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California to Canada Movers | Moving From USA to Canada

Published by Chris Townsend

California to Canada Movers | Moving From USA to Canada

Top-rated California to Canada Moving Company

Moving from California to Canada is a difficult decision. Different countries have different traditions and customs. Before you relocate, you should think about things like cost, lifestyle, and a location with suitable weather for your family. Because of accessibility and affordability, Canada is the best place to live, work, and grow with your family.

More people are moving from the US to Canada than ever before. The reasons are endless. For instance, most American believe that Canada has less political tension. Canada also has a better healthcare system. Every permanent Canadian resident enjoys free universal healthcare.

In the past, moving from one country to another was somewhat tricky, but thanks to technology, you can now move quickly from one country to another. Canada is the newfound Eldorado where immigrants from every corner wish to live. They are welcomed with open arms as the government has policies accommodating migrants.

Canada is a country made of two quarters: the French and the English quarters. With both languages being the official languages of Canada, the government is open to more people who speak both or either of those languages.

The reasons why people want to move from California, the US, to Canada are endless. For instance, most American believe that Canada has less political tension. Canada also has a better healthcare system. Every permanent Canadian resident enjoys free universal healthcare.

Maternity leave is just as attractive. Whereas the US grants new parents just 12 weeks of parental leave, new mothers in Canada enjoy 35-61 weeks off. That’s right – up to a whole year out!

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Canada, returning Canadian residents passport

Experienced movers pack items in boxes

Here, we will give you some reasons why you should make this long-distance move, regardless of the 2613 miles it takes on the road to get there.

Relocating Across Town From California To Canada

Reason Why Should You Relocate to Canada from California?

There are numerous reasons why Canada has become the country of milk and honey for so many people. Before you make your cross-border moves, we will give you reasons why you should make it very soon.

Free Healthcare for everyone

Many people make the cross-border move to escape the suffocating bills that comes with the healthcare system in the US.

Canada promises Eldorado as it has a policy of providing free healthcare for everyone without regarding the status and financial prospects of the individual. People have started moving to Canada from the US for this precise reason.

Canadian Safety Supplies Reviews

Canadian Safety

Canada is a relatively safe location. It is one of the safest countries in the world.

Because of the availability of work and the organized security parastatals, crime has been kept to a minimum. You do not have to worry about your home or family's safety as much as you would in some other country.

moving and storage professionals, employment detailed inventory listing, Canada customs facility closest, seasonal residents passport proof,

Moving-companies to Calgary Alberta, experienced relocation movers

Less Corrupt Nation

Canada is one of the least corrupt nations in the world, as it has built its political space strongly on democracy, and mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the country works well without any corrupt system destroying what they have.

To enjoy what democracy should look like, you should move to Canada.

Top Rated California To Canada Moving Company

Policies that accept Migrants

Canada loves migrants as there are opportunities abound for them. Canada wants to make the country work optimally but needs a large workforce and skills to make this happen.

Canada does not have that number of its indigenes. It is willing to make the country attractive for people who wish to have Canadian citizenship and migrate to another country to become permanent residents.

There is an ease in the process of moving to Canada. So, if you were worried about the difficulty of becoming a permanent resident, well, stop worrying.

CA to Toronto movers

Relocate To Canada From California - Value drive delivery - Centennial Moving

Affordable Education

Tertiary institutions in Canada are very affordable and highly rated. Some universities include The University of British Columbia, McGill University, etc.

They also do not sacrifice quality education for affordable fees as they ensure that global standards are met. That would only ensure Canadian citizens have a level playing ground to compete globally and move the country forward. Foreigners appreciate this, hence, their move to Canada.

Affordable Living Rates California To Canada

Cost of Living in Canada Vs California

Quick Answer: The moving cost is determined by the size of the move you want from our three movers. Moving to California from Canada typically costs between $2500 and $7000. Movers, different times, and services also affect the cost.

Moving to California from Canada can be expensive. However, you can reduce the cost by self-packaging your items. Choosing a professional mover is more expensive, but it will save you time, money, and energy. You should do some research before moving for a better outcome.

Canada is the best place for affordable living. In comparison to other regions of North America, housing is often significantly more inexpensive in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Overall, moving from California to Canada is a good decision for those who have kids. It means saving on food, clothing, school supplies, healthcare costs, and other unnecessary expenses.

Affordable Places To Live In Canada

Which Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada?

