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40 Foot Shipping Container Movers | Three Movers

Published by Chris Townsend

40 Foot Shipping Container Movers | Three Movers

40 Foot Shipping Container Moving Services

A standard 40-foot shipping container is a popular option for overseas moving because of its size and the amount and variety of household goods it can hold. Not to mention, how to move 40' shipping containers in an affordable way? As experienced 40 foot shipping container movers, we have moved a lot of such containers and understand them very well. The internal dimension of a 40ft container is 39’ 6” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” tall. This can easily contain 20 North American standard pallets which are of sizes 40 in X 48 in each without stacking.

That amount of space on the shipping containers can accommodate all the household belongings of a two to three bedroom apartment including furniture, vehicle, electronics, and kitchen equipment. It goes without saying that what you are able to load into a 40 - foot container is a function of how skilled you are in packing. Packing, loading and unloading a container is not a simple process. That is why it is always advisable to hire skilled professional container movers to help with the entire process.

However, 40-foot containers can only be loaded to a maximum weight of 58,000 pounds including its own weight. Each shipping container moving company also have their specific allowable loading limits. Check with your shipping container moving company to know what's obtainable.

Shipping Container Delivery Service

How To Move 40' Shipping Container?

For those building a container home, you’re likely wondering how on earth you’re going to get those massive 40-foot containers transported to your build site. Not to mention, how can it be done in an affordable way? Even if you’re planning on constructing your container home yourself in order to stay within a strict budget, it's more economical to outsource transportation to a professional container shipping company.

Fortunately, that’s where Three Movers come in. We are ready, willing, and available to put you in touch with our local delivery services in order to get you the dimension of a 40-foot shipping containers wherever they need to go!

Container Transport Services

Who Can Move a 40ft Shipping Container Size?

The standard 40-foot shipping empty container weighs roughly 8,200 pounds, meaning they must be transported by either a semi-truck or on a large flatbed trailer being pulled by a large passenger vehicle. Provided that you have your commercial driver’s license (CDL), moving a 40-foot shipping container yourself all comes down to cost, time, and resources. If you do have your CDL but lack access to the necessary equipment, you can certainly look into renting a rollback truck.

However, if you don’t have a CDL, the decision will come down to local regulations. Although many states allow people to transport shipping containers without a CDL, you must adhere to the gross weight limits established by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Even if you come in under the weight limit that requires you to have a CDL, transporting a shipping container yourself likely won’t make the most sense from a cost point of view. With that said, it tends to be the best option, both financially and practically, to hire a professional shipping container company for the job.

Know About 40ft Container Delivery

Moving A 40-Foot Shipping Container Overseas

Transporting a 40-foot container abroad takes three stages. Ground movement from destination to sea port route using a truck, loading to a container ship and movement from origin port to destination port, and ground movement to the final destination. This attracts payment of custom duties in some countries. Although some countries allow used household goods come in duty free.

Before contacting a shipping container moving company, ensure that they are registered with regulation authorities. Ideally such companies should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. This is because such moves entail both ground movement and international movement.

Work with companies that will give you free estimate and transparent pricing. Get quotes for at least three moving companies and ensure that services are well spelt out in the estimate.

Cost Of Moving A 40 Feet Shipping Container

How Much Does It Cost To Move A 40 Foot Shipping Container?

Whether you’re planning on transporting the 40-foot container yourself or hiring a professional service to do so, there are several things you must consider first. Of course, purchasing your containers locally will save you money on transportation. However, this isn’t always possible. With that said, the cost to move a 40ft shipping container is dependent on the following factors:

  • Distance between the current location of the container and the build site.
  • The size of the container, or containers.
  • The number of shipping containers that require transport.
  • The number of professional transportation companies near you.

The average cost of moving a containers for long distance moves ranges from $2000 for one bedroom to $4500 for 5 bedrooms. The average cost you should expect is $3000 per move. You should expect to spend about $2.50 per mile on the average to move your container. Prices can be higher and even double when using 40-foot container to move.

Freight Container Agents And Haulers

How To Load and Prepare Your 40ft Shipping Container

Considering what your 40 ft container will go through during shipping, it is important to load the storage container in a way that will ensure that the loaded items are in a good shape when they are delivered. Here are some tips to help you pack and load your container appropriately.

Carefully Pack Each Boxes

The way you pack the boxes you are loading into your 40 foot container matters. Be generous with bubble wraps or other forms of wrappers when wrapping fragile items before placing them in the box, this ensures a tight box. A well packed box will fit in well with other boxes in a container. A hint is to pack heavier items in smaller boxes so they can be moved easily. It is also advisable to use boxes of uniform sizes and to avoid overloading a box.

Pack Vertically

One of the effective strategies to maximize space when loading your container is to pack items vertically from floor to ceiling and start loading boxes from the back of the container. You can also create a wall with sturdy items such as mattresses around the edges of the container to hold other items in places from shifting when shipping container. Also, don't leave empty spaces within the container, you can use empty boxes to provide stability.

