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Affordable US To Canada Movers

Published on 2020-08-28

us to canada movers

Movers USA to Canada

You are not the only people looking for US-to-Canada movers. Canada has become the new dream country for many people because of its residential benefits. Thanks to its favorable migration policy, people have found it easy to move to Canada for permanent or temporary reasons.

Canada is a country made of two quarters: the French and English quarters. With both being the official languages of Canada, the country is open to more people who speak either of those languages.

Many people in the United States of America have found interest in Canada and wish to fulfill their “American dream” in Canada. Thanks to the movers from USA to Canada, companies that have made this relocation much easier than ever before.

There are a lot of things to consider before moving to Canada like moving costs, documentation, etc. However, with free health care, education, and safety as one of the perks of living in Canada, many are interested in going there permanently and temporarily.

In this article, we would examine what you need to know and do while you intend to the USA to Canada moving both on a permanent or temporary basis. Nevertheless, you can contact our customer support at the given number below or get a free quote.

Reasons For Cross-Border Moving From USA To Canada

So the first question that comes is that is it worth moving to Canada from the US. There are numerous reasons why Canada has become the country of milk and honey for so many people. Before you decide on a cross-border moving plan, we would give you some reasons why you should make you’re moving to Canada very soon.

free health care services in canada

Free Healthcare for everyone

One of the main reasons many for people to make the cross border move from the USA to Canada is to escape the suffocating bills that come with the healthcare system in the US.

Canada promises Eldorado as it has a policy of providing free healthcare for everyone without regarding the status and financial prospects of the individual. People have started moving to Canada from the US for this reason.

Canadian Safety

Canada is a relatively safe place. It is one of the safest countries in the world.

Because of the availability of work and the organized security parastatals, crime has been kept to a minimum. You do not have to worry about the safety of your new home or your family.

canadian flag
less corrupt nation canada

Less Corrupt Nation

Canada is one of the least corrupt nations in the world. It has built its political space firmly on democracy and mechanisms, put in place to ensure that the country works well without any corrupting system destroying what they have.

To enjoy what democracy should look like, you should move to Canada.

Policies that accept Migrants

Canada loves migrants as there are opportunities for them. Canada wants to make the country work optimally, but it needs a large workforce and skills to make this happen.

Canada does not have that number of its indigenes. It is willing to make the country attractive for people who wish to migrate to another country to become permanent residents. There is ease in the process of moving to Canada.

migrant policies in canada

Affordable Education

It is no lie that if you ask the US to Canada movers why families need to move to Canada, they will tell you about the education facilities. Tertiary institutions in Canada are very affordable and highly rated. Some of the universities include The University of British Columbia, McGill University, etc.

They also do not sacrifice quality education for affordable fees. They ensure that the global standards are met as only that would ensure that the Canadian citizens have a level playing ground to compete globally and move the country forward. Foreigners appreciate this; that’s why people are moving to Canada.

How much does it cost to make a cross border move from the USA to Canada?

Before hiring the cross-border best movers from the USA to Canada, the documents needed, the date of travel settlement, etc., we need to take care of something first. Firstly, we need to discuss the cost of moving to Canada from the US.

Since you are traveling on a permanent or temporary basis, there would be some household goods and personal possessions you intend to migrate with you. With the closeness of the location of both countries, traveling by road is the cheapest option to move from the US to Canada.

To estimate the amount of money it will cost you to move, you have to contact a moving company.

How Can the Cost of Packers and Movers from the Usa to Canada Be Reduced?

There is a number of ways to reduce the cost of packers and movers when moving from the USA to Canada:

Plan Early and Book in Advance

Moving companies charge extra for last-minute reservations, so making plans and reservations in advance helps you cost of moving.

Compare moving cost

Get quotes from different moving companies to compare costs and find the best deal with movers from the USA to Canada.


The more items you have to move, the more it will cost. Consider downsizing and removing unnecessary items. You no longer need to reduce the amount you have to move.

Do It Yourself

Consider doing it yourself to save money, as professional packers charge more to pack your moving items.

Choose the Right Time to Move

It may be less expensive to move during the shoulder months of the summer (autumn and winter).


Feel free to negotiate with movers on the costs of moving services.

Cost of living in USA vs. Canada

Depending on the area and lifestyle, the living expenses in the United States are lower than those in Canada, particularly regarding housing and healthcare.

Housing: The cost of housing in the USA is $1,200, while in Canada, it is around $2000.

Healthcare: In Canada, healthcare is delivered through a publicly funded universal healthcare system. The majority of healthcare in the USA is provided through private insurance, which can be pricey.

Groceries: Although some things may be more or less expensive in one nation than the other, the price of foodstuffs is generally comparable between the USA and Canada.

Taxes: Taxes in Canada tend to be higher than in the USA, with higher sales and income taxes.

Entertainment: The cost of USA entertainment is cheaper than in Canada.

Documents Required For Moving To Canada From The US

You need to present some documents before you or your entire household stuff gets to the Canadian border.

When a cross border moves US to Canada moving company does your property or household goods shipment, it is vital to give this company a copy of all the documents. Only the sighting of these documents would amount to formal clearance of the international border crossing in the Canadian customs facility.

