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Best Neenah Movers Near Me – Premium Neenah, WI Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Neenah Movers Near Me – Premium Neenah, WI Moving Companies

Three Movers is the best moving company in Neenah. If you are looking to move to or from Neenah, you can count on them to get you to your destination cheaply. With years of experience in moving, you won’t regret making them your movers of choice.

Local Movers

Local movers are moving companies that help you move over short distances. Professional moving companies define a local move as one that doesn’t exceed 100 miles. This could be a move from one city to another within the same state.

At Three Movers, we specialize in local moving solutions for our clients. We have vans and trucks to fit all your items to move you fast and affordably. To arrange a local move, call us for a free estimate and to agree on the details of the move.

long distance movers in neenah wisconsin

Long-Distance Movers

If you are moving to a distance that exceeds 100 miles, you are a long-distance move client for Three Movers. With years of experience handling different types of moves, we can competently handle all your long-distance moving needs.

We can move your office, home, car, pets, and other specialty items over long distances competently. For international moves, we are completely insured and we also have all the right types of packaging for your items.

This means that you can travel ahead of your items with the confidence that you will find your items wherever they should be and in good condition. With our specialized tools and skills, we can handle all long-distance moves easily.

Services Offered At Three Movers

At Three Movers, we offer a range of moving services. This ensures that whenever you want to move, we are the first movers you think about.

Our services include:

We can handle all your moving requirements easily. With a range of services, we can provide our clients with the best service in both local and long-distance travel.

best movers in neenah wi

Types of Moves Offered in Neenah, Wisconsin

Residential Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

There is a never-ending to-do list that must be completed in preparation for a home relocation. This could become stressful for you. Here's some excellent news: Three Movers can handle everything instead of you. As a residential moving business, Three Movers is aware of and dedicated to fulfilling all of your needs. When you use our residential moving services, you can expect a streamlined operation designed to meet your needs. We understand that all you want is to find a business that meets your needs while remaining within your price range, and we can provide that for you.

Office/Commercial Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

To facilitate ease and simplicity, Low-priced office moving services are provided by Three Movers. Each step of the relocation procedure is taken care of by our trained staff and qualified office movers. With our services, you can rest easy knowing that your business will experience no interruption while we relocate your office. In addition to our typical office relocation services, we also accommodate any unique needs of our clients. We want the client to be utterly content with the final product. While relocating, no business professional wants to experience more downtime than necessary. And that is something we can give you. Our service network enables us to access and offer our services with the shortest possible lead time and minor inconvenience, whether to the next building or elsewhere.

Military Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

Three Movers recognizes and respects the daily commitment of military personnel and their families to defend our nation's liberties. Dedicated service members often face the challenge of relocating between bases as they serve their country. Our services for military personnel traveling within or beyond the United States are designed to reduce stress and maximize efficiency. Our DITY moving services are adaptable, making them ideal for military personnel undergoing a PCS. For military families that choose to pay for their move, we also offer an easy self-moving option. Our services are tailored to provide our service members with the convenience they require on deployment.

International Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

Are you seeking a worldwide relocation service? If that's the case, you've come to the right place. We at Three Movers are committed to offering exceptional international relocation services. To ensure a smooth international relocation of household goods and personal things, a team of professionals must work together. And it's our job to make sure that occurs. Given the unique challenges posed by an overseas relocation, we make it a point to arrive well-prepared for anything that may arise. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you'll have a positive moving experience.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

A rate per hour for a service is straightforward. Costs are typically computed by adding up the hours spent working on the project at a specific hourly rate. In most cases, this is the optimal method for local or modest movements. All your things and the tools necessary to do the work will be assessed as part of the fixed rate. After that, a firm agreement on the price will be reached. No matter how long it takes or how many extra people are needed, the cost will not change. It's the standard for long-distance and massive relocations.

moving services in neenah wisconsin

Cheap Neenah, Wisconsin, Local & Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Three Movers can manage every step of the moving process for our customer. If a client needs to move, we can manage their residential, commercial, or military move. You could desire to move for a variety of reasons. You might need to relocate to a bigger apartment from your existing one. Additionally, it's possible that you're changing your office location, in which case you'll need to transfer your equipment relevant to your place of business. Regardless of the conditions, we have experience with local and long-distance moves and can thus efficiently manage your moving process. In addition, we have all the licenses required to run a moving business. Our haulers are competent in their jobs and obligations, so they will deliver your things safely whether you need packing, crating, or loading services.

Long Distance Neenah, Wisconsin, Moving Companies

Doing some research on a moving company is advisable before entrusting them with your possessions. You must confirm their credibility if you decide to hire them. One of our specialties is transporting over long distances. We provide top-notch moving services when a client needs to move a long distance to a new place. We can also ship your belongings and ensure that it's covered by insurance when you are moving to another country.

Local Moving Companies Neenah, Wisconsin

Local Neenah, Wisconsin, Movers

If you simply need to relocate your possessions a short distance, you can take advantage of our local moving services. Since Three Movers has assisted clients moving to or from Neenah, Wisconsin, we are familiar with the city's streets, highways, and neighborhoods. We are also familiar with the layout of the city, so we can deliver your belongings without incident. Additionally, we offer full-service relocation if required and provide clients with packing boxes to make their move easier.

