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Cheap Local Movers In Phenix City and Alabama

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9.1 Frequently Asked Questions About Movers Phenix City, Alabama

Three Movers has what it takes to handle all detailed planning and packing involved as you move to and from Phenix City, AL. We have dedicated local and long-distance moving assistants made of highly experienced professionals.

Long Distance Moving Companies in Phenix City, Alabama

Various reasons may lead to moving for a long distance. It could be a change of job location whereby your new office or manufacturing industry is located at a far distance from where you are currently located. When one knows that they are set to move to a long-distance area, they will start looking for a long-distance moving company that can help them move at ease.

This long-distance moving company will be in charge of parking all your households in your current location, and then put them in a truck. Three men who will be handling your goods will ensure that your items are safely put in the truck. On arriving at your new location, the three men will then be in charge of unpacking your items. They will unpack them and ensure that every item is placed in the right area.

This is to ensure that the person who is observing does not tire doing the unpacking on his or her goods once they settle in their new house or location.

Local Movers in Phenix City, Alabama

Anyone who has a motive of having a local move within Phenix City, Alabama can consider looking out for local movers around that area. One of the things one should be keen on when choosing a local mover in AL is how reputable they are in doing their job through their reviews and testimonials on their websites and social media pages.

The other thing one should look out for is how much they charge for their services. With the advancement of technology, it is very easy to apply for services you would need from companies such as the Three Movers that one can find these services within Phenix City, Alabama.

Some of the services you would get from the Three Men and truck company are:

How much will Phenix City, Alabama move cost you

You have to part with some money when receiving this services of moving your goods from one area to another. The cost you charge first begins with the moving company you choose for those services. It is for this reason that you must do some prior research of what moving companies are available in your city.

The prices they charge are also really important. Are you at a place where you can afford those prices? Another thing that is important to ponder about is what if your goods get damaged during the moving process, is the moving company insured? Is it a position to pay back for that which was damaged?

Long Distance Movers In Phenix City and Alabama

Moving Services in Phenix City, Alabama

Residential Move

You are making a residential move when you move from one state to another, or even from one part of the world to another. The first thing you should consider if you choose to relocate your goods is ensuring that they arrive in the same condition as when they left.

An experienced transportation company such as Three Movers can assist you in this endeavor. Three Movers has now been in the relocation market for over twenty years, so we have accumulated expertise and skills that can benefit all of our clients.

A wide range of services are available from Three Movers, including local and international relocations. Your move can even be customized to meet your individual needs and interests.

Office/Commercial Moving Services in Phenix City, Alabama

You will need a qualified moving company to ensure that your office relocation experience is terrific, whether you are leasing your current space or own it and are planning to enhance it.

When you move companies, you would be hauling large and delicate items, such as computers and machinery. If you want to avoid damage to your things, it is best to leave this to the professionals.

A professional mover works closely with property management, and a moving coordinator is assigned to make the move as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. You and your equipment are in excellent hands with Three Movers.

Military Moving Services in Phenix City, Alabama

On a regular basis, military personnel move between locations and stations. After you receive your PCS orders, a number of relocation options will be presented to you. In order to determine whether you will be assigned within the CONUS or outside, you must first determine where you will be posted. It is sometimes necessary to carry out these orders without prior notice, which means quick action must be taken. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to hire a transportation firm that understands this.

Relocations for military personnel are handled by some moving companies. Even though we are not specialized in that form of relocation, it is one of the many services we offer.

We can assist you, particularly if you want to undertake a PPM or a DIY (do-it-yourself) move. This is a sort of military movement in which military personnel, rather than government officials, oversee and carry out all parts of the move. This is probably a much better option than utilizing a government-approved moving company because it is faster and more under your control.

military movers in phenix city and alabama

International Moving Services in Phenix City, Alabama

Moving abroad might be more complicated and time-consuming than relocating somewhere within the country. This is primarily because of the length and method necessary to efficiently transport your belongings. There are additional Customs requirements, fees to be paid, and licenses to be sought.

Because of the time and effort required, it is critical to hire a transport firm that has proven to be professional and efficient with such a one-of-a-kind relocation. With over 20 years of business experience, Three Movers has seen its fair share of international relocations. 

