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Best Milton Movers Near Me – Premium Milton, PA Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Milton Movers Near Me – Premium Milton, PA Moving Companies

Three Movers is a high-quality, affordable mover in Milton, Pennsylvania. Our professional, experienced crews work hard to assist residential and commercial customers with their local and long distance moves. If you want to enjoy the best service in the moving business, contact us. We offer the following option:

Moving Companies Near Me Milton, Pennsylvania

Types of moves offered in Milton, Pennsylvania

Residential Movers in Milton, Pennsylvania

Milton is a borough that is famous for having a rich history as a transportation hub. It once had canal boats which were replaced by trains. These trains increased the traffic that flowed through the borough. The area also had many steel mills. Currently, the borough is a quiet community with a dense suburban feel. If you move to the area, you will enjoy what the town offers. There are a lot of bars and restaurants to visit. However, you will have to plan your move thoroughly. If you are considering moving your things yourself, then know that it can be complicated. You will have to do all the work yourself, with the risk of damaging your property, and you will spend amounts similar to a professional service. Hiring a professional is great since you won’t have to do everything yourself while moving. Three Movers offers this service.

Commercial Movers in Milton, Pennsylvania

It is possible to make an office move a commercial thing, but that will come with many complications if done under the wrong circumstances. Changing the location of an office can change the business’ direction. This is why relocating as a company is a big deal. There should be no room for error when handling something so important. If you move wrongly, you might damage some important items or lose them entirely. A DIY move shouldn’t be used if the distance traveled is far. Long distances might take multiple days, so there is a greater chance of something going wrong. For most offices and businesses, hiring commercial movers is the best option. The staff gets to keep on working while the mover transports items, and the mover is responsible for every damage or loss of an item. Hire Three Movers for your commercial moving needs.

Military movers in Milton, Pennsylvania

If you are part of the military, you will have to get used to moving a lot. Every few years, an officer is relocated to another military installation or station. The station can be on one continent or another continent. The government sponsors the process but leaves the officer to choose the method they are comfortable with. As an officer, you can choose between moving your things yourself or hiring a moving company to transport your items. Even though moving your things can be tempting, doing so under the wrong conditions can have dire consequences. If a DIY move is done when the items are many, errors might occur that could lead to the loss of important items. Also, when the destination is far, a DIY move is almost as expensive as hiring a professional. When hiring a professional, look for a company that is experienced in transporting items belonging to military officers.

International Movers In Milton, Pennsylvania

Moving to another country can be fun if you handle the whole process properly. However, it can be a nightmare when you don’t know how to go about the whole thing. In almost all cases, you won’t be able to move your things yourself to another country. This is because most countries are separated by water and, when they aren’t, have complications at the land border. The implication is that moving to another country will involve hiring professionals. To get the best moving experience, you should hire an experienced moving company. This will reduce the chances of things going wrong as your items are transported to your destination country. Also, ensure the company is licensed to transport items across country borders, so you don’t fall into the hands of scammers. Three Movers offers international moving services.

Fixed-Rate and Hourly-Rate Movers in Milton, Pennsylvania

Long Distance Moving Companies Milton, Pennsylvania

You might think that deciding to hire a professional is the only major choice you will make. However, you will have to make up your mind about what type of mover you want. You might want the fixed-rate mover or the hourly-rate mover. Both moving styles come with their advantages. If you are moving to a distant location roughly 100 miles away, then the fixed rate is the moving style that will give you the best moving experience. The reason it is the best option that the cost of the move won’t be based on the time the moving crew spends moving your things. The distance will be the deciding factor. If time were the factor, you would pay much more for transporting your things. When your move is closer, you will get the best rates from an hourly-rated move. You can hire a company that offers both services, as Three Movers does.

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Milton, Pennsylvania

Packing and Crating

If you are moving and don’t have help packing your things, you should consider hiring a company that offers packing services. This will reduce the stress that accompanies packing. If you have fragile items that might get damaged in moving boxes, hire a company that also offers crating services.


Getting the right insurance for your things is a vital part of moving. If you don’t have a suitable insurance package while moving, you will bear all the liability for your things. You can get third-party moving insurance or hire a company that offers a suitable moving insurance plan. Three Movers offers coverage services.