How Much Will My Neenah, Wisconsin, Move Cost?

You might feel that using a moving company to transport your possessions to or from Neenah, Wisconsin, would be more expensive than doing it yourself. But it's unquestionably more expensive than hiring a moving company when you account for the cost of gas, motels, and possible car damage. The best choice is to have your possessions moved by a reputable company because it is less complicated and stressful. Despite not being the cheapest, our prices nevertheless fall within the means of the majority of our customers. We offer top moving services at rates that most of our customers find reasonable.

It should be stressed that even though our full-moving services are a little more expensive, they are worth the expense due to the numerous services we will provide without the client having to do anything.

In Neenah, Wisconsin, Three Movers Offers These Services:

Moving Quotes Neenah, Wisconsin

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Neenah, Wisconsin

Packing and Crating

Packing is a nuisance, especially when it comes to household items. It takes a lot of time to pack everything, and if you don't do it correctly, it might be disastrous to unpack afterward. The primary step in any move, local or interstate, is packing. The only difference with a long-distance move is that you must pack more and spend more time doing it. Three Movers is aware of how time-consuming packing is. We provide exclusive full/partial packing services because we know how to pack your items securely.


We make every effort to protect the personal belongings you keep in your home from being harmed. Nevertheless, even with the most cautious movers, accidents are always a possibility. As part of the regular pricing structure for local moves, the limit of liability waiver is included at a rate of $0.60 per pound for all moving companies. Although it does not provide either complete coverage or replacement insurance, this is the coverage that is most commonly used in the moving industry. A complete replacement value insurance policy is the best choice if you want to ensure that all of your possessions are adequately protected. Your damaged item will be refunded entirely to you, repaired, or replaced if you enroll in this plan. Which of these options is a good one to go with if you are transferring anything particularly delicate or expensive?

Full-Service Moves

Sometimes you might not want to go through the stress of packing and moving, or you don't have the luxury of time. Hiring a reputable full-service hauling business that can take care of your household and specialty moving needs while you take care of other things is your best option. Not to worry, Three Movers is up to the task. Our skilled full-service movers will handle every step of your move, including relocation planning, packing, shipping, unpacking, clearing debris, and item storage. Your relocation-related tension and worry will be eliminated by us, allowing you to unwind while we handle the entire project. To make sure you are delighted with your experience, we will go above and above.


Are you unsure about what to do with some of the stuff you have? Even though certain things don't work right now, you don't want to get rid of them, do you? Make sure that your items are protected from harm. You have choices while you determine what your requirements are. Your possessions will be stored in a vault that is completely enclosed and may be customized in terms of size and temperature. Even though it's possible that you won't be able to relocate your possessions into your new house or business right away, don't be concerned! Whether they are planned or unexpected, temporary or long-term, we have storage options that can accommodate all of your requirements.

Same-Day moves

Moving on a day's notice can feel overwhelming, but you can be assured that Three Movers will get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you are one of our scheduled movers, we will be present to assist you in completing the necessary documentation as soon as possible. If you require a same-day mover who provides exceptional service, don't hesitate to call us now. Through it all, we will be here to help.

Auto Transport

One of Sarasota's top auto transportation businesses is Three Movers. We may transport your vehicle cross-country or move it to a different location, depending on your needs. With our hassle-free car shipping services, you must supply the relevant information; we'll take care of the rest. All car kinds, from compacts and exotics to vans, trucks, and SUVs, are covered by our economical car moving services. For those who have never done it before, the auto may seem like a complex process, but Three Movers makes it easy.

Movers Near Me Neenah, Wisconsin

Types of Moves Offered in Neenah, Wisconsin

You may find it difficult to move your properties from one location to another due to the complexity of the process involved. In this case, it would be advantageous to hire the services of a moving company that has experience in moving. We at Three Movers are one of the most reputable moving companies in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Residential Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

Residential moves are the transitions from one home to another, whether bungalows, condominiums, or apartments. There are various residential moves, such as local or intra-city, interstate, and international.

Whatever your residential move needs may be in Neenah, Wisconsin, Three Movers will be able to handle them. Nonetheless, each move has monetary constraints, so keep this in mind when pricing a move. It's not necessary to worry about the cost of our services; they are highly affordable and of the highest quality.

Office/Commercial Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

In Neenah, Wisconsin, you will find a plethora of industrial activities and a wealth of business opportunities, which has led to constant progress in the workspace. Increasingly, Neenah is becoming a hub for economic growth, attracting offices and corporate bodies. A move of this type is called an office or commercial move, as a lot of office materials and equipment need to be transported to a new office.

Due to the sensitivity of the official elements that will be relocated, there is a requirement for outstanding and highly sophisticated moving companies in terms of professionalism and efficiency.

Do you need to move your office to Neenah or elsewhere in Wisconsin? In Neenah and throughout the United States, we have conducted office moving operations for years. Three Movers are the best moving company to hire if you need to move.

