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Best Muscatine Movers Near Me – Premium Muscatine, IA Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Muscatine Movers Near Me – Premium Muscatine, IA Moving Companies

Having a family is so important and having productive children is more important. For children to grow and have proper brain development, they need to be exposed to different environments with new and different cultures. This brings in the aspect of relocation, both local and long-distance. Relocation to new environments greatly impacts the grow of children positively.

Are you in Muscatine and want to relocate your family to a different area or state? Worry no more! Three Movers is here for you. For all your relocation needs, contact us and we will offer you the best services at very affordable prices.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in Muscatine, Iowa

Long-distance moving is carrying items from one place to another place which is in a different state. This has to be across state borders and is miles and miles away. To achieve this, proper and prior planning is required. Choosing the right company that offers moving services can be quite challenging but we Three Movers are here for you for all your relocation needs. Having the best reviews from our previous clients we offer the best services at very affordable rates. Reach us on (888)202-0036 to get a good experience with us.

long distance movers in muscatine iowa

Local Movers in Muscatine, Iowa

Local moving involves moving items from one area to another within the same region of the same geographical area. This can be distances from meters to few kilometers. We Three Movers is offering local moving services at very affordable prices here at Muscatine and we do fast and efficient operational jobs at friendly and affordable rates.

Services Rendered By Three Movers

We offer a number of services to our customers giving them the very best. These services are;

Local Moving Companies Muscatine, Iowa

Moving Services in Muscatine, Iowa

Residential Moves

If you are seeking a moving company, Three Movers may be able to assist you. Our experience in the moving industry over the past two decades has enabled us to acquire various expertise. Three Movers has acquired many skills and abilities over the years and can immediately assist you with your move.

If you need the services of a moving company, Three Movers can be of assistance. As well as providing local relocation services, the company also offers global relocation services. Relocations tailored to your requirements can also be arranged upon request.

People often settle in new cities or nations after relocating from one location to another. Relocating to a new residence can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Your items will arrive safely and on time when you use a shipping firm.

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Muscatine, Iowa

When relocating a business, it is imperative to carry delicate electrical equipment along with huge and heavy equipment to prevent damage to the business. If you want to minimize the damage to your items, it is recommended that you hire a professional to perform this procedure.

To ensure a seamless and comfortable transition, it is essential that transition coordinators and building owners maintain close communication. We guarantee that our expert movers will handle your belongings with the utmost care and attention.

There are many benefits to working with a reliable moving company, regardless of whether you own or lease your office.

Military Moving Services in Muscatine, Iowa

We will be pleased to assist you with the self-procurement plan if you need any assistance. It is not the entire government that oversees the entire operation, but rather it is a military staff that does so. A moving company approved by the government may not be as effective and dependable as one hired by the personnel.

The soldiers are frequently moved from one location to another during a large operation. There are several different options to choose from when it comes to placing an order for a PCS. Commanders are responsible for determining whether a member will be assigned to a post in the United States or abroad. In the event of a relocation, it is imperative to respond as soon as possible since relocations can happen anytime. There are several factors to consider when choosing a transportation company. As a result, you must select a company whose transportation staff is willing to work above and beyond to meet your needs.

It is not uncommon for relocation businesses to transfer military personnel from one location to another. While we do not specialize in this field, we provide this service even though we do not have any experience.

International Moving Services in Muscatine, Iowa

It is imperative to examine several factors before calculating the cost of moving. The importance of selecting a moving company with proven expertise and aptitude in relocation cannot be overstated. It would be almost impossible not to emphasize the significance of doing so. Having served hundreds of clients worldwide for over twenty years, Three Movers has been a leader in the relocation market for over twenty years.

The process of reforming a country at home is undeniably more complicated and longer than reforming the country abroad. There is a lot of work and time involved in moving your belongings. If there are any instructions for shipment, fees, or authorizations from the company, it is the consumer's responsibility to follow those instructions.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

Your mover can advise you on the most appropriate method of relocation based on the circumstances of your move. Three Movers allows clients to select flat-rate or hourly moving rates. A thorough evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility should be conducted before making a final decision.

Moving Quotes Muscatine, Iowa

There is a reasonable chance that you will be charged an hourly rate in addition to the predetermined amount if you move regularly. If you decide on an approach, bear in mind the time you have and the dimensions of the area you need to clean.

Cheap Muscatine, IA Local & Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

A moving firm called Three Movers in Muscatine focuses on offering excellent relocation services to its residential and small commercial clients. Throughout the moving process, Three Movers pays close attention to each of their clients' demands and goals in order to fully comprehend them. You don't need to worry if you're pressed for time or trying to move a heavy object like a piano or another big object because we have the knowledge, resources, personnel, and expertise to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Long Distance Muscatine, IA Moving Companies

We are one of the top long distance moving companies in Muscatine. We provide top-notch long distance moving services, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing that make us one of the best long distance moving companies in Muscatine. We strive to ensure that every one of our clients enjoys a positive moving experience when they move across vast distances as a full-service moving and storage company. Wherever you are moving in the US, we can offer you excellent residential and commercial relocation services. Your belongings will be safely, quickly, and efficiently wrapped, packed, and delivered to your new residence. Licensed, insured, and bonded long distance moving professionals will manage your belongings.