Flat-Rate and Hourly Moving Services

Three Movers provides consumers with the choice of a flat-rate or hourly-charged move. If you need help deciding on the best way to proceed, you must be informed of the benefits and drawbacks of each option. This may be performed by inquiring about the moving company with whom you are engaging.

In actuality, the distinction between a set price and an hourly cost in the subject of moving is the distance traveled to move your belongings and the coverage of the area that must be emptied out.

Best Movers In Phenix City, AL

Additional Moving/Shipping Services in Phenix City, Alabama

Packing and Crating

Packing is something that some people hate. It looks to be a very difficult assignment to do, and it is. While some movers do not offer packing services, Three Movers can help you pack and even crate your most fragile items.

We can offer a “white glove” service if you so choose. “White glove” service is a high-end alternative in which skilled professionals prioritize and ensure the safety of your belongings, going beyond what is expected.


Your move will be conducted as safely and securely as possible with Three Movers. However, there is always the potential that something may go wrong. To overcome this issue, we provide insurance to all of our consumers.

There are two types of insurance to choose from. The first is basic insurance, which is free for everyone but only covers a certain amount of your belongings. The second option is complete insurance coverage, which protects up to 100 percent of your valuables but is more expensive.

It is strongly recommended that you acquire complete insurance coverage to protect both you and your valuables in emergency situations during your transportation experience.

Full-Service Moves

When you hire full-service movers, you can rest assured that you will have practically nothing to worry about. Three Movers is a moving company that specializes in full-service relocations. This form of transfer is great for consumers who are too busy to pack and send their items themselves.

This service is intended for clients who are transferring quickly and have very limited time to pack or even those who experience difficulties relocating on their own.


You may utilize storage services to temporarily store your belongings in a storage facility for safekeeping. Many relocation companies offer this service, but if you stumble upon that does not, it might be a red flag that you must avoid dealing with them.

Three Movers offers a choice of storage options to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. This includes cubes, pods, and a whole storage facility that can be used per the clients’ preferences and needs.

Should you ask, your relocation manager will explain the differences and qualities of each one.

Same-Day Moves

It is nearly impossible to clean up an entire house or office space in one day. This method is usually used for purchases or last-minute relocations that you cannot perform on your own. Therefore, if you need to relocate at the last minute, we can help.

same day movers in phenix city and alabama

Auto Transport

We work with A-1 Auto Transport to transfer cars and heavy machinery both regionally and abroad.

An auto transport specialist will ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure during its journey with the help of a transport company.

How can I find reliable Phenix City movers?

When searching for reliable Phenix City movers, there are a few steps you can take:

1. Research and gather recommendations: Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they have any recommendations for reliable movers in the Phenix City area. Additionally, read online reviews and check the Better Business Bureau for ratings and complaints.

2. Check for proper licensing and insurance: Ensure the movers you consider are licensed and insured. You can verify this information by checking with the Alabama Department of Transportation or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

3. Request quotes and compare prices: Contact several moving companies in Phenix City and request quotes. Compare each company’s prices and services to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

4. Inquire about experience and expertise: Ask the movers about their experience and expertise in handling different types of moves. If you have any specific requirements or concerns, discuss them with the movers to ensure they can meet your needs.

5. Ask for references: Request references from the movers and contact their previous customers to get feedback on their experience with the company. This can give you a better idea of their reliability and professionalism.

6. Read and understand the contract: Before hiring any movers, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract—attention to hidden fees, cancellation policies, or other important details.

Following these steps can increase your chances of finding reliable Phenix City movers providing a smooth and stress-free moving experience. 


How do I check the credentials of Phenix City movers?

To check the credentials of Phenix City movers, you can follow these steps:

1. Verify licensing: Contact the Alabama Department of Transportation or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to confirm that the movers you are considering are licensed to operate in Phenix City.

2. Check insurance coverage: Ask the movers for proof of insurance and verify that it is current and sufficient to cover any potential damages or losses during the move.

3. Look for affiliations and certifications: Check if the movers are affiliated with any professional organizations or have obtained certifications demonstrating their commitment to quality and professionalism.

