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Mississippi Movers | Movers Near Me Mississippi, MS | Best Mississippi Moving Companies

Mississippi, USA

Published by Chris Townsend

Mississippi Movers | Movers Near Me Mississippi, MS | Best Mississippi Moving Companies

Three Movers is a skilled freight company that can handle all your moving needs in the state of Mississippi. So if you are moving to a city in Mississippi or across US states, you can trust us to properly carry all your apartment or office items.

Long Distance Moving Companies in Mississippi

When you're planning a long-distance move within or outside the state of Mississippi, it's best to hire a moving company such as Three Movers because the establishment has adequate experience in all aspects of moving properties over a long distance.

However, you should be careful when hiring moving companies and ensuring that your hire has a valid US DOT (department of transportation) number. You can check for this number in the FMCSA online portal.

After you hire a moving company, you can request a meeting with their customer service representatives. In the meeting you can go over the particulars of the move, such as the overall cost, when the items will be picked up, and when they will be delivered, among others.

Local Movers In Mississippi

A local move is regarded to be any distance within 50 miles from your current location. If you exceed the 50-mile limit, it becomes a long-distance move, and you will pay more for the move. Local moves in Mississippi are between counties and cities.

For a local move you still need to hire an expert freight company such as Three Movers to oversee that all your items are securely delivered to your new office or apartment securely and on time. Since local moves are brief the total moving costs are average at best.

How Much Will You Pay For A Move To Or From Mississippi?

The overall cost of your move to or from Mississippi will largely depend on the company you hire in the moving industry. Therefore, it's advisable to request a quotation from the full service moving company, which will at least give you an idea of the overall price.

When determining the overall cost, movers factor in the weight of all your belongings, the number of agents needed to carry your belongings, the distance to be covered during your move, the total man-hours, among others.

You can save on the total cost by having your furniture disassembled and also packing foldable items in compact packages. This could reduce the number of boxes agents need to carry and the number of trucks or vans needed to ferry your belongings.

Some of the residential and corporate moving services offered by proficient movers such as Three Movers include:

Long Distance Movers In Mississippi

Types Of Moving Services In Mississippi

Residential Movers In Mississippi

At Three Movers, we offer our residential moving services to families and those living independently. We understand how stressful moving can be for families and even for single people. There usually is never enough time to plan a stress-free move. However, with our services, we can facilitate your move to your new residence in a fast and efficient way. When customers book their move, we provide them with information that will help them prepare their move more efficiently. And on the day of their move, our moving crew will handle the labor-intensive services like packing supplies, loading and unloading. If you’d prefer not to lift a finger, you can always book our full-service move services for your upcoming move.

Office/ Commercial Movers In Mississippi

Three Movers has specialized in offering office/ commercial moves in Mississippi. We offer affordable, reliable, and fast commercial services whether we’re moving valuable items, sensitive equipment, or other office equipment. Our commercial moving services are customizable by your assigned corporate relocation manager to ensure we fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Some of the commercial moving services we offer include

  • On-site project management
  • Transportations services
  • Office space planning and management
  • Storage services
  • Asset management

To ensure that the execution of our office moves is handled successfully, we offer business owners the services of our corporate relocation managers.

We have commercial moving experience spanning two decades. And we’ve committed ourselves to only provide the best commercial moving services in Mississippi.


Military Movers In Mississippi

The military has a network of approved moving companies that offer members moving members once they’re issued with their permanent change of station (PCS) orders. However, even though the military pays for moves via their approved moving companies, most military members prefer to use personally procured moves (PPM), also called do-it-yourself (DIY) moves. Military personnel prefer DIY moves because they have more control over their moves. The military also refunds its personnel the costs of the move. Three Movers offers customizable military move services according to the needs of military personnel and their families.

Military Movers In Mississippi

International Movers In Mississippi

International or overseas moves are challenging. That’s why Three Movers handles everything for you, from providing you with an initial free quote, planning your pre-move stage, helping select the best transportation means, packing and loading, helping with custom clearance management, and delivering your belongings to your new residence. All international moves we facilitate are customizable based on your moving needs. Depending on where you want to relocate, we will ship your belongings via road, air, or water transport. Our moving crew is specially trained to ensure that the entire moving process is smooth and stress-free for everyone involved.

Flat Rate and Hourly Movers In Mississippi

Three Movers offers flat-rate, and hourly rate moves to customers keen on keeping an eye on what they’re being charged. A lot of people prefer flat-rate moves since they’re more appealing. However, they’re not always the best. Depending on the services you require, the volume of your belongings, and the distance to your new residence or office, an hourly rate move could end up saving you a lot of money. Therefore, before selecting which service you prefer, it’s important to make sure that our customer service agent explains to you the process used to come up with the price that has been quoted.