The documents needed are primarily dependent on the type of resident you are. You and your family or travelers could be returning Canadians, non-residents, etc.

Returning Canadian Residents

Before returning Canadian residents leave the border of Canada moving towards their destination, they are required to present their documents to the Canada border services agency.

Where they have some grains or food with them, an inspection is also required by the Canadian food inspection agency. Some of the documents specially for the returning residents include:

  • The returning Canadian resident’s passport for each family member
  • proof of length of time away from Canada, including pay stubs, etc.

Seasonal Residents

They need to present the following before leaving the border of Canada and moving toward their destination:

  • Seasonal residents passport
  • Proof of ownership or lease documents of seasonal property
  • Detailed inventory listing of goods, including their value, etc.

movers cost


The non-residents who intend to take up permanent residence in Canada need to present the following documents before leaving the border of Canada moving toward their destination:

  • Offer of Employment
  • Detailed inventory listing of goods including their value, the insurance documentation, and purchase receipts,
  • Passport and work visa, etc.

These documents are to be presented to any Canada customs facility closest to you after landing in the country.

You can contact the Canadian consulate or embassy offices in the USA to get some of these documents needed for the customs process, including your work and passport, which the customs have recently started requesting from any moving company before entering Canada.

Payment of duties and taxes on properties being moved

For your international moving, you have to pay some excise duties and taxes for your properties or household goods to Canada customs; only then would the properties be cleared for movement into Canada. Whether as a new property or an old one, there are duties and taxes imposed on them.

Exceptions to properties contained in cross border moving

Importing Alcohol, wine, etc., requires special payments, and you need to make inquiries from the Canadian provincial or destination city. This would determine the duties and prices to pay because they are entirely separate from the money you’d pay to Canadian customs at all border entry points.

canadian province

Importing Motor Vehicles

There are special requirements needed to be met before your vehicle arrives at the customs facility. They are requirements in the model and health of the car that must be met before you take your vehicle into the country.

The Registrar for Imported Vehicles is the office to contact to determine the status of your car before you start moving from the US to Canada.

When you provide the correct information needed by the Registrar, such as the vehicle identification number, sales receipts, ownership certificate, etc., you get to determine the status of your personal motor vehicles, and whether they meet Canadian standards.

The Registrar may give clean health of bill or allow the vehicles imported temporarily on a single point that will be closely monitored.

Bringing Firearms into the Country

Before importing firearms cross the border into Canada, you have to go through the very strict laws of Canada concerning the importation and ownership of firearms in the country and obtain prior permission. There are some laid down rules that gun owners living in the country must meet before they own firearms.

An attempt to register for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) would enlighten you more on the requirements needed before owning firearms, including the list of restricted firearms and the amount in taxes owed for having guns.

canadian law
cross border moving of pets when moving from usa to canada

Importation of Pets

The cross-border moving of pets can only be done when the migrating requirements had been met. It includes up-to-date rabies vaccination.

In Canada dogs that traveled to the United States and are back, or new dogs entirely, the standard of care required by the country’s Animal Control must be met, and you produce proof of meeting the requirements upon request. If not, your pets would be detained, and you can only obtain release upon doing the necessary.

Why Choose the US to Canada Movers?

We are professional, reliable, and affordable movers for both national and international. We are a licensed international moving company by FMSCA. Moreover, we are rated as A+ movers by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

We have a long history in logistics. Starting as a local moving company 2 decades ago, we have successfully managed to move more than 1 million national moves and above 100,000 international moves. We are a family-owned company and we are more focused on satisfying customers with proper moves rather than profit.

Nearly 96% of our customers are through referrals. It shows that we have a more satisfied customer than others. So, if you need movers from USA to Canada, get a free quote from us or contact us at our given number below. Our customer support is available 24/7.


Some of the necessary preparations needed to make a cross-border move from the United States to Canada are stated here. The reasons why Canada is a good place and a dream country for many are also enunciated.

With qualified and efficient US-to-Canada movers, you can have a stress-free movement of your properties across the border from the United States to Canada. Feel free to contact one of the best moving companies Three Movers as they help customers moving to Canada effectively transport their properties with their allied van lines. We have a license provided by FMCSA and A+ rated movers by Better Business Bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can an American Move to Canada Easily?

Yes, Americans can move to Canada easily. One of the easiest ways is the Express Entry method in Canada, the simplest way to immigrate to Canada from the United States.

Can I Move to Canada Without a Job?

Yes, you can move to Canada without a job but it’s better to apply through the Express Entry method in Canada.

Can I Move My Stuff from the USA to Canada?

Relocation is considered a vital business, Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and those who satisfy entry requirements can still enter Canada, although you may be forced to quarantine upon arrival.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Canada?

The cost to move to Canada depends on where are you moving from. If you’re planning of moving from the US to Canada then you can estimate a budget of between $1625 and $7000. It might be even higher or lower than those values depending on how much of the stuff you have that needs to be moved.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Canada or the Us?

Yes, in many ways Canada is cheaper to live in than the US. Many studies showed this fact.

How to Move Furniture from USA to Canada?

You can hire professional movers to help you relocate your furniture with extra care. The pricing of relocation of furniture however highly depends on how heavy your furniture is.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at [email protected]

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