Best Moving Companies Near Me Muscatine, Iowa

Local New York City Movers

Numerous circumstances, including traffic, parking, and many others, will influence your moves, even if they are only a small distance away. Even if none of those things are an issue, it's important to always keep in mind that local moves can be very difficult. Moving close to home can still be fun. You may simplify your move by calling Three Movers simply once! Our local movers are there to help you, so you can unwind knowing that everything is going according to plan. One of the greatest places to turn for assistance with your move is our local moving company in Muscatine! If you want to start organizing your move, get in touch with us right away.

How Much Will My Muscatine, IA Move Cost?

There are several justifications for selecting a reliable moving company. Consideration of all associated costs is one of the most crucial aspects when determining how much it will cost to move. It is important to note that a number of factors contribute to the cost of moving, including the quantity of items that must be moved, the distance to be covered, the number of movers necessary, and the number of supplies or other services required. You may get a free quotation from Three Movers and receive an accurate moving quote.

Muscatine, IA Three Movers Offers These Services:

Best Moving Truck Rental Muscatine, Iowa

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Muscatine, Iowa

Packing and Crating

There is no doubt that packing is a challenging process in and of itself. Please be aware that we may be able to assist you with packaging and repackaging your items, depending on their nature. Moving and packing services are provided by our organization.

Our white-glove service may be available to you if you so desire. Your possessions will be checked and conserved by a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure that they remain in the best possible condition.


Relocation will undoubtedly present some challenges. We at Three Movers are committed to the safety and security of your relocation. In compliance with federal regulations, we ensure our client's safety.

In the event of an emergency, you must have adequate insurance coverage.

Insurers offer two types of coverage. The distinction between basic and comprehensive coverage is crucial when making an informed decision. All your belongings will be covered if you purchase comprehensive coverage instead of a free basic policy. It is strongly recommended that you obtain a full insurance policy if you wish to protect the entire relocation of your home.

Full-Service Moves

A moving company offering a comprehensive range of moving services is the best choice to ensure a seamless transfer. A means of transportation such as this may prove invaluable to those who are unable to prepare and transport their items. This type of relocation is one of the services we provide.

Those who cannot relocate within a reasonable time frame will benefit from this service.


Based on our client's needs, we offer various storage options. We provide our customers with several storage options tailored to their specific needs and fully serviced storage facilities.

You may be able to store your belongings safely, securely, and undamaged in a storage container.

You should consult with a relocation counselor if you would like to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of transfer.

Same-Day Moves

An entire house or office cannot be thoroughly cleaned every day. Relocations utilizing this method are beneficial to those who are unable to handle the process independently. Therefore, we will be able to assist you in moving forward as soon as possible.

The moving company may be unable to schedule an appointment on that particular day due to your hectic schedule.

Auto Transport

You can always trust a transport company to transport your vehicle safely. In addition to automotive transportation, we offer a variety of additional services. When you prepare to move to your new home and work with us for your auto transport, all that's left to do is go home to your new life.

Is The Security Of My Items Guaranteed?

The security of a customers’ items is guaranteed as we take very high precaution and care of these items. Regardless of the value of these goods, we take equal measure of precaution of these goods.

best movers in muscatine ia

Types of Moves Offered in Muscatine, Iowa

Residential Movers in Muscatine, Iowa

For families and individuals that are looking to relocate into Muscatine, Iowa, for residential purposes, hiring a reputable and reliable moving company like Three Movers is always the ideal option. Three Movers offers excellent moving services for the family, handles family items and properties diligently to preferred to destination and guarantee a seamless transition into the new space.

Our presence in various states across the United States also guarantee families or individuals that need to relocate out of Muscatine, a swift and professional response to their moving needs.

Office/Commercial Movers in Muscatine, Iowa

Moving into Muscatine, Iowa to establish a business or simply relocate an existing business can be a bit demanding. Asides the hassle of updating the new business location and obtaining necessary licenses for moving office equipment or products, there are still other steps that need to be taken, to wit, planning, sorting, packing, moving and everything in between.

This is why working with a reputable moving company like Three Movers is ideal. With our diligent and meticulous team of movers, you can feel secure knowing that all office supplies, materials, files, folders, goods, and other property will be moved in a secure manner.

Military Movers in Muscatine, Iowa

Military or service men and women who also need to relocate into or out of Muscatine, Iowa, can rely on our stellar moving service to facilitate their moves.

At Three Movers, we understand the urgency that is required when it comes to military moves. This is why we provide special military concierges that are prompt and articulate in carrying out these types of moves.

We also have fleet dispatch available for moving military families as well as other belongings. So, whether it is an impromptu military redeployment, permanent change of station (PCS) or a vacation leave, Three Movers is the ideal moving company when it comes to military moves.

International Movers in Muscatine, Iowa

For foreign clientele, Three Movers also specializes in cross-country moves. Anyone moving to Muscatine, Iowa, for employment, school, company, or other reasons can rely on Three Movers to offer accelerated moving services, including international shipment for their possessions or properties.

