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PODS Moving Cost – Moving Container Cost

Published by Chris Townsend

PODS Moving Cost – Moving Container Cost

pods moving cost for DIY moves

PODS is a moving container company offering a unique way to handle your long-distance move. If you’re curious about the PODS moving cost you can get, it will depend on how far you will be moving and how much PODS storage you need for your move.

Cost Of Local Move: The cost of moving PODs for a local move is $225 To $850. The moving cost depends on the size of the move, the moving route, and the specific services you require such as storage options.

Cost of Long Distance Move: The cost of moving PDSa for a long-distance move is 450 to $7600. The cost of your PODS move will depend on what type of move you're doing and how many moving PODS you need.

A POD is a portable storage container or a big metal box. It's much like a portable garage, driveway, or self-storage unit you can load up with your things. PODS will haul your full container to your new location for you making it easier to move compared to renting a moving truck. PODS is widely considered the best PODS moving container company.

What Is the Cost of the Pods Moving?

Your PODS moving cost will depend on the type of move you're handling. The budget for a local move should be between $225 and $850 and for longer moves, the amount can range from $450 to $7,600.

The main factors impacting the PODS moving cost are the distance you will need to go and the size of your move. It's more costly if you need more than one POD to pack up all your things. The cost of pods moving more if you need to travel 1,000 miles than 100 miles.

Your moving cost with PODS will include one month of the storage unit, and you won’t need to pay per mile or for any fuel. However, you must supply the labor yourself or hire people to help you load the portable storage Pods container.

If you need a storage unit to store your things for more than one month, you will need to pay a monthly storage fee, as well. monthly storage fees are $165, regardless of the size of the container you have.

you may also need to pay for additional fees, such as having the container taken to a new location, for container delivery, final pickup, or insurance, and other associated costs in your moving details. Of course, you will also need to buy padlocks for your storage PODS to keep them secure.

Pods customer service solution in the United States (English) - Moving van and storage containers - Cost comparison of pods's prices

Pods storage facilities

What Is The PODS Moving Cost For Local Moves?

From $230 to $895 is what it costs to move a local pod. The type of move you're doing will affect the PODS moving cost. You have 3 options for moving the pod's container

Container Delivery$94.99$94.99$94.99
1st Month Rental Fee$159.99$195$214.99
Additional Months Rental Fee$194.99/mth$194.99/mth$194.99/mth
Move Container To A New Location
Final Pickup$94.99$94.99$94.99
Insurance$14.99 – $429.99/mth$14.99 – $429.99/mth$14.99 – $429.99/mth
  • You can expect to pay around $94.99 for both the initial container delivery and the last pick-up.
  • It will cost around $94.99 to move your pods' container to a different location.
  • Depending on the size of your container, the cost for the initial month of your PODS rental should range from $159.99 to $214.99.
  • Your moving PODS container will cost at least $94.99 per month to rent for the following days.
  • Depending on the reported value and level of coverage you select, insurance prices might vary greatly, but you can estimate investing somewhere between $14.99 and $429.99.
  • For your moving container pods, you must rent a padlock, which charges around $39.99.

What is the PODS Moving Cost for Long-Distance Moves

If you're moving 250 miles or less, you will pay between $450 and $2,100 for your move with PODS. However, if you’re moving across the country, the PODS pricing can range from $2,000 to $7,600.

< 250 miles$459 – $845$765 – $1,880$765 – $1,880
Cross country$2,349 – $3,968$2,349 – $3,968$2,349 – $3,968

A one-bedroom apartment will cost less than a four- or five-bedroom home, as well.

How Do PODS Prices Compare To The Competition?

While PODS is a unique type of moving company, they aren’t the only moving PODs container company you can use. They offer larger containers than others and will handle local and long-distance moves, which not all moving container companies will do.

