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Best Arkansas Movers Near Me – Premium Arkansas, AR Moving Companies

Arkansas, USA

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Arkansas Movers Near Me – Premium Arkansas, AR Moving Companies

Cheap Arkansas Movers

As parents, we want to give our children the very best education that we can possibly afford. Seeking out better schools is one of the best actions taken. Sometimes this can be stressful as it may lead to the need for relocation either locally or long-distance moving. Three Movers is offering relocation services here in Arkansas at very affordable rates.

THREE MOVERS is a top rated cheap Arkansas local and long distance moving company that offers full service, professional moving services with excellent customer service. They are dedicated to making your upcoming move as stress free and easy as possible by providing a wide range of services such as packing, storage, and even a free quote. With their experienced team of Little Rock movers, you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled with care and that you will receive great service. Contact THREE MOVERS today for a hassle-free moving experience!

Movers In Arkansas for a Local Move

Local moving is the moving of items from one place to another within the same locality or region. This takes quite a short time as is involves short distances. Three Movers is offering local moving services, giving quality and value for your money. Get to have an exciting experience with Three Movers when relocating your family or company. We have great coupons that we are giving our loyal and new customers to enable them to experience the luxurious and comforting relocating journey. Join us today by visiting our website and calling us frequently to inquire more about local moving.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in Arkansas

Long-distance moving is the transportation of goods from one place to another, which are miles apart and one has to cross border states. This take a long time as the mode of transportation is by road, the land terrain also interferes with transportation.

Three Movers is offering long-distance moving services at a pocket friendly price and high-quality services.

Services Offered By Three Movers

We offer the following services.

Quality services is very important so as to boost our reputation and increase our customer reviews.

Which Aspects Do Three Movers Use To Charge Their Customers?

We consider the kind of items to be transported, the weight of the items to be transported, the distance the items needed to be transported and the number of trucks required to transport the selected items. We try as much as we can to charge our clients fairly.

How Prepared Is Three Movers To Work?

We are well prepared with a well-organized team of professional movers and well serviced vehicles to carry items of customers without failure to the required destination.

Types of Moves offered in Arkansas

Moving information for a Residential move

Save yourself from the stress of moving by letting Three Movers handle the job for you. Moving includes packaging your belongings, loading and unloading boxes from your vehicle, carrying heavy items, packing services and unpacking your items in your new place. Our movers can handle all those for cheap rates. Our movers know their way around Arkansas because they are from there. Having someone who knows your new place is a great way to kick start a new stage of your life in the State of Arkansas.

Commercial and Office Movers in Arkansas

Whether it is across the town or the country, Three Movers’s Commercial and Office Moving Service in Arkansas can help you move your office space. Unlike residential moving, moving your whole office requires serious work. There are delicate and confidential items or papers that you might want us to handle, and we can assure you that everything remains confidential. Ask our previous clients for reference. We know you want a spotless moving day, so we will remind you of your moving day responsibilities and goals. We want you to have a fast and reliable moving process.

Military Movers in Arkansas

We do not want relocation to be another responsibility for our service members. Getting organized and planning your moving day makes it an easy one. Three Movers full service moving company knows the right steps for a hassle-free moving day for you and your family. We will guide you to the necessary steps by creating checklists and reminders just for you. We are not only familiar with moving, but we also know what goes in your relocation. You can get this quality moving service at cheaper rates.

Military moves can be managed through the government directly, or on your own with the assistance of a mover. The latter of this is known as a personally procured move, and we know everything about them.

Military Movers In Arkansas

International movers in Arkansas

Unlike residential or in-country moving, moving internationally can be confusing and hard. It is also more expensive than moving locally, but you have to be wary of unfair pricing and dubious market practices.

What makes these types of moves so complicated is the amount of paperwork and regulations involved. You need to know about the customs laws and tax regulations for the destination country, as well as the restricted items list.

Three Movers assures a transparent transaction and fair pricing for your moving day to or from abroad. We know the best packaging for your items, and the fastest way to get your items shipped. No amount of paperwork can confuse our team of experts. Consult with us and know how you can have the best moving day abroad.

Flat Rate and Hourly movers

Flat Rate and Hourly moving services are the most convenient for customers. Some moving companies are notorious for charging too much for flat rates since they know that you will avail it regardless. Avoid hidden charges with Three Movers’s Flat Rate and Hourly moving services in the State of Arkansas. We know you want cheaper and fair pricing for your moving day. We want to talk to you about it. By being transparent, you will know that our service does not charge you hidden fees. Plus, you will get the best quality packaging and shipping service for a cheaper price best of its king in the moving industry.