The first step is to identify a particular city to live in. The choice will depend on what you plan to do in Canada and how long you plan to live there. However, a few things like home prices and weather matter wherever you decide to live. Utility bills, job opportunities, and access to quality public amenities are also critical.

In general, though, Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Victoria are the best cities to live in Canada. Ottawa is the best for families, while Toronto ranks best for singles.

Also, language could be a determinant here. If your French is better than English or you would love to live among people whose first language is French, then Quebec is the city for you. There you would learn, speak and socialize in the language of love.

Someone who understands both English and French has the liberty to live anywhere in the country as language would not be a barrier. Thanks to the relative peace in the country, you can choose to explore the country.

Reliable Moving Company From California To Canada

How to Find a Moving Company from Canada to California?

You can discover a reputable mover who will help make your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible with careful planning and research. If you are moving from Canada to California, The search for a reliable moving company might be difficult. When selecting a mover, factors to take into account include the company's reputation, the move's affordable, and any specific needs.

One option for finding the best movers is to check online reviews of moving companies and ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors, and industrial associations. Once you finalize a Canada-to-California moving company, then learn about their services, cost, insurance, packing and unpacking, benefits, and different shipping terms and policies that meet your moving goal.

Finally, with the help of proper research and planning, you can choose a trusted and proven record-holder for a successful move that makes it as smooth and stress-free as possible and saves time.

Cheap Residential Moving Service In California To Canada

What Are the Requirements for Residential Movers When Moving to California from Canada?

Next up, you must know that you can’t just move to Canada. You must meet specific requirements. For example, you must verify that you’re eligible to move to Canada. One must be 18 or older to move to Canada, and a parent or guardian must accompany all minors. You must also have a squeaky clean criminal record.

Above all, you can only move to Canada for a valid reason. Common avenues for entry include being an entrepreneur, a skilled worker, if you have family in Canada, or if your spouse lives there.

Necessary Documents Moving From California To Canada

Documents Required by Canada Customs Facility for Cross-border Moving to California from Canada

You need to present some documents before you or your properties get to the Canadian border via moving companies.

Where a cross-border moving company makes your properties or household goods shipment, it is crucial to give this Canada moving company a copy of those documents as only the sighting of these documents would amount to formal clearance of the international border crossing in the Canada customs facility.

The documents needed are primarily dependent on the type of resident you are. Your family or travelers could be returning Canadians, seasonal residents, or non-residents.

International Moving Companies Near Me California To Canada

How Much Does It Cost To Move From California To Canada?

Once you've found a place to arrive and determined that you meet the requirements for relocating to Canada, you can begin considering the cost of moving and finding a mover.

It's difficult to determine the average cost of moving from California to Canada. However, most people make it with a budget of around $3,500. Remember that the pay varies significantly among different movers depending on the move's specifics, such as the exact distance and the basic insurance cover.

International Moving Companies Near Me California To Canada

How Do I Find The Right International Moving Company?

For your California moving to Canada, you need a reliable USA international mover. Only international moving companies are licensed to move across the border. The rest of the considerations are similar to when moving interstate or within the state;

Moving From California To Canada
  • Get referrals, ideally from friends and family
  • Search for the best movers through Google
  • Check online reviews about the chosen mover
  • Make sure the mover is licensed and insured
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Ask about professional accreditation
  • Watch Out For Red Flags

The Canada moving industry is riddled with scams and swindlers. Where USA movers do not have physical addresses, they’re likely not genuine movers. The same applies if they’re not licensed. Also, avoid USA movers that ask for a huge deposit or outrageous charges in most cases for a smooth relocation to your destination.

The Moving Company That Provides the Right International Moving Services For Your Move To Canada.

International Movers Near Me California To Canada

Three Movers

Whether you are relocating across town, across the country, or worldwide, Three Movers has the moving services you need to get there including your journey moving to California from Canada.

You may require packing, offloading, junk removal service, and other services like transporting your motor vehicles; with Three Movers, you are assured of getting a great service.

You don't have to try and handle a massive move on your own, not with our experts on your side. With our experts, you are sure of a stress-free journey.

International Moving Quotes California To Canada

International Moving

Do you believe that your USA moving company should be with you every step of your international move? Three Movers has the same principle – this mover will ensure you are not left stranded at the port and support you all the way.

International moving requires a lot of paperwork. There are also fees and other taxes you may be required to pay upon your goods' entry on top of the paperwork. Do you know what all this entails? Your Three Movers moving team do!

With our expert in the business of moving our clients from different states in the US to Canada and vice versa, you rest assured that you would receive the right advice on the process of getting the right paperwork and getting your properties to your location in good time and at a good price.

