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Cheap Nepean Local & Long Distance Movers Near Me

Published by Chris Townsend

Are you looking for a high-quality, affordable moving company in Nepean, Canada? Look no further! One of the best moving companies in that area is Three Movers.

At Three Movers, we know exactly what our clients need from a moving company and we are ready to make your relocation seamless. Our years of experience have taught us that reliability, speed of service, and affordable prices are some of the key qualities required to succeed as a moving company. Therefore, if you’re a family, student, or business, we’re here to help you move your equipment or household belongings locally or across state lines.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in Nepean

No doubt moving long-distance often involves complex operations. As a result, it’s often quite stressful since it’s a big logistics project. It’s even more worrisome when you’re thinking of how expensive it could be. However, worry no more because our prices are affordable and we have the means to deal with any kind of move.

Highlighted below are what we can offer you:

  • Affordable Prices: We know how worried you may be due to the financial burden of long-distance moving; hence, we keep our prices low to make you happy and satisfied.
  • Fast Service: Our experience allows us to provide you with a reliable time estimate. This will help you be on schedule always and also help us avoid delays, late drop-offs, or undetermined timelines.
  • Reliable, Safe Services: Working with us means you don’t have to worry about your possession. With our team of professionals and our specially designed packaging that protects your belongings, you don’t have to worry.
  • Extra Services: Depending on what you want, we also provide extra services that make long-distance moving easier and less time-consuming. In other words, we can handle everything regarding your move and you won’t even lift a finger.

Local Movers

At Three Movers, we have built a name for ourselves for speedy, efficient services. Thus, we also handle local moves with the same ease and professionalism as we do with big-scale moves.

Why should you take days to move to your new home when you can just contact us?

Our team is reliable and efficient and we can help you pack and settle quickly in just a few hours.

Check Out Our Services

Our wealth of experience for over two decades shows that we offer excellent services to our clients always. Here are the main services we provide at Three Movers:

What Is The Cost For Moving To Or From Nepean?

It’s difficult to determine the cost of each relocation because the price of long-distance moves is different from local moves. While we consider the price of local moves on the mileage, the cost is usually a flat rate. For long-distance moves, however, we consider weight and mileage as the main factors.

Additionally, we’ll also provide you with a written estimate for every move to and from Nepean, Canada so you can plan your budget.

Ready To Work With Us?

If the answer is “yes” then you’ve made an excellent decision. Working with us means you’ll get a fast, reliable, and efficient service without breaking the bank. Don’t delay your moving any longer because we’re here for you.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Nepean

To / From Nepean Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Nepean, ON to Airdrie, AB 3346 miles $11,822 - $13,872 $15,909 - $18,409 $18,409 - $22,845
Penticton, BC to Nepean, ON 4053 miles $14,912 - $16,962 $18,115 - $21,615 $21,615 - $25,148
Nepean, ON to Selkirk, MB 2133 miles $7,121 - $8,571 $9,691 - $12,191 $12,191 - $15,748
Nepean, ON to Cap-Chat, QC
904 miles $2,750 - $3,984 $4,879 - $6,479 $6,479 - $7,830
Humboldt, SK to Nepean, ON 2833 miles $9,580 - $12,630 $14,856 - $17,356 $17,356 - $20,998
Carmacks, YT to Nepean, ON 5609 miles $20,711 - $24,761 $26,374 - $30,874 $30,874 - $36,818
Nepean, ON to Estevan, SK 2403 miles $9,701 - $11,751 $13,298 - $15,798 $16,773 - $19,773
Nepean, ON to Baine Harbour, NL 2692 miles $9,464 - $11,014 $13,017 - $16,517 $16,517 - $20,940
Miramichi, NB to Nepean, ON 1011 miles $3,218 - $4,668 $5,815 - $7,315 $7,315 - $8,733
Nepean, ON to Medicine Hat, AB 3034 miles $10,459 - $12,509 $14,052 - $17,552 $17,552 - $21,505

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

Movers Neighborhoods Area

Nepean, ON Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Woodroffe Bayshore Bayswater
Crystal Beach Cityview Ottawa South


