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PODS Moving Cost – Price Of PODS Container

Published on 2021-06-28


Pods Moving Cost

Pods Moving Cost

PODS is a moving container company offering a unique way to handle your long-distance move. If you’re curious about the PODS moving cost you can get, it will depend on how far you will be moving and how many PODS you need for your move.

A POD is a portable storage container or a big metal box. It’s much like a portable garage or self-storage unit you can load up with your things. PODS will haul your full container to your new location for you making it easier to move compared to renting a moving truck. PODS is widely considered as the best moving container company

What is the Cost of Moving With PODS?

Your PODS moving cost will depend on the type of move you’re handling. A local move will cost between $225 and $850 and for longer moves, the cost can range from $450 to $7,600.

The main factors impacting the PODS moving cost are the distance you will need to go and the size of your move. It’s more costly if you need more than one POD to pack up all your things. PODS costs more if you need to travel 1,000 miles compared to 100 miles.

Your moving cost with PODS will include one month of storage and you won’t need to pay per mile or for any type of fuel. However, you will need to supply the labor yourself or hire people to help you load the portable storage containers.

If you need a storage unit to store your things for more than one month, you will need to pay a monthly storage fee, as well. monthly storage fees are $165, regardless of the size of the container you have.

you may also need to pay for additional fees, such as having the container taken to a new location, for container delivery, final pickup, or for insurance. Of course, you will also need to buy padlocks for your PODS to keep them secure.

What is the PODS Moving Cost for Long-Distance Moves

If you’re moving 250 miles or less, you will pay between $450 and $2,100 for your move with PODS. However, if you’re moving across the country, the PODS pricing can range from $2,000 to $7,600.

A one-bedroom apartment will cost less than a four- or five-bedroom home, as well.

How Do PODS Prices Compare To The Competition?

While PODS is a unique type of moving company, they aren’t the only moving container company you can use. They do offer larger containers than others and they will handle local moves, which not all moving container companies will do.

Compared to other moving container companies, such as U-Box, UPack, Zippy Shell, and Pack Rat, PODS has competitive pricing at a similar price point as others. U-Box isn’t the same as any of the others as they offer wooden containers, which are smaller and don’t hold as much weight.

PODS cost tends to be cheaper for smaller and shorter moves, but competitors, such as UPack, can be less expensive for larger and longer moves.

Overall, PODS offers a good alternative to renting a moving truck as you won’t need to pay for fuel or drive the truck. It’s a good option with competitive pricing compared to other choices in the same category.

Factors influencing how much PODS charges

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no predetermined fee for relocation from PODS to any other provider. When producing a price for your relocation, container moving and storage firms consider a variety of things. Here are just a few of the elements that are considered before you are offered a price.

Distance between the starting and finishing points

Because of variances in availability at various places, the zip codes you’re relocating from and to can have an impact on the final cost of your relocation. The distance traveled by the firm to deliver or pick up your containers is also a factor. Transporting containers is simpler in regions without traffic and restricted parking; therefore, relocating to rural areas is frequently less expensive than in cities.

Time Your Move

Spring and summer are busy moving seasons, so reserving a container during those months is frequently more expensive. Because more individuals want to relocate on weekends, rates may rise to reflect the scarcity of Saturday and Sunday rentals.

How Far You’re Moving

This may appear to be a no-brainer, but the distance of your move will affect the cost. In general, the further you travel, the more it will cost, especially with container companies, since the costs of moving the containers (such as gasoline and vehicle maintenance) are factored into your price. Cross-country PODS costs will be higher than local moves.

How Much Stuff You Have

If you have more items, you will require more or larger containers, which will cost more than if you use smaller or fewer containers.

Whether You Purchase Add-Ons

Many container moving firms provide add-on services ranging from packing assistance to moving materials to additional insurance for your containers or valuables. Purchasing any of these extras will increase the overall cost of your move.

Frequently Asked Questions About PODS

How much does it cost to move a POD across the country

The average cost to move a PODS across the country is $2000 to $4000.

How much does a 16 ft pod cost?

It costs $120 – $150 a month for a 16 ft PODS container.

Are PODS cheaper than Uhaul?

PODS are more expensive than U haul. But, they are also more reliable.

How much can fit in a 16 ft PODS?

16 ft PODs containers are usually used to move stuff of 2-4 bedroom houses.

How many PODS do I need for a 4 bedroom house?

You’ll usually need 1-2 PODS containers to move a 4 bedroom house.

Do pods have climate controlled storage?

Yes, PODS does have climate-controlled.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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I want to take a moment to say thank you to the extremely hard working crew that handled my move. I admit I was skeptical of hiring a company to move my household stuff but I was so pleased with the services. These guys packed everything up and had it loaded and delivered in no time at all. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and my wife and I were able to take some much needed time to check out the new town without having to worry about getting things unpacked. Three Movers took care of everything and we really appreciate it!

Jeff T.

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