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Moving from New York to North Carolina

Published on 2022-09-23

moving from new york to north carolina
moving from new york to north carolina

If you’re planning to relocate from New York to North Carolina, you have every reason to be excited. The two states differ significantly. However, they also share many similarities. For one, they are both coastal cities that border the Pacific Ocean to the east. Additionally, both states experience four distinct seasons every year.

However, you’ll also find that North Carolina is better than New York in many aspects. For instance, the cost of living in North Carolina is much lower than in NY. This will instantly appeal to anyone thinking about living in North Carolina for an extended period. Houses are also a lot more affordable in the Old North State, another major perk if you plan to live there permanently.

Cost of moving from New York to North Carolina

The average cost to relocate a one-bedroom apartment from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, is $1,430 to $1,850 when using a moving company. However, the costs come from about $1,240 to $1,674 if you use a moving container.

However, expect to pay slightly more for a larger house. For instance, it costs up to $3,800 to move a 2-3 bedroom house on the same route with a moving company. A 4-bedroom house will cost you up to $5,800 to relocate.

What Type of Mover have You Been When Relocating from New York to North Carolina?

Relocating from New York to North Carolina constitutes an interstate move. Therefore, you need interstate movers. Interstate movers are duly registered companies with licenses that allow them to operate between states. This is unlike intrastate movers whose licenses only allow them to operate within one state. 

Two other things to consider are as follows;

Full-service or DIY

Full-service movers will handle every aspect of the move, right from packing to unloading and unpacking. However, they tend to be pricier. If you want to cut costs, you can DIY selected aspects of the move. For instance, you can purchase packing supplies and have your friends help you unload. 

Flat-rate vs. hourly-rate

Moving companies typically charge a flat rate or hourly rate. Flat-rate movers will give you a single quote for the entire project. Meanwhile, hourly-rate movers give you a quote for every hour spent on your job. As such, hourly-rate movers can be a tad expensive if the move drags. 

How to Choose Movers That Are Right For You

Finding the right long-distance mover to relocate you from New York to North Carolina shouldn’t be difficult. Just make sure the company is an interstate mover that’s;


Never work with a moving company that isn’t registered with the US Department of Transportation. 


Aside from DOT registration, the moving company must be duly licensed as an interstate mover. 


People lose items all the time when moving. Some items may also get damaged. An insured company guarantees to cover the costs of losses and damages. 

Above all, always conduct due diligence to gauge the company’s reputation. Apartment movers that attract too much negative attention and complaints wouldn’t be a good choice. Instead, find one with a good record, plenty of positive reviews, and a good rating on most review websites. 

Benefits of moving from new york to North Carolina

Job Opportunities

North Carolina is home to some of the gigantic tech companies including IBM, Cisco, NetApp, LabCorp and many others. For young professionals, there are lots of job opportunities. North Carolina has also three major research universities in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. 

Cost of living

North Carolina has an affordable cost of living. The rent charge is quite low than the national average. Other than that, groceries are also fairly priced. Due to its cheap cost in almost everything than that of New York, People living in flats in New York can buy homes in North Carolina. 

Incredible scenery

One of the best things about living in North Carolina is that it has some of the best scenery. The blue ridge parkway, the pristine outer banks and the smoky mountains are all located here. Due to the astonishing landscape, residents can spend time hiking, rock climbing, and so much more.

Disadvantages of living in North Carolina


Hurricanes will be your number one enemy in North Carolina. Every season in June and November, a hurricane hits North Carolina which is also the cause of flooding and unpredictable weather patterns. During this time you need to be really careful and listen to the state authorities.

High tax rates

Over the entire state, North Carolina is ranked 20th as the most taxed state. There is a lot of tax burden for the residents of North Carolina. On average, 9.8% of your yearly income is gone to state and municipal taxes.

Poor public transportation

Straight out of the shoulder, you need to have a car if you are planning to live in North Carolina. They have public transportation however, they are not organized properly. The service of this transportation is not wide enough. Therefore, if you need to save time you should have your own vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do New Yorkers move to in North Carolina?

Most of the people from New York move to the Charlotte region. This place has bright city lights however, the price compared to New York is different.

How much does it cost to move from New York to North Carolina?

Basically, the cost depends on how much of the belongings you are transporting. The price is around $3000 to $4000 for 3 bedroom house.

Is it cheaper to live in New York or North Carolina?

North Carolina has a low cost of living compared to New York. Rent, groceries and utilities are pretty priced in North Carolina. However, the tax rate is relatively high in both states than the national average. 

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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