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Charlotte City, North Carolina

Packing and Crating

Your item needs extra care during the packaging process. You are moving, and not buying a new set of furniture. Three Movers knows how to handle your items whether they be big or small. We have specialized moving boxes just for your items. We will also get your items padded free of charge on your moving day. If you have delicate items that you are scared of handling to other people, request a “white glove” service from our movers for these items to be brought with extra care. We also have crating service for your heavy items, because we know what you need.


Do not be stressed about thinking that your items are vulnerable. Get them covered by moving insurance, so you would not have to worry too much. Three Movers has your back with our team of moving specialists. They can help you in estimating the price of your belongings, so you do not have to compute it all by yourself. Our team of moving specialists knows that you value your stuff. Even our movers are gentle with their job. You will still need insurance just in case accidents happen, so you would still feel secure.

Full-service moves

Do not get confused with many companies handling your moving agendas. Just get one that knows their job too well. Three Movers has services ranging from residential to international moving with packaging, storing, shipping, and insurance services included. Coordinating with many people is confusing, and you might miss a thing or two. Worse, you might be caught in a middle of a competition. Trust just one company with the knowledge about moving everywhere.

Storage Services

Organizing your items in your new home can be stressful. You might want to get some items out of your new space. A storage unit is a solution to your problem. Three Movers knows this problem among their customer. We offer Storage Facility services for your moving day, so you will not have to worry about overstuffing your space. We will find you a storage facility that is accessible from your place in Arkansas.

Same-day movers

In a rush to move out of your place in Arkansas? Three Movers wants to help you with your immediate moving day needs. We know the struggle of packaging and loading your items to your car, so with just a call away, we can help you move out as fast as you want. Some moving companies might see this as a chance to get more money from you. We assure you of transparency in transactions, so you do not have to worry about unfair pricing.

Same Day Movers In Arkansas

Auto Transport

Moving day can be stressful. Driving across the country or a state can be tiring as well. So, why not ship your car and hop on a plane? Three Movers wants you to have an easy and hassle-free moving day. We will deliver your car right to your new property. Our Auto Transport service removes one problem on your checklist. Enjoy a relaxing moving day with us to or from Arkansas.

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings when using Arkansas moving companies?

Ensuring the safety of your belongings when using Arkansas moving companies is crucial. Here are some steps you can take to ensure their safety:

1. Research and choose a reputable moving company: Research different moving companies in Arkansas. Look for companies with positive customer reviews, a good track record, and proper licensing and insurance.

2. Get multiple estimates: Obtain estimates from at least three moving companies. This will give you an idea of the average cost and help you compare the services offered.

3. Check for insurance coverage: Ask the moving company about their insurance coverage. Ensure they have liability coverage for any damages during the move. If necessary, consider purchasing additional insurance for valuable or fragile items.

4. Declutter and pack properly: Before the moving day, declutter your belongings to minimize the number of items being transported. Properly pack your items using appropriate packaging materials to protect them during transit. Label boxes clearly to ensure careful handling.

5. Take inventory: Create an inventory list of all your belongings before the move. This will help you keep track of your items and identify any missing or damaged belongings after the move.

6. Communicate special instructions: If you have any valuable or fragile items, communicate this to the moving company. Provide them with specific instructions on handling and transporting these items safely.

7. Supervise the packing and loading process: Be present on the moving day to supervise the packing and loading process. Ensure that the movers carefully handle your belongings and use proper packing techniques.

8. Secure important documents and valuables: Keep important documents, jewelry, and other valuables with you during the move. This ensures their safety and prevents them from getting lost or damaged.

9. Stay informed during transit: Stay in contact with the moving company during transit. Ask for updates on the move's progress and the estimated arrival time at your new location.

10. Inspect your belongings upon delivery: Inspect them thoroughly Once they are delivered to your new location. Check for any damages or missing items and report them to the moving company immediately.

Following these steps can increase the chances of a safe and secure move when using Arkansas moving companies.

How can I compare and choose between different Arkansas moving companies?

When comparing and choosing between different Arkansas moving companies, consider the following factors:

1. Reputation and Experience: Look for companies with a good reputation and extensive experience in the moving industry. Check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to gauge their reliability and customer satisfaction.

