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How Much Do Movers Cost In Montgomery?

Published by Chris Townsend

How Much Do Movers Cost In Montgomery?
Best Moving Price Montgomery, AL

Movers in Montgomery, AL typically cost between $5,120 and $9,220 per move, depending on factors such as distance, volume of belongings, and additional services.

Price Table for Moving Service

Service Type Basic Package Premium Package Deluxe Package
Packing Included Included Included
Furniture Disassembly Not Included Included Included
Loading Included Included Included
Enclosed Transport Not Included Included Included
Local Transport Included Included Included
Insurance Not Included Included Included
Delivery Standard Standard Express
Storage Service 7 Days Included 12 days Included 15 days Included
Price $5,000 $7,500 $10,000

Understanding the Cost of Movers Montgomery: A Complete Pricing Guide for 2023

Moving to or from Montgomery, Alabama can be an exhilarating experience. But have you ever wondered about the specific costs involved in hiring local commercial movers here? Understanding the cost of movers Montgomery can help you budget better and make the process smoother. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Moving costs in Montgomery are influenced by home size, move distance, hourly rates of movers, and additional services such as packing and special item handling.
  • Long-distance moves from Montgomery can be significantly more expensive than local moves, with cross-country move costs averaging around $3,500 and additional fees for extra services.
  • To manage moving expenses better, consider timing the move during off-peak periods, decluttering, and weighing options between renting a moving truck versus hiring professional movers.

Montgomery Moving Expenses Unveiled

When it comes to cheap moving, many variables come into play that can affect the cost. From the hourly rates of the moving company to the distance of the move and the range of services offered, all these factors collectively determine how much you’ll be shelling out.

The total cost is influenced by other factors, such as the size of your home and the destination of your move.

Hourly Rates Breakdown

The majority of local full-service moving companies in Montgomery operate on an hourly pricing model. This rate is determined by how many movers are required to facilitate the move, with typical hourly rates ranging between $25 and $125 per person. Remember, these rates encompass the basic moving services, with additional fees for services like packing, unpacking, or disassembly and reassembly.

Distance Dynamics

Overall moving costs are significantly influenced by the distance of your move. For example, while local residential movers generally charge between $95.23 and $109.12 per hour, long-distance moves have an average cost of around $5,500.

Given that long-distance expenses are notably higher than local moving costs, it’s worthwhile to explore strategies to save money.

Service Spectrum

Your moving costs are likely to be significantly influenