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Cheap Local Movers In Auburn Indiana
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If you’re relocating, you’ll want to employ a reputable and prompt moving company to help you with the procedure. There are several advantages to hiring a moving company. It assists you in minimizing stress and load associated with relocating, allowing you adequate time to arrange for other aspects of your move.

Three Movers is among the most credible moving companies to use if you live in Auburn, Indiana. We assist you in streamlining the planning and execution of your relocation. We provide the most competitive local and long-distance moving services in Auburn, IN.

While several moving firms are available, not all of them are competent to conduct a seamless transfer. Three Movers is a dependable and efficient moving company with a sufficient workforce and moving vehicles. Our moving packages are adaptable to your specific needs and cover every aspect of your relocation. Continue reading for further information about all of the services we offer:

We Offer Long-Distance Relocation Services

A long-distance move is when the distance between your present location and the desired destination exceeds 50 miles. A long-distance relocation might occur inside the same state, or it can transcend state lines. Intrastate movement refers to a migration inside a state. Crossing state boundaries is part of interstate migration.

Three Movers is the top interstate and intrastate moving company in Auburn, Indiana. Distance is irrelevant since we have an excellent working relationship with the authorities responsible for regulating the relocation.

Therefore, irrespective of how near or how distant your new address is, we guarantee the safe movement of your possessions. We have insurance coverage to mitigate risk and safeguard your belongings throughout the relocation. Our expert movers and drivers are meticulous and efficient. When your valuables are in our care, they are in safe hands.

Hire Movers Near Me Auburn, Indiana

Cheap Auburn, Indiana Local & Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

You deserve a great moving experience when moving to any location. If you live in Auburn, Indiana, you can get that.

It is possible to get moving services at a bargain, and that makes it a better choice to hire a mover than to do the work yourself.

What you need is a mover that gives top-quality moving services at a good price.

What you need is Three Movers. We offer all sorts of moving services, ranging from residential to commercial, long-distance, and local moves.

Long Distance Auburn, Indiana Moving Companies

Auburn is one of those cities that attracts people looking for stability in their lives. It is called the “city of classics” because of its early contribution to the automotive industry. It is also seen as a great place to raise a family.

If you are moving to or out of Auburn, you should hire a reliable moving company. Long-distance moving requires the best hands, so you’ll want to ensure your possessions are in good hands.

You will need to investigate the companies you are considering. The first thing to do is ensure they have a USDOT number. You will also have to verify that number on the FMCSA website. This will rule out any scammers. Finally, read reviews and see what customers are saying about the company you want to hire.

Local Auburn, Indiana Movers

You have decided to hire professionals to move your things within Auburn, but do they know the city well enough? When moving locally, like to Auburn, you need a company that can easily navigate the area.

You also need a business that has an Indiana Department of Transportation license if you want to move things within Indiana. It will be in your best interest to ensure the company is licensed.

If you choose the summer time to relocate within Auburn, you should contact a mover, months in advance. This is because there is a high demand for movers at this time.

Cost Of Moving House Auburn, Indiana

How Much Will My Auburn, Indiana  Move Cost?

Moving locally or long distances will be expensive. There is no getting around that. However, if you value your time, it is cheaper than doing the work yourself.

Since there are many factors to consider, there won’t be a single moving cost that fits all scenarios.

To find out what moving will cost you, get shipping quotes from reliable moving companies and choose the one with the best balance between cost and quality.

In Auburn, Indiana, Three Movers Offers These Services:

Long Distance Movers In Auburn Indiana

Our Local Moving Companies Are The Best

Three Movers provides local moving services in Auburn, Indiana, 24 hours a day. We instantly designate a team, and you contact us for support. Our local movements are lightning-fast, which is unusual in the metropolis. We are familiar with the city’s local and main roads, contributing to our punctuality.

Moreover, Three Movers provides Auburn, IN, the most affordable moving service. We charge between $30 and $40 per hour, depending on many criteria. We have many good ratings from locals due to our superior moving services.

Moving Services in Auburn, Indiana

Residential Move

Residential relocation, as the name implies, is the act of relocating into a new house. No matter where you are going in the world, it doesn’t matter if it is down the street or overseas. As part of the relocation process, our trucks will need to be emptied, packed, and then reloaded when we arrive at our new home.

It would be best to seek the assistance of a moving firm in this case since companies that offer moving services are referred to as moving firms. Should you need assistance with your move, please feel free to contact us. Therefore, in order to handle any difficulties you may encounter in a timely manner, one of our staff members familiar with your neighborhood will be assigned to assist you in resolving them.

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Auburn, Indiana

As a result of the nature of their business, business owners are frequently required to travel sensitive items such as machinery and furniture as a part of their daily operations.

An experienced moving company should always be hired when you are relocating.

Regardless of how small or large your relocation may be, we are always here to assist you. Since the spread of COVID-19, the number of individuals working remotely has grown significantly, and this trend is expected to continue.