4. Research their reputation: Read online reviews and check websites such as the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints or negative feedback about the movers. This can give you an idea of their reputation and reliability.

5. Contact references: Ask the movers for references from previous customers and reach out to them to inquire about their experience with the company. This can provide valuable insights into the movers’ performance and customer satisfaction.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that the Phenix City movers you choose have the credentials and reputation to handle your move efficiently and professionally. 

What are the average costs of hiring Phenix City movers?


The average cost of hiring Phenix City movers is $526. However, this number can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of your move, the distance you are moving, and the services you need. For example, you can expect to pay more if you are moving a long distance, have a lot of belongings, or need packing or unpacking services.


How far in advance should I book Phenix City moving company?

You should book a Phoenix City moving company as soon as you know your moving date. Ideally, you should book 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure availability and to give yourself enough time to prepare for the move. However, suppose you are moving during a peak season or on a popular moving date, such as weekends or holidays. In that case, it is advisable to book even earlier to secure your preferred moving company.

Cost & Time Examples For Moving To Or From Phenix City

To / From Phenix City Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Phenix City, AL to San Francisco, CA 2129 miles $4,829 – $6,149 $7,321 – $9,807 $9,807 – $14,389
Phenix City, AL to Portland, OR 2185 miles $4,823 – $6,141 $7,311 – $9,793 $9,793 – $14,366
Phenix City, AL to Fort Worth, TX 718 miles $3,030 – $3,803 $4,491 – $5,957 $5,957 – $8,632
Phenix City, AL to Columbus, OH 531 miles $2,731 – $3,413 $4,020 – $5,316 $5,316 – $7,675
Las Vegas, NV to Phenix City, AL 1728 miles $4,319 – $5,483 $6,516 – $8,711 $8,711 – $12,744
Atlanta, GA to Phenix City, AL 96 miles $1,931 – $2,372 $2,766 – $3,610 $3,610 – $5,128
 Kansas City, MO to Phenix City, AL 705 miles $3,032 – $3,805 $4,494 – $5,960 $5,960 – $8,638
New York, NY to Phenix City, AL 836 miles $3,307 – $4,168 $4,938 – $6,573 $6,573 – $9,576
Phenix City, AL to Sacramento, CA 2077 miles $4,689 – $5,966 $7,099 – $9,504 $9,504 – $13,931
Riverside, CA to Phenix City, AL 1864 miles $4,446 – $5,648 $6,716 – $8,982 $8,982 – $13,152

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote

Movers Neighborhoods Area

Phenix City, AL Neighborhood Areas We Serve

Our local moving services are proud to help with your move in any of the neighborhoods you see below. And if you don’t see your neighborhood listed here, don’t worry because we can most likely service it.

Auburn Rd Dobbs Dr Crawford
Hugley Fort Mitchell Oswichee
Summerville Rd Stadium Dr Route 280
S Railroad St Lee Rd Cohwy 12
Lee Rd Cohwy 57 S Seale Rd
9th St S Sandfort Rd 7th St
Girard Kaolin

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Other Popular Cities In Alabama That We Serve:


Phenix City, Alabama includes ZIP codes:

36867, 36868, 36869, 36870

Frequently Asked Questions About Movers Phenix City, Alabama

To ensure that your belongings are covered by insurance during the move with Phenix City moving companies, you should:

1. Verify insurance coverage: Ask the moving company for proof of insurance and verify that it includes coverage for your belongings. Ensure the coverage is sufficient to protect against potential damages or losses during the move.

2. Understand the coverage: Read the insurance policy carefully and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. Pay attention to any exclusions or limitations that may apply.

3. Consider additional insurance: If you have valuable or fragile items, consider purchasing additional insurance coverage to provide extra protection. Some moving companies offer additional insurance options, or you can explore third-party insurance providers.

4. Document your belongings: Before the move, inventory all your belongings and take photos or videos of valuable items. This will serve as evidence in case you need to file a claim for damages.

