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Affordable 300-Mile Moves - Cost-Effective Relocation

Published by Chris Townsend

Affordable 300-Mile Moves - Cost-Effective Relocation

Moving can be an exciting endeavor, but there’s one question that’s often on everyone’s minds: How much it is going to cost to relocate? When it comes to moving, there are generally two categories of moving expenses to keep in mind, the first involves things like cost of living in your new city and handling two mortgages (or rent) during the transition. The other moving expense is the cost of physically getting all your belongings from your current home to your new home.

Although moving just 300 miles is a shorter distance that a full cross-country relocation, it is still considered a long-distance move. With the distance already figured out, the cost of moving of 300 miles it typically determined by the weight of your goods and then any additional services involved. Though, there are other factors that can increase or decrease the overall cost of your move.

Continue reading for our comprehensive guide on the average cost of moving 300 miles. That way, you can come away with a better understanding of how much a move like this will cost and then budget appropriately.

300 Miles A Shorter Distance Moving

What is a Long-Distance Move?

Before we dive too deeply into average costs, it’s important to understand what exactly a long-distance move is. Every company defines long distance moves a little differently, but it’s usually those that are more than 100 miles and cross state lines. However, some movers go as far to say that it’s not a long distance move unless it’s over 400 miles. Regardless, you typically have three main options when it comes to moving long distance:

  1. Hire full service movers. This includes the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings. In some cases, it even includes unpacking services as well.
  2. Renting a moving truck (DIY move). This option includes the use of the truck (and sometimes additional moving equipment) for a specified number of days and/or miles.
  3. Self-moves. These are generally the types of moves that involve you packing and loading up a container with all your belongings and then the moving company handles transportation. You are also responsible for unloading the container, but these moves often come with substantial cost savings compared to the full-service alternative.
Insurance Coverage For Moves

Estimating Moving Costs

About half of those that move annually hire professional movers, whether their moves are local or long distance. To help put things into perspective, the table below outlines the average costs of moving. Though, keep in mind that prices vary considerably based on the specific region and distance.

Move TypeAverage CostAdditional Charges
Local/ intrastate relocation (less than 100 miles, includes two movers and a truck)Between $80 and $100 an hour+ $25 to $50 per extra mover needed
Interstate/ cross-country/ long distance relocation (more than 100 miles)Between $2,000 and $5,000 per move+ $0.50 per additional pound

How Much Does It Cost to Move Long Distance?

While local moves – or those under 100 miles – are usually charged by the hour, long distance moves involve two main factors: weight and distance.


Prior to your move, the empty moving truck will be weighed and the moving company will issue you an “empty weight” receipt. Then, the truck will be weighed again after all of your household goods are loaded to yield your moving cost. Since it can be difficult to estimate the weight of your belongings yourself, reliable movers will provide you with an estimate before you agree to any costs. To do this, most companies use the average weights for homes similar to yours.

For instance, the average weight of items in a three-bedroom, 1,000 square foot home is approximately 5,000 pounds. Whereas, a four-bedroom home that is around 2,800 square feet tends to weigh an average of 20,500 pounds.


Put simply, the farther that your belongings have to be transported, the more expensive your move is going to be. In most cases, your moving company will charge you a “per-mile” rate. This is in addition to the weight-based charges. Both the weight and distance are used to calculate the final cost of your move. However, make sure to inquire about any extra transportation fees that your moving company may levy, like tolls or gas.

More information on this topic can be found here.

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What is the Average Cost of Moving 300 Miles?

In order to calculate the average cost of moving 300 miles, you need to know the average “per-mile” rate. A general rule of thumb for long distance moves is that the cost is between $.50 and $.70 per each pound of goods transported 1,000 miles from the starting location. With this in mind, the average cost of moving a three-bedroom home 300 miles is around $750.

