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Cost Of Movers Canada To Australia | Three Movers

Published by Chris Townsend

Cost of movers Canada to Australia

Moving Quotes Australia

Canada and Australia are among the largest countries in the world in terms of landmass. These massive countries are home to a wealth of natural resources, from the timber and hydropower of Canada to the uranium and diamonds of Australia.

Moving to Australia from Canada can be expensive, it's true. For example, sea freight from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Perth, on the west coast of Australia, can cost from $10,200 – $13,700 and take 5-7 weeks. Depending on your ports of departure and arrival, the cost of moving to Australia from Canada can change.

Fortunately, most of your goods can be imported to Australia tax-free. As with most countries, items eligible for tax-free import are those that you have owned and personally used for at least six months in Canada. Once imported, you cannot sell, loan, rent, or lease these items or use them for anything other than personal use for at least a year.

More about the cost of movers from Canada to Australia

By 2016, Australia was Canada's 14th largest inbound destination for tourist arrivals; the estimations make it look like Canadian travelers to Australia would produce over $1 billion in sales by 2020. About 150,000 Canadians project to travel to Australia each year.

Only a tiny percentage of them are trying to become legal immigrants. If you're one of these folks, here are 11 things to keep in mind when migrating to Australia from Canada.

Canada offers access to private medical insurance, health insurance, student visa, and permanent visa for permanent residents. Individuals compell to transfer fully from one nation to the other, and in certain circumstances, through one continent to the other, due to several circumstances.

By overworld map, Australia is the world's sixth-largest nation. It is a British Empire monarchy with about 26 million people. It is among the warmest areas on the planet, with the least rich soil.

Despite its climatic circumstances, it is nonetheless one of the most developed nations globally, with the 14th biggest economy and 30 percent immigrants.

If you're a Canadian considering relocating to Australia, we recommend reading the entire article to ensure you don't miss anything.

Moving Helpers Australia

What About Customs Inspections?

Customs inspection in Australia can be rigorous. In fact, most households coming into Australia will have some personal items subject to quarantine. For example, if you bring wood furniture with you, it will be inspected and potentially quarantined to protect against termites or other wood boring insects.

Any items flagged during the customs inspection process will be subject to quarantine for a time, sent back to Canada, or in some cases, destroyed.

Australian customs officials take this job very seriously. Be prepared to provide all requested documentation and to be transparent and flexible.

Am I Allowed To Bring My Vehicle To Australia?

Most likely, no. It is rare that a private individual receives approval to import a vehicle to Australia, and most vehicle imports to the country are by car manufacturers. Australia’s Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) are companies that have been licensed by the Australian government to import a very limited selection of used vehicles.

For Canadians, eligibility to import a vehicle is mostly off the table. Vehicles manufactured for use in North America are designed to be driven on the right side of the road. To drive such a vehicle in Australia would require substantial mechanical modifications. Even if approved, these modifications can be very expensive and are honestly pretty ugly.

Importing a vehicle to Australia takes more than just transporting your vehicle to Australia. Even if you get it there, the Australian Border Force will not release your vehicle unless all paperwork and approvals are in order. Again, privately-owned vehicles rarely qualify for import, and the approval process can take several weeks. Give yourself plenty of time to get through the process and to make alternative arrangements as needed.

Good Movers Australia

Planning your move to Australia

The Steps in Planning Your Move to Australia from Canada are:

  • If you're a Canadian wanting to apply for a visa to visit Australia, you have a few alternatives. However, there are several prerequisites for applying:
  • The individual must be below the age of 45 at the time of application.
  • A basic command of the English language and the capacity to communicate in it.
  • You must specify a skill set/occupation that corresponds to your qualification if you apply for a skilled visa.
  • You must take and pass a skill assessment exam.
  • You must also pass a health examination. This implies that you and your family must be in good health to live in Australia.
  • Character evaluation. As strange as it may sound, They will also evaluate your character, and you will need to meet specified criteria to pass.

What are the requirements for Canadian Migrants?

You'll need your visa, which must be valid for at least the next three months. In addition, the approved relocation application, the essential personal papers, and proof of identification are their main requirements.

In terms of visas, you may apply for various them, and the government will decide which one is ideal for you. It contains the following items:

  • Work Permit (they must meet all the above-stated requirements for a work visa, valid up to 5 years).
  • Spouse and family visas (nominator/sponsor must be the applicant in this circumstance).
  • Work and vacation visa (for 18-30, valid for up to a year).
  • A dependent child visa or working holiday visa

You may make your case to the government, and they will decide which group you fall under. You may learn more about different sorts of visas by clicking on this link.

