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Best Holbrook Movers Near Me – Premium Holbrook, NY Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Holbrook Movers Near Me – Premium Holbrook, NY Moving Companies

Three Movers proudly serves the Holbrook, New York, community with residential and commercial relocation services. We provide local, long distance, and international moving assistance for your needs in the area.

Long distance moving companies

To find the best long distance mover for your relocation to or from Holbrook, New York, start by choosing only from among companies that meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's standards. FMCSA regulates interstate moving companies and requires that they register with that agency. You can identify registered companies by looking for their motor carrier number, and on the FMCSA website, you will find helpful information on the companies' safety record and customer complaint history. Once you have determined that the mover you are evaluating is legitimate, ask them for an in-home survey of your household goods. The mover will use that information to submit a rate quote and offer you a price for services like packing and storage. Reputable movers like Three Movers will provide you with a clear, written estimate of what it will cost to complete your move, and we will be happy to answer your questions about the quote and the move.

long distance movers in holbrook new york

Local Movers

If you are looking for a local mover in Holbrook, call Three Movers. We have local crews who are familiar with the community and who are professional movers. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the service you are getting when you work with us. Some local movers are not from the area—they are dispatched by a call center from hundreds of miles away, and the crew you see on moving day could be day workers in a rented truck. That’s not going to happen when you hire Three Movers. Our nearby team will handle the estimate and the move itself. If you want packing, storage, or other services, just ask—we can do that too.

Three Movers offers these services:

Moving Services Types in Holbrook, New York

A moving company that provides a wide range of top-notch moving services is essential if you're moving to or from Holbrook, New York. You wouldn't want your relocation to be a horrible experience.

Since it could be complicated and inconvenient, many folks prefer to avoid moving their possessions. To give our customers a satisfying moving experience, we offer a variety of moving services.

Moving Companies Near Me Holbrook, New York

Commercial/Office Holbrook, New York Moving Services

The majority of migrations that are not residential are commercial or business-related. It might be difficult to choose the best moving company, despite the fact that many promise to give the best services. It is akin to relocating household items in many ways, even though it is far more difficult. Each item of office equipment must be packed, shipped, unpacked, and reorganized throughout the move.

If your company needs office supplies or furniture, our services can be beneficial. Along with moving items, we offer a variety of services. The planning and execution of your relocation from or to Holbrook, New York, can be handled by a commercial moving manager, if necessary.

Residential Holbrook, New York Moving Services

Moving on your own can be challenging if you have many responsibilities. If you don't adequately plan for it, even a nearby move could be challenging and annoying. A reputable moving company like ours can help you with your residential relocation by providing aid and support. Our past achievements validate both our claims and our actions.

Being among the best moving companies in the country, we work with dedicated and skilled movers who offer top-notch services at competitive prices. Our entire staff has undergone extensive training in the proper handling of your items when moving from one home to another.

International Holbrook, New York Moving Services

One shouldn't underestimate how difficult moving to a new country may be. Most of the time, extensive and difficult planning is anticipated to be needed. No matter where you plan to move, it's critical that you don't choose a mediocre moving company. As part of your pre-move planning, you should always choose a reputable moving company while moving from your current home to Holbrook, New York.

How can you identify which global movers are trustworthy? The abundance of possibilities makes decision-making challenging.

Employ a reputable and knowledgeable moving company if you want your international move to proceed without a hitch. Using a certified relocation company is advised by the Federal Maritime Commission. They are in charge of approving licenses for businesses that export goods, although they only do this for licensed movers. We are certain that we are your best choice as a result. Our years of expertise have taught us how to take care of our customers and make their move a success. The relocation process will be affordable and convenient for you to give you the best moving experience possible.

Military Holbrook, New York Moving Services

There is no doubt that the military contributes significantly to your nation's security. Military personnel who use licensed and insured movers are eligible to submit a claim for reimbursement of their moving expenses. Three Movers offers military moves as a part of our moving services in an effort to give military people the best moving experience possible.

Families of service members going to or from Holbrook, New York, can use our expert long-distance and international relocation services. We're here to support you wherever your PCS takes you.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Holbrook, New York Moving Services

The size of your property and the distance your belongings need to travel will affect the flat-rate and hourly prices.

Clients often pay by the hour for local moves. If you're relocating outside of your state or country or don't want to increase your moving fees, your moving company should provide you with a flat charge.

However, the moving company you hire might tack on extra costs. The company tacks on these fees because they couldn't offer you an accurate quote. All of this won't be a problem because we always bill our customers accurately and fairly. We can also offer financing options that work with your relocation budget.

Long Distance Moving Companies Holbrook, New York

More Moving Services Offered in Holbrook, New York

Packing and Crating

Let us help you pack your delicate or valuable possessions before you travel to or arrive in Holbrook, New York. If you lack the time or experience to pack yourself, it is a good idea to hire a professional. If customers need to relocate priceless items out of their homes or places of business, our crating services would be helpful.

Thanks to the expertise of our packers, your items will be protected during the transportation procedure. We have mastered a variety of packing methods.