Nepean, ON includes ZIP codes:
K1A 0K6, K1A 1M1, K2B 0A3, K2B 0A5, K2B 6J6, K2B 6K2, K2B 6K3, K2B 6K4, K2B 6K5, K2B 6K6, K2B 6K7, K2B 6K8, K2B 6K9, K2B 6L1, K2B 6L2, K2B 6L3, K2B 6L4, K2B 6L5, K2B 6L6, K2B 6L7, K2B 6L8, K2B 6M6, K2B 6M7, K2B 6M8, K2B 6M9, K2B 7G8, K2B 7J5, K2B 7K2, K2B 7S8, K2B 7S9, K2B 7T1, K2B 7T2, K2B 7T3, K2B 7T4, K2B 7T5, K2B 7T6, K2B 7T7, K2B 7T8, K2B 7T9, K2B 7V1, K2B 7W6, K2B 7W7, K2B 7W8, K2B 7X1, K2B 8C1, K2B 8E9, K2B 8G1, K2B 8G2, K2B 8S8, K2C 3G3, K2C 3G4, K2C 3G6, K2C 3G9, K2C 3H1, K2C 3H2, K2C 3H3, K2C 3H4, K2C 3H5, K2C 3J1, K2C 3J7, K2C 3K8, K2C 3M1, K2C 3M4, K2C 3P6, K2C 3R1, K2C 3S7, K2C 3S8, K2C 3S9, K2C 3V3, K2C 3W9, K2C 3X7, K2C 3X9, K2C 3Y8, K2C 3Y9, K2C 3Z2, K2C 4E8, K2C 4E9, K2E 0A1, K2E 0A2, K2E 0A3, K2E 0A4, K2E 0A5, K2E 0A6, K2E 0A7, K2E 0A8, K2E 0A9, K2E 0B1, K2E 0B2, K2E 0B3, K2E 0B4, K2E 0B5, K2E 0B6, K2E 0B7, K2E 0B8, K2E 0B9, K2E 0C2, K2E 0C3, K2E 0C4, K2E 0C5, K2E 1A2, K2E 1A3, K2E 1A5, K2E 1A6, K2E 1A9, K2E 1B1, K2E 1B2, K2E 1B3, K2E 1B4, K2E 1B5, K2E 1B6, K2E 1B7, K2E 1B8, K2E 1C2, K2E 1C3, K2E 1C4, K2E 1C5, K2E 1C7, K2E 1C8, K2E 5A1, K2E 5A2, K2E 5A3, K2E 5A4, K2E 5A5, K2E 5A6, K2E 5A7, K2E 5A8, K2E 5A9, K2E 5B1, K2E 5B2, K2E 5B3, K2E 5B4, K2E 5B5, K2E 5B6, K2E 5B7, K2E 5B8, K2E 5B9, K2E 5C1, K2E 5C2, K2E 5C3, K2E 5C4, K2E 5C5, K2E 5C6, K2E 5C7, K2E 5C8, K2E 5C9, K2E 5E1, K2E 5E2, K2E 5E3, K2E 5E4, K2E 5E5, K2E 5E6, K2E 5E7, K2E 5E8, K2E 5E9, K2E 5G1, K2E 5G2, K2E 5G3, K2E 5G4, K2E 5G5, K2E 5G6, K2E 5G7, K2E 5G8, K2E 5G9, K2E 5H1, K2E 5H2, K2E 5H3, K2E 5H4, K2E 5H5, K2E 5H6, K2E 5H7, K2E 5H8, K2E 5H9, K2E 5J1, K2E 5J2, K2E 5J3, K2E 5J4, K2E 5J5, K2E 5J6, K2E 5J7, K2E 5J8, K2E 5J9, K2E 5K1, K2E 5K2, K2E 5K3, K2E 5K4, K2E 5K5, K2E 5K6, K2E 5K7, K2E 5K8, K2E 5K9, K2E 5L1, K2E 5L2, K2E 5L3, K2E 5L4, K2E 5L5, K2E 5L6, K2E 5L7, K2E 5L8, K2E 5L9, K2E 5M1, K2E 5M2, K2E 5M3, K2E 5M4, K2E 5M5, K2E 5M6, K2E 5M7, K2E 5M8, K2E 5M9, K2E 5N1, K2E 5N2, K2E 5N3, K2E 5N4, K2E 5N5, K2E 