Military Moving Services in Auburn, Indiana

If you receive relocation instructions, you should begin preparing for your move as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you decide to relocate to a new nation or within the United States, you should consider this carefully as it may impact the type of arrangements you will receive. It is imperative that you plan your schedule ahead of time regardless of whether you are traveling by air, sea, or land.

Those who are able to perform their own relocation can utilize these services. Since military members may hire their own movers, military relocation assistance is not necessary. Military members who meet certain requirements may qualify for relocation assistance. For a variety of reasons, PPM solutions are well known for providing the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to run your organization.

International Moving Services in Auburn, Indiana

The time and effort involved in foreign transfers make it imperative that you engage the services of a professional supplier with extensive experience. We have transferred hundreds of clients worldwide during the last two decades.

A moving company must pass imports and taxes before proceeding with the rest of the transaction. Moving to another country is considered a much more challenging endeavor than relocating within the country.

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

There is almost no doubt that large furniture and other belongings from the house will need to be transferred when transferring a large apartment, so charging a flat fee may be the best solution when the transportation will take more than one hour. If you reside in a high-traffic area, consider this option.

In the event that you are considering downsizing to a smaller home where there are fewer possessions, you may be able to save a lot of money on a local relocation by packing and arranging your belongings yourself.

If you require any additional information regarding your move, please feel free to contact your relocation counselor.

Cost Of Moving House Auburn, Indiana

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Auburn, Indiana

Packing and Crating  

To ensure a smooth shipment transfer, there are a number of things that must be taken into consideration. Everything must fit perfectly within the container, be properly labeled, and be organized as required.

The ability to provide our clients with high-quality service requires a high level of experience and well-trained employees. Choosing a moving company that offers all-inclusive services is the best way to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything during the moving process. It is best to find a moving company that provides all-inclusive services.

With a white-glove service, you can feel even more pampered. This is an excellent option for those who appreciate premier service, and if you want high-end service, this could be a great choice. As part of this service, all of your belongings will be handled with the utmost care.


Every client is entitled to free basic insurance from the federal government. The coverage provided by your basic insurance coverage may extend to some of your belongings, but it may not cover them all.

As a precaution, it is prudent to obtain the appropriate level of insurance coverage to protect yourself from financial damages. Three Movers will do all it can to make the moving process as smooth as possible, regardless of any unanticipated circumstances.

Full-Service Moves

In addition to offering relocation, safeguarding, and packing services to residential and business clients, we also offer a variety of other moving services. You can count on our well-known organization to assist you with every aspect of your relocation. Although you may find that full-service relocation seems to be more expensive at first glance, you will be more than satisfied with the end result.

You must pack your furniture before loading it onto a moving truck, transporting it to your new location, emptying it, and repacking it. You may have to assemble or disassemble furniture during the process.

Three Movers can assist with relocations such as this.

Moving and Storage Near Me Auburn, Indiana


When a customer inquires about the availability of storage space, it is possible for a prospective tenant to learn that they are not allowed to move all of their belongings into their new apartment without the permission of the appropriate authority person. As a result, owners may sometimes have to sell their holdings.

We at Three Movers offer storage services to all of our clients so that we can make their lives easier and their belongings more secure. We are present in all 50 states as well.

Same-Day Moves

In the event of an unanticipated situation or a last-minute decision, you can always count on our team to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Moving on the same day is not always feasible. In these cases, scheduling the move for the next day is recommended. Relocations are more common in the summer when school is out and there is more free time available.

Auto Transport

If you are moving across the country to start a new life, you may find it difficult to transport your automobile effectively. Before moving, you should research the requirements of automobile transportation companies.

When you see the benefits of transferring your automobile with a company during a relocation, you will be glad you took the time to do so.

Whether you are traveling long distances to your new house or driving a considerable distance, you need to make sure that you have both gasoline and food in your bags.

Additional Services We Provide

Our organization also offers various relocation services. The following is a complete list of the services we provide:


Our objective is to alleviate our customers’ stress associated with juggling many things concurrently. When you employ our services, you can delegate the arduous work of sorting and transferring your stuff to us while concentrating on other essential duties. Contact us immediately!