Full-Service Moves

An all-inclusive move is one in which the moving company handles all aspects of the move. This means that you, as the customer, will not be involved in the packing, transporting, offloading, and unpacking your things. It is a great service for those who don’t have the time or energy to move their things.


Your things might have to be stored as you move to another location. This is because you might not be available at the destination when your items arrive. The best way to handle the need for storage is to hire a company that offers storage and moving services.

Same-Day moves

If you have to move quickly, you might not know where to start. There is a way to manage this chaos if you hire a company that offers a same day moving service. This service involves paying a company to move your things with a few hours of notice. Three Movers offers this service.

Auto Transport

Auto transport is the service for you if you have a car and need to move to a distant location. If you opt for this service, you won’t have to drive your car to the destination you are moving to. Your car will be transported in a truck to your destination.

long distance movers in milton pennsylvania

Long distance movers

As you prepare for your long distance move to or from Milton, Pennsylvania, one of the crucial tasks on the to-do list is finding the right mover. You may already know that interstate moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, known as FMCSA, and must register with the agency.

FMCSA created industry standards to help consumers avoid being taken advantage of. For example, moving companies must complete a visual inspection of the household goods the customer wants to move before submitting their estimate (unless the mover is located more than 50 miles from the residence.) Estimates must be submitted in writing and include a detailed inventory of the items being moved. Each quote must include the mover’s tariff, which is a description of their policies and prices for any services you may need, plus a choice of insurance coverage. The customer has the option for basic insurance at no additional charge or more comprehensive protection for an extra fee.

You can learn more about estimates, insurance, and other regulations by visiting the FMCSA site.

Local moving companies

Unlike interstate movers, local vendors in Milton, Pennsylvania, are overseen by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. In practice, that means that the consumer should be cautious in hiring a moving company and proactively verify the company's qualifications. Ask for their business license and find out how long they have been operating in the area. Check the Better Business Bureau website for reviews and independent ratings. Also, ensure that the mover has adequate liability insurance. Finally, obtain some local references from recent customers to get feedback on their service standards.

best movers in milton pa

Types of Moves Offered in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

Residential Movers in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

We are all aware that relocating isn't always a pleasant process. You must still be cautious when packing and unpacking your possessions. Three Movers can easily manage any size of relocation, whether a local or long-distance move.

Aside from transporting heavy items, our team can also help you find a new house that is more comfy and acceptable to you. We can help you transfer your possessions with care, whether you're relocating across town or around the world. Let us handle your move. Contact us now.

Office/Commercial Movers in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

To guarantee a successful move, the preparatory phase is just as vital as the actual move. Three Movers can relocate businesses of all sizes, from major offices to small offices.

With our assistance, you can create a timetable for your office relocation and distribute chores and responsibilities to our staff as they pack your office equipment and drive you to the new location. We can minimize your downtime to a minimum by working cooperatively with you. We want to ensure you can keep running your business during the move. Let us be a helping hand. Contact us today to start your office move.

Military Movers in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

Military guys have difficulty transferring from location to location due to the continual shift of PCS. That's why Three Movers has made it their mission to provide a smooth-moving service for our military guys. Not only do we provide the greatest service, but we also provide a military discount to all of our customers.

You would not have to worry about overpaying. We also ensure that you enjoy your government-provided military entitlement. So, give us a call right now to get started on all of the processes.

International Movers in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

At Three Movers, we realize how difficult it is to migrate your family or company to another country. Moving abroad is just as important as preparing for it. Professionals should be allowed to plan and execute a relocation.

We can assist you in fully managing your relocation and providing aid during your foreign transfer. You may rely on our services to alleviate the stress of relocating to a new country. Our consumers benefit from our local knowledge as they go through uncharted territory.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

You will be charged an hourly fee based on the hours spent on your relocation. When transferring a limited number of objects or inside the state, it is always best to choose an hourly rate. Your transfer is assigned a deadline, and a per-hour cost is permitted. However, if your relocation procedure takes longer than expected, you will be charged for the extra time.

