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Private moving companies

Published on 2021-04-02


You’ve probably tried to search for private moving companies near me, but weren’t really sure what to look for.

This is a common way to search for something and when you want to find  cheap local movers near your location, searching the term private companies near me is a good start.

However, you have to know how to narrow things down and you should also understand what you’re looking for. Let’s look for a few ways to ensure you hire the right private moving movers near your current location.

Best 5 Ways To Find A Good Private Moving Company

Many moving container companies find it necessary to promote professionally trained movers and compare prices for interstate move or local move.

Moreover, you can get shipping estimate through auto transport and too many containers within the same state. The long-distance mover know exactly what you need for a full-service move.

1. Start With A Search For Moving Companies Near Me

When you have location services turned on with your device, you can simply search for movers near me and you will get some good results to check out.

This will give you the list you can use to start, but there’s more to the process. Don’t just go with the first company on the list as many movers near your location might not be the best choice for your needs.

2. Narrow Your List Based On Your Budget

If you know you cannot afford a full-service company, you can narrow your list of private moving companies accordingly.

Full-service options will be the most expensive, while a simple moving truck rental will be the least expensive. There are several other options including freight moving companies and moving storage container companies.

3. Check Reviews And Reputation

Anytime you search for private moving companies near me on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine, you will likely see reviews show up with the results.

Read these reviews and always look for other reviews on the same company.

You can also check the reputation by looking at the profile of any company you’re considering on the Better Business Bureau website. Checking the U.S. DOT license and the insurance of the moving companies on your list can help, as well.

4. Get Three Or More Quotes

Once you narrow your list of private movers to three to five, you want to get online moving quotes or in-person estimates. This will help you to see the differences between each company and what they offer. Always get multiple quotes before hiring a company for your move.

5. Never Pay A Large Deposit Upfront

While private mo do use upfront vers deposits, they won’t charge a high deposit. However, if you come across a company trying to charge a 20% deposit or higher, it might be a scam.

Be aware of this and don’t fall for a moving scam when you’re searching for the right private company for your needs.

There are several great movers available to help you with your upcoming move. Whether you’re moving from one side of the country to another or just down the road, finding the right private company for your needs will help make your moving day much less stressful.

The top private long-distance movers

Here are the the most trustworthy private local moving companies.

International Van Lines

According to, International Van Lines is the best overall long-distance moving company. They are a full-service moving company and offer locked-in estimates.

The reviews for this company on put it at 4.8 out of 5 stars, so customers like them quite a bit.

A premier moving company, International Van Lines (IVL) is currently one of the top-notch professional moving companies for short and long-distance moves.

It also provides international moving services. Furthermore, the company offers multiple insurance options to take care of your belongings.

And you know what? It features excellent cross-country moving services that are second to none. Customers ranked International Van line among reputable moving companies of 2021 for good customer service and worldwide availability.


Better Homes & Gardens chose U-Pack as their best long-distance moving company for flexibility. It’s a less expensive option than a full-service moving company, and as the name states, you will do the packing.

They deliver storage containers or ReloCube to your home or business, you pack it up, they pick it up, and they transport it to your new location. Then, you do the unpacking.

This long-distance moving option also provides optional storage, and you can hire a crew to do the packing for you if you prefer.

Better Homes and Gardens also chose International Van Lines as their best full-service long-distance moving company.

American Van Lines

According to, American Van Lines is the highest-rated long-distance moving company. They offer full-service moves across the United States with flat-rate pricing and price matching.

American Van Lines has been a family-owned business for more than 25 years, and they have won several awards over the years.

Services provided by American Van lines

Here are the services provided by this moving company! These cross country movers offer many efficient services that include:

Military Moving

Experts at American Van lines work effectively to make a moving schedule that suits your budget. Besides this, comprehensive planning is also necessary for better moving under deadlines.

Long Distance Moving

Are you thinking of getting long-distance moving within specific cities? Well, American van lines aim to move on time. YES!

The full-service moving company has convenient and suitable features for long-distance moving that make the process easy to facilitate, thereby providing users a hassle-free experience. There is no binding estimate within the state lines.

Local Moving

Local moves are different than others. American Van Lines is one of the most astounding local moving companies to aids you in full-service moves within the cities.

Whether you plan to move content from an apartment or a home, American Van lines have got the right services for you. These professional movers also have flat pricing rates that will help you save money.

Moving and Storage

Generally, this moving company provides a flat pricing system with quick deliveries that offers budget-friendly interstate moving services. American Van lines offer hassle-free services within the moving industry, even for a long distance move.

American Van Lines also ensures services for long-distance moves within 48 different states. You cannot get the benefits in Hawaii and Alaska.

Allied van lines

Are you searching for a cross country moving company? Allied Van lines are one of the renowned long distance moving company known for moving cross-country services ensuring that the relocations go smoothly. Isn’t that appealing? Well, that’s second to none.

The better business bureau illustrates that these long distance movers offer full-service packaging for international and interstate or local move.

