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Best Sunbury Movers Near Me – Premium Sunbury, PA Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Sunbury Movers Near Me – Premium Sunbury, PA Moving Companies

Three Movers is a high-quality, affordable mover in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Our professional, experienced crews work hard to assist residential and commercial customers with their local and long distance moves. If you want to enjoy the best service in the moving business, contact us. We offer the following option:

long distance movers in sunbury pennsylvania

Long distance movers

As you prepare for your long distance move to or from Sunbury, Pennsylvania, one of the crucial tasks on the to-do list is finding the right mover. You may already know that interstate moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, known as FMCSA, and must register with the agency.

FMCSA created industry standards to help consumers avoid being taken advantage of. For example, moving companies must complete a visual inspection of the household goods the customer wants to move before submitting their estimate (unless the mover is located more than 50 miles from the residence.) Estimates must be submitted in writing and include a detailed inventory of the items being moved. Each quote must include the mover’s tariff, which is a description of their policies and prices for any services you may need, plus a choice of insurance coverage. The customer has the option for basic insurance at no additional charge or more comprehensive protection for an extra fee.

You can learn more about estimates, insurance, and other regulations by visiting the FMCSA site.

Local moving companies

Unlike interstate movers, local vendors in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, are overseen by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. In practice, that means that the consumer should be cautious in hiring a moving company and proactively verify the company's qualifications. Ask for their business license and find out how long they have been operating in the area. Check the Better Business Bureau website for reviews and independent ratings. Also, ensure that the mover has adequate liability insurance. Finally, obtain some local references from recent customers to get feedback on their service standards.

Moving Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Residential Move

Three Movers can provide moving services if you need one. The firm also offers local relocation services as well as global relocation services to its clients. It is also possible to arrange relocations explicitly tailored to your needs.

Three Movers may be able to assist you if you are in the market for a moving company. The fact that we have been in the moving industry for more than two decades has allowed us to develop a wealth of experience in this field. Over the years, Three Movers has developed a broad range of skills and abilities that will enable us to provide you with high-quality relocation services for a reasonable price.

When moving from one part of the world to another, people frequently settle in new towns or countries. There are many ways in which relocating to a new home can be accomplished. If you hire a shipping company, you can rest assured that your products will arrive on time and in good condition.

Commercial Moving Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Moving a corporation requires carrying sensitive electrical equipment and large and heavy equipment to minimize damage. A professional should be hired to perform this process if you wish to limit damage to your equipment and furniture.

Continuous communication between the transfer coordinators and building owners is essential to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition. The experienced movers with whom we work guarantee that they will handle your belongings with the utmost care and attention.

Whether you have a business that you own or lease, hiring a reliable moving company will provide you with various benefits.

Military Moving Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

If you want assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. The entire activity is overseen by military personnel. You may not get as excellent a moving service as if you hired a crew.

A PCS order can be placed in several ways. During a large operation, soldiers are often moved. The commander determines whether a person will serve abroad or at home. In the case of a move, it is critical to reply as quickly as feasible. Many aspects must be examined while selecting a transportation provider. As a result, you must choose a transportation business whose staff goes above and beyond to satisfy your requirements.

Relocation businesses routinely relocate military personnel. We offer this service even though we do not specialize in it.

International Moving Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Several variables need to be considered before deciding on relocation costs. There can never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of choosing a relocation firm with expertise. This is because the relocation firm can handle the moving process efficiently and effectively. One of the most important things that must be done is no way around accomplishing this smoothly. Three Movers has served hundreds of clients worldwide as a relocation sector pioneer for over twenty years.

If you plan on relocating your belongings to a foreign country, you should be prepared to invest considerable time and effort in the process. The corporation may offer consumer education regarding shipments, licenses, or stamps. Unless otherwise instructed by the corporation, consumers must comply with any instructions they receive for shipments, charges, or authorizations.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

Three Movers provides flat-rate and hourly moving prices to fulfill the demands of our clients. Before making a final decision, you should thoroughly study each alternative to determine its pros and downsides. Based on the circumstances of your relocation, a mover will be able to advise you on the best moving strategy for you.

If you often relocate, you may be able to pay hourly or set fees. When deciding which approach to employ, keep your available time and the size of the area to be cleaned in mind.

Movers Near Me Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Packing and Crating

Packing is one of the most challenging aspects of moving in general. Perhaps a professional packer would be able to assist you with your move. It is our mission as a moving and packing company to be able to provide our clients with a wide range of services.

Depending on your preference, our agents may provide you with a white-glove service if you wish. Our team of highly qualified professionals will ensure that the items you have entrusted to us will be handled with the utmost care, inspecting and maintaining each one to maintain its quality as long as possible.