5. Report damages promptly: If any of your belongings are damaged during the move, report them to the company as soon as possible. Follow their instructions for filing a claim and provide any necessary documentation or evidence.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your belongings are covered by insurance and have peace of mind during moving.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) moving involves handling all move aspects, including packing, loading, driving, and unloading. On the other hand, full-service Phenix City moving companies handle every step of the moving process for you. Here are some key differences between the two:

1. Convenience: Full-service movers provide a convenient and stress-free moving experience, as they handle all the logistics and heavy lifting. With DIY moving, you are responsible for all aspects of the move, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding.

2. Expertise: Full-service movers are experienced professionals who can handle different types of moves and navigate challenges. They have the necessary equipment and skills to ensure a smooth and efficient move. With DIY moving, you may need more expertise and equipment for a seamless move.

3. Time and Effort: Hiring full-service movers saves you time and effort, as they handle the packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and even unpacking if desired. DIY moving requires you to invest significant time and effort into packing, loading, driving, and unloading your belongings.

4. Liability: When you hire full-service movers, they assume liability for any damages or losses that may occur during the move. With DIY moving, you are responsible for any damages or losses.

5. Cost: DIY moving can be cheaper upfront, as you don’t have to pay for professional moving services. However, it’s important to consider hidden costs such as truck rental, fuel, packing supplies, and potential damages or injuries. Full-service movers provide a comprehensive quote that includes all services, so you clearly understand the cost upfront.

Ultimately, the choice between DIY and full-service Phenix City moving companies depends on your budget, time constraints, and personal preferences.

The cost of renting a moving truck depends on several factors, including the truck’s size, the distance you are moving, and the rental company you choose. However, you can generally expect to pay between $20 and $100 daily for a moving truck rental.

Here is a breakdown of the average costs for different sizes of moving trucks:

  • Small pickup truck: $20-$40 per day
  • Cargo van: $30-$60 per day
  • 10-foot truck: $40-$80 per day
  • 15-foot truck: $60-$100 per day
  • 20-foot truck: $80-$120 per day
  • 26-foot truck: $100-$150 per day

In addition to the daily rental rate, you will also be charged a mileage fee, which typically ranges from $0.50 to $1.00 per mile. You may also be charged a fuel fee, which is based on the current price of gas.

The cost of moving a shed can vary depending on the size, weight, and distance of the move. However, you can generally expect to pay between $200 and $1,000 to have a shed moved by a professional company.

  • Small sheds (up to 10×12 feet): $200-$400
  • Medium sheds (10×12 to 12×24 feet): $400-$600
  • Large sheds (12×24 feet or larger): $600-$1,000

Moving the shed a long-distance means you can expect to pay more. For example, if you are moving the shed from California to Florida, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $6,000.

The cost to hire movers for a 1-bedroom apartment can vary depending on several factors, including the distance you are moving, the size of your apartment, the number of belongings you have, and the services you need. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,600 for a local move and $700 to $3,000 for a long-distance move.

Yes, many moving companies offer car transportation services as well. These companies have specialized equipment and expertise to transport your car to your new location safely. It’s important to inquire about this service and get a quote from the moving company to determine the cost and logistics of transporting your car and other belongings.

The cost of moving to Alabama can vary depending on several factors, including the distance of the move, the size of your household, the services you require, and the time of year. Here are some factors that can influence the cost:

1. Distance: The distance of your move will impact the cost. Longer distances typically result in higher moving costs due to increased fuel and transportation expenses.

2. Size of your household: The size of your household, including the number of rooms, furniture, and belongings, can affect the cost. Moving more items will require more time, labor, and potentially larger trucks.

3. Services required: The specific services you require, such as packing, unpacking, disassembly, and assembly of furniture, and specialty item handling, can impact the cost. Additional services will incur additional charges.

4. Time of year: The time of year can also affect the cost of moving to Alabama. Peak moving seasons, such as summer months and weekends, tend to have higher demand and, therefore, higher prices. Consider moving during off-peak times to save on costs potentially.

5. Additional fees: There may be additional fees associated with your move, such as stair fees, elevator fees, long carry fees, and storage fees. Ask about any potential additional fees when obtaining quotes from moving companies.

It’s important to contact several moving companies and request quotes to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your specific move to Alabama.