Families or individuals who want to relocate from Muscatine, Iowa to a foreign country or across international borders can also choose Three Movers to handle their relocation.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Movers

Three Movers also offer flexible pricing models to accommodate clients with varying budget sizes. We offer flat rates and hourly rates which our clients can choose from depending on their budget.

Our flat rates are fixed prices that are charged based on the amount of work required to complete the moving task. Our hourly rates, on the other hand, are fixed rates that are charged based on the amount of time spent in completing the moving task.

Hourly rates are usually ideal for short distance moves. This is because transporting items to a distant location with hourly rates can inflate overall moving costs due to time spent on the road. However, no matter the situation, our moving rates are always affordable, negotiable and tailored to fit your budget.

moving services in muscatine iowa

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Muscatine, Iowa

Packing and Crating

As an additional service, Three Movers provide adequate packing and crating materials to facilitate moves. Our packing and crating services offer essential travel supplies such as bubble wraps, moving boxes, crates and additional packaging material.

This additional service ensures that properties are packed safely for transport in a way that saves space, time and resources from multiple return trips.


Like every other moving process, there are potential risks associated. Potential risks include loss or damage of property/equipment, theft, etc.

However, what makes Three Movers stand out is our insurance policy that covers items and belongings transported with us. This also makes us one of the top moving companies operating in the United States.

Items and belongings transported with Three Movers are insured against loss, theft or damage. Our insurance policy, however, does not cover items that are not shipped with us such as carry-ons, etc.

Full-Service Moves

Clients that chose Three Movers to handle their moving tasks have the option of utilizing our Full-Service moves service. With this additional service, clients can entrust the entire moving process to us and rely on our expertise to carry it out without breaking a sweat or lifting a finger.

Specifically designed for clients with tight schedules and busy itineraries, Three Movers' Full-Service moves handles everything about the proposed move from start to finish. This would include securing licenses and permits for the transportation of heavy equipment and/or properties as well as planning the move, packing, monitoring, and transportation of these items.

Our full-service moves also covered the unloading and unpacking of these items at the new location. This way, our clients only have to show up at the new location.


Three Movers equally provide secure storage space for clients that are looking to store their properties for a short term before moving them to their final destination. This service comes in handy especially in situations where clients do not have a final destination readily available or may need some time to set it up completely.

Three Movers has storage facilities across various states in the United States and Muscatine, Iowa is not an exception. Our storage facilities in Muscatine, Iowa are secure and spacious enough for whatever property that needs to be stored.

Same-Day moves

Our same-day moving service ensures that families, individuals and personal belongings are transported as quickly as possible to their preferred destination. Typically, this happens within a 24-hour window.

We have a rapid response and prompt team of movers that are available on request to carry out these types of moves. Usually, military men and women, families and private individuals request for our same-day moving service.

Auto Transport

Individuals that own a truck or a motor vehicle no longer have to drive all the way to their destination with their precious vehicle when moving into or out of Muscatine, Iowa. Three Movers also offer Auto Transport services as an ideal option for vehicle owners who are looking to move.

In a typical moving situation, a vehicle owner moving to a new location might want to load up all their properties into the vehicle and set off to their destination. While, this may sound worthwhile and conservative, driving all the way to one's preferred location would cost a fortune in gas fees. In situations where the vehicle owner has more belongings than can fit into the vehicle at once, multiple return trips will be inevitable, spiking moving costs. Additionally, long trips also increase the vehicle mileage which can cause a reduction in the value of the vehicle.

A safer and easier situation would be to out-source the moving task to a reliable moving company like Three Movers, utilize our auto transport services to ship your car to your new location without a dent and save yourself a lot of stress.

shipping services in muscatine iowa

Is Three Movers Capable Of Offering These Services?

Yes. Three Movers has the capacity and is able to provide relocation services proficiently and timely to all customers.

How Do I Contact Three Movers?

Reach us on (888)202-0036, calls rates is zero. You can also visit our website and navigate through the web pages to get a clear and distinct view of all the executive services we offer to our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time.

What Are The Charging Rates of Three Movers?

We offer our services at very affordable and competitive rates. Reach us on (888)202-0036 to get more information.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Muscatine, IA

To / From MuscatineDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Muscatine, IA to Bridger, MT940 miles$2638 - $3600$4460 - $6284$6284 - $9640
Healy, AK to Muscatine, IA2732 miles$4843 - $6449$7826 - $10861$10861 - $16254
Muscatine, IA to Bassett, NE449 miles$1789 - $2570$3118 - $4515$4515 - $6544
Benton, MS to Muscatine, IA591 miles$1994 - $2757$3338 - $4776$4886 - $6534
Muscatine, IA to Altamont, NY868 miles$2237 - $3017$4225 - $5241$5241 - $7539
Goodsprings, NV to Muscatine, IA1384 miles$2871 - $3899$4814 - $6757$6757 - $10324

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom-tailored to you


Movers Neighborhoods Area

Muscatine, IA Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

StocktonWest LibertyWilton

Muscatine, Iowa includes ZIP codes:

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