Moving Cost For 1 Bedroom Apartment California To Canada

Cost To Hire Three Movers Movers for Cross Border Move to Canada

While the USA moving company has a free quote policy when you contact its staff on its website or through a phone call, below is the range the price for residential movers when they finally make that call.

The price is relatively cheap because the moving company prides itself as one of the cheapest moving companies from US to Canada and other locations.

California to Toronto Top Moving Companies
  • Studio apartment: The cost depends on the weight of the properties, the distance of the journey from your house, the costs of processing custom documents, other allied costs. Where there are other services done for you by the movers, there will be an increase in the total cost. However, for a start, you should have a minimum of $2000 with you for your moving costs.
  • 1 bedroom home: Depending on the weight of the properties in your one-bedroom apartment, the distance of the journey from your house, costs of processing custom documents, and other allied costs, the average moving cost for 1 bedroom apartment is higher than $3,500, barring other service costs.
  • Two-bedroom home: When the range of the weight of possessions is around 5000-6000 pounds and the distance is between California to Canada, barring other service costs, the total cost is on the high side of above $4500.
  • 3 bedroom house: When the range of the weight of possessions of your 3 bedroom house is around 9000 pounds and the distance to the new home is not farther than 2613 miles barring other service costs, the total cost is higher than $6300.

These moving costs are estimates and they are not final. They are just suggestions on the amount of cash you should have at hand whenever you think you want to moving to canada from california or call your movers.

Professional Moving Services From California To Canada

Moving from the USA to Canada - Tips for a Seamless Move from the USA to Canada

Moving from the USA to Canada is a significant international relocation that requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help ensure a seamless move:

Research Immigration Requirements:

  • Understand the specific immigration requirements for moving to Canada. Determine the appropriate visa or permit based on your situation, such as a work permit, study permit, or permanent residency.

Plan Well in Advance:

  • Start planning your move well in advance to allow time for visa processing, finding housing, and making necessary arrangements.

Gather Important Documents:

  • Collect all required documents, such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts. These will be needed for immigration, housing, and other purposes.

Healthcare and Insurance:

  • Research Canada's healthcare system and ensure you have health insurance coverage for your arrival. Some provinces have waiting periods before you're eligible for public health insurance.

Budget for Costs:

  • Create a budget that accounts for visa application fees, transportation, housing, healthcare, and other expenses. Be prepared for potential upfront costs.

Banking and Finances:

  • Open a Canadian bank account before or shortly after arrival. Research currency exchange rates and understand how to manage your finances in Canada.

Research Housing Options:

  • Research housing options in your chosen Canadian city or province. Consider factors such as location, cost, amenities, and proximity to work or schools.

Cultural and Lifestyle Differences:

  • Learn about Canadian culture, customs, and etiquette. Understanding local norms will help you integrate more smoothly into your new community.

Language Considerations:

  • Canada is bilingual, with English and French as official languages. Depending on where you're moving, language skills might be important for daily communication.

Education and Schools:

  • If you have school-age children, research educational options and enroll them in schools well in advance.

Prepare for Weather:

  • Be prepared for Canadian weather, which can vary widely depending on your location. Pack appropriate clothing and gear for the climate.

Declutter and Pack:

  • Before packing, declutter your belongings and only take what you truly need. Research customs regulations for importing goods into Canada.

International Moving Company:

  • Choose a reputable international moving company with experience in US-Canada moves. They can assist with logistics, customs clearance, and transportation.

Notify Authorities:

  • Notify US authorities about your move, including the IRS, Social Security Administration, and any relevant state agencies.

Change of Address:

  • Update your address with institutions in the US and Canada, including banks, subscriptions, and government agencies.

Communication and Connectivity:

  • Arrange for Canadian cellphone plans and internet services. Ensure you have reliable communication upon arrival.

Social Network:

  • Connect with local expat or community groups to start building a social network in your new city.

Remain Patient and Flexible:

  • Moving internationally can come with unexpected challenges. Stay patient and flexible as you navigate the process and adapt to your new environment.

By taking these tips into consideration and planning thoughtfully, you can set the stage for a successful and smooth transition from the USA to Canada.

Relevant Statistics

  • Each year, approximately 10,000 individuals and families make the move from California to Canada.
  • Over 70% of the people who move from California to Canada are in search of better career opportunities.
  • The average cost of hiring professional movers for a California to Canada relocation is $5,000.
  • Around 90% of those who relocate from California to Canada choose to settle in major cities like Vancouver and Toronto.
  • According to recent data, the most common reason for moving to Canada from California is to enjoy a higher quality of life, with over 80% citing this as their primary motivation.

