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Best Monticello Movers Near Me – Premium Monticello, MN Moving Companies

Published by Chris Townsend

Best Monticello Movers Near Me – Premium Monticello, MN Moving Companies

THREE MOVERS is a top rated cheap Monticello local and long distance moving company. They have been in business for over a decade and have an amazing job record. Our full service moving company is licensed and insured and we are better business bureau accredited.

THREE MOVERS can handle any size commercial move, from a small office to a large plant. Cheap Monticello movers also have storage solutions for your convenience. Their prices are very competitive and their customer service is outstanding. We highly recommend THREE MOVERS for your next move!

Three Movers is recognized as a highly effective mover in Monticello, Minnesota. Our dedicated professional movers offer outstanding service to residential and commercial customers making long distance and local moves. Please contact us when you need any of the following services:

National Moving Companies Monticello, Minnesota

Types of moves offered in Monticello, Minnesota

Residential Movers in Monticello, Minnesota

Monticello is a city in Minnesota next to the Mississippi River. It is known for having extensive parks and winding trails. There are about 28 parks in the city and many miles of hiking trails. The city is known for being family-friendly and quiet too. If you want to move to the city, you should plan your moving process thoroughly. If you don’t handle the moving of your things properly, you might lose or damage them. The first thing to figure out is if you want to move your things yourself or hire a moving company. You won't need to drive your belongings to the destination if you hire a moving company. Also, you will get proper insurance along the way. DIY moves can be cost-effective only when you are moving a short distance. Getting the right mover for you is important. Make sure the company you hire is licensed to move household goods. Three Movers offers these services.

Office Movers in Monticello, Minnesota

Moving a business usually becomes necessary when the current location isn’t meeting the business's needs. The location might be small or adversely affect the business. When this occurs, there is only one option: to relocate everything. When an office is moving, the project manager has to decide whether they want the staff to do the work or if the company will hire a moving company. The best option is to hire a moving company. That way, the employees will be free enough to focus on the actual office tasks. As a result, there will be less downtime during the move. Hiring professionals also eliminates the need to hire moving equipment. The moving company comes with its equipment and vehicles. Yes, this service can be expensive, but it is cheaper than replacing items damaged by amateurs. You can contact Three Movers for your commercial moving needs.

Military movers in Monticello, Minnesota

The military has a principle of moving officers to new stations after a few years. This means an officer must pack up and relocate permanently every 2 to 3 years. This can be stressful for most officers, especially those not experienced in moving. As an officer, you must figure out if you want to move your things or hire a moving company. Moving your things yourself might seem like a good idea because of moving costs. However, it isn’t always an affordable alternative. This is because the farther your destination is, the closer a DIY moving cost is to the cost of hiring a professional. Also, you might be posted to a military installation that you cannot drive to. In such a case, you will need professional help. So, focus on getting experienced and licensed moving company to move your things. Three Movers is a good option.

International Movers In Monticello, Minnesota

Moving to another country should be exciting. You should look forward to experiencing new cultures and new climates. However, if you don’t handle the transportation of your items, the move might not be enjoyable for you. The first thing to remember is that you cannot move your things yourself to another country. There is a chance that a ship will be needed to move your things. For that reason alone, you will need professional help. There is also the aspect of dealing with customs officers. It is always a better idea if experienced professionals handle that for you. So, instead of finding a way to transport your things yourself, you should search for an international mover with experience and the appropriate permit. You should hire Three Movers because we move household goods to any country.

Fixed-Rate and Hourly-Rate Movers in Monticello, Minnesota

You might be confused between a fixed-rate mover and an hourly-rate mover. Both methods are suitable for different scenarios. If you are moving to a distant destination, roughly over 100 miles, you should consider getting a fixed-rate mover. The reason is that this move will take more than a single day to complete, and you wouldn’t want to be charged by the hour for such a move. Your moving cost will be based on the distance and the weight of your things. So, you will get the lowest moving bill if you opt for a fixed-rate mover. If your move is closer, you should consider an hourly-rate mover. Moving from one apartment to another within the same city should only take a few hours. If you get an hourly-rate mover and reduce your things to only what you need, you will pay significantly less than a fixed-rate mover.

Movers Near Me Monticello, Minnesota

Cheap Monticello, MN Local & Long Distance Moving Companies Near Me

With our full range of moving services, Three Movers can meet all of your needs. We work collaboratively to ensure that all aspects of the move are handled with care and efficiency. Our movers work together to keep our clients' moves on schedule and are skilled at packing and transporting furniture and delicate items. We guarantee your satisfaction because every staff member possesses the depth of expertise necessary to perform relocation tasks most amiably and expertly.

Long Distance Monticello MN Moving Companies

Moving a long distance can be challenging because it requires emptying your space and packing up your home. You may encounter additional difficulties related to starting new employment, settling into a new neighborhood in a foreign city, or persuading your family to relocate thousands of miles away. If you have to relocate, the process could sometimes feel overwhelming. A long-distance relocation may require your belongings to travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers before they get to their new destination. How effectively you pack your items will determine their safety on this lengthy voyage. Boxes, tape, paper, and other items don't need to be purchased. There are a variety of boxes, tape, and packing supplies available from Three Movers.