Military Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

Often, our military soldiers are ordered to move between military installations in obedience to top-level orders. When caught up in this situation, you can seek the government's assistance or handle it on your own. Having it handled yourself is known as a "personally procured" move, and our Three Movers team is experienced with such endeavors.

The military may require distance estimations, certified weight tickets, and other documents to make a move successful. Three Movers can help you prepare them all. While cataloging your PPM, we will ensure that all information is properly categorized.

International Movers in Neenah, Wisconsin

Would you like to leave the United States of America for a different country in the future? Moving abroad is quite challenging because it involves several requirements that must be met to achieve the move. It is important to hire a moving company with years of experience in the immigration process to make the process easier for you. The mover will usually be required to ship your property via a cargo carrier in this case, which makes this move different from intracity and interstate moves.

As a resident of Neenah, you are at an advantage because you have the choice of several airports to choose from that offers affordable fares.

Our commitment at Three Movers is to provide our customers with excellent international moving services. Get in touch with us today. Let's get started on your move.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

There are many moving companies, but Three Movers is very different from them. In terms of local moves, we charge an hourly rate or flat rate based on the nature of the move. An hourly move is the best choice for moves that require a shorter distance or less workload. While flat-rate movers provide services based on work estimates, they can be expensive for short-distance but perfect for long-distance or interstate moves.

Hire Movers Near Me Neenah, Wisconsin

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Neenah, Wisconsin

Packing and Crating

Having moved many properties, Three Movers knows how valuable and expensive they are. We handle your properties with the utmost care while moving them. To help you access your belongings whenever you want, we take ample time to pack your stuff using an efficient catalog system.

You can trust us with your belongings. We employ well-trained, experienced movers. Their experience in this phase of a residential move ensures your valuables are carefully packed, minimizing damage.


It is not uncommon for accidents to occur when moving, even though today's relocations are extremely safe. Therefore, all moving companies are required to obtain basic insurance coverage. However, this insurance does not cover everything, and if you move by yourself, you are at risk since you may be held liable for any damage.

Hiring us would be a decent choice. With our full-value insurance service, you can rest assured that you're fully covered in whatever happens. If you have any questions about our insurance coverage or alternatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Full-Service Moves

We offer a full-service move solution if you have problems with handling a moving process. The entire moving process can be entrusted to us by those with a hectic schedule or those not capable of lifting heavy objects. You don't need to worry about anything since we can handle everything for you. Besides packing and loading your stuff into the moving truck, we can assist with any other needs you might have.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us, and we will figure out the details. Our team will provide maximum satisfaction if you choose to work with us.


Understandably, you will require a period to transfer all your properties to your new residence. It would be better for you to leave some of your properties with us rather than toss them out.

For clients who need some days to a month to move their belongings to a new location, Three Movers offers short-term storage facilities. A reputable storage facility provider will be able to connect you with a long-term storage facility if you need it.

Same-Day moves

There is always the possibility of your strategies being distorted. Your planned moves can be summed up in the same way. Due to unforeseen disruptions, same-day moves have become more popular in the past few years. We have modified our system to ensure that you can choose a favorable alternative. Whenever you need an emergency move, please contact us at any time of day or night, and we will help you arrange the move as quickly as possible.

Auto Transport

Moving across state lines or the country is dangerous and unpredictable, so it is not recommended to drive yourself, as there may be unforeseen incidents that could prove fatal. We can assist you with shipping services for your car if you hire us to handle your cross-country or interstate move. You will enjoy this assistance when you hire us as one of the extra services.

shipping services in neenah wisconsin

How Much Will I Pay Three Movers To Move

At Three Movers, our moving services are affordable. However, every move has its price. Thanks to the many factors that surround a move. If you want to get our services, contact us first to get a free estimate for our services.

Several factors determine how much you will pay for your move. First, distance. The farther you move, the more you will pay. This means that our local moving services are much cheaper than our long-distance moving services.

Another factor that will determine how much you will pay for your moving service is the number of our team you will want with a truck. The higher the number the more you will pay. If you don’t want to pay much, you can get a moving container from us. Pack your items and we will move them to your destination.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Neenah

To / From Neenah Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Neenah, WI to San Francisco, CA 1809 miles $4,494 - $5,712 $6,795 - $9,094 $9,094 - $13,327
Portland, OR to Neenah, WI 1662 miles $4,369 - $5,549 $6,599 - $8,826 $8,826 - $12,926
Neenah, WI to Fort Worth, TX 921 miles $3,272 - $4,119 $4,872 - $6,476 $6,476 - $9,412
Columbus, OH to Neenah, WI 403 miles $2,454 - $3,053 $3,588 - $4,729 $4,729 - $6,802
Neenah, WI to Las Vegas, NV 1505 miles $4,102 - $5,201 $6,177 - $8,250 $8,250 - $12,060
Atlanta, GA to Neenah, WI 750 miles $2,980 - $3,738 $4,414 - $5,853 $5,853 - $8,482

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote

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Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

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