The number of movers you will need for your move to Phenix City will depend on several factors, including the size of your move, the amount of furniture and belongings you have, and the level of service you require. As a general guideline, a small apartment or studio may only require 2 movers, while a larger home may require 3 or more movers. It’s best to consult with a moving company to determine the appropriate number of movers for your specific move.

To determine if a mover is trustworthy and has a good reputation, you can take the following steps:

1. Read online reviews: Look for reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. Read positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective on the company’s reputation.

2. Check for certifications and affiliations: Look for certifications or affiliations with professional organizations such as the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). These organizations often have strict standards for their members, indicating higher professionalism and reliability.

3. Verify licensing and insurance: Check if the mover is properly licensed and insured. You can verify this information by contacting the appropriate regulatory agency, such as the Alabama Department of Transportation or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

4. Ask for references: Request references from the mover and contact their previous customers. Ask about their experience with the company, including the quality of service, timeliness, and any issues that arose during the move.

5. Inquire about experience: Ask the mover about their industry experience and expertise in handling different types of moves. A company with years of experience is likelier to have a good reputation and a track record of customer satisfaction.

6. Trust your instincts: Pay attention to your gut feeling when interacting with the mover. It may be a red flag if something feels off, or the company needs to be more transparent and responsive.

By taking these steps, you can gather information and make an informed decision about the trustworthiness and reputation of a mover before hiring them for your Phenix City move.

The cost of long-distance movers can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your move, the distance you are moving, and the services you need. However, you can expect to pay an average of $4,890 for a long-distance move of a 2-3 bedroom home, approximately 7,500 pounds, over 1,000 miles.

Here is a breakdown of the average costs for long-distance moves of different sizes:

  • One-bedroom apartment: $1,500 – $3,500
  • Two-bedroom apartment: $2,500 – $5,500
  • Three-bedroom house: $4,000 – $7,500
  • Four-bedroom house: $5,000 – $9,500
  • Five-bedroom house: $6,000 – $11,500

The size of the truck you will need when moving to Phenix City will depend on the size of your move and the amount of belongings you have. Here are some general guidelines:

– Studio or small apartment: A 10-12 foot truck should be sufficient for a small move with minimal furniture and belongings.
– 1-2 bedroom apartment: A 15-17 foot truck is typically suitable for a move of this size.
– 2-3 bedroom house: A 20-26 foot truck is recommended for a larger move with more furniture and belongings.

It’s important to assess your specific needs and consult with a moving company to determine the appropriate size of truck for your move to Phenix City.

To ensure the safety of your belongings with Phenix City movers, you can take the following steps:

1. Research and choose a reputable moving company: Look for movers with positive reviews and a good reputation. Check if they have proper licensing and insurance.

2. Pack your belongings securely: Use high-quality packing materials and proper techniques to pack your items safely. Label boxes clearly and use padding or bubble wrap for fragile items.

3. Communicate any special requirements or concerns: If you have valuable or fragile items, communicate this to the movers. They may need extra precautions or use specific packing methods for these items.

4. Take inventory of your belongings: Create a detailed inventory before the move. This will help you keep track of your items and identify any missing or damaged items after the move.

5. Supervise the packing and loading process: If possible, be present during the packing and loading process to ensure that your belongings are handled with care. You can also provide instructions or guidance to the movers if needed.

6. Inspect your belongings upon delivery: Inspect them carefully for any damages or missing items when they arrive at your new home. If you notice any issues, report them to the moving company immediately.

By following these steps and choosing a reputable moving company, you can help ensure the safety of your belongings during the moving process.

Moving can be a stressful process, but with the help of Phenix City movers, you can make it a lot easier. Here are some tips for a stress-free move:

1. Plan: Start planning your move as early as possible. Create a timeline and make a checklist of tasks to be completed before, during, and after the move. This will help you stay organized and reduce last-minute stress.

2. Declutter and organize: Before packing, go through your belongings and remove items you no longer need or use. This will reduce the amount of stuff you have to move and make unpacking easier in your new home.

3. Pack strategically: Pack one room at a time and label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This will make unpacking much easier and help you find essential items quickly.

4. Communicate with your movers: Communicate your expectations and requirements to the Phenix City movers. Provide them with any special instructions or concerns you may have regarding fragile or valuable items.