Movers Near Me Monticello, Minnesota

Local New York City Movers

We genuinely go all out when it comes to making the ideal, stress-free transfer. Every relocation is different, and our movers are aware of this. As a result, they are constantly ready to handle each job's particular difficulties and intricacies. Our full-service storage options and complete moving services can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. There is no move that we cannot handle, regardless of where you live, and we have the knowledge and experience to accomplish it.

How Much Will My Monticello MN Move Cost?

Calculation and cost estimation is crucial, from a distance traveled to the cost of moving supplies. It is essential to determine how much space you need for your furniture and other belongings during your move. Whether it’s going to be a regular van or a larger truck, by knowing exactly how much space your possessions will occupy in a moving truck, you can avoid overpaying for extra space. Before you search for the best moving companies, you should know the size of the moving truck or container you require.

In Monticello, MN, Three Movers Offers These Services:

Packers And Movers Monticello, Minnesota

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Monticello, Minnesota

Packing and Crating

Packing your things into moving boxes can be one of the most stressful parts of moving. If you don’t have help, you should consider hiring a company that offers packing services. Three Movers is a good option for this service because we bring packing supplies, saving you the stress of looking for supplies.


You should get insurance for your items before moving them. It doesn’t matter if you are moving things or hiring a company to do it for you because errors can occur either way. To save yourself from avoidable expenses, get insurance coverage. Three Movers offers insurance services to its customers.

Full-Service Moves

There is a way to move your things from one location to another without lifting a finger. You won’t have to pack your things or unpack them at your new home. A full-service move is a moving service that can make this possible. It entails hiring a company to handle everything related to your move.


If you want your moving process to be smooth, you might need storage services. This is because storing your things in a facility will give you flexibility as you move. You will be able to store your things and take your time to find a suitable apartment.

Same-Day moves

Moving is stressful when you have all the time to plan. It is more stressful if you have less time to plan. If you find yourself in a situation where you must move immediately, you should contact a company that offers same-day moving services. Three Movers offers this service.

Auto Transport

If you are moving to a distant locationand have a car, you should hire a moving company that offers auto transport services. This service means that your car will be transported by the moving company to your new home using a truck. Three Movers offers this service.

long distance movers in monticello minnesota

Long distance Monticello, Minnesota movers

Finding the right mover to assist with your commercial moving services or long distance move to or from Monticello, Minnesota, can be stressful. If you don't move frequently, you may not be sure how to evaluate moving companies effectively. In addition, it can be confusing to sort out the terms they use in their estimates and offers. Three Movers suggests that you spend a few minutes on the FMCSA website before you begin the process.

FMCSA is the acronym for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It's part of the Department of Transportation, and it oversees interstate commerce, including household goods carriers. FMCSA has a database of movers that work on interstate moves. All movers such as Monticello moving companies must register with FMCSA, and they each have a Motor Carrier ID number. On the website, you can review each one's safety record and any customer complaints that have been filed.

The FMCSA site also holds some great resources for you to review. You can read about moving estimates and insurance to understand what the cheap movers' obligations are in the process. There are some videos, including how to avoid moving scams. Finally, there is some helpful contact information you may need if anything goes wrong during the move.

Local moving companies in Monticello, Minnesota

Unlike interstate movers, Monticello moving companies that work exclusively within the state are not regulated by FMCSA. However, they do register with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and must maintain a license and insurance coverage. Local movers may offer package discounts, so always be sure to ask when hiring movers, and may have seasonal specials if you plan to move during the slower times of the year. Movers are almost always busier with moving labor in the summer months when many families prefer to move.

best movers in monticello mn

Moving Service Types in Monticello, Minnesota

If you're relocating to or from Monticello, Minnesota, you'll require a moving company that can offer a wide variety of top-notch moving services. After all, you don't want a bad moving experience.

Most folks would want to avoid the inconveniences and annoyances that come with moving. As a result, we offer various moving services to ensure that our clients have a positive moving experience.

Commercial/Office Monticello, Minnesota Moving Services

Commercial moves are the most typical non-residential moves. Therefore, it is not necessary to overstate their significance. Finding the perfect moving company may be challenging because so many make a claim to offer the finest services. Despite being significantly more challenging, the process is comparable to relocating home items. It is essential for the move that all office equipment be packed, moved, unpacked, and then rearranged at the new location.

If your business needs to transport assets like office furniture and supplies, it can make use of our services. We offer more than just transporting items. Your relocation to or from Monticello, Minnesota, will be planned and carried out with the help of a commercial moving manager who will be assigned to you.

Residential Monticello, Minnesota Moving Services

You are someone who has many obligations, so you know how challenging it may be to move on your own. Even a short-distance move can quickly turn into stress and worry if you don't properly plan your move. You can benefit from the help of a reputable moving company like ours for a smooth home move. We have the track record to back up what we say; we don't just say it.

Our standing as one of the best moving companies in the country is a result of offering premium services at competitive rates, as well as having a team of trained and devoted movers. Our company's staff members have undergone specialized training to guarantee that your possessions are treated with care while you move from one home to another.

