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How Can I Ship My Belongings To Another State?

Published on 2021-03-23

how can i ship my belongings to another state

When it’s time to relocate to another state, you might be wondering how can I ship my belongings to another state. There are multiple ways to get your things from your current home to a new home in another state. Typically, this is known as a long-distance move, but you can also use freight shipping for your goods.

There are ways to ship your belongings to another state on a budget and other ways that are more convenient. Let’s look at both the budget-friendly answer to this question and the more convenient answer.

6 Best Ways To Move Your Belongings To Another State

Below listed are 6 best approaches to move to another state with your belongings:

  1. Use Public Transportation
  2. Air Transport
  3. Rent A Small Tow Trailer
  4. Rent Cheap Truck Rentals
  5. Rent A POD (Portable On Demand) Storage
  6. Find Affordable Movers Near You

Use Public Transportation 

Using public transportation is one of the cheapest ways you can ship your stuff across the states. The two available public transportation for shifting are a bus and a train. Both transportation services however have shipping size limitations we will cover in a while.

Taking a bus for the move will probably only work if you’re a minimalist with under 250 lbs of stuff to shift. While this way of moving can save you a lot of bucks, it comes with additional stress. You will need to pay extra attention to your belongings so that they’re not misplaced, you will have to pack the items carefully with extra padding such that the items are not damaged when tossed inside the bus, and you will also be required to carry your stuff to and from your home to the station.

Typically, train transport is used for larger items, such as furniture, pianos, billiards tables, and other large or heavy items. Using train transportation is a rather cost-effective option to move your stuff to another state when you have larger belongings. However, you might have to handle moving the goods onto the train and off the train to your new location.

Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest and most convenient method of shipping your belongings and the cheapest way to move to another state. It’s a safe option with very little risk of damage. You can even follow the progress of your goods as they move from one location to another. However, it is the most expensive option among all that we have discussed.

Rent A Small Tow Trailer

Renting a small tow trailer is significantly cheaper and beneficial than renting a moving truck or POD storage when it comes to moving bulky items you can’t relocate using your own vehicle. The benefit of renting a trailer is that you can shift in comfort and be confident about your stuff moving with you, just behind you!

Renting A Moving Truck

If you’re tight on budget then renting a moving truck for your move-out-of-state is the best possible option. You will have to do all the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and driving on your own.

The rental moving trucks come with a limited no. of seats and if your move is a long-distance move then moving in a rental truck could be stressful, less fun, or uncomfortable.

Rent A POD (Portable On Demand) Storage 

Portable storage companies are the budget-friendly option to ship your stuff to another state. This method may also include having a trailer dropped off at your home, which you load up. Some portable storage companies use trailers, while others use moving cubes or pods.

Though renting a Portable On Demand Storage service is more expensive than renting a truck, you wouldn’t at least be needed to drive a large truck full of stuff on your own. However, you will have to do all your packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and other move-related tasks on your own unless you decide to hire help for that.

By renting a POD storage unit you can enjoy your ride to a new city with your family and pets on your own vehicle. Moreover, you can also share part of the container with others and hence can save money.

Find Affordable Movers Near You

The most convenient way to ship your belongings to another state is to choose a full-service company willing to move things for you. It will cost more, but they will pack up your goods, choose the best way to ship them, and even unpack your goods when they arrive at your new home.

If you wanna make your move a little stress-free then hiring a moving company wouldn’t cross your budget. One might consider hiring moving companies an expensive way of moving but there are many affordable moving firms like Three Movers that can customize your move according to your needs.

Out Of State Shipping Checklist

You will have to mental and physical efforts on the following tasks before moving your belongings out of state.

Analyze Your Budget

You will need to have a fixed budget that you are willing to spend on the move. Based on that you can choose the best plan for shipping your belongings out of state. If you have a low budget, you will need to be ready to carry out many physically demanding tasks on your own. If you have enough money for full-service movers, you can just sit back and relax once you hire a reliable full service moving company for your interstate move. Once you are sure how you want to move, you should also fix the moving date.

Remove Unwanted Stuff

This will not only make your new home more organized but it will also decrease the cost of moving. That’s because the quantity of your stuff is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost of moving. Once you declutter, you may also be able to sell the stuff you don’t have. This will also help you earn money to pay for the out-of-state moving cost.

Look for Free Moving Boxes

Getting free moving boxes will make it cheaper for you to ship your stuff to another state. You can easily get free moving boxes in nearby bars, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores, e.t.c.


If you pay for professional packing services, you will not have to carry out this task. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to pack by yourself. Proper packing ensures that your stuff will not get damaged along the way. So, you will have to give a significant amount of time to pack your stuff. Along with moving boxes, you’ll also need other types of moving supplies for packing. Try to get packing tapes, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, styrofoam, labels/markers, and packing paper at a cheap price before starting to pack your stuff. You can also borrow some of these moving supplies from people you know.

