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Cheap Florida Local & Long Distance Moving Services Near Me - Florida Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Cheap Florida Local & Long Distance Moving Services Near Me - Florida Moving Companies

Florida Movers | One of The Best Florida Moving Companies

Top Florida Moving Companies: Trusted Relocation Services for Your Move

Are you looking for an affordable mover in Florida for your upcoming in-state or cross country move? If so, you're at the right place. Three Movers is a professional moving company that operates throughout Florida, an is the top rated mover in the area.

Perhaps you are moving to beautiful Miami to get away from the cold New York City winters. If so, you are not alone—New York to Florida is still one of the most popular relocation routes in the U.S. Or, perhaps you are moving in-state leaving Miami and heading north to Tampa to try the Gulf waters for a change.

Wherever you are going, within or out of Florida, Three Movers full service moving company is here to support you with a stress free moving process. You'll surely love our professional moving services.

The Best Moving Companies In Florida

Long Distance Movers

Finding the best long distance moving company in Florida is at the top of your to-do list, right? You have the desired destination and the moving date; now you need the right cheap long distance movers to help you get the job done.

Whether you are looking for basic service or a full service mover that offers packing, special items, and even long term storage, Three Movers can provide you with a complete range of services, including packing services, loading and unloading services, van lines, and unpacking mover services, etc.

You can give us a call for a free quote, and we'll try to offer a reasonable moving quote for the help you need. So, what do you look for in the best moving companies in Florida?

If you require car transportation services, we can help using our trusted partner https://www.a1autotransport.com.

Excellent Customer Service Florida

Excellent Customer Service

As one of the best movers to Florida, we always try to help clients no matter the moving process. Sometimes, long distance moves can be hard to manage, especially for those who are doing it for the first time.

One needs to understand all the technicalities involved and take necessary precautions accordingly when working with moving companies. That's especially true for interstate moves. Before you explore the best of North American van lines, you need professional advice.

If it is your first long-distance moving experience outside Florida and you're looking for help from a mover - say, you want to know the average moving costs or rental charges of the best north American van lines mover- just explain everything to our mover representatives. You will surely get the best value for money.

Meet All Your Moving Needs With The Best Movers

When dealing with professional moving companies meant for long distance or in-state moves, you expect quality moving services from the best moving companies in Florida. There is very little margin for error as interstate moves require utmost care and attention to detail.

So, what you should look for is not just a moving company or long distance moving companies in Florida, but individuals who care about your moving boxes - and your priceless possessions.

We start taking care of your belongings right from the initial stages - the list of things to be packed, where to put them, and how. Our laborers have years of experience and have undergone extensive training to qualify as long distance movers. You may not know them, but we understand your moving requirements - what's best for you and why.

 Professional Moving Companies

Stress Free Packing

The entire moving process depends on how you packed your belongings. Even the slightest of deviations can disturb your average moving costs. However, since packing comes at the initial stages, people don't often take into account its possible impacts on the connected stages.

To put it simply, let's categorize packing. There are many, but we are sticking with three packing processes:

  1. Packing of Normal / Unbreakable / Reusable / Foldable items, such as clothes, small plastic toys, sheets, shoes, etc.
  2. Fragile packing: For items such as dinner sets, tea sets, mirrors, electric fixtures, etc.
  3. Large packaging: Furniture, sports equipment and setups, music setups, etc.

Each of the packing processes is different based on how careful you've got to be when doing so; for example, you need to be extremely careful while packing fragile items.

Moreover, the packing supplies for each of these packing processes differ. You need to make sure you packed your items with the right packing material; otherwise, you bear the consequences.

Packing processes also differ based on who is doing it, whether DIY or professional. Being the best movers in Florida, our team members have the right experience to do an awesome job.

Anyhow, if you're going to do the packing yourself, Three Movers offers packing tips to make it absolutely stress free. That's not it, the Florida based company also offers packing supplies you might need to do get the job done.

Last Minute Long Distance Moving

Long distance moves are always challenging, but doing it at the last minute means loads of stress on one's shoulders. If you are pressed for time, we can make it as stress free as possible. Our professional best movers Florida have extensive experience and expertise in last minute long distance moving.

While you are charged a higher price than normal, our experts will take you through the moving and packing processes, handling your precious possessions with utmost care. Just give us a call for a fantastic job experience.

Professional Movers Florida Have Extensive Experience

Hire the Best Moving Company for Long Distance

Our independent offices operate with the goal of offering you the options you want to choose from. This simply means you can have as much help as you need for your particular move.

Just give us a call for a free estimate to do the work for you. We offer highly competitive rates, and hopefully, beat the rates offered by other companies.

Florida Local Movers

Want to find a mover for a local Florida move? Choosing the right Florida moving company for small, Florida local movers can be frustrating. However, promising to deliver the best moving experience, our apartment movers will take the time to answer your questions, no matter how large or small the move is.