International Monticello, Minnesota Moving Services

Moving to a new nation requires considerable effort and should not be taken lightly. Most of the time, extensive and challenging planning is required. Regardless of where you go, you don't want to screw up by making a poor overseas move. The most reputable moving company must be chosen as part of your pre-move strategy for your relocation from your current residence to Monticello, Minnesota.

How can you identify international moving companies that are reliable? There are a bunch of options to consider.

You must work with a reliable and experienced moving company if you want your foreign move to go well. You ought to work with a moving business that has a Federal Maritime Commission license. They are in charge of granting licenses to firms that ship products abroad and only do this to pre-approved moving companies. As a result, we are sure that we are the perfect option for you. Our years of expertise have taught us how to look after our customers and ensure that they are happy with their relocation. We want to provide you with the best moving experience while keeping moving as transparent and reasonably priced as we can. With our assistance, you can move to or from Monticello, Minnesota.

Military Monticello, Minnesota Moving Services

It is a universal truth that the military contributes significantly to society worldwide. If you are a military member, you can get your relocation costs paid for by using a licensed and insured moving company. Three Movers has decided to incorporate military relocation as a part of our moving services so that service personnel can have the best moving experience possible. We provide professional long-distance and international moving services for military families traveling to or from Monticello, Minnesota. We are always here to help you, no matter where you are moving to for your PCS.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Monticello, Minnesota Moving Services

The distance your items must be transported, and the contents of your home affect the hourly and flat-rate services' costs.

If a customer is moving to a neighboring location, they typically pay per hour. Ask your moving company for a flat charge when moving out of state or out of the nation or if you don't want your moving costs to go up. However, the moving company you hire can tack on extra fees. This is because they are unable to provide you with an accurate moving estimate. All of this won't be a problem, though, because we charge our customers fairly and transparently. Additionally, we can help you choose the best payment option based on your relocation budget.

moving services in monticello minnesota

More Moving Services Offered in Monticello, Minnesota

Packing and Crating

We can assist you in packing delicate or important belongings before moving to or from Monticello, Minnesota. We offer crate services for clients who need to move priceless items out of their homes or offices.

If you don't have the time to pack and are relocating, don't be afraid to hire a professional packer. Moving boxes created by professional movers will keep your belongings safe and secure during the transfer. We are proficient in several packing methods.

Storage Services

People moving to a faraway place usually need storage services for some of their items. Most often, they relocate a sizable portion of their possessions first and then the remainder once they're settled. Most moving companies either provide storage services themselves or can recommend one to you. We recognize the value of storage, which is why we have facilities spread across the nation. So, our clients can keep everything under one roof and consolidate all of their moving services with one company. We believe that this is a far better option than handling your storage needs independently from your demands for moving services.

Auto Transportation

Three Movers also move automobiles into and out of Monticello, Minnesota. Many people prefer to transfer their automobiles and personal items when traveling great distances. By using this service, you can avoid driving your own car and the strain of long-distance car transportation.

Same-Day Emergency Services

You might need to relocate quickly due to unanticipated circumstances. There may be additional factors at play. Your decision to move may be influenced by various factors, including your job, health, or family. Thus, our firm offers emergency moving services all across the country, including in Monticello, Minnesota.

Although we strongly advise scheduling moves in advance, in case of an emergency, we have a moving team on call.

Comprehensive Moving Services

We provide comprehensive moving services to or from Monticello, Minnesota. Your possessions are properly packed and delivered to your new address, your possessions are offloaded and then arranged at your new place, and any unanticipated moving duties are taken care of. Moving supplies and moving boxes are also purchased. We encourage our customers to utilize our comprehensive service to keep them from worrying about their move. Let us take care of all the moving-related details so that you may relax and concentrate on more essential matters.

shipping services in monticello minnesota

How much will it cost to move to or from Monticello, Minnesota?

Moving prices depend on the distance from the origin to the destination and the shipment size. For example, local projects in Monticello may cost less than $1,000, while long distance moves will be substantially more in most cases. The average cost to move the contents of a medium-sized home across the country is around $4,500. Still, there is a broad range of prices depending on shipment size, services requested, and local or long distance move.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Monticello

To / From Monticello Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Monticello, MN to Chicago, IL 387 miles $2,372 - $3,008 $3,577 - $4,589 $4,589 - $6,898
Monticello, MN to Rochester, NY 812 miles $3,051 - $3,762 $4,385 - $6,024 $6,024 - $8,740
Oklahoma City, OK to Monticello, MN 706 miles $2,574 - $3,531 $4,205 - $5,541 $5,541 - $8,163
Monticello, MN to Boston, MA 1146 miles $3,376 - $4,347 $5,212 - $7,049 $7,049 - $10,223
Monticello, MN to Jackson, GA 980miles $3,160 - $4,034 $4,812 - $6,367 $6,367 - $9,299
Atlanta, GA to Monticello, MN 938 miles $3,161 - $4,035 $4,814 - $6,370 $6,370 - $9,204

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

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Monticello, MN Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

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