln ParkCripple CreekVictor
BrooksideFlorenceCoal Creek
RockvaleSilver CliffWilliamsburg

Canon City, Colorado ZIP codes:

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