The safety and security of your move are of the utmost importance to Three Movers. All our clients must be protected from harm due to federal regulations. Moving presents several challenges that will need to be overcome.

There is no doubt that having adequate insurance coverage is crucial in an emergency.

As far as insurance coverage is concerned, the company offers two main types. Before purchasing insurance, you must understand the difference between primary and comprehensive coverage. All your goods will be protected if you choose comprehensive coverage over the company's free basic insurance. The most important thing you should do is buy a complete insurance policy if you wish to protect the entire relocation process.

Full-Service Moves

To ensure a seamless move, deal with a company that offers various moving services. This sort of relocation is one of the services we provide. Individuals who are unable to prepare or move their belongings may find this way of transportation to be incredibly beneficial. This service would also be helpful to people who are having problems transferring within an acceptable time frame.


We provide numerous storage options based on our clients' requirements. In addition to professionally managed storage facilities, we provide our customers with various storage options tailored to their specific requirements.

You may be able to keep your possessions safe, secure, and undamaged in a storage container.

It would help if you chatted with a relocation professional to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each transfer method.

Same-Day Moves

Relocations utilizing this technique benefit those who cannot complete the setup within the day on their own and need assistance. Consequently, we will be able to assist you in moving forward as soon as possible.

Because of our busy schedule, particularly during the summer, the moving business may be unable to reserve a slot for you on that specific day.

Auto Transport

Your car will always be transported securely if you use a reputable transfer company. We provide various vehicle transportation services, including automobile transportation, as part of our comprehensive services.

Cheap Sunbury, Pennsylvania Local & Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Three Movers is committed to providing you with the best value for your money. Our Sunbury moving companies can assist you with your family or business relocation. Depending on your circumstances, you can rely on Three Movers' expertise to assist you with your local or long-distance move.

Long Distance Sunbury, Pennsylvania Moving Companies

If relocating to Sunbury is one of your life goals, Three Movers is here to help. We can help with long-distance moves from and to Iowa.

It is critical to hire the services of a reputable moving company when planning a relocation. A long-distance move may appear daunting at first, but with the right moving company, it will be a breeze. Conduct preliminary research on the company's relocation. Previous client feedback may be a useful resource. This can provide you with unbiased information about the performance and efficacy of a company.

Hire Movers Near Me Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Local Movers in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

You should hire a moving company that is well-versed in the nuances of the state to which you are relocating. In this case, you'll be relocating to Pennsylvania.

Three Movers works with state-licensed professionals. It may make your transfer much easier if there are delays due to road closures or accidents.

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Our local jobs pay based on how long it takes us to complete the work, and we can help you ease the transition.

How Much Will a Move to Sunbury, Pennsylvania Cost?

The most straightforward way to determine the cost of long-distance or local moving in Iowa is to obtain a few quotes from reputable Iowa movers. The logistics of your move, as well as the number of items being transported, must be considered by the mover. Certain factors may influence the cost of your relocation. These considerations are important whether you are emptying a large house or requiring your movers to climb a steep flight of stairs. All of these elements will be included in the written estimates provided by three different movers.

Three Movers in Sunbury, PA Provide the Following Services

  • Long distance moving
  • Full-service movers
  • International moving
  • Residential moves
  • Commercial moves
  • Corporate moving
  • Moving and storage
  • Movers and packers
  • Movers with a truck
  • Furniture moving
  • Military moving
  • Same day moving
  • Apartment moving
best movers in sunbury pa

Types of moves offered in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Residential Movers in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Sunbury is a city and the county seat of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Susquehanna River Valley. The city of Sunbury has a long history of fame dating back to 1883 when Thomas Edison showcased his invention, the electric light. "The Edison Hotel" was later renamed for him after he wired the hotel in the city. The city has a population of almost 10,000 people and occupies an area of about 2 square miles. Sunbury City is the principal city in the Sunbury Micropolitan Statistical Area. If you want to move to the area, you should plan your move well. Planning a residential move properly doesn’t only make a move smoother but also makes it cheaper. You should begin planning your move more than a month before the date. If you are moving in the summer, plan months. In your planning, consider hiring a professional moving company. If you do this, you will be less stressed and reduce the chances of a moving accident. Consider hiring a company like Three Movers.

Commercial Movers in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Commercial movers are very popular among businesses because DIY moves are very unpopular. DIY projects are unpopular because they rarely provide financial advantages to commercial companies. This is because moving many things in rental trucks will be expensive. If you hire a mover, the mover comes with the moving trucks and other equipment required to load and transport office items. Another reason hiring professionals is popular is that the employees are less involved in the move when professionals are hired. This gives them the freedom to focus on the business operations while a separate group of people focuses on moving. You will also enjoy security for your items if you hire a reputable company. If you were to move things yourself, there might be leaks of sensitive information due to oversight while packing. Hire a moving company that has relocated businesses of a size comparable to yours when searching for one. The more experienced the moving company is, the smoother the process will be. If you want an experienced company, you should hire Three Movers.