2. Services Offered: Determine the range of services each company offers. Some may provide full-service moving, including packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking, while others offer only transportation. Choose a company that aligns with your specific needs.

3. Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the moving companies you consider are properly licensed and insured. This protects you from any potential liability in case of accidents, damages, or lost items during the move.

4. Cost Estimates: Obtain detailed cost estimates from multiple moving companies. Compare the prices, but also consider the services included in each estimate. Be cautious of extremely low quotes, which may indicate subpar service or hidden charges.

5. Additional Fees and Charges: Inquire about any additional fees or charges that may apply, such as fuel surcharges, stair fees, or long carry fees. Clarify all potential costs upfront to avoid surprises later.

6. Availability and Scheduling: Check the moving companies' availability and ensure they can accommodate your preferred moving dates. Flexible scheduling options can be beneficial, especially with specific time constraints.

7. Customer Service: Assess each company's level of customer service. Prompt and clear communication, responsiveness to queries, and helpfulness in addressing concerns indicate good customer service.

8. Recommendations and Referrals: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently moved. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

9. Accreditation and Professional Memberships: Look for companies accredited by reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or members of professional moving associations. These affiliations demonstrate a commitment to quality and ethical practices.

10. Personal Gut Feeling: Trust your instincts. If you have a positive rapport with a particular moving company, feel comfortable with their representatives, and have confidence in their abilities, it may indicate that they are the right choice for you.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can compare and choose the best Arkansas furniture moving company that meets your requirements and ensures a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

How much will it cost to hire my Arkansas long-distance mover's business?

The cost of hiring long-distance movers in Arkansas can vary depending on several factors, including the distance of your move, the amount of belongings you need to move, the type of services you need (packing, unpacking, storage, etc.), and the specific moving company you choose.

Here are some general estimates of the cost of hiring long-distance movers in Arkansas:

  • You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • You can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 for a two-bedroom house.
  • You can expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000 for a three-bedroom house.
  • For a four-bedroom house or larger, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 or more.

These are just estimates, and the actual cost of your move may be higher or lower depending on your specific circumstances. To get a more accurate estimate, you should contact several moving companies and get quotes.

Do Arkansas moving companies offer services for long-distance or interstate moves?

Yes, Arkansas moving companies typically offer services for long-distance or interstate moves. These companies are licensed and experienced in handling moves across state lines, ensuring your belongings are safe and efficient transportation to your new destination. Whether moving to a neighboring state or across the country, Arkansas moving companies can provide the necessary services to meet your needs.

Why are Arkansas moving companies so expensive?

There could be several reasons why Arkansas moving companies may be expensive:

1. Limited competition: If only a few moving companies operate in Arkansas, they may have less incentive to offer competitive prices. With limited options, customers may have to pay higher prices for moving services.

2. Distance and logistics: Arkansas is a geographically diverse state, and the distance between the origin and destination can influence moving costs. If the move involves long distances or challenging terrain, it can increase the overall cost.

3. Demand and seasonality: Moving companies often experience peak seasons when demand for their services is high. During these times, such as summer months or weekends, moving companies may charge higher prices due to increased demand.

4. Additional services and specialized items: If customers require additional services such as packing, unpacking, or storage, it can add to the overall cost. Similarly, moving delicate or specialized items like pianos, antiques, or artwork may require extra care and expertise, increasing the price.

5. Insurance and liability: Moving companies need to ensure the safety of their customers' belongings during transportation. The cost of insurance and liability coverage can contribute to the overall expense of the moving service.

Customers must research and compare prices from different moving companies to find the best value for their needs.

Should I hire Arkansan commercial moving companies, or will any moving company work?

Whether or not you should hire Arkansas commercial moving companies depends on a few factors, including the size and complexity of your move, your budget, and your comfort level with moving your belongings yourself.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring Arkansas commercial moving companies:


  • Experience: Arkansas commercial moving companies have experience moving businesses of all sizes in Arkansas. This means they will know how to pack and move your belongings safely and efficiently.
  • Expertise: Arkansas commercial moving companies have the expertise to move delicate items, such as computer equipment and furniture.
  • Insurance: Arkansas commercial moving companies are insured in case of damage to your belongings.
  • Convenience: Arkansas commercial moving companies will handle all of the packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking of your belongings.