How Much Does It Cost To Move 300 Miles

Here are some cost examples of moves covers around 300 miles:

To / FromDistance2 BR3 BR4 BR
North Bend, OR to Ukiah, CA300 miles$2,127 – $3,820$3,250 – $4,381$4,381 – $6,238
Keene, NH to West Manchester, PA300 miles$2,202 – $2,818$3,368 – $4,442$4,442 – $6,379
Agency, IA to Appleton, WI300 miles$2,472 – $3,072$3,608 – $4,752$4,752 – $6,828
West Whiteland, PA to Louisville, OH300 miles$2,123 – $2,715$3,144 – $4,373$4,373 – $6,125
Akron, IA to Jamestown, ND300 miles$2,470 – $3,070$3,605 – $4,748$4,748 – $6,821
Auburn, AL to Rock Hill, SC301 miles$2,525 – $3,140$3,688 – $4,860$4,860 – $6,985
Hempfield, PA to Yonkers, NY301 miles$2,160 – $2,664$3,306 – $4,359$4,359 – $6,260
Hartford, CT to Gaithersburg, MD299 miles$2,476 – $3,077$3,614 – $4,760$4,760 – $6,841
Peoria, IL to Shawnee, KS299 miles$2,459 – $3,055$3,587 – $4,722$4,722 – $6,781
Newport, KY to Wood River, IL301 miles$1415 – $2004$2530 – $3653$3653 – $5694

Types of Moving Estimates

When it’s time to request quotes from moving companies, there are two main types that you’ll come across:

  • Non-binding estimates are generally the industry standard. They serve as a reflection of the moving company’s best guess as to what the final bill for your move is going to be. Though, they can often be pretty inaccurate. Whenever possible, it’s best to opt for a binding estimate.
  • Binding estimates, also known as not-to-exceed estimates, are quotes that involve your moving company committing to a maximum price.
Corporate Moving Service

Standard Moving Expenses

Whether you’re moving 300 miles or some other distance, the moving expenses that you will incur depend on the level of service that you desire. That said, let’s go over the most typical moving expenses.

Just a moving truck rental

In this case, you are responsible for the packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking of your belongings with the use of a rental truck. Day rates typically start around $30 a day, depending on the truck size, but not including additional charges for gas and mileage.

Apartment Moving Companies

Assistance with loading, transport, and unloading

Prevent personal injury by only taking care of the packing and unpacking, and leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals. The cost of this service varies, but can start at just $200 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Moving Equipment For 300 Miles

Full-service moves

With this service, everything is left to the pros – including the packing, wrapping, and securing of your belongings, then the loading, transportation, and unloading at your new home. In most cases, you’ll still be responsible for the unpacking process.

Long Distance Movers With Storage Solutions Uganda

Storage solutions

Whether your moving dates don’t line up properly or you’re doing some remodeling, you may need a temporary storage solution. For a small storage unit, rates start at around $50 a month and then they go up to between $300 and $400 per month for larger units.

Office Movers For 300 Miles

Moving materials

In most cases, you will buy cardboard boxes (or find them somewhere for free) and then recycle them. However, the alternative is to rent plastic boxes for your move, with prices starting at about $50 per week for enough boxes to pack up a one-bedroom apartment.

Moving Households 300 Miles

Additional Moving Expenses

As you’re calculating the cost of moving your stuff 300 miles, be sure to keep the following unforeseen expenses in mind:

  • Extra charges for transportation vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, or even boats.
  • Transportation surcharges if your moving company pays their workers more in metropolitan areas, as labor costs are usually higher these locations.
  • Additional fees if there are any long carries. In other words, if the movers have to walk more than 75 feet from your front door to the moving truck or if they have to use an elevator or climb multiple flights of stairs.
  • Extra charges if your street cannot accommodate the moving truck or there isn’t adequate parking and your items must be shuttled using a smaller vehicle.
  • Surcharges for handling large or fragile items.
  • Opting for full value protection insurance, instead of the released value protection that is included at no extra cost.
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