5N6, K2E 5N7, K2E 5N9, K2E 5P1, K2E 5P2, K2E 5P3, K2E 5P5, K2E 5P6, K2E 5P7, K2E 5P8, K2E 5P9, K2E 5R1, K2E 5R2, K2E 5R3, K2E 5R4, K2E 5R5, K2E 5R6, K2E 5R7, K2E 5R8, K2E 5R9, K2E 5S1, K2E 5S2, K2E 5S3, K2E 5S4, K2E 5S5, K2E 5S6, K2E 5S7, K2E 5S8, K2E 5S9, K2E 5T1, K2E 5T2, K2E 5T3, K2E 5T4, K2E 5T5, K2E 5T6, K2E 5T7, K2E 5T8, K2E 5T9, K2E 5V1, K2E 5V2, K2E 5V3, K2E 5V4, K2E 5V5, K2E 5V6, K2E 5V7, K2E 5V8, K2E 5V9, K2E 5W2, K2E 5W3, K2E 5W4, K2E 5W5, K2E 5W6, K2E 5W7, K2E 5W8, K2E 5W9, K2E 5X1, K2E 5X2, K2E 5X3, K2E 5X4, K2E 5X5, K2E 5X6, K2E 5X7, K2E 5X8, K2E 5X9, K2E 5Y1, K2E 5Y2, K2E 5Y3, K2E 5Y4, K2E 5Y5, K2E 5Y6, K2E 5Y7, K2E 5Y8, K2E 5Y9, K2E 5Z1, K2E 5Z2, K2E 5Z3, K2E 5Z4, K2E 5Z5, K2E 5Z6, K2E 5Z7, K2E 5Z8, K2E 5Z9, K2E 6A1, K2E 6A2, K2E 6A3, K2E 6A4, K2E 6A5, K2E 6A6, K2E 6A7, K2E 6A8, K2E 6A9, K2E 6B1, K2E 6B2, K2E 6B3, K2E 6B4, K2E 6B5, K2E 6B6, K2E 6B7, K2E 6B8, K2E 6B9, K2E 6C1, K2E 6C2, K2E 6C3, K2E 6C4, K2E 6C5, K2E 6C6, K2E 6C7, K2E 6C8, K2E 6C9, K2E 6E1, K2E 6E2, K2E 6E3, K2E 6E4, K2E 6E5, K2E 6E6, K2E 6E7, K2E 6E8, K2E 6E9, K2E 6G1, K2E 6G2, K2E 6G3, K2E 6G4, K2E 6G5, K2E 6G6, K2E 6G7, K2E 6G8, K2E 6G9, K2E 6H1, K2E 6H2, K2E 6H3, K2E 6H4, K2E 6H5, K2E 6H6, K2E 6H7, K2E 6H8, K2E 6H9, K2E 6J1, K2E 6J2, K2E 6J3, K2E 6J4, K2E 6J5, K2E 6J6, K2E 6J7, K2E 6J8, K2E 6J9, K2E 6K1, K2E 6K2, K2E 6K3, K2E 6K4, K2E 6K5, K2E 6K6, K2E 6K7, K2E 6K8, K2E 6K9, K2E 6L1, K2E 6L2, K2E 6L3, K2E 6L4, K2E 6L5, K2E 6L6, K2E 6L7, K2E 6L8, K2E 6L9, K2E 6M1, K2E 6M2, K2E 6M3, K2E 6M4, K2E 6M5, K2E 6M6, K2E 6M7, K2E 6M8, K2E 6M9, K2E 6N1, K2E 6N2, K2E 6N3, K2E 6N4, K2E 6N5, K2E 6N6, K2E 6N7, K2E 6N8, K2E 6N9, K2E 6P1, K2E 6P2, K2E 6P3, K2E 6P4, K2E 6P5, K2E 6P6

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving. Chris has a keen eye for detail and brings intelligence and passion to every project he’s involved with.

While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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