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Cheap St. Catharines Local & Long Distance Movers Near Me

Published by Chris Townsend

Are you relocating to St. Catharines? Three Movers can assist you with any difficulty. Your belongings will travel and arrive securely thanks to our highly specialized expert team. Taking advantage of the company's resources to save time can make the process go more smoothly and be more memorable.

Long-Distance Moving Companies in St. Catharines Canada

Do you have conflicting feelings about flying or shipping freight when relocating? Our company's rapid delivery of a moving quote allows you to examine the costs as soon as possible while receiving ongoing assistance.

It can be sophisticated furniture, clothing, property assets, or even your dearly stuffed bear if you're considering what to put in. We give you a comprehensive list that you may rely on. You can define the fragility of individual goods, which will be handled with extreme caution. Overseas haulage would require extensive paperwork, which will be smoothly handled by our qualified team. All you have to do is pay attention to the requested documents.

Local Movers in St.Catherines, Canada

Over local shifting, we have a quicker possibility of reaching out to you. The insurance provisioning on each product ensures the highest level of security. Surprising costs will never cause you to distrust our brand because they are always prevented. Any difficulty you may face can be investigated by the trained professionals.

You can easily screen through the city's local competitive rates to discover us in a profitable position. Our containers are also adequately weighted, providing better transportation.

What kind of services do we offer?

The list of the company are highly flexible and moulding to consumer needs. The company's list is quite adaptable and will be modified to meet the needs of customers:

  • Residential Resettlement might take the form of apartments, bungalows, flats, or condos mixture of different materials.
  • Corporate Shifting should be handled with extreme caution because it comprises the complete transfer of official baggage, including laptops, digital devices, audit paperwork, and much more. Our experience in the business world will make shipping a breeze.
  • Auto Transport is essential when customers require a second automobile or truck for materials since their primary vehicle has been overburdened by family members. This can also include dispatching motorcycles, automobiles, and other vehicles to the desired location.

Other specific services include :

How Much Do We Cost?

Our website provides several cost comparisons, including some depending on distance, but the real-time budget will be significantly depending on your scenario. You just have to contact the available customer service for assistance with the evaluation of shifting and generating a free consultation.

Talk to us Today

The outstanding testimonials testify to our flawless track record. Because we have a strong presence in the United States, you can trust that your money will be well spent.

We would be honoured if you choose us. Allow us to demonstrate that we know what is best for you.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From St. Catharines

To / From St. CatharinesDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
St. Catharines, ON to Duntara, NL3073 miles$10,629 - $13,679$15,284 - $18,784$18,784 - $21,798
Weyburn, SK to St. Catharines, ON2572 miles$8,440 - $10,490$12,303 - $15,803$15,803 - $18,040
St. Catharines, ON to Cold Lake, AB3358 miles$11,874 - $14,924$16,980 - $19,480$19,480 - $22,935
St. Catharines, ON to Steinbach, MB
1959 miles$5,761 - $7,811$9,656 - $12,156$12,156 - $15,443
Lachute, QC to St. Catharines, ON647 miles$2,227 - $2,977$3,850 - $5,250$5,250 - $6,303
St. Felix, PE to St. Catharines, ON1857 miles$6,015 - $7,865$9,549 - $11,749$11,749 - $14,678
St. Catharines, ON to Campbellton, NB1409 miles$4,527 - $6,177$7,542 - $9,142$9,142 - $11,265
Cape Breton, NS to St. Catharines, ON2075 miles$6,268 - $8,318$10,346 - $12,846$12,846 - $15,313
St. Catharines, ON to Keels, NL3076 miles$10,642 - $13,692$15,602 - $18,802$18,802 - $21,820
St. Catharines, ON to Nelson, BC3892 miles$13,208 - $16,258$18,157 - $21,657$21,657 - $25,940

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

Movers Neighborhoods Area

St. Catharines, ON Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don't see your neighborhood listed here, don't worry because we can most likely service it.