We know the move is important to you, and we want you to feel comfortable when you choose us to take care of it. Whether the job involves moving a few boxes and pieces of furniture moving or heavy lifting complicated office equipment, you will get the best value for money.

Our professional Florida moving and storage company will walk through the details with you and complete a thorough moving process as planned, making it as stress free for you as we can. As full service movers Florida, our crews have plenty of experience in the moving industry regardless of the moving service you need.

Professional Moving Company Cost To Move

How much does a professional moving company cost to move?

Moves are priced based on weight and distance, so your move's cost will depend mostly on how much stuff you need to move and how far you need to move it. There are some other factors, like:

  • Whether you have stairs (especially more than one flight) or an elevator if you can't reserve it.
  • If you have special items or cumbersome things, those cost more too.

However, the best way to find out is to call us for free moving estimate. We will look at what you have to move and tell you what the cost will be. Estimates can change, but they should be pretty close. You can choose the services you want, and that helps you influence the price too.

Three Movers offers the following moving services in Florida:

Our professional Florida movers perform accurate jobs according to your moving requirements.

Local Distance Movers In Florida

Types Of Moves Offered

Residential Move Information

Three Movers serves more than 200 locations in Florida, so we know the neighborhoods around the Sunshine State. More than knowing the places, we offer services from helping you pack your belongings with our specialized boxes to transporting your stuff to any part of the state. Moving your items all by yourself is tiring. Our team of movers can help. You can save yourself from the stress a moving day might bring you. Residential Moving Service by our team caters to all your moving day needs which is why we have the best moving service for you.

Commercial And Office Movers

Relocating your office space or the whole office is not easy. From office supplies and utilities to pieces of furniture in your office, everything has to fit in your new space. Three Movers can handle the work for you. Our Commercial and Office Moving Service is trusted by many companies that relocated with our movers. We respect your reservations and requests that is why we will ask you to customize your moving experience with us. Afterward, our movers will take care of your supplies as we transfer those to their new environment.

Commercial And Office Moving Service Is Trusted By Many Companies

Military Movers

Although moving is a regular part of a service member’s life, it can still be stressful. Three Movers knows that our troops need a moving company that will guide them every step of the way. Our team will help you execute your moving day plans. From packaging your belongings to transporting them to your new station, we got you covered. Our team of moving specialists will help you to stay organized on your moving day. Whether you are moving outside or to Florida, our services are here for you to cover all your needs.

International Movers

Moving internationally demands a huge chunk of your time and effort. The reason why is that you do significant research before starting an international shipping project. International shipping requires knowledge of the customs duties, taxes, and restricted items as well as the different shipping methods.

Not providing the necessary documentation, or shipping items that are restricted without the necessary permissions could end up delaying or derailing your entire shipment. This is why you need to make sure you are working with a company that understands this type of move.

Cross out one responsibility by hiring Three Movers for your moving needs. Transporting your items to the shipping port alone can take days to complete if you do not have a companion. Our team of moving specialists can pack, load, and relocate your items for you. Other companies can charge you hidden fees. We practice transparency, so you can have a stress-free moving day to or from abroad.

Flat Rate And Hourly Movers

Avoid hidden fees from other companies through their sketchy flat rate service charges. Three Movers offers reputable and fair Flat Rate and Hourly moving services in the State of Florida. Our moving specialists practice transparency by answering your questions and showing you estimates that are fair for the service. We know that you want quality and fairness in the service. More than fair pricing, our team of movers knows how you want the job done.

Flat Rate And Hourly Movers

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Florida

Packing and Crating

Three Movers protects your item as we move them from one place to another. The care starts with our packing. We provide free padding to our customers and specialized moving boxes for their moving day needs. For heavy items, we have a crating service to not let even one item behind. You may also request a “white glove” service for your antiques, artworks, or any fragile valuables that you have. We know you want your items to be handled carefully. A stress-free moving day starts with robust packaging.


With even the greatest care from our movers, accidents may still happen. Protect your property with insurance. Three Movers offers Insurance Service for your moving day. Relocating can be stressful because of uncertainty, so hire a mover who knows how to take care. Our team of moving specialists will help you estimate your insurance on your property. They know that you value your stuff, so they will help you protect them.

Full-service moves

Hiring multiple people for a single job can be stressful. Making those movers coordinate may take a toll on your well-being. Save yourself from the stress by hiring Three Movers for your moving day. Our Full-service move ranges from packaging your belongings, transporting them, and unloading them from our trucks. You can do these works all by yourself or with many people, but with us, everything is well-planned and coordinated by our team of moving experts.
Hire a company with the right experience.


Avoid cramming your space with too many items. Get a storage facility to protect your belongings. Three Movers can help you find a protected storage unit in Florida for your stuff. Having a storage facility can help you secure your stuff while they are away from you. Our team of moving specialists knows that you need a temporary unit for your belongings. They know the best facilities in Florida.

