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How To Choose Your Moving Date

Published by Chris Townsend

How To Choose Your Moving Date

Choosing a relocation date necessitates careful consideration of several factors. From employing moving companies and renting a truck to moving boxes and clearing closets, choosing a moving date might easily sink to the bottom of your moving priorities. However, you cannot always set your own relocation date. For example, if you're a seller, the purchasers of your existing property may be unwilling to wait and have demanded a certain date. Perhaps you're wanting to transfer due to a major career shift, and there's a strict time frame that gives you a little leeway in deciding when to relocate.

So, when is the optimum time to relocate? Each period has its own moving perks, from fall's real estate offers and winter's low moving rates to spring's moderate temps and summer's longer days. Of course, all of them have their own set of disadvantages.

In this article, we will assist you in determining the ideal relocation date. We'll go through a lot of the aspects you should think about while relocating, and by the conclusion of this blog, you'll have a moving date that works best for you. Continue reading below to find out how to choose a moving date:

Choosing a Moving Date Depending On Season

The perfect season to book your move ultimately depends on your own needs and preferences. There are specifics each season that might be to your advantage or would make things hard for you.

Best month to move in new house



Moving during the winter is considerably cheaper than any of the other months. This is also one of the less busy months for moving companies because less people choose to move during this season. This fact allows you the flexibility of choosing your own date.


The cold is one of the most obvious disadvantages of migrating during the winter season. Ice, snow, and rain may create hazardous track conditions for movers and individuals trying a do-it-yourself move. Because of the inclement weather, relocating during the winter necessitates far more preparation than a regular move.



The moderate season between the months of March, April, and May comes before the oncoming heat and frantic activity of summer. This implies that moving firms will be less expensive and more easily available during the most of the spring months. Furthermore, the weather will not be as severe as it is during the winter months. Moving in the spring may be a pleasant, if not downright delightful, experience without the burning heat of the summer sun or the freezing cold of the wintertime temperatures.


School is about to finish, therefore it will be a pain for your children and your other children who will have to relocate shortly before the conclusion of the school year. With exams and end-of-year school festivities, it may not be the best time for families to relocate. If you plan to relocate at the end of May, you will also have difficulty finding movers. This is due to the fact that summer is quickly approaching, and many individuals choose to relocate at this time.

Best month to move house



The summer season provides you with the freest time of the year. Families will profit from moving over the summer since the children are on vacation from school. After all, breaking the academic year with a significant move may be a challenging endeavor for everyone concerned. Another point why relocating during the summertime is a good idea is the longer days. Longer hours during the day imply more time to move into and out of a property, providing you more freedom when doing a DIY move.


The most significant disadvantage of a summer migration is the high cost of living. The majority of migrations take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As these are holidays, moving company charges are often at their peak during this period. Moving during the summertime is not ideal for everyone due to the warm and humid weather conditions. If you reside in a very hot location, you might like to consider moving at a relatively cool period of the year.



Moving during the autumn is ideal for most areas in the United States. The weather between the months of September through November is absolutely unbeatable. Moving during the fall is often a pleasant experience, with temperatures lowering but not quite freezing. This is particularly true in comparison to the hot, humid summer months. Another advantage of moving in the fall is that you will be situated in time for the Christmas season. Following the frantic activity of the summer, many movers are likewise slowing down during the fall season.


Moving during the autumn is not a good choice if you have children. With the start of the school year, transferring a kid during this period can be difficult for the entire family, especially if the relocation entails transferring schools. We recommend avoiding a fall relocation if you have children. Furthermore, as everyone prepares for the holidays, packers may have fewer weekend moves available at this time of year. You will also have to wait a long time because moving company schedules often clear out around mid-October.

Long distance movers guaranteed delivery month

The Most Ideal Month To Transfer

The best months to migrate would be late September through April, especially if you're looking for the most cost-effective choice. Typically, demand for movers drop during this time period, and prices are modest. Families with children typically relocate over the summer months to prevent disruptions during the academic year. Moving is often simpler in the spring and summer when the weather is better. Peak moving season lasts from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, with spring and summer accounting for around 70% of all moves. Take note that if you reside in a major city with a lot of university students, you should attempt to avoid relocating in early September.

The Most Ideal Week To Transfer

Now that you’ve pinned down what month you want to do your moving, you’ve got to determine which week of the month you’re going to relocate. The best week you can book in the month you’ve chosen is a week that falls mid-month. This is often when demand is at its lowest, and as a result, your expenses may be at their lowest as well. As a general rule, because most leases begin on the first of the month, the first of the month is much more probable to be hectic for movers.

The Most Ideal Day Of The Week To Transfer

Almost there! Let’s say you’ve decided moving in the middle of October, you’ve got to decide to choose which day of the week you’re going to do so. While this will differ depending on your destination or where your moving company is licensed to operate, most movers will agree that weekdays will be best for most clients. The Monday to Thursday window will have less demand for those who wish to relocate. If you can afford to miss one day of work, a few days at most if you’re doing a long distance transfer, this is a good time for you. Relocating on a Saturday or Sunday may boost your prices due to increased demand for movers and the limited number of weekends in a month, however moving on a weekday means you'll have the entire subsequent weekend to unload and get organized before the following work week.

Best time for moving

The Most Ideal Time Of The Day To Transfer

This will cheer up early birds because the best time of the day to relocate is during the mornings. If you employ the services of a professional moving company, they will want to arrive first thing in the morning, usually in between the hours of 8 and 10 a.m. window. During the warmer months, early mornings typically imply cooler temperatures for the movers. It's also a smart option to have a head start if you're relocating yourself. You'll wake up with more energy, especially after a cup of coffee, and you'll have more time to unpack, organize, and appreciate your new surroundings. You'll also get to your location before it gets late.

Other Things To Consider

There are also some more little things to consider like the weather, your job, and other personal reasons you might be dealing with. You can check the weather in the next coming days leading up to your moving date through your weather apps. It’s also best to check if you’ve plotted your leave properly during your relocation, or that your boss will permit you taking a leave during this important part of your life. The fact that you have children, pets, or even upcoming family events are also important things to consider when pinning down that perfect moving date.

Best day for moving house


Now that you’ve finally decided on the perfect moving date for you, your next step will be to contact Three Movers by calling us at (888) 202-0036 for your no-obligation estimates. We’ll be there to help you throughout your relocation even from the moment you call us.

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