5. Take care of yourself: Moving can be physically and emotionally draining, so take care of yourself throughout the process. Get enough rest, eat well, and take breaks when needed.

6. Stay organized on a moving day: Keep important documents, keys, and valuables with you during the move. Have a designated area for essential items you will need immediately in your new home.

7. Stay positive: Moving can be challenging, but maintain a positive mindset. Focus on the excitement of starting a new chapter in your new home.

By following these tips and working with reliable Phenix City movers, you can have a stress-free and successful move.

If unexpected delays occur during a move, Phenix City movers typically handle them in the following ways:
1. Communication: Movers will communicate with the customer about the delay and provide updates on the new estimated arrival time.
2. Problem-solving: Movers will work to resolve the issue causing the delay as quickly as possible. This may involve coordinating with other parties involved in the move, such as truck maintenance or traffic control.
3. Flexibility: Movers will be flexible and accommodating to the customer’s needs and schedule. They will work to find a solution that minimizes the impact of the delay on the customer.
4. Compensation: In some cases, movers may offer compensation or discounts to the customer for any inconvenience caused by the delay.
Overall, Phenix City movers understand that unexpected delays can occur and will do their best to handle them professionally and efficiently, keeping the customer informed and minimizing any disruption to the moving process.

To prepare for the arrival of Phenix City movers, you can take the following steps:

1. Pack and label your belongings: Make sure all your belongings are packed and labeled properly before the movers arrive. This will make the loading and unloading process more efficient.

2. Clear pathways: Clear any obstacles or clutter from hallways, doorways, and walkways to ensure easy access for the movers. This will help prevent any accidents or delays during the move.

3. Protect your floors and walls: Place protective coverings on floors and walls to prevent any damage during the moving process. Use furniture sliders or blankets to protect floors from scratches.

4. Disconnect and prepare appliances: If you move any appliances, ensure they are disconnected, cleaned, and properly prepared for transport. This may include defrosting your refrigerator and securing any loose parts.

5. Secure valuable and fragile items: If you have valuable or fragile items, consider packing them separately and transporting them to ensure their safety. Alternatively, clearly label these items and communicate their importance to the movers.

6. Communicate special instructions: If you have any specific instructions or concerns, such as handling delicate items or placing furniture in your new home, make sure to communicate these to the movers before they begin the move.

7. Be present during the move: During the loading and unloading process, answer any questions the movers may have and provide guidance as needed.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient moving process with Phenix City movers.

Yes, many Phenix City moving companies provide packing supplies for the move. They may offer a range of packing materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and furniture covers. Some moving companies may include these supplies as part of their moving package, while others may charge an additional fee. It’s best to inquire with the specific moving company you are considering to determine if they provide packing supplies and the associated costs.

Yes, many Phenix City moving companies offer corporate relocation services.

Phenix City moving companies can assist with the transport of pets by providing guidance and resources to ensure a safe and comfortable move for your furry friends. Here are some ways they can help:

1. Provide pet-friendly moving tips: Moving companies can offer tips and advice on preparing your pets for the move, including creating a safe and comfortable space for them during the packing and moving.

2. Recommend pet-friendly accommodations: Moving companies can provide recommendations or resources to help you find suitable options if you are moving long-distance and need pet-friendly accommodations.

3. Coordinate pet transportation services: Some moving companies may offer or coordinate pet transportation services. They can help arrange for your pets to be transported safely to your new home by working with specialized pet transport companies or by providing their own pet transportation services.

4. Offer pet care recommendations: Moving companies can provide recommendations for local pet care services in your new area, such as veterinarians, pet groomers, and pet boarding facilities.

5. Guide pet travel regulations: If you are moving across state lines or internationally, moving companies can guide you through any pet travel regulations or requirements you need to know.

It’s important to discuss your specific needs and concerns regarding the transport of your pets with the moving company you are considering to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

Moving with kids can be challenging, but with the help of Phenix City moving companies, you can make it easier. Here are some tips for moving with kids:

1. Communicate with your kids: Talk to them about the move and explain why. Answer their questions and address any concerns they may have. Involve them in the process and make them feel included.