Military movers in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

If you know one thing about the military, it might be that they move their personnel around a lot. A military person will most likely move once every 2-3 years. If you move all those times, you will gradually become fatigued. Also, if you are moving with a family, the number of things you have to move will double or even triple. To make the most of your moving lifestyle, you should look into hiring a moving company that has experience in moving household goods for military officers. The cost might be a huge consideration for you, but if you properly compare a DIY and a professional move, you will see a minimal difference. Three Movers offers military moving services.

International Movers In Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Moving household items will be challenging when relocating to another country, especially for first-timers. The truth is that you don’t have to figure out all the moving parts. The most important thing to figure out is the kind of moving company you should hire. For a start, international movers are supposed to have a license, so ensure the company you are interested in has a license. This license should be issued by the Transportation Department of the United States. Find a company that regularly ships to the country you are moving to. That way, you can inquire about the rules surrounding exportation to that country. If you plan ahead of time for your move, you will be able to get a good moving deal.

Flat-Rate/Hourly-Rate Movers in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

When hiring a professional mover, you must first decide whether you want an hourly or flat-rate mover. This is important because both methods fit different scenarios. When moving to a location over 50 miles away, the flat rate is the better choice of both methods. This is because long-distance moves come with a lot of uncertainty, and a fixed rate has a pre-agreed moving cost that isn’t changed unless the terms of the move are changed. If you are moving a few blocks away, however, then you should look into hiring an hourly-rate mover. The move will be short, which means you will spend a few hours moving and pay only for those hours the crew worked. However, account for traffic as it can affect the final moving cost. Three Movers offers both services, by the way.

moving services in sunbury pennsylvania

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Sunbury City, Pennsylvania

Packing and Crating

Packing and crating services will save your time and energy. If you aren’t interested in packing your things into moving boxes, you can hire a company to do it for you. You can also hire a company to put the fragile and valuable items into crates. Three Movers offers both services.


Accidents occasionally occur, and no one can predict them. This is why you need insurance to be part of your move. If you don’t move with insurance, something might go wrong, leaving you to pick up the pieces without help. The easiest way to handle insurance is to hire a company that offers it.

Full-Service Moves

Choose a full-service move if you want to relocate without getting physically involved. The company you hire to provide the service will do everything from packing your things to transporting them and then unpacking them at the destination. Three Movers wants to give its clients comfort, which is why we offer this service.


You can store the things you aren’t using right now in a storage facility, which will be much better than using your friend’s garage. If you hire Three Movers, you will be exposed to various storage services, from full-service storage to self-storage and even pods.

Same-Day moves

A last-minute move will be difficult to pull off without professional help. Remember, though, that this service is more expensive than a regular moving service. Also, this service can be difficult to come by during peak moving seasons because of the high demand for movers. Three Movers offers this service.

Auto Transport

You might’ve figured out how to move your things but not know what to do with your car. If you are moving to a faraway place and don’t want to drive, you can opt for auto transport. Your car will be transported to wherever you want.

shipping services in sunbury pennsylvania

How much will it cost to move

Every move is different, but the major contributors to the relocation price are the distance from start to finish and the shipment size. You can’t alter the distance, but you can sometimes reduce the cost by decreasing what you move. It's smart to dispose of things you don't want before moving them instead of sorting them as you unpack. Sell stuff you no longer want or donate to a charity organization. If you can reduce the weight, you will pay a lower price.

Cost Of Moving House Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Sunbury

To / From Sunbury Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Sunbury, PA to Belford, NJ 143 miles $1221 - $1869 $2319 - $3336 $3336 - $5244
Center Barnstead, NH to Sunbury, PA 333 miles $1543 - $2201 $2788 - $3941 $3941 - $6124
Sunbury, PA to Hawthorne, NV 2210 miles $3993 - $5394 $6538 - $9177 $9177 - $13644
Huntsville, AL to Sunbury, PA 985 miles $2830 - $3634 $4350 - $5875 $5875 - $8362
Sunbury, PA to Amagansett, NY 242 miles $1494 - $2042 $2651 - $3604 $3604 - $5837
Brimhall, NM to Sunbury, PA 1747 miles $3436 - $4746 $5733 - $7929 $7929 - $11583

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Sunbury, PA Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Hummels Wharf Kapp Heights Kratzerville
Montandon Trevorton Winfield
Northumberland Selinsgrove Shamokin Dam

Sunbury, Pennsylvania includes ZIP codes:

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