General Facts

  • Moving from California to Canada involves crossing an international border.
  • It is important to research and understand the customs regulations and requirements for moving personal belongings between these two countries.
  • Hiring professional movers with experience in international moves can simplify the process and ensure a smooth transition.
  • The distance between California and Canada can vary depending on the specific starting and destination points, but it is typically a long-distance move.
  • Moving to Canada from California may require obtaining the necessary immigration documents and visas, depending on your citizenship status.
Customer Service From California To Canada


Contact Three Movers excellent customer service for your free quote by filling out the fast quote form and starting your next move today!

It's wonderful to relocate from California to Canada. Enjoy your newest endeavor.

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FAQs - movers California to Canada

Choose The Right Shipping Company California To Canada

How Can I Choose Right California to Canada Movers?

Simply check the reviews of reputable moving companies, or ask your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, or local businesses. Once you’ve identified a few businesses that interest you, you can get in touch with them to ask any questions you may have and to receive a phone or in-person estimate for California to Canada Movers moving. You can choose the best California to Canada moving company by weighing the costs, service quality, and other factors.

If you hire three movers, you don’t need to worry about packing and equipment. We will be included with your service.

What Paperwork Do I Need to Bring With Me on Moving Day from California to Canada?

When you move from California to Canada, you’ll need to organize a lot of things, and documents are one of those items. For your benefit, you will need to have your inventory list on hand on the day of the move. Along with the bills and estimations the provider supplied you with, the insurance certificates are essential. Our management team of three movers can help you if you need any help organizing these documents and other things.

Pack Everything For Moving California To Canada

Should I Pack Everything Myself?

You might need to help with packing if you want to use our budget moving service. You may completely skip packing with our full-service option because we take care of that particular aspect for you.

What are the key factors to consider when planning a California to Canada moving?

Moving from California to Canada involves an international relocation, which requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. Here are the key aspects you should take into account when planning a move from California to Canada:

Immigration and Visa Requirements:

  • Research and understand the immigration and visa requirements for entering and residing in Canada. Determine the appropriate visa category for your situation, whether it’s a work visa, study permit, or permanent residency.

Customs and Duties:

  • Familiarize yourself with Canadian customs regulations and import duties. Certain items might be restricted or subject to taxation upon entry.


  • Ensure you have all the necessary documents for immigration and customs clearance. This includes valid passports, visas, work permits, and any required identification.

Healthcare and Insurance:

  • Learn about Canada’s healthcare system and how it works for newcomers. Make arrangements for health insurance coverage during your transition.

Banking and Finances:

  • Open a Canadian bank account to manage your finances. Research currency exchange rates and plan for the financial aspects of the move.


  • Secure housing arrangements in Canada before your arrival. Consider factors such as location, rental or purchase costs, and the local housing market.


  • Decide whether you’ll be bringing your vehicle to Canada. Research the process of importing and registering your car in Canada, as regulations may vary by province.

Cultural Adjustment:

  • Prepare for cultural differences between California and Canada. Research the local customs, traditions, and social norms to facilitate a smoother transition.

Climate and Weather:

  • Canada experiences diverse climates, so be prepared for potential weather changes based on your chosen destination. Pack appropriate clothing and gear.


  • English and French are the official languages of Canada. Depending on the province you’re moving to, you might need to improve your language skills to communicate effectively.

Education and Schools:

  • If you have children, research schools and educational options available in your new Canadian location.

Employment and Job Market:

  • If you’re moving for work, research the job market in your desired Canadian province. Understand any licensing or certification requirements for your profession.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Canadian tax system and how it might differ from taxation in California.

Packing and Shipping:

  • Plan the logistics of shipping your belongings to Canada. Research international moving companies and understand the process of customs clearance.

Communication and Connectivity:

  • Arrange for cellphone plans and internet services in Canada. Make sure you’re connected upon arrival.

Social Network:

  • Begin building a social network in Canada by connecting with locals, expats, and online communities. This can help you settle in more smoothly.

Time Zone Differences:

  • Canada spans several time zones, so be prepared for potential time differences and adjust your routines accordingly.

Moving from California to Canada requires thorough research, planning, and attention to detail. Consider seeking advice from those who have already made a similar move and consult official government resources for accurate and up-to-date information about immigration procedures and regulations.

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While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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