LakeshoreRolling AcresSecord Woods
Central Business DistrictOldenRiverview
LakeportNiagara CollegeHennepin
HodgsonWoodlawnBarbican Heights
CullimoreGrantham WestKer Park
MunroConfederation HeightsMartindale
EastdalePort DalhousiePetit
CarmelValleywayWestern Hill


St. Catharines, ON includes ZIP codes:
L2M 0A1, L2M 0A2, L2M 0A4, L2M 0A6, L2M 0A7, L2M 0B1, L2M 0B2, L2M 0B3, L2M 0B4, L2M 0B5, L2M 0B6, L2M 0B7, L2M 0B8, L2M 0B9, L2M 0C1, L2M 0C2, L2M 0C3, L2M 0C4, L2M 0C5, L2M 0C6, L2M 1A1, L2M 1A2, L2M 1A3, L2M 1A4, L2M 1A5, L2M 1A6, L2M 1A7, L2M 1A8, L2M 1A9, L2M 1B1, L2M 1B2, L2M 1B3, L2M 1B4, L2M 1B5, L2M 1B6, L2M 1B7, L2M 1B8, L2M 1B9, L2M 1C1, L2M 1C2, L2M 1C3, L2M 1C4, L2M 1C5, L2M 1C6, L2M 1C7, L2M 1C8, L2M 1C9, L2M 1E1, L2M 1E2, L2M 1E3, L2M 1E4, L2M 1E5, L2M 1E6, L2M 1E7, L2M 1E8, L2M 1E9, L2M 1G1, L2M 1G2, L2M 1G3, L2M 1G4, L2M 1G5, L2M 1G6, L2M 1G7, L2M 1G8, L2M 1G9, L2M 1H1, L2M 1H2, L2M 1H3, L2M 1H4, L2M 1H5, L2M 1H6, L2M 1H7, L2M 1H8, L2M 1H9, L2M 1J1, L2M 1J2, L2M 1J3, L2M 1J4, L2M 1J5, L2M 1J6, L2M 1J7, L2M 1J8, L2M 1J9, L2M 1K1, L2M 1K2, L2M 1K3, L2M 1K4, L2M 1K5, L2M 1K6, L2M 1K7, L2M 1K8, L2M 1K9, L2M 1L1, L2M 1L2, L2M 1L3, L2M 1L4, L2M 1L5, L2M 1L6, L2M 1L8, L2M 1L9, L2M 1M1, L2M 1M2, L2M 1M3, L2M 1M4, L2M 1M5, L2M 1M6, L2M 1M7, L2M 1M8, L2M 1N1, L2M 1N2, L2M 1N3, L2M 1N4, L2M 1N6, L2M 1N7, L2M 1N8, L2M 1N9, L2M 1P2, L2M 1P3, L2M 1P4, L2M 1P5, L2M 1P6, L2M 1P7, L2M 1P8, L2M 1P9, L2M 1R1, L2M 1R2, L2M 1R3, L2M 1R4, L2M 1R5, L2M 1R6, L2M 1R7, L2M 1R8, L2M 1R9, L2M 1S1, L2M 1S3, L2M 1S4, L2M 1S5, L2M 1S6, L2M 1S7, L2M 1S8, L2M 1S9, L2M 1T1, L2M 1T2, L2M 1T3, L2M 1T4, L2M 1T5, L2M 1T6, L2M 1T7, L2M 1T8, L2M 1T9, L2M 1V1, L2M 1V2, L2M 1V3, L2M 1V4, L2M 1V5, L2M 1V6, L2M 1V7, L2M 1V8, L2M 1V9, L2M 1W1, L2M 1W2, L2M 1W3, L2M 1W4, L2M 1W5, L2M 1W6, L2M 1W7, L2M 1W8, L2M 1W9, L2M 1X1, L2M 1X2, L2M 1X3, L2M 1X4, L2M 1X5, L2M 1X6, L2M 1X7, L2M 1X8, L2M 1X9, L2M 1Y1, L2M 1Y2, L2M 1Y3, L2M 1Y4, L2M 1Y5, L2M 1Y6, L2M 1Y7, L2M 1Y8, L2M 1Y9, L2M 1Z1, L2M 1Z2, L2M 1Z3, L2M 1Z4, L2M 1Z5, L2M 1Z6, L2M 1Z7, L2M 1Z8, L2M 1Z9, L2M 2A1, L2M 2A2, L2M 2A3, L2M 2A4, L2M 2A5, L2M 2A6, L2M 2A7, L2M 2A8, L2M 2A9, L2M 2B1, L2M 2B2, L2M 2B3, L2M 2B4, L2M 2B5, L2M 2B6, L2M 2B7, L2M 2B8, L2M 2B9, L2M 2C1, L2M 2C2, L2M 2C3, L2M 2C4, L2M 2C5, L2M 2C6, L2M 2C7, L2M 2C8, L2M 2C9, L2M 2E1, L2M 2E2, L2M 2E3, L2M 2E4, L2M 2E5, L2M 2E6, L2M 2E7, L2M 2E8, L2M 2E9, L2M 2G1, L2M 2G2, L2M 2G3, L2M 2G4, L2M 2G5, L2M 2G6, L2M 2G7, L2M 2G8, L2M 2G9, L2M 2H1, L2M 2H2, L2M 2H3, L2M 