Storage Services

Most of the time, people who are relocating far away require storage services for part of their possessions. They tend to move a sizable chunk of their belongings first, then the remaining ones once they are at ease in their new place. It's common to have the choice of hiring movers who can recommend a storage facility or movers that have their own facility available.

We have facilities all around the nation because we recognize the value of storage. We can take care of each customer's storage needs so that your entire move is handled under one roof. In our opinion, this is preferable to balancing your storage needs with your need for moving services.

Auto Transportation

Along with relocating customers' possessions to and from Holbrook, New York, Three Movers also transports vehicles of different kinds. Many clients would want to transport their automobiles, such as motorbikes, cars, or RVs, while moving over long distances. By using this service, you can avoid long-distance auto transportation and driving your own vehicle.

Same Day Services

In the case that unplanned situations take place, you might need to make a snap decision to relocate. There's a chance that your decision to relocate was influenced by factors like family, work, or health. Along with other cities nationwide, our company also provides same-day moving services to Holbrook, New York.

Our moving teams are prepared for urgent moves even though we advocate preparing ahead.

Comprehensive Moving Services

We can manage every aspect of the move on our client's behalf if they need our full range of moving services. Your belongings are expertly packaged, delivered to your new house, unloaded, and finally assembled.

We also take care of any unanticipated relocation tasks. The process also includes buying packing materials and other things. We encourage customers to utilize all of our services to reduce any stress related to moving. While we handle every aspect of your move, you can unwind and focus on what truly lies ahead.

Long Distance Movers Near Me Holbrook, New York

Cheap Holbrook, New York, Local & Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Three Movers handle every type of moving process. If a client needs a relocation, we can handle their residential, commercial, or military move. It's possible that you'll have to relocate to a new home from your old one. It's also possible that you're switching workplaces; therefore, you'll need to transfer your things for work. Whatever the reason, we are experts in local and long-distance moving and can manage your moving process with ease as a result. And we possess each and every license required to operate a moving business. Our haulers are experienced in their fields, so they can deliver your belongings safely whether you need packing, crating, or loading services.

Long Distance Holbrook, New York, Moving Companies

Before entrusting a moving company with your valuables, it is wise to do some research on that firm. If you choose to hire them, you must verify their credibility. We make sure to offer top-notch moving services when our clients need to relocate a considerable distance. Long-distance shipping is our area of expertise. Additionally, we can guarantee the security of your possessions when you ship them far away to another location.

Local Holbrook, New York, Movers

Our local moving services are available if you only need to transfer your possessions a short distance. The streets, highways, and communities in Holbrook, New York, are familiar to Three Movers because we have worked with clients there. Additionally, we are familiar with the city's layout, so we can deliver your belongings without issue. Furthermore, we offer full-service relocation if necessary and provide clients with moving boxes to facilitate their relocation.

Best Moving Service Near Me Holbrook, New York

How Much Will My Holbrook, New York, Move Cost?

It could be more expensive to hire a moving company to transport your goods to or from Holbrook, New York, than to do it yourself. Moving your belongings with a reputable moving company, however, is less complicated. Despite not being the cheapest, our rates are still affordable to most of our customers. We offer high-quality moving services at a rate that pleases most of our clients. Please be advised that long-distance moves come at a higher cost. Your relocation costs, however, would be less expensive if you were only moving locally. Additionally, the cost of shipping depends on the size of the items you are shipping. There will be additional costs if you are transporting heavier cargo. It should be noted that while slightly more expensive, our full-service fee is well worth it.

In Holbrook, New York, Three Movers Offers These Services:

best movers in holbrook ny

Types of Moves Offered in Holbrook, New York

Residential Movers in Holbrook, New York

It's not ideal to hire a residential moving company specializing in just one aspect of the job. Fortunately, you can rely on Three Movers to serve as your one-stop shop for all of your relocation needs. Transitioning to a new home may be a trying time, and we get that. However, we think that when you collaborate with a group of qualified specialists, you can significantly reduce that burden. Our goal is to lessen your responsibilities so that you may give more attention to the things that truly matter in life, such as your loved ones and feelings. For your continuing comfort, we will see the primary and minor details. We are so confident in our pricing that we provide no-cost price quotes.

Office/Commercial Movers in Holbrook, New York

It can be challenging to move an office. It will be a wise decision to employ a flexible and experienced crew to handle things while you maintain your firm operating if you are considering an office relocation. Three Movers is a Certified Office mover, which means that it has better technology, trained movers, and pretty much everything else needed to complete a move in a recognized manner. Our reputable and trustworthy office movers will spare no effort to make your move easier and better. When you call us for our office relocation services, please inform us of any special requirements, and we will do our best to meet them.

Military Movers in Holbrook, New York

We at Three Movers have years of experience helping the government, DITY, and the military relocate. We've been serving the U.S. government and the army for years, and our domestic and international moving services have always been reliable and timely. Three Movers is well-known in the community for its particular focus on relocating government and military families smoothly. When it comes to DITY and military relocations, we have the ability and resources to provide the best service possible.