Best Pet Moving Australia

What about the pets?

If you're bringing a pet, they evaluate them as well. There are three types of pets, and you must discover which one you belong to.

Pets from New Zealand, Cocos Island, and Norfolk Island are exempt from the permission requirement.

Animals from all around the nations that are rabies-free or have rigorous rabies prevention (which your pet will be a part of) are in Groups 2 and 3 (which your pet will be a part of). They must get import permission and submit to blood testing to check if they have an infection with illnesses or infections that might infect other animals.

What Should I Look for in an Oversea Moving Company?

It's time to start looking for a moving company when you've sorted through the paperwork and met the basic standards. We recognize that the procedure can be time-consuming and that finding the proper movers necessitates some investigation. Aside from movers, you may use a slew of other services to make your move a little easie.

When looking for movers, keep the following in mind:

Damage Insurance

Does the mover you've chosen give damage insurance if things don't go as planned? Licensed movers have an insurance policy that specifies the amount of damage covered in the event of an accident or catastrophe. Because these occurrences are rather typical in international luggage transit, you should carefully review their insurance coverage to ensure that you are fully insured.


Only choose movers who can back up their claims to ship your goods internationally with years of experience securely. Perform some background research and read consumer reviews on various review websites. Suppose a firm appears to be new but has high evaluations.

In that case, chances are they were previously in the moving industry and have extended it to include international relocation, which is not a simple overnight operation.

Means of transportation

While air is the most common mode of shipping bags internationally, many movers also choose the sea as a feasible choice.

Moving Costs Australia

Is it a good idea to ship my car to Australia?

Do you truly believe you need to travel across countries in your ancient vehicle? It is preferable to travel light and upgrade from your prior vehicle. In the event that your automobile breaks down, you must also consider the potential of being unable to locate spare parts and other critical components. Plus, you can either buy a new one or use the money towards anything else after you are in Australia.

However, if you have a valuable antique or rare automobile, just call your preferred international moving business or an independent car shipping project.

Main Steps Upon Arrival in Australia

Once you've arrived safely in Australia, you'll need to hunt for a place to stay, healthcare, a driver's license, and other necessities for your stay.

Healthcare provides by both the public and commercial sectors in Australia. It's a hybrid system where consumers get public healthcare through Medicare while still paying for private medical insurance.

Newly arrived immigrants urge to continue with Medicare therapy until they require specialized care, which their regular physician can refer them to. As a new immigrant, you may utilize this website to apply for Medicare and learn more about it.

A valid driver's license

Despite the availability of multiple high-quality public transportation options, most individuals choose to commute by car. If you want to get a driver's license, you must apply for one via the regular method. Having a driver's license is important.

If you already have a license, it will suffice until you obtain one in the United States, and it will also act as leverage if you have an International Driver's license. Because driver's licenses are given at the state level, the rules and laws differ. You can apply for a driver's license at a state or municipal motor register, as the regulatory authority for driving differs by state.

Best Packers And Movers Australia


As a new immigrant, opening a bank account is basic and straightforward. For new people to the nation, one of the four big banks offers flexible banking alternatives. Australia's top four banks are as follows:

  • National Australia bank.
  • Australia's Commonwealth Bank.
  • Westpac Banking Corporation.
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

How to subscribe to utilities in Australia?

The good news is that following the difficulties of securing a residential unit, applying for and obtaining essential services like gas, water, and electricity is not nearly as tough.

The authorities normally approach tenants or apply themselves by filling out a form. The following are some of Australia's most well-known utility companies.

  • The power of momentum.
  • Red energy.
  • AGL.
  • Commander.
  • Next Energy Australia.

How to Connect to the Internet and Get a Phone When You Arrive in Australia?

Because Wi-Fi and the internet are still a problem in Australia, choosing a service provider and making a plan ahead of time is a good idea. In Australia, the following are the top internet service providers:

  • Any.
  • Broadband in Australia.
  • Belong.
  • Dodo.
  • iiNet.
  • iPrimus.
  • Optus.
Internet and Phone for International Movers Australia

Also, ensure your mobile is unlocked before you go; otherwise, it will be worthless (a paid feature by many service providers). Telstra is your best option if you want to travel to the outback because they have the most phone lines in Australia.