2H4, L2M 2H5, L2M 2H6, L2M 2H7, L2M 2H8, L2M 2H9, L2M 2J1, L2M 2J2, L2M 2J3, L2M 2J4, L2M 2J5, L2M 2J6, L2M 2J7, L2M 2J8, L2M 2J9, L2M 2K1, L2M 2K2, L2M 2K3, L2M 2K4, L2M 2K5, L2M 2K6, L2M 2K7, L2M 2K8, L2M 2K9, L2M 2L1, L2M 2L2, L2M 2L3, L2M 2L4, L2M 2L5, L2M 2L6, L2M 2L7, L2M 2L8, L2M 2L9, L2M 2M1, L2M 2M2, L2M 2M3, L2M 2M4, L2M 2M5, L2M 2M6, L2M 2M7, L2M 2M8, L2M 2M9, L2M 2N1, L2M 2N2, L2M 2N3, L2M 2N4, L2M 2N5, L2M 2N6, L2M 2N7, L2M 2N8, L2M 2N9, L2M 2P1, L2M 2P2, L2M 2P3, L2M 2P4, L2M 2P5, L2M 2P6, L2M 2P7, L2M 2P8, L2M 2P9, L2M 2R1, L2M 2R2, L2M 2R3, L2M 2R4, L2M 2R5, L2M 2R6, L2M 2R7, L2M 2R8, L2M 2R9, L2M 2S1, L2M 2S2, L2M 2S3, L2M 2S4, L2M 2S5, L2M 2S6, L2M 2S7, L2M 2S8, L2M 2S9, L2M 2T1, L2M 2T2, L2M 2T3, L2M 2T4, L2M 2T5, L2M 2T6, L2M 2T7, L2M 2T8, L2M 2T9, L2M 2V1, L2M 2V2, L2M 2V3, L2M 2V4, L2M 2V5, L2M 2V6, L2M 2V7, L2M 2V8, L2M 2V9, L2M 2W1, L2M 2W2, L2M 2W3, L2M 2W4, L2M 2W5, L2M 2W6, L2M 2W7, L2M 2W8, L2M 2W9, L2M 2X1, L2M 2X2, L2M 2X3, L2M 2X4, L2M 2X5, L2M 2X6, L2M 2X7, L2M 2X8, L2M 2X9, L2M 2Y1, L2M 2Y2, L2M 2Y3, L2M 2Y4, L2M 2Y5, L2M 2Y6, L2M 2Y7, L2M 2Y8, L2M 2Y9, L2M 2Z1, L2M 2Z2, L2M 2Z3, L2M 2Z4, L2M 2Z5, L2M 2Z6, L2M 2Z7, L2M 2Z8, L2M 2Z9, L2M 3A1, L2M 3A2, L2M 3A3, L2M 3A4, L2M 3A5, L2M 3A6, L2M 3A7, L2M 3A8, L2M 3A9, L2M 3B1, L2M 3B2, L2M 3B3, L2M 3B4, L2M 3B5, L2M 3B6, L2M 3B7, L2M 3B8, L2M 3B9, L2M 3C1, L2M 3C2, L2M 3C3, L2M 3C4, L2M 3C5, L2M 3C6, L2M 3C7

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving. Chris has a keen eye for detail and brings intelligence and passion to every project he’s involved with.

While getting his degree in communications from Santa Clara University, Chris started out with the company working in the field as part of our team of professional moving associates. Following graduation, he was promoted to our main office, where he has thrived in a role that involves increasing responsibility and requires him to wear many different hats. Some days, you may find him answering the phone and providing moving estimates, others he may be writing for our moving blog, and another day he may be coordinating a large corporate moving job or helping us with our marketing efforts. Chris has authored many of our in-depth moving guides, as well as provided our clients with information and advice to handle the complexities of their upcoming moving plans. Simply put, there’s nothing he can’t do and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

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