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Tips for a Fall Move

Published by Chris Townsend

Tips for a Fall Move

Are you considering moving into a new home during the fall? Wow! For whatever reason you might want to move, that's probably one of the best decisions you could have made.

Fall (also referred to as autumn) is regarded by many as an impeccable time of the year, endowed with mild temperatures, beautiful outdoor scenery, and fascinating weather. Fall is not just a delightful time to go on camping trips with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature, but it's also one of the best times for planning a move.

Although there are so many benefits to deciding against moving during the summer or winter and planning your move during the fall season, you’ll still need to plan a lot. Every season brings with it new problems and considerations. And, if you've never relocated in the autumn before, you'll want to brush up on the fundamentals before plunging in.

Benefits of moving during the fall

Lower moving costs, lower competition, and mild temperatures all tip the balance in favor of fall moving. Let's have a look at some of the benefits of moving in the fall:


During the fall season, moving companies aren't as busy as during the moving season during summer, so they'll be able to meet your demands and prerogatives; you'll have no trouble arranging convenient pickup and delivery dates and times. Rather than being forced to move when your preferred moving company can accommodate you, you'll be able to move whenever you want—even weekend dates will be readily available in the autumn months.

Weather in the fall is great

The Weather is excellent

The weather in the fall is great for any sort of relocation since it is neither too chilly nor too hot. The warm temperatures make carrying big stuff less annoying and tiresome; there is no chance of your possessions being destroyed by excessive heat or cold; there is no snow and ice to contend with, and so on. In colder conditions, your motion will be speedier and more efficient. In the weeks leading up to your move, you can have a yard sale to get rid of unneeded goods and save money for moving fees.

The Delivery is fast and safe

Because there is no snow to obstruct the roads or ice to make them unsafe in the fall, traveling is safer and easier, and you are more likely to get your package on time and in excellent shape. And your cross-country automobile drive (if you're relocating long-distance and driving to your new home) will be joyful as well—the roads will be safe, and the countryside will be gorgeous.

A New Home for the Holidays

If you complete your move in October or early November, you will be able to settle into your new home in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This is (usually) the ideal time to invite family and friends over to celebrate and tour your new home.

If you move in the fall, moving companies may offer holiday specials that you can use to your benefit. It never hurts to have a few extra dollars in your pocket, especially around the holidays.

The move is less expensive

Relocating in the fall tends to be cheaper than moving in the spring. Moving firms having cleared the summer rush by the fall season, gas rates may be reduced, and there may be more truck/crew available. Whether you are renting a truck or hiring a whole moving company, this usually means that you have a better ability to compare prices and find the best one for you. So be careful to browse around and possibly perform some online comparisons about price between fall and summer.

Problem of falls move

Disadvantages of a Fall move

The fall season just like any other season has its own set of challenges, and it's quite important to consider them before planning a move.

The Possibility of having an erratic climate

Although the fall season's weather is typically pleasant and free of temperature and humidity extremes, its patterns may still be volatile. For instance, if you are moving to or from a northern climate, there is always the risk of an unexpected snowstorm at the end of autumn - possibly in November or even October! There's also the possibility of a sudden heatwave or rapid temperature drops.

Getting your kids a new school

Moving right after the start of the school year will be very stressful for your children if you have school-aged children. It will also be difficult to find a suitable new school for your children because classes will be full and curriculums will be predetermined. Furthermore, because school calendars differ between districts, your children may miss several weeks of class as a result of the move.

Near Holiday Season

Planning and executing a move when the holidays are approaching could be a very difficult process. It's quite a lot of work trying to balance celebration plans with moving preparations, and you may have to cancel parties and family gatherings, travel soon after the relocation, etc. In addition, if you're flying to your new home, airfare will be more expensive and difficult to book near the holidays.

Best move during fall

Tips for making a great move during the fall

Although you cannot control the weather or make the transition to a new school any easier, there are many things you can do to ease your fall move, reduce stress, and ensure a successful conclusion to your relocation adventure:

Rethink Storage

Keeping your belongings in a storage facility while you move can make things much easier for you. You can get the things you don't need out of the way by renting a storage unit while you pack and prepare for the move. Inquire with your chosen movers if they offer storage services.

Make sure to pack the right clothes and items

While you're considering carrying larger stuff, don't forget about clothing and athletic equipment that you may not need right soon following the move. Pack seasonal goods together so you can locate them later – and make sure you don't forget any cold-weather items you'll need immediately after you move in, such as rain boots and raincoats, snow gear, and snow removal equipment. If you've stowed them, make sure they're simple to retrieve and unpack when you arrive.

Dress Appropriately

We know you're used to the tried-and-true moving outfit: running shoes, shorts, an old T-shirt, and a baseball cap. However, in the fall, you will need to plan ahead of time because the weather will be colder and possibly rainy. Make sure you're wearing traction-enhancing shoes, have a hooded rain jacket on hand, and have thought about layers so you can dress up or down depending on temperature changes and how difficult your move becomes.

Rain is the worst weather for relocating

Get enough Umbrellas

Rain is the worst weather for relocating. It is just impossible to avoid having to take your goods outdoors into the weather to put them into the truck. When a result, make sure you have enough of umbrellas and other plastic covering to keep furniture, upholstery, and boxes dry as they are loaded and unloaded from the truck. Wet boxes can crack or mold, especially if they are kept for a lengthy period of time. It's also inconvenient to move into a new apartment with a saturated couch.

Keep the walkway clean

The falling of beautiful multicolored leaves is typical of the fall season and this can be very hazardous during a house move because they are extremely slippery especially when wet from recent rain and make footing unstable.

So, before anyone starts carrying heavy boxes and hauling bulky items to the moving truck on moving day, ensure to sweep away fallen leaves and other debris from the driveway and sidewalks around your home. Keep a broom handy in case new leaves fall on the sidewalks during the day.

Get your utilities ready before the move

There are few things more infuriating than relocating to a new area during the chilly, damp fall season and learning that you haven't connected all of the required services, such as power and gas. New account wait periods are usually several days. This isn't ideal as the temperature lowers. As a result, make sure you understand what is necessary to set up or move your accounts so that you arrive at a warm, inviting workplace on your first day.

Need a good packing

Unpack for the Season

If you've packed up vital stuff like sandwich presses and crock pots, large dutch ovens, and other seasonal dishware and service wear, ensure to instruct your movers to have them safely placed in more accessible areas of your house or apartment upon your arrival. Instead of trudging out to the garage or down to the storage closet to find items you packed away last year, they'll be waiting for you in your kitchen or dining room, ready to be used during the fall and winter seasons.

Declutter from summer

You may have clothing, toys, beach gear, swimwear, outdoor furniture, and other seasonal items that will not make it to next summer. Instead of packing and moving these items only to throw them away the following year, take some time to declutter and either discard or donate items you don't want to pay to take with you. Also, if you or your family have outgrown old cold-weather clothing items, consider donating them before the colder weather arrives.

Final Thoughts

Fall might be a very good season to plan and execute a move because of its numerous benefits but that does not in any way make the moving process any less strenuous or free of hassles. To make your move a fun-filled, hassle-free one, you need to employ the service of a reliable, credible, and highly experienced moving company.

Three Movers is your best option to have an amazing moving experience. You can contact us to find out more about our services, we'll be more than delighted to offer you the assistance you might require.

Fall is very good season to plan and execute a move

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