PODS: Plans, payments, and information rights of homeowners in California

Pods container size for studio apartment

Compared to other PODs moving container companies, such as U-Box, UPack, Zippy Shell, and Pack Rat, PODS has competitive pricing at a similar price point. at a similar price point as others. U-Box isn't the same as any of the others as they offer wooden containers, which are smaller and don't hold as much weight.

Cost Of Move for PODS, U-Box, ZIPPY SHELL, 1 800 PACK-RAT

Types of BedRoom
1 bedroom cost
$219 – $433
$165 – $647$208 – $261$165 – $540
2-3 bedrooms cost$326 – $600$326 – $754$326 – $679$219– $679
4-5 bedrooms cost$326– $861$326– $861$381 – $807$368 – $850
  • A local move using pods can cost between $219 and $861. The volume of the load determines the cost of moving the pods.
  • The U-Haul U-Box pack costs between $165 and $861.
  • The ZIPPY SHELL fee ranges between $207 and $807.
  • A 1-800-PACK-RAT costs $165 to $850.
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Store home contents in PODs

Pods moving cost tends to be cheaper for smaller and shorter moves, but competitors, such as UPack, can be less expensive for larger and longer moves.

Overall, PODS offers a good alternative to renting a moving truck as you won't need to pay for fuel or drive the truck. It's a good option with competitive pricing compared to other choices in the same category.

Cost of Move for < 250 Miles: PODS, U-Box, U- PACK, ZIPPY SHELL, 1 800 PACK-RAT

1 bedroom cost$464 – $850$486 – $1,075$968 – $1,396$540 –$989502 – $978
2-3 bedrooms cost$760 – $1,885$770 – $2,145$1,182 – $1,824$786 –$1,717$7011 – $2,038
4-5 bedrooms cost$955 – $2,185$861 – $3,215$1,289 – $2,038$1,182– $3,322$1,075 – $3,643
  • The average PODS moving cost within 250 miles ranges from $464 to $2185, depending on the size of the load volume.
  • Within 250 miles, the U-Haul U-Box charges $486 to $3215.
  • The cost of a U-Pack is $969 to $1396.
  • The cost of Zippy Shell within 250 miles is $540–$322.
  • Within a 250-mile radius, the cost of moving 1 800-pack rat ranges from $502 to $3638.

Cost of Move For Cross Country: PODS, U-Box, U- PACK, ZIPPY SHELL, 1 800 PACK-RAT

Cross-country relocations are more expensive than local or long-distance relocations. The cost of moving PODS, U-Box, U-PACK, ZIPPY SHELL, and 1 800 PACK-RAT varies depending on distance, time of year, and other factors.

1 bedroom cost$2,354 – $3,973$1,289 – $3,750$1,610 – $2,680$1,931 – $4,177$1,289 – $4,071
2 bedroom cost$3,069 – $4,749$2,680 – $4,820$2,573– $4,177$3,101 – $4,820$2,573 – $4,927
2 bedroom cost$4,242 – $6,994$4,285 – $7,495$3,750 – $7,067$5,569 – $7,495$5,462 – $7,387
  • A one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom PODS unit can move you across the country for an average price of $2,354 to $6,994.
  • Relocating a U-Box cross-country can cost between $1,289 and $7,495 with a U-Haul.
  • For a cross-country move, U-Pack will charge between $1,610 and $7,067.
  • For a cross-country move, Zippy Shell will charge between $1,931 and $7,495 in costs.
  • A cross-country move costs between $1,284 and $7,383 when using 1-800-PACK-RAT.

Relevant Statistics

  • The average cost of using PODS for a local move is $600.
  • Over 85% of customers who use PODS for their long-distance move save at least 10% compared to traditional moving companies.
  • PODS offers storage solutions at an affordable rate of $100 per month for a 12-foot container.
  • Approximately 9 out of 10 customers report a high level of satisfaction with the ease and convenience of using PODS for their move.
  • With over 200 locations across the United States, PODS has successfully completed over 500,000 moves since its inception.