Best Movers In Mississippi, MS

Additional Moving/ Shipping Services In Mississippi

Packing and Crating

When our customers hire us, one of their expectations is the safe arrival of their possessions. And to ensure the safe relocation of your possessions, Three Movers offers its customers packing and crating services. However, many of our customers with delicate and valuable possessions prefer using our crating services since they offer higher safety levels than normal packing services. If you own extra-delicate valuables, you can request our specialized ‘white gloves’ service. Our ‘white gloves’ service offers the highest safety levels. Therefore, our customers can be assured that their valuables will be handled with special care.

Full-Service Move

A full-service move is a service where professional movers facilitate a customer’s move from start to finish. As a customer, you won’t be involved in the entire moving process. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as professional movers handle every task associated with moving. We can also customize a full-service move to fit with any specific needs a customer needs handling, such as car shipping, specialty moves, and technology installation. While full-service moves cost more than our labor-only moving services, they are very convenient since they help you save a lot of time and avoid moving day stress.


The ability to provide storage services is essential for any moving company. Most of the time, we offer our storage services to customers looking to downsize their house, those in-between moves, and those who require overseas or long-distance moving companies. We also offer temporary storage services to customers renovating their homes and even college students who need a place to store their possessions during the summer holiday. At Three Movers, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering our customers easily available and seamless storage solutions whether they need them for a few days or an entire year.


Insurance coverage policies are important since they help moving companies protect their customers’ possessions from damage and protection. And in case of accidents happen, customers can get compensated for the losses they’ve suffered. We offer the following three insurance coverage policies to our customers.

  • Full Value Protection: With this insurance policy, customers are reimbursed for any items that have been damaged or lost during transit. However, the policy doesn’t cover damages caused under conditions that the movers couldn’t control—for example, natural disasters.
  • Release Value Protection: Three Movers offers released-value protection for free. However, the coverage it provides is limited. Customers only receive 0$0.60 for every pound of items damaged.
  • Separate Liability Coverage: Insurance policy offered by a 3rd party.

Same-Day Moves

If you’re planning to move out of your current residence in a hurry, you will need the services of a professional moving company that can handle same-day moves. Planning a move is already stressful enough; the last thing you need is the pressure of handling all the laborious tasks. And that’s why Three Movers offers last-minute move services. With our help, we can plan and customize your last-minute move based on your needs. Since little planning is often involved in same-day moves, the experience of our professional movers is what makes up for the lack of planning.

Same Day Movers In Mississippi


Auto-transport or car shipping refers to moving a car from one location to another. We offer this service as part of our long-distance, residential, commercial, and international moving services. We’ve partnered with several car shipping companies in the country to make sure that your car will be transported to your new residences or offices. With our car shipping services, you can enjoy a stress and hassle-free experience. Experts will handle the entire process. To assure our customers of the safety of their cars, we provide insurance coverage, ensuring that our customers will be compensated in case anything happens during transit.

At Three Movers, we strive to ensure that all your belongings are delivered as they were without any breakage or loss. We also aim to dispatch all your belongings on time, so reach out to us, and we will make your move happen without any hiccups.

Should I hire commercial Mississippi moving companies, or will any moving company work?

It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Hiring commercial Mississippi moving companies can offer several advantages. They will likely have experience moving within the state, knowledge of local regulations, and familiarity with the area. They may also have specialized equipment for handling Mississippi's unique terrain or weather conditions.

However, any reputable moving company could work if you have a smaller move or are looking for a more budget-friendly option. Researching and comparing different moving companies to ensure they have positive reviews, proper licensing, and insurance, and can meet your specific requirements is important.

Consider factors such as the distance of your move, the size and fragility of your belongings, and any specific services you may need. Obtaining quotes and asking for recommendations from friends or family who have recently moved can also help you make an informed decision.

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings with movers in Mississippi, MS?

Ensuring the safety of your belongings during a move is crucial. Here are some tips to help you ensure the safety of your belongings with movers in Mississippi, MS:

1. Research and choose a reputable moving company: Look for companies with positive reviews and ratings. Check if they are licensed and insured. Knowing that your belongings are safe will give you peace of mind.

2. Get multiple quotes: Obtain quotes from different moving companies and compare their services and prices. Avoid going for the cheapest option, as it may compromise the safety of your belongings. Choose a company that offers a balance of quality service and reasonable pricing.

3. Ask about their packing methods: Inquire about the movers' packing materials and techniques. Ensure that they have proper packing supplies to protect your items during transit. Fragile items should be packed with extra care using bubble wrap, packing paper, or other protective materials.

4. Label your boxes: Clearly label your boxes with fragile items or items requiring special handling. This will help the movers identify and handle them with care.

5. Take inventory: Create a detailed list of all your belongings before the move. This will help you keep track of your items and identify any missing or damaged items after the move. You can also take photos or videos of valuable or fragile items for documentation.

6. Communicate special instructions: If you have specific instructions or concerns about certain items, communicate them clearly with the movers. This could include fragile items, valuable possessions, or items that require disassembly/reassembly.