Spread the Weight

Weight should be evenly spread out in your 40-ft container. Don't load heavy items on one part and lighter items on the other. You can take your furniture apart so their weight can be distributed.

Use Loading Straps

The use of a loading strap will additionally secure your items from shifting or falling off during the shipping container transport process.

Container Transport And Shipping Container Home

What You Should Know About 40ft Container Delivery

Before your 40ft container is picked up, you might likely want to ask how long delivery will take. If you are shipping within the US, you can expect your container delivered on same day or in two to three business days. However, when shipping your container abroad, it can take anything from 10 days to six weeks or more, depending on the country or region of the world you are shipping to.

There are different factors that can affect the delivery timeline, irrespective of where you are shipping to. However, you can speed up the process by following basic housekeeping rules.

One of the important factors is choosing a suitable delivery site. When choosing a site for delivery of your 40ft container, it is always good to choose a place with good and accessible roads which is also unrestricted to container delivery trucks.

A tilt bed truck is used to deliver a 40-foot container and the truck driver requires a clearance of 100ft in height and about 12ft in width. Ensure that the container delivery site can accommodate the required clearance and the site's surface is even, sturdy, durable, and dry.

If the shipping container transport can’t be delivered due to poor site conditions, the delivery might be canceled and you might incur additional costs to reschedule delivery.

It's also good to know whether the delivery truck has a crane or you will have to hire a separate crane service for the delivery.

Relevant Statistics

  • 90% of international cargo is transported using 40 foot shipping containers.
  • The average weight of a fully loaded 40 foot shipping container is around 25 tons.
  • On average, a 40 foot shipping container can hold up to 8,000 shoeboxes.
  • Over 20 million 40 foot shipping containers are in use worldwide.
  • It takes approximately 5 days for a 40 foot shipping container to travel from China to the United States by sea.

General Facts

  • 40 foot shipping container movers specialize in the transportation of large shipping containers.
  • These movers have the equipment and expertise to handle the logistics of moving and transporting containers.
  • They ensure that the containers are securely loaded, transported, and unloaded at their destination.
  • These movers often use specialized trucks or cranes to handle the heavy containers.
  • Their services are crucial for businesses and industries that rely on shipping containers for transportation and storage purposes.
Shipping Container Moving Companies

We're The Best 40 Foot Shipping Container Movers

At Three Movers, we have been conveniently and affordably moving shipping containers around the globe for over two decades. Remember us if you are looking for the best 40 ft container movers near you. From 40ft shipping containers to 20-foot shipping containers to moving containers of all sizes, we can handle it all! When you’re in need of 40ft shipping container movers near you, there’s no one better than the team at Three Movers.

Not only will the 40ft shipping container movers from Three Movers relocate containers around your own property, we also provide shipping container pick-up and delivery services nationwide. Whether you want to have your own shipping container moved, or you need a storage container for your belongings for an upcoming move, we’ve got you covered!

In need of a shipping container size 40 or its mover? Look no further than Three Movers! We have experience moving containers of different sizes, weights, and dimensions. Give us a call today or fill out our convenient online request form to receive your free, no-obligation moving quote and we’ll show you how simple it can be to transport these massive containers anywhere in the world!

Different Types Of 40 Foot Containers That We Move

We move almost any type of 40 foot container including:

  • 40 foot standard conex container
  • 40 foot insulated container
  • 40 foot refrigerated container
  • 40 foot open top containers
  • 40 foot high cube containers
  • 40 foot flat rack containers
  • 40 foot pallet wide containers

FAQs About Shipping 40ft Moving Containers

What Type of Companies Ship a 40ft Shipping Container?

When it comes to moving household goods in a shipping container, use a company with vast experience in local, long distance and international moving. That’s because they understand all the logistics involved in transporting your container both on ground and on sea. Such companies can help with door to door delivery, whether it’s a local move, long distance or international shipping.

What Amount of Household Goods Can A 40ft Container Carry?

About 60 boxes of packed items, kitchen, dining, laundry, and living room furniture, electronics and equipments, bedroom furnitures, a vehicle in the garage and a few bikes, and other miscellaneous items in the house.

Can I Ship Vehicles In a 40-ft Container?

Yes, you can ship your vehicle alongside your belongings in single 40-ft container but the remaining space left may not take more than two-bedroom apartment size of household goods.
Should I Disassemble my Furniture Before Packing them Into the Container?
Disassembling parts of furniture and packing them in boxes can help povides more space in the container. If your furniture can be taken apart and re-assembled, that’s the way to go. However, protect items by using bubble wrap and ensure that you don’t place heavier boxes on lighter ones when stacking.

Do 40-foot Shipping Container Movers Provide Temporary Storage?

This is important, especially when shipping across international borders. Each cargo container that sleeps on the duck attracts a significant amount of money. It would help if your mover has a temporary storage for your container. Ask in advance to be sure, and only deal with companies that guaranty storage service.

What If I Need To Move an Empty 40-foot Container?

If you’ve got one or more empty containers coming in for you from overseas or you want to move it from one part of the US to the other, we can help with moving a shipping container even if it is empty. Our shipping container movers can assist with moving any kind of container.

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