Consider getting a data plan since you may compel to pay more for internet access if you are relocating from one place to the other or staying in a hotel.

Required Insurance Protection

We've already spoken about health insurance; now we'll look at several other types of vital insurance, such as:

  • Purchase travel insurance.
  • Insurance for your pet.
  • Automobile insurance (CTP).
  • A life insurance policy (not compulsory).
  • Homeowners' insurance.

How much does it cost to live in Australia?

As previously said, Australia is a Commonwealth country, which means higher and more costly living costs. In the one-fourth part of 2019, the average cost of living in Australia for a family was predicted to be about AUD 5,000 per month. A large portion of your salary may have to sacrifice in exchange for a better lifestyle.

The cost of living varies per city, although it is generally greater than elsewhere in the world. However, living in Australia is cheaper for Canadians since the cost of living is 10.44 percent lower. However, rent in Australia is 18.75 percent more than in the United States, which is an unwelcome tradeoff.

How to Find an Apartment or house when moving to Australia?

Housing in a Commonwealth nation varies depending on the kind of residence. Flats (studio apartments) are more common in metropolitan areas, whereas single-family homes are more common in the suburbs.

So, whether you want to sell out or buy a home, you should first learn about the 100-point method. It's a government-backed system that many landlords and real estate agents utilize. The price of these residential apartments, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

Find an Apartment in Australia

For foreigners, the process is much more complicated. The greatest obstacle for a foreigner in a Commonwealth nation is a temporary or 'not-yet-permanent' resident. In addition, you must acquire clearance from the Foreign Review Board to purchase property in Australia.

The below mentioned are some of the most popular portals for buying or renting a property in Australia:

• Property.

• Real-estate.

• Property sales.

Where to Shop Food, Amenities, and Alcohol in Australia?

There are several grocery stores and marketplaces in Australia where you may get basic necessities and alcohol. There are also a number of well-known fast-food franchises and supermarkets where you may buy common items, including alcohol. Although alcohol laws differ from state to state, the legal drinking age ranges from 18 to 21 years. The following are some of the most well-known supermarkets and food chains:

  • Woolworths.
  • Cole's supermarket.
  • Costco.
  • Aldi.
  • IGA.

Factors to consider when planning a move

Whether it's a temporary and permanent visa or you are an Australian employer, the partner and family visas are common.

Some international moving companies offers a Canadian citizen with Australian Visas for moving to Canada while using the Canadian dollars. It offers newly arrived migrant children and skilled independent visa to provide traffic and housing costs. Canada includes transferring money through eligible skilled occupation list and pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

Planning a move is, unfortunately, an intimidating task, and there is no doubt about it. Once you are done packing, the first thing that comes to your mind is a protective move. For that purpose, hiring moving companies are a must.

Best Movers Near Me Australia

It's challenging to choose the right company when there are many moving companies around you. Which can be the best-cross country movers? Or what about long-distance moving companies when requiring a long-distance move. No worries; we have made it easier!

Follow up the steps below when planning a move and hiring moving companies to complete the task.

Determine Which Type of Move You Need

Before scheduling long-distance moving companies, you should think about what kind of move you require. Whether you need a full-service mover or just a self-service move, therefore choose the moving companies accordingly.

Are you looking for moving companies that can handle all the most delicate details of your move so you can cope with other things? Or are you okay with paying the additional cost that the moving companies feature? You can undoubtedly consider any full-service company in these aspects.

Suppose you already have helped through family and friends and don't need full-service movers, then it's better to save money and hire self-service moving companies.

Reduce Your Inventory

The professional movers can provide you a lesson, seriously. It's the right time to eliminate unwanted belongings. Organize the unwanted items carefully into two piles, one for donating and one for throwing. Before making any long-distance move, ensure to drop these leftover inventories to the destination.

International Moving Companies Near Me Australia

Tell anyone Who Need to Know About It.

Everyone is likely to tell their family and friends whenever planning a move, but it's not always enough. You have to say some critical individuals and organizations before a move.

For instance, tell the post office, tax agencies, Internet service providers, and other utility companies before moving. Hire the cleaning services before for better efficiency.

Check whether the moving companies are Licensed and Insured.

Another essential thing is to choose the right company that's licensed and insured. No worries if you selected moving companies from our list because all of them are licensed. All these long-distance movers and cross-country movers are bonded and insured.

But wait! If you plan to hire other moving companies to ensure that they are adequately insured as it will protect your belonging during the move.