  • Cost: Arkansas commercial moving companies can be expensive.
  • Availability: Arkansas commercial moving companies may not be available on short notice.
  • Control: If you hire a commercial moving company, you will have less control over the moving process.

If you are moving a small business with limited belongings, you can save money by moving your belongings yourself. However, if you are moving a large business with a lot of belongings, hiring a commercial moving company may be worth the cost.

What are the factors that decide the moving cost to Arkansas?

Several factors can influence the moving cost to Arkansas. These factors include:

1. Distance: The distance between the current location and Arkansas significantly determines the moving cost. Longer distances usually result in higher transportation costs.

2. Volume of belongings: The amount of items being moved is another important factor. More belongings will require a larger moving truck or additional trips, which can increase the cost.

3. Weight of belongings: If the moving company charges based on the weight of the belongings, the total weight will impact the cost. Heavier items may require additional manpower or specialized equipment, which can increase the price.

4. Time of year: The time of year can affect the moving cost. Peak moving seasons, like summer, tend to have higher demand and prices. Moving during off-peak seasons may result in lower costs.

5. Additional services: If you require additional services such as packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly, or storage, these services will add to the overall moving cost.

6. Accessibility: The accessibility of the current location and the destination in Arkansas can impact the cost. Difficult-to-reach areas, narrow streets, or flights of stairs may require extra effort or equipment, resulting in higher prices.

7. Insurance coverage: The type and amount of coverage you choose can affect the moving cost. Opting for additional insurance coverage may increase the overall price.

8. Special items: If you have valuable or delicate items that require special handling or packaging, additional fees may be associated with their transportation.

It is recommended to contact multiple moving companies for quotes and discuss these factors with them to get a more accurate estimate of the moving cost to Arkansas.

How Do I Contact Three Movers?

Call us on (888)202-0036 at no cost at any time of the day. You can also visit our website and get a comprehensive and detailed information about the service we gladly offer our customers. We are always available to our customers. You can also call to inquire more about the charging rates and how they are adjusted according to the customers requirement and the kind of task to be performed as well as aspects used to reach a specific quotation.

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Contact an agent by filling out the fast quote form and get your next move started today!

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Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Arkansas

To / From ArkansasDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Arkansas, AR to Houston, TX359 miles$2,516 - $3,134$3,685 - $4,860$4,860 - $6,995
Arkansas, AR to Schiller Park, IL605 miles$2,847 - $3,567$4,208 - $5,574$5,574 - $8,068
Arkansas, AR to El Paso, TX888 miles$3,254 - $4,095$4,843 - $6,435$6,435 - $9,348
Arkansas, AR to Denver, CO869 miles$3,278 - $4,127$4,883 - $6,491$6,491 - $9,435
Arkansas, AR to Nashville, TN308 miles$2,438 - $3,032$3,561 - $4,692$4,692 - $6,744
Los Angeles, CA to Arkansas, AR1545 miles$4,012 - $5,084$6,037 - $8,062$8,062 - $11,784
Melvindale, MI to Arkansas, AR742 miles$3,063 - $3,847$4,546 - $6,033$6,033 - $8,751
Bethany, OK, to Arkansas, AR386 miles$2,437 - $3,031$3,560 - $4,690$4,690 - $6,741
Yonkers, NY to Arkansas, AR1078 miles$3,591 - $4,538$5,383 - $7,175$7,175 - $10,470
Louisville, KY to Arkansas, AR445 miles$2,603 - $3,248$3,822 - $5,048$5,048 - $7,278

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote

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Relevant Statistics

  • More than 90% of people who move in Arkansas hire professional movers.
  • Arkansas has over 200 licensed moving companies serving the state.
  • On average, each household in Arkansas moves approximately 3 times in their lifetime.
  • The busiest month for moving in Arkansas is June, with over 15,000 moves taking place.
  • Approximately 75% of people who move locally in Arkansas stay within a 50-mile radius of their previous residence.

General Facts

  • Arkansas has a wide range of professional moving companies to assist with relocations.
  • These movers offer services such as packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of household belongings.
  • Some Arkansas moving companies specialize in local moves within the state, while others provide long-distance or interstate moving services.
  • Hiring professional movers can help minimize the stress and physical labor associated with moving to a new residence.
  • It is important to research and choose a licensed and insured moving company in Arkansas to ensure reliable and secure relocation services.


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