7. Be present during the move: During the packing and loading process, try to be present. This allows you to supervise and ensure your belongings are handled carefully. Consider appointing a trusted representative to oversee the process if you are absent.

8. Purchase additional insurance: While moving companies have basic liability coverage, it may not fully cover the value of your belongings. Consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your items in case of any damage or loss during the move. Discuss this with your moving company or contact your insurance provider.

9. Keep valuable items with you: If you have highly valuable or sentimental items, consider keeping them with you during the move. This ensures they are not exposed to potential risks associated with transportation.

10. Inspect your belongings upon delivery: Inspect them carefully Once they arrive at your new location. If you notice any damage or missing items, report it immediately to the moving company and document it with photographs or videos.

By following these tips and being proactive, you can help ensure the safety of your belongings during your move with movers in Mississippi, MS.

How do you select the right moving company in Mississippi and save money?

Selecting the right moving company in Mississippi and saving money can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Research and gather multiple quotes: Search for moving companies in Mississippi and request quotes from at least three companies. This will allow you to compare prices and services offered.

2. Check for licensing and insurance: Ensure the moving company you are considering is properly licensed and insured. This will protect your belongings in case of any damages or accidents during the move.

3. Read reviews and check references: Look for online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to understand the company's reputation. Also, ask the moving company for references and contact them about their experience.

4. Avoid large deposits: Avoid moving companies that require a large upfront deposit. Reputable companies usually only require payment upon delivery of your belongings.

5. Inquire about additional fees: Ask the moving company about any potential additional fees that may apply, such as charges for stairs, long carries, or packing materials. Clarify all costs upfront to avoid surprises on a moving day.

6. Consider the timing: Moving during peak seasons or weekends can be more expensive. Choose a weekday or off-season date for your move to save money.

7. Declutter and pack efficiently: Before the move, declutter your belongings and remove any items you no longer need. This will reduce your move's overall weight and volume, potentially lowering the cost. Pack your items efficiently to minimize the number of boxes and packing materials required.

8. Opt for self-packing: If you have the time and resources, consider packing your belongings yourself. This can save money on packing services provided by the moving company.

9. Ask about discounts or promotions: Inquire if the moving company offers any discounts or promotions, such as discounts for military personnel, seniors, or students. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help you save money.

10. Consider DIY options: If you have a small move or a limited budget, explore renting a truck and handling the move yourself. However, consider the time, effort, and potential risks involved in a DIY move.

By following these steps, you can select the right moving company in Mississippi while saving money. Remember to prioritize the company's reliability and reputation to ensure a smooth, stress-free moving experience.

How much will hiring my Mississippi long-distance movers cost?

The average cost of hiring long-distance movers in Mississippi is around $3,500 for a move of 1,000 miles. However, the actual cost of your move will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The distance of your move
  • The number of items you are moving
  • The weight of your items
  • The type of services you need, such as packing and unpacking
  • The time of year you are moving

How much does hiring movers from Texas to Mississippi cost to hire?

The cost to hire movers from Texas to Mississippi can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your move, the distance between your origin and destination, the services you choose, and the time of year. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $541 to $8,101 for a full-service move.

What size truck do I need when moving to Mississippi?

The size of the truck you need when moving to Mississippi will depend on the size of your household and the amount of belongings you have. A pickup truck or cargo van may be sufficient if you have a small household with only a few pieces of furniture and belongings. However, if you have a larger household with more belongings, you may need a larger truck, such as a moving truck or trailer.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Mississippi, MS

To / From MississippiDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
Mississippi, MS to Reno, NV1721 miles$3361 - $4538$5585 - $7807$7807 - $11895
Laredo, TX to Mississippi, MS647 miles$1906 - $2643$3299 - $4696$4696 - $7247
Mississippi, MS to Scottsdale, AZ1256 miles$2757 - $3751$4635 - $6514$6514 - $9962
North Las Vegas, NV to Mississippi, MS1444 miles$2991 - $4056$5003 - $7013$7013 - $10708
Mississippi, MS to Madison, WI746 miles$2054 - $2836$3532 - $5014$5014 - $7721
Gilbert, LA to Mississippi, MS83 miles$1002 - $1465$1878 - $2764$2764 - $4359

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom-tailored to you

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 75% of residents in Mississippi have relocated at least once in their lifetime.
  • Mississippi has witnessed a 45% increase in interstate moves in the past five years.
  • Approximately 60% of individuals who move within Mississippi choose to stay within the same county.
  • The average distance moved by a resident in Mississippi is 223 miles.
  • More than 80% of households that move in Mississippi utilize professional moving services.

General Facts

  • Mississippi is home to several professional moving companies that offer relocation services within the state.
  • These movers provide a range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking of belongings.
  • Mississippi movers are experienced in handling both residential and commercial moves.
  • They ensure the safe and efficient transfer of furniture, appliances, and other valuables from one location to another.
  • Hiring professional movers can help alleviate the stress and physical demands of the moving process for individuals and businesses in Mississippi.


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