Get Ready For The New State

When you are moving to another state along with your belongings, there are many different things that you will have to figure out. First of all, you’ll have to figure out your healthcare. You’ll also have to change your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Also, learn about the best places to get basic utilities and other important stuff in your new city/community. If you have kids, researching about schools in your city also becomes very important.

Your tax situation will also change once you move to another. You may have to apply for two different taxes for the first year. Ask experts to learn exactly what you need to do. You’ll also have to establish a new domicile.

It is also essential to tell important people and organizations in your life about your new address. Also, cancel memberships of gyms, community clubs, e.t.c in your old city.

How to Ship your Belongings to Another State on a Budget

Portable storage companies are the budget-friendly option to ship your stuff to another state. This method may also include having a trailer dropped off at your home, which you load up. Some portable storage companies use trailers, while others use moving cubes or pods.

How To Ship Your Belongings To Another State

Either way, you will be responsible for packing and loading the pods or trailer. Once it’s loaded up, the company you choose will transport or ship your goods to your new location. You can even have your goods held in storage while you find a new home in your new location.

You will pay based on the amount of space you need or the number of pods you need for your things. The cost of PODS and long distance moves is fixed, and you can get a quote from this type of company right online. This is typically the cheapest way to ship your belongings to another state when you have several things to ship.

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The Most Convenient Way To Ship Your Stuff To Another State

There are several answers to the question, how can I ship my belongings to another state? The right answers for you will depend on your needs, your budget, and what you need to ship. Hiring a company to handle the logistics for you is the most convenient option while hiring a portable storage company is likely the right option if you’re on a tighter budget.

Try Three Movers

You can consult with Three Movers’s experienced movers to find the best method to move your belongings. We can give you free estimates for different types of moves. This will allow you to compare different ways to ship your belongings to another state and find the best way for your situation.

Convenient Interstate Shipping

Cost Of Shipping Your Stuff From State To State

The cost of shipping from one state to another can vary drastically. Some of the important factors affecting the cost are:

  • The size and weight of your stuff
  • The distance between starting and ending point of the shipment
  • The cost of living in the cities you want to move from and move to
  • Additional services you may need like packing, loading / unloading, assembly/disassembly, e.t.c.
  • The difficulty of the move. Some things are harder to move than others. If you want to move to or from high floors of an apartment then it will also increase the difficulty level.
  • Time of the move. Moving during peak moving season is more expensive. You may also have to pay more to move during weekends when compared to weekdays.

Here is a table that shows some cost examples for shipping your belongings to another state:

To / From Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Murfreesboro, TN to San Angelo, TX 946 Miles $1702.8 – $2081.2 $2270.4 – $2554.2 $3027.2 – $3500.2
Tempe, AZ to Los Angeles, CA 380 Miles $684 – $874 $988 – $1216 $1292 – $1520
Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA 1743 Miles $4,338 – $5,508 $6,548 – $8,754 $8,754 – $12,813
Austin, TX to Milwaukee, WI 1196 Miles $2152.8 – $2631.2 $2870.4 – $3229.2 $3827.2 – $4425.2
New York City, NY to Clarksville, MD 211 Miles $379.8 – $464.2 $506.4 – $569.7 $675.2 – $780.7
Colorado Springs, CO to Jacksonville, FL 1431 Miles $2,830 – $3,677 $3,508 – $5,485 $5,485 – $7,015
Chula Vista ,CA to Colorado Springs, CO 1148 Miles $2066.4 – $2640.4 $2984.8 – $3673.6 $3903.2 – $4592
Pensacola, FL to Centennial, CO 1425 Miles $2565 – $3135 $3420 – $3847.5 $4560 – $5272.5
Bakersfield, CA to El Paso, TX 912 Miles $1641.6 – $2006.4 $2188.8 – $2462.4 $2918.4 – $3374.4
Miami, FL to Fort Worth, TX 1344 Miles $2419.2 – $2956.8 $3225.6 – $3628.8 $4300.8 – $4972.8
Miami, FL to Saint Louis, MO 1069 Miles $2,482 – $3,394 $3,206 – $4,932 $4,332 – $6,096
Cape Coral, FL to Fresno, CA 2788 Miles $5018.4 – $6412.4 $7248.8 – $8921.6 $9479.2 – $11152
Palo Alto, CA to Philadelphia, PA 2509 Miles $5,135 – $6,609 $7,919 – $10,494 $10,494 – $15,518
Seattle, WA to Philadelphia, PA 2373 Miles $4271,4 – $5457,9 $6169,8 – $7593,6 $8068,2 – $9492
Seattle, WA to Phoenix, AZ 1114 Miles $2005 – $2562 $2896 – $3564 $3787 – $4456

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at [email protected]

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