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Why You Should Hire a Moving Company for Your Move

Published by Chris Townsend

Why You Should Hire a Moving Company for Your Move

Moving to a different location can be a very stressful and complex endeavor. It is the kind of task that makes a lot of people overthink and end up getting nowhere in their plans.

For long-distance moves that involve changing cities or even states, the move can become more daunting and complicated. Figuring out something as plain as what route to take to the destination, can lead to hours of unsuccessful research. How will you correctly estimate the carrying capacity of your van and decide if you need to rent a truck or not? How many people will you need to help you move your stuff into your new apartment?

These and many more questions arise as people plan their moves. However, there is an alternative single question you can ask yourself: “Why don’t I get someone to go through this hassle on my behalf?”

Concerns That Precede Hiring a Moving Company

Some concerns precede hiring a moving company and they are usually the points that a person considers when thinking about outsourcing a move.

One of the most common concerns is the cost of the move. It is no secret that moving can be expensive. However, the cost comes from the core of the process and not straight from the desire of the moving company to make money. If you were to make your move yourself, you would still spend a substantial amount of money.

For example, people who rent moving trucks and carry out their long-distance moves themselves can expect to spend over $1000 assuming everything goes perfectly well. In reality, whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, a move will cost you. You might as well let someone handle the logistics for you. A way of reducing cost is not moving during peak periods and also waiting for moving deals.

Another concern that stops people from hiring professional movers, is the possibility of being scammed. The truth is, some scammers can run away with your hard-earned money but the more encouraging truth is, they can easily be exposed before they cause any harm. There are regulatory bodies that issue licenses to professional movers, and scammers aren’t licensed. So, a person’s first defense against a scammer is, conducting business with moving companies that have verified moving licenses at state and federal levels.

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There is also a myth that moving companies don’t pay claims. The reality is that if you use a licensed mover that has a reputation to protect, the mover will strive to make you a satisfied customer and that includes paying for damages that can be verified to have occurred in the custody of the mover.

These concerns have birthed myths about the moving industry which has led to many DIY (do-it-yourself) moves. In reality, millions of people are having professionals move their items and they aren’t facing these concerns.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company for Your Move

A whole industry worth billions of dollars must be offering a vital service to be growing by 3% every year. Facts, figures, and studies show that there are benefits to hiring a moving company for your move. Some requirements for a successful move, are not apparent until they are needed but a moving company already sees these needs and prepares for them. This is just one of many benefits.

Still, if you feel hiring a mover is just a luxury and not a necessity, take a look at the following benefits. You will change your mind about what the professional moving industry has to offer.


The main reason people request the services of moving companies is convenience. Moving can be unexpectedly tasking but if you hire a moving company you don’t have to do much besides figuring out what you want to move, leave behind, or sell.

If you pay for the full package of services, your items get packed, loaded into a vehicle, get transported to the destination, and get offloaded. You just show up at the destination with all your stuff.

The benefit of convenience cannot be overemphasized nor overlooked. Only moving companies can bring a professional level of convenience to your move.


The thought of driving a route you haven’t driven before with a lot of items in your vehicle can keep you awake for many nights before the moving day. You might not know how to disassemble your furniture and pack it safely. You might not even know how you will transport your items down a flight of stairs. All these things can cause anxiety and make the process bigger and more complex than it already is.

If you hire a professional mover, you won’t need to worry about these things because there is someone else doing it for you. It allows you to focus on other things other than the transportation of your stuff.


A person might not know the risk of transporting a full scuba tank in a hot airtight boot or the busiest time to use a particular highway on a journey. These things require knowledge and experience that an average person doesn’t have.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have any form of moving expertise when you hire a professional. The company will bring its wealth of knowledge and experience into your move. Movers will tell you how your items should be packed. If you pay for the service, they will pack your items into boxes for you, giving your items professional treatment.


If you employ the services of your family and friends, you will find it difficult to charge them for the property that was damaged in the process of packing or moving. You might get an apology at best for a broken vase.

However, if you hired a moving company to handle your move, insurance would accompany the package. This will shift the liability from you to the company. It will be the mover’s responsibility to get your items to the destination in the condition they were in before the move began. Insurance is a vital part of the moving business and should never be skimmed over or ignored. A company ignoring insurance is a red flag because it points to the unprofessionalism of the mover you are dealing with.


Moving different items of different structures and sizes increases the potential for accidents, ranging from minor to very serious and even life-threatening. A sharp object might be packed wrongly and pierce a friend that is offering a helping hand. People have fallen downstairs while carrying their items. Safety is a serious issue when moving. The safety required in driving a moving truck yourself is another aspect of DIY moves that aren’t given much thought but are very important.

Hiring a moving company for your relocation will increase the safety of the process because the transportation of the items is being handled by professionals that have been trained and have experience.

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Although hiring a moving company to move your items might seem expensive in the beginning, the cost is worth it. There are always unforeseen added costs that accompany relocating, even if you move. Most local moves are less than $1000 in cost and long-distance moves average $4000 but you might still spend this amount of money replacing your damaged property if you were to pack and transport your items yourself.

Hiring a moving company gives you the cost of moving up front with none of the liability if something goes wrong. For the peace of mind you get, hiring a moving company will always be a bargain.

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