International Movers in Holbrook, New York

Relocating overseas can be an intimidating and stressful experience. Three Movers, the most reputable international movers in the industry, offers you professional guidance and moving services. Our trained specialists will assist you in getting ready for your international relocation. You can have us send your items door to door or port to port. We can ship specialized objects such as autos and pianos to their respective destinations. We will handle all required papers and customs clearance on your behalf while still offering you the most competitive price possible.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

It's easy to grasp the concept of an hourly service charge. Hourly rates are typically agreed upon before work begins, and the number of hours worked is determined as part of the final bill. For local or small-scale relocations, this is frequently the optimal solution. The flat rate is the totality of both the cost of the actual work and an assessment of your goods. After which the moving company fixes a price. The cost will not change no matter how long it takes or how many people are needed to do it. Long-distance and large-scale relocations frequently employ this method.

moving services in holbrook new york

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Holbrook, New York

Packing and Crating

If you need help packing for your move, Three Movers can do it for you, in whole or part. In our comprehensive packing, we take special care to wrap and pack each item individually to prevent damage in transit. Or, if you'd rather, we can bundle any objects you deem particularly precious, delicate, or valuable.

When it comes to protecting your belongings from the rigors of relocation, our expert packers have you covered. If you desire, we will give extra care when transferring your most fragile belongings. No request of yours goes unfulfilled because of our commitment to excellence.


We can take great care of your personal belongings. But even the most cautious movers might experience mishaps. As part of their base local moving charges, all movers include a $0.60 per pound liability protection waiver. While not a replacement or comprehensive policy, this is the norm for movers. Full replacement value coverage is the best option for protecting your possessions. With this policy, you can get your money back, have it fixed, or get a new one. That's a safe and secure way to transport your priceless heirloom or irreplaceable artwork.

Full-Service Moves

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you can't possibly afford to complete your relocation project, and delegating your home and specialty to a professional firm so you can focus on other things is your best option. With Three Movers, your search is finished. When you hire our full-service movers, they will handle every step of the process, from planning and packing to loading and transport, as well as unloading, cleanup, and storage. We'll take care of every last detail of your move so you can sit back and relax while we handle the chaos. We promise to do all it takes to make your time with us a positive one.


When you're in between relocations and need somewhere to put all your stuff, we can help. Three Movers' storage facilities are state-of-the-art, climate controlled and fireproof for your peace of mind. In our warehouse, we've thought of everything to ensure that you won't have any issues with storage space. Whether you need extra storage for your home or business, Three Movers has the resources to meet your demands. Whether you are relocating locally, nationally, internationally, or for business purposes, the "in-between" service of secure storage is an integral part of what we offer as a full-service moving company. That's why we launched this support system.

Same-Day moves

A same-day move is frequently an unanticipated event. This process often only takes one day, although it may often be very stressful. Within the allowed timeframe of several hours, you must swiftly relocate and pack up all your stuff in preparation for the transfer. You do not have to be evicted to require same-day emergency relocation; a new job, a family issue, or anything sudden could force you to move. Regarding emergency relocating on the same day, we will be at your doorsteps as quickly as possible. Because of our extensive training, we will bring moving goods to your location if you want them. We take pride in not just making our clients feel secure but also that they are essential to us. At Three Movers, we pride ourselves on being an honest and hardworking group of individuals. Because your requirements are more important to us than our own, we will treat all of your valuables with the utmost respect and ensure that they are never out of our sight.

Auto Transport

A car is more than just transportation; it also represents a significant emotional investment. What's important is that your vehicle arrives at its destination in one piece, regardless of the motivation behind your shipping decision. Driving the automobile by yourself or using a service like ours to ship your vehicle are two of the most prevalent options. We at Three Movers provide car transport services that prioritize the safety of your vehicle during transit. Regarding loading or unloading your truck, our staff has been trained to handle everything carefully and pay close attention to detail.

shipping services in holbrook new york

How much does it cost to move

Finding out the cost of a move isn't rocket science, but it might seem confusing until you connect with the right vendor. The best way to get a price you understand is to get an in-person quote from a mover like Three Movers. Every move is different, and the price depends on how much you are moving and how far it needs to go, plus a few other things. So call us, and we can give you a fair quote right away.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Holbrook

To / From Holbrook Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Holbrook, NY to Benge, WA 2244 miles $4624 - $5651 $6165 - $6936 $8220 - $9505
Brookfield, VT to Holbrook, NY 224 miles $1437 - $2090 $2516 - $3756 $3756 - $5818
Holbrook, NY to Asbury, WV 449 miles $1846 - $2545 $3295 - $4569 $4569 - $7067
Amherst, TX to Holbrook, NY 1667 miles $3465 - $4646 $5787 - $7898 $7898 - $12601
Holbrook, NY to Beersheba Springs, TN 774 miles $2363 - $3177 $3984 - $5594 $5594 - $8529
Big Stone City, SD to Holbrook, NY 1215 miles $2983 - $4057 $4944 - $6974 $6974 - $10609

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Holbrook, NY Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

East Patchogue Farmingville Medford
North Great River Oakdale Selden
West Sayville Bayport Blue Point
Bohemia Centereach Holtsville

Holbrook, New York includes ZIP codes:
11741, 11779

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