Generate a Detailed Inventory

Generally, moving companies are helpful here! Many moving companies like international van lines will provide the customers an effective tool that helps create an inventory for all their belongings.

When you generate a complete inventory of belongings, it's essential to consider their condition while taking pictures of everything. What's the catch? The notes and photos are beneficial in claiming against a mover if something gets damaged.

Moving Quotes Australia

The bottom Line

International transfers require specialized expertise. Having help with the logistics and paperwork can give you great peace of mind. Three Movers is an overseas moving company with experience handling international relocations. We can help with everything from packing to paperwork so you can achieve the perfect move. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation shipping quote. Therefore, get a free quotes today!

Moves From Canada To Australia: Our Top Routes

Our international movers are one of the best in the world. We will help you move on many different routes that connect Canada to Australia. Here are some of our popular routes for people relocating from Canada to Australia.

Canada to Melbourne

Toronto to Melbourne
Vancouver to Melbourne
Montreal to Melbourne
Calgary to Melbourne
Edmonton to Melbourne
Ottawa to Melbourne
Winnipeg to Melbourne
Quebec City to Melbourne
Hamilton to Melbourne
Kitchener to Melbourne
London to Melbourne
Victoria to Melbourne
Halifax to Melbourne
Oshawa to Melbourne
Windsor to Melbourne
Saskatoon to Melbourne
St. Catharines to Melbourne
Regina to Melbourne
St. John’s to Melbourne
Kelowna to Melbourne

Canada to Brisbane

Toronto to Brisbane
Vancouver to Brisbane
Montreal to Brisbane
Calgary to Brisbane
Edmonton to Brisbane
Ottawa to Brisbane
Winnipeg to Brisbane
Quebec City to Brisbane
Hamilton to Brisbane
Kitchener to Brisbane
London to Brisbane
Victoria to Brisbane
Halifax to Brisbane
Oshawa to Brisbane
Windsor to Brisbane
Saskatoon to Brisbane
St. Catharines to Brisbane
Regina to Brisbane
St. John’s to Brisbane
Kelowna to Brisbane

Canada to Sydney

Toronto to Sydney
Vancouver to Sydney
Montreal to Sydney
Calgary to Sydney
Edmonton to Sydney
Ottawa to Sydney
Winnipeg to Sydney
Quebec City to Sydney
Hamilton to Sydney
Kitchener to Sydney
London to Sydney
Victoria to Sydney
Halifax to Sydney
Oshawa to Sydney
Windsor to Sydney
Saskatoon to Sydney
St. Catharines to Sydney
Regina to Sydney
St. John’s to Sydney
Kelowna to Sydney

Canada to Perth

Toronto to Perth
Vancouver to Perth
Montreal to Perth
Calgary to Perth
Edmonton to Perth
Ottawa to Perth
Winnipeg to Perth
Quebec City to Perth
Hamilton to Perth
Kitchener to Perth
London to Perth
Victoria to Perth
Halifax to Perth
Oshawa to Perth
Windsor to Perth
Saskatoon to Perth
St. Catharines to Perth
Regina to Perth
St. John’s to Perth
Kelowna to Perth

Canada to Adelaide

Toronto to Adelaide
Vancouver to Adelaide
Montreal to Adelaide
Calgary to Adelaide
Edmonton to Adelaide
Ottawa to Adelaide
Winnipeg to Adelaide
Quebec City to Adelaide
Hamilton to Adelaide
Kitchener to Adelaide
London to Adelaide
Victoria to Adelaide
Halifax to Adelaide
Oshawa to Adelaide
Windsor to Adelaide
Saskatoon to Adelaide
St. Catharines to Adelaide
Regina to Adelaide
St. John’s to Adelaide
Kelowna to Adelaide

Canada to Gold Coast

Toronto to Gold Coast
Vancouver to Gold Coast
Montreal to Gold Coast
Calgary to Gold Coast
Edmonton to Gold Coast
Ottawa to Gold Coast
Winnipeg to Gold Coast
Quebec City to Gold Coast
Hamilton to Gold Coast
Kitchener to Gold Coast
London to Gold Coast
Victoria to Gold Coast
Halifax to Gold Coast
Oshawa to Gold Coast
Windsor to Gold Coast
Saskatoon to Gold Coast
St. Catharines to Gold Coast
Regina to Gold Coast
St. John’s to Gold Coast
Kelowna to Gold Coast

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