2. Keep a routine: Maintaining a routine can provide stability and comfort for your kids during moving. Stick to regular meal times, bedtime routines, and other familiar activities as much as possible.

3. Pack a special bag: Help your kids pack a special bag with their favorite toys, books, and comfort items. This will provide them with familiarity and comfort during the move.

4. Set up their room first: When you arrive at your new home, prioritize setting up your kids’ room first. This will give them a familiar and comfortable space to retreat to and help them feel more at ease in their new environment.

5. Explore the new neighborhood: Take the time to explore your new neighborhood with your kids. Visit parks, playgrounds, and other child-friendly attractions to help them get excited about their new surroundings.

6. Maintain open communication: Encourage your kids to share their feelings and concerns about the move. Listen to them and validate their emotions. Reassure them that it’s normal to feel excitement and sadness during the transition.

7. Stay positive: Your attitude and outlook will greatly influence your kids’ experience of the move. Stay optimistic, focusing on your new home’s new opportunities and adventures.

By following these tips and working with Phenix City moving companies, you can make the moving process smoother and less stressful for your kids.

Phenix City moving companies can help unload and set up your belongings at the new location in several ways:

1. Unloading: The movers will unload your belongings from the moving truck and bring them into your new home. They will carefully handle each item to prevent any damage or breakage.

2. Placement: The movers will place your furniture and boxes in the designated rooms according to your instructions. They will work with you to ensure everything is where you want it to be.

3. Assembly: If any furniture needs to be assembled, such as beds or tables, the movers can help with the assembly process. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to assemble your furniture quickly and efficiently.

4. Furniture arrangement: If you need assistance arranging your furniture in the new space, the movers can also help with that. They can work with you to find the best layout and placement for your furniture to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space.

5. Removal of packing materials: After unpacking, the movers can help remove and dispose of any packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. This will save you the hassle of dealing with the cleanup yourself.

By hiring Phenix City moving companies, you can rely on their expertise and assistance to unload and set up your belongings at the new location, making the transition into your new home smoother and more efficient.

Phenix City moving companies take several precautions to move valuables safely. Here are some common precautions they may take:

1. Proper packing: Movers will use appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy boxes, to protect your valuables during the move. They may also use specialized packing techniques for delicate items.

2. Secure transportation: Movers will secure your valuables in the moving truck to prevent shifting or damage during transit. They may use straps, blankets, or other securing methods to keep items in place.

3. Special handling: Movers will handle your valuables carefully, using techniques and equipment that minimize the risk of damage. They may use dollies, straps, or other tools to move heavy or fragile items safely.

4. Insurance coverage: Reputable moving companies will cover your valuables during the move. This coverage can help protect you financially in case of damages or losses.

5. Inventory tracking: Movers may use an inventory tracking system to keep track of your valuables throughout the moving process. This can help ensure that all items are accounted for and minimize the risk of loss or theft.

6. Communication and documentation: Movers will communicate with you about any specific instructions or concerns regarding your valuables. They may also document the condition of your items before and after the move to provide evidence in case of any damage claims.

It’s important to discuss your specific valuables and any concerns you may have with the moving company to ensure they take appropriate precautions to protect your items during the move. 

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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Customer Reviews

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the extremely hard working crew that handled my move. I admit I was skeptical of hiring a company to move my household stuff but I was so pleased with the services. These guys packed everything up and had it loaded and delivered in no time at all. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and my wife and I were able to take some much needed time to check out the new town without having to worry about getting things unpacked. Three Movers took care of everything and we really appreciate it!

Jeff T.

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Prices Of Movers In Phenix City, Alabama (AL)

The table below outlines very rough price estimates based on historical moving cost information:

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Less than 50 miles $240 – $675 $710 – $1,400 $1,100 – $4,900
250 miles $800 – $2,300 $1,400 – $3,950 $2,050 – $4,700
1000+ miles $950 – $2,900 $2,100 – $7,800 $4,900 – $8,100
2500+ miles $1,300 – $3,800 $3,400 – $7,900 $8,400+

Keep in mind that the actual cost of your individual move will vary. The best way to obtain the most accurate price for movers in Phenix City, Alabama (AL) is to contact a professional moving company directly for a customized quote.