A flat rate is intended for larger or longer distance transfers. A fixed cost is agreed upon before the relocation, and no further fees will be charged regardless of how long the move takes. This is due to a pre-move assessment of how long your move will take, which was used to set the fixed fee.

moving services in milton pennsylvania

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Milton, PA, Pennsylvania

Packing and Crating

Do you know that packing is one of the most awful tasks during a move? Three Movers offers various packing services to guarantee that your possessions are properly protected and transferred from your old house to your new one. Our crew guarantees that your belongings will be handled with the utmost care.

Your belongings will be in perfect shape, with the highest safety and security in mind, no matter the distance. Put a stop to the time-consuming process of organizing and packing your belongings into moving boxes yourself. We have you covered when it comes to packaging items, whether you're a newbie or an expert with this task.


When moving, it is critical to have insurance. Because we do not want any harm to happen to our client's properties, our movers are always exceedingly cautious when handling their things. Accidents happen, no matter how cautious the movers are.

Aside from the minimum insurance coverage our clients are entitled to when they hire us, we supply them with supplemental insurance coverage. Our full insurance coverage provides a replacement value for any damaged products. You are either paid a monetary settlement equal to the item's original market worth, or your damaged item is restored or replaced with another. With this agreement in place, you won't have to think about your stuff, which is especially important if you're relocating expensive goods.

Full-Service Moves

Three Mover's full-service relocation is meticulously planned to meet and fulfill all of our client’s needs. When you choose this service, our highly qualified and experienced movers will oversee your relocation and take care of everything essential to guarantee a seamless transition.

We would take care of everything, from the planning stage until the moment your belongings are carried and organized at your new site. This full transfer includes access to our storage facility as part of the package. You won't have to worry about protecting your possessions or their timely arrival because our services are of the greatest quality.


Is it your intention to keep your items for a lengthy or short period? Three Movers may provide long-term or short-term storage options. You can store your belongings in our indoor facilities for as long as needed.

Our facilities can fit all of your stuff for short or long-term storage. Protecting your possessions in our ventilated, well-equipped, and cutting-edge storage facility is a major concern.

Same-Day moves

There are situations when you are pressed for time to plan a transfer or you need to relocate urgently. Three Movers is well-equipped to manage such a move for you.

A same-day relocation is no less of a move than a usual move. Everything we do for you goes above and beyond your expectations. As a result, we have designed a method to make moving on the same day as easy as possible.

Auto Transport

There are many moving factors when transporting an automobile, and juggling them all at once will be stressful. Whether you're shipping a new automobile or having your old one moved to a new location, it makes no difference. Three Movers will ensure that deliveries are made without a glitch.

Simply call us to have your automobile picked up or transported to your destination. We will be happy to help you. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way.

shipping services in milton pennsylvania

How much will it cost to move

Every move is different, but the major contributors to the relocation price are the distance from start to finish and the shipment size. You can’t alter the distance, but you can sometimes reduce the cost by decreasing what you move. It's smart to dispose of things you don't want before moving them instead of sorting them as you unpack. Sell stuff you no longer want or donate to a charity organization. If you can reduce the weight, you will pay a lower price.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Milton

To / From Milton Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Milton, PA to Bell City, LA 1176 miles $2721 - $3769 $4619 - $6636 $6636 - $9944
Audubon Park, KY to Milton, PA 510 miles $1843 - $2501 $3288 - $4541 $4541 - $7024
Milton, PA to Beaver Cove, ME 483 miles $1793 - $2494 $3138 - $4477 $4477 - $6844
Belchertown, MA to Milton, PA 245 miles $1430 - $2034 $2550 - $3675 $3675 - $5662
Milton, PA to Bishopville, MD 199 miles $1394 - $1842 $2351 - $3304 $3304 - $4337
Avoca, MN to Milton, PA 976 miles $2336 - $3246 $4033 - $5729 $5729 - $8783

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Milton, PA Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

Allenwood Dewart Kapp Heights
Linntown New Columbia Winfield
Lewisburg McEwensville Northumberland
Watsontown Montandon West Milton

Milton, Pennsylvania includes ZIP codes:

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