These cross-country movers are worth it for many customers due to high-grade services.

Moreover, the allied van lines is based on the miles traveled and the items weights making them one of the best companies of 2021 within the moving industry.

Allied Van Lines works by making partnerships with the moving experts to provide specialty services and cross-country move almost everywhere.

You will see that the company offer remarkable local moving, long-distance and cross-country services. Here is the detail for it.

United van lines

One of the best companies of 2021, United van lines, has been known for years for providing high-end moving options for all types of moves, and there is no doubt about it.

Whether you want to move to another street, international, or across the state moves, United Van lines can facilitate the move.

With multiple customizable packages available to other services options so customers can plan a moving scheme according to their needs and budget, UVL got it all. You will find many agents anywhere across the world.

Details for United van lines

After choosing united van lines, you will get a broad range of options, either for local moving or long-distance moves for corporates or residential relocations. The standard services are cleaning, packing, storing, and transporting vehicles.

You will find hundreds of UVL agents in different countries for easy working. It mainly benefits the customers as they get personal and face-to-face services. Isn’t it a valuable advantage? Well, that’s true!

If you come across any issues, United van lines are evident to provide full-value coverage for all you moved. But if your preference is beyond that coverage, united van lines will allow you to add on more. The plus point is that you can get free cancellations until the services are not provided.

North American Van Lines

North American Van lines aim to provide customers with all services, from complete local relocation to international and long-distance moves. The plus point is that these van lines are fully registered and licensed within the US Department of Transportation.

North American Van Lines specializes more in moving residential and other commercial clients. You can obtain quotes for the interstate and local services through the official website. Moreover, you can also get storage and unpacking services at an additional cost.

Services provided by North American Van Lines

Here are the most accessible services offered by North American van lines.

Residential Moving

North American van lines are evident in handling residential moves nationally, locally, and even internationally. If you opt for full-service moving, it concludes loading, unloading, packaging, and much more.

Moreover, the movers will make an inventory sheet that includes details for each item with a tag. For special items, they have a high-value sheet. You will also get professional piano moving service with North American van lines.

Long-Distance Moving

Generally, all the long-distance or cross-country moves are completed within five days, and North American van lines offer complete services to all US and Canada.

Long-distance moves can also save customers money on different expenses such as food, tolls, hotels, etc. Military members are consistently using these van lines for relocations within a long-distance move.

International Moving

The company has been offering high-end services on international moves for 80 years. You can get the service in many countries and also door shipping is available.

These van lines ask the customers to prepare for any international move before ten weeks of moving. A MoovScout is established to standardize the global process within hauling perfectly.

Commercial Moving

Moreover, they offer customized services, including furniture management, shredding, and other disposal services. Corporate employees can get benefits by using their moving services as well.

North American van lines offer high-grade services for both small and large businesses. The company has a 95% satisfaction rate among the customers.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines currently offer long-distance move and also high-end services to Canada. The interstate moves are also a plus point. Generally, moving costs are more about the total weight of items along with overall distance.

Atlas Van lines also include 430 working agents within Canada and the US who consistently provide premium quality customer service. Atlas Lines is a significant company that is evident enough to facilitate the movement of all sizes.

Whether you want services for long-distance moves, cross-country, and even international moves, it will provide high-end services while protecting all your belongings.

Services Provided by Atlas Van Lines

Let us tell you something interesting! These van lines can deliver moves of any size from international, cross-country, long-distance, or short-distance moves. Moreover, the company ensures licensed and insured services for military and government moves.

Do you know storing services are also integrated within Atlas Van Lines? That’s because they ensure great yet secure storage solutions.

The storage in transit feature will ensure that the packages are stored within the Atlas warehouse until you get to the new location. The services are available across the US and Canada.

Furthermore, the packing services are as per your needs enabling the customers to pack the items or hire movers to do the same work.

These van lines can also move the specialty things such as boats, motorcycles, pool tables, pianos, and swing sets. AVL also takes unusual moves, so feel free to ask about any unconventional situation.

The Bottom Line

Along with these companies, which have been named the best long-distance companies by relatively reliable sources, many others were called to the lists of best companies.

There are many great options when it comes to moving a long distance. Whether you want to save money and do the loading up yourself or you prefer a full-service company, you can choose from a long list of the best long-distance companies for your upcoming move.

Just make sure you verify their reputation and licenses to ensure you’re not falling for some moving scam. Get instant online quotes for final protection and check the company reviews.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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I hired Three Movers to help me move to a new office a few miles away from my old location. While it was a very short distance, there were so many things that needed to be taken care of as we have a few computers, printers and other office equipment that needed to be handled with care. The men that showed up to assess the office were really friendly and on moving day, they had everything carefully packaged up and moved far quicker than I expected. This really helped me because I was able to re-open several days sooner than I had anticipated. That was really beneficial to my business and I appreciate the efficient work that was done. Thanks so much for the help with my move and I will definitely be referring you all to any friends or family that need a dependable moving company!


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