Best Movers In Auburn, IN

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Auburn

To / From AuburnDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Auburn, IN to New York City, NY577$2,954 – $3,734$4,434 – $5,919$5,919 – $8,643
Detroit, MI to Auburn, IN121$2,048 – $2,486$2,923 – $3,857$3,857 – $5,544
Seattle, WA to Auburn, IN1867$4,528 – $5,780$6,894 – $9,257$9,257 – $13,607
Auburn, IN to Las Vegas, NV1653$4,256 – $5,427$6,465 – $8,673$8,673 – $12,729
Auburn, IN to Dallas, TX875$3,287 – $4,165$4,946 – $6,607$6,607 – $9,647
Portland, OR to Auburn, IN1889$4,531 – $5,786$6,901 – $9,266$9,266 – $13,621
Auburn, IN to Baltimore, MD465$2,674 – $3,366$4,001 – $5,296$5,296 – $7,689
Atlanta, GA to Auburn, IN524$2,753 – $3,468$4,106 – $5,465$5,465 – $7,942
Auburn, IN to Miami, FL1110$3,544 – $4,499$5,349 – $7,156$7,156 – $10,467
Auburn, IN to Denver, CO1049$3,541 – $4,494$5,343 – $7,148$7,148 – $10,454

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote

Movers Neighborhoods Area

Auburn, IN Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don’t see your neighborhood listed here, don’t worry because we can most likely service it.

Fir RdCleveland RdDouglas Rd
Elm RdHi-View AdditionLincoln Way E
Capital AveJefferson BlvdElder Rd
Dragoon TrlDowney AveTrine U-South Bend Regional Campus
E 12Th StS Merrifield AveCity Center

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Other Popular Cities In Indiana That We Serve:


Auburn, Indiana includes ZIP codes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving in stress-free is a dream come true. How can I make it possible when moving to Auburn, Indiana?

It is not hopeless for you to move to Auburn, Indiana for such a cheap cost and ease. Move during Spring or Fall to lessen the cost and to relocate without the need to worry about snowfall or the incoming holidays. Move the way you want with our movers.

I want to ascertain if my mover in Auburn, Indiana, is trustworthy.

You may check the list of licensed movers provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Better Business Bureau’s database also keeps track of the possible previous complaints against and praises to the professional moving company that you want to deal with.

What are the top-recommended places where I can acquire more moving boxes in Auburn, Indiana?

The local Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are the stores that you should go to if you want to get moving boxes at a generous and reasonable price. Alternatively, you can visit this Facebook Marketplace page if you want to get free moving boxes right around your new residence.

Temporarily, a storage unit can help me store my items in a safe place. Can I get a top-level security storage unit in Auburn, Indiana?

You are right. A storage unit is what you need and Three Movers can give you the most protected ones in Auburn, Indiana. Call us at (888) 202-0036 to know more.

Can I file a complaint or feedback regarding my mover in Auburn, Indiana, immediately?

This guide from the Department of Revenues of Indiana can help you understand your moving necessities. Apart from that, DOR prepared a complete guide for you to file feedback for your mover.

When is the best time to relocate to/from Auburn, Indiana?

From mid-June through mid-September, moving to Auburn, Indiana is perfect.
This month is regarded as the most advantageous because it is usually warm for families and individuals looking for a new location to settle in.

Who Regulates Auburn, Indiana Moving Companies, and Where Can I Verify a Movers’ License?

The Indiana professional license agency regulates moving firms that have the necessary resources and facilities and operate on a professional scale.
Each license holder is given a DOT number. This can be used to examine its complaint record, making it easy to trace a moving company’s behavior.

I Don’t Have Enough Boxes to Pack My Personal Effects. In Auburn, Indiana, where can I find moving boxes?

Three Movers provides clients with moving boxes, bubble padding, extra wrapping materials, and other necessary moving goods.
Our movers guarantee that properties are packaged in such a way that repeated return trips save space, time, and resources. There are other additional locations to look for packing items; Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are excellent places to begin.

I’m not quite ready to transport all of my belongings to the destination. Who Offers Self-Storage in Auburn, Indiana?

Three Movers provides clients with safe, temporary storage space. Our storage facilities may retain the client’s property or household equipment, regardless of size, until the client has another site available.

I was duped by a moving company! In Auburn, Indiana, How Do I File a Complaint?

A consumer complaint can be submitted to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency through their website. The Attorney General will review these concerns and make a decision.
If the complaints are found to be justified, the Attorney General will refer them to the licensing agency for further disciplinary action against the license holder.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

Customer Reviews

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the extremely hard working crew that handled my move. I admit I was skeptical of hiring a company to move my household stuff but I was so pleased with the services. These guys packed everything up and had it loaded and delivered in no time at all. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and my wife and I were able to take some much needed time to check out the new town without having to worry about getting things unpacked. Three Movers took care of everything and we really appreciate it!

Jeff T.

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Prices Of Movers In Auburn, Indiana (IN)

The table below outlines very rough price estimates based on historical moving cost information:

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Less than 50 miles $240 – $675 $710 – $1,400 $1,100 – $4,900
250 miles $800 – $2,300 $1,400 – $3,950 $2,050 – $4,700
1000+ miles $950 – $2,900 $2,100 – $7,800 $4,900 – $8,100
2500+ miles $1,300 – $3,800 $3,400 – $7,900 $8,400+

Keep in mind that the actual cost of your individual move will vary. The best way to obtain the most accurate price for movers in Auburn, Indiana (IN) is to contact a professional moving company directly for a customized quote.