General Facts

  • PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is a popular moving and storage company.
  • The cost of using PODS for moving varies depending on the distance, size of the container, and duration of use.
  • PODS offers flexible options and allows customers to load and unload at their own pace.
  • Additional fees may apply for services like packing, loading, or unloading assistance.
  • Comparing quotes from multiple moving companies can help you find the best deal for your PODS moving cost.
PODS renters and moving process in California, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Chicago and Los Angeles

Hire PODS for Convenience during your moving process

Factors Influencing Moving Pods' Cost

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no predetermined fee for relocation from PODS to any other provider. When producing a price for your relocation, container moving and storage firms consider a variety of things. Here are just a few of the elements that are considered before you are offered a price.

Distance between the starting and finishing points

Because of variances in availability at various places, the zip codes you’re relocating from and to can impact the final pod moving cost of your relocation. The distance the firm travels to deliver or pick up your PODs containers is also a factor. Transporting containers is simpler in regions without traffic and restricted parking; therefore, relocating to rural areas is frequently less expensive than in cities.

Time Your Move

Spring and summer are busy moving seasons, so reserving a storage container during those months is frequently more expensive. Because more individuals want to relocate on weekends, rates may rise to reflect the scarcity of Saturday and Sunday rentals.

How Far You’re Moving

This may appear to be a no-brainer, but the distance of your move will affect the cost. In general, the further you travel, the more it will cost, especially with container companies, since the costs of moving the containers (such as gasoline and vehicle maintenance) are factored into your price. Cross-country moving PODS costs will be higher than local and long-distance moves. International moving pods may cost even higher unless the places you are moving to are close to the borders.

How Much Stuff You Have

If you have more articles and boxes, you will require more or larger containers, which will cost more than if you use smaller or fewer containers.

Whether You Purchase Add-Ons

Many storage container moving firms provide add-on services ranging from packing assistance to moving materials (packing supplies) to additional insurance for your containers or valuables. Purchasing any of these extras will increase the overall average cost of pods moving.

Guides to Reduce the Moving Pods' Cost

  • Compare the cost of moving pods: Get quotes from different companies to compare moving pods' costs and services.
  • Do It Yourself: Different moving pod companies charge extra for items' packing and loading services. By doing it yourself, you can save money. A DIY move can be a great idea for budget moving, however, hiring professionals can help you Fast-track the process.
  • Only use the pod when you need it: Pay a time-based fee as an alternative to a flat cost. With this, you can optimize the length of time the PODS container stays with you and reduce costs.
  • Use a smaller pod: The rent for a smaller pod will be less than for a bigger one.
  • Pack your items properly: You can use a smaller pod if you pack your stuff securely and carefully use the space in the pod.
  • Determine what services you need: Some firms that rent moving containers additionally offer storage, cleaning, and loading services. Make a decision regarding the services you need and can offer for free.
  • Make your booking on time: You can get discounts on your pods container rental by booking well ahead of time or by remaining flexible with your moving schedule.

Benefits of Using Moving Pods Storage


You may pack and move at your own pace with the help of moving pods that can be delivered to your place and picked up whenever it's appropriate or good for you.


With moving pods, you can store your stuff wherever you are now, move them to your new apartment, or put them in a storage facility.


Moving pods secure your stuff during travel, as they are made of quality material and are weather-resistant.

Cost Effective

Moving pods can be more affordable than typical moving ways because you only pay for the space you use and can save the cost of renting a moving truck.

Space Saving

Moving pods are designed to make the most of their space, allowing you to store more in them than you can in a standard moving truck.


Many moving pod companies provide a lock and key as an added measure of security for your stuff during the time they are relocated and stored.

Door-to-Door Service

Companies that use moving pods offer door-to-door service, so you can have your stuff delivered to your home or office and picked up immediately, avoiding the stress of repeatedly loading and unloading them.

Climate Control

Some moving pods have climate-controlled storage, which helps maintain your stuff in a stable condition and protect them from damage due to extreme temperatures.

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How much does it cost to move a POD across the country

The average cost to move PODS across the country is $2000 to $4000.

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