Whether you are storing your belongings for a short timeframe, or indefinitely, we can find an option that suits you. For people needing storage on a short-term basis, we make use of our own storage facilities, and for those needing long-term storage, we find a storage facility that can assist them.

Same-day movers

You want to move quickly out from your place in Florida. We got our back. Three Movers can help you with your emergency moving needs. We understand the difficulty of packing and moving your belongings into your car, so give us a call and we'll help you right away. We guarantee transaction transparency, so you won't have to worry about unfair pricing. Some movers may see this as an opportunity to make extra money from you.

Auto Transport

Moving day can be stressful because driving across the country or a state can be exhausting. Three Movers offers Auto Transport Services. Your car will be delivered directly to your new home with this service. Three Movers wants your moving day to be simple and stress-free. Eliminates one item off your to-do list. Enjoy a stress-free moving from Florida.

Florida Moving Companies: How to Choose the Best One for Your Move

Choosing the best Florida moving company for your move requires careful consideration and research. Here are some essential steps to help you make an informed decision:

  • Check Reviews and Testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Websites like Yelp, Google, or the Better Business Bureau can provide valuable insights into the company's reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Verify Licensing and Insurance: Ensure that the moving company is licensed and insured to operate in Florida. This step is crucial for your protection and the safety of your belongings during the move.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Request quotes from several Florida moving companies. Compare the services offered and the pricing to get a clear idea of what each company provides.
  • In-Home or Virtual Surveys: Reputable moving companies usually offer in-home or virtual surveys to provide accurate quotes. Avoid companies that give estimates without inspecting your belongings.
  • Transparency and Clear Communication: Choose a moving company that communicates clearly and transparently about their services, charges, and any additional fees.
  • Experience and Expertise: Consider the experience of the moving company. A well-established company with a track record of successful moves is likely to provide better service.
  • Services Provided: Determine what services each company offers. Some may provide packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, while others may offer more specialized services.
  • Ask for References: Request references from the moving company to speak with past customers directly about their experiences.
  • Avoid Large Deposits: Be cautious of companies that demand large upfront deposits. Reputable movers usually charge after the move is completed.
  • Avoid Last-Minute Bookings: Plan your move in advance and avoid last-minute bookings, as it can limit your options and lead to higher costs.
  • Research Complaints: Check for any complaints or unresolved issues with the moving company through online forums and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Check for Additional Services: If you have specific needs, such as moving valuable or delicate items, ask if the company offers specialized services to handle such items.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can choose the best Florida moving company that aligns with your needs, budget, and ensures a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Cost & Time Examples For Florida Movers

To / From FloridaDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Colorado Springs, CO to Florida1679 miles$2,879 - $3,803$4,302 - $5,421$5,421 - $8,320
Florida to Reynoldsburg, OH1010 miles$2,276 - $3,087$3,397 - $4,919$3,919 - $6,075
Florida to Rochester, NNY1236 miles$2,430 - $3,218$4,097 - $5,064$4,964 - $6,894
Melrose, MA to Florida1290 miles$2,744 - $3,437$4,122 - $5,998$5,998 - $6,947
Portland, ME to Florida1379 miles$2,530 - $3,348$4,253 - $5,975$5,675 - $7,205
Florida to Topeka, KS1290 miles$2,501 - $3,179$4,149 - $5,997$4,697 - $6,788
Hudson, NH to Florida1301 miles$2,560 - $3,488$3,803 - $5,745$4,945 - $6,315
Florida to Worcester, MA1261 miles$3,743 - $4,735$4,619 - $5,995$5,295 - $7,942
Springfield, VA to Florida939 miles$2,333 - $3,200$3,574 - $5,117$2,617 - $6,629
Florida to Raleigh, NC728 miles$2,026 - $2,801$3,492 - $4,660$4,160 - $5,646

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a free moving quote custom tailored to you.

Popular Cities In Florida That Moving Company Moves

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 1.2 million people move to or within Florida each year.
  • Approximately 85% of individuals who move to Florida are from other states in the U.S.
  • The average distance moved by individuals in Florida is 315 miles.
  • Around 70% of Floridians hire professional moving companies for their relocation needs.
  • Florida has over 2,000 licensed and registered moving companies operating in the state.

General Facts

  • Florida movers are professional companies that help people relocate their homes or businesses within or to/from the state of Florida.
  • They offer services such as packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking of belongings.
  • Florida is a popular destination for relocation due to its warm climate, beaches, and diverse communities.
  • Movers in Florida adhere to strict regulations and licensing requirements set by the state authorities to ensure reliable and trustworthy service.
  • Many Florida movers offer specialized services like piano moving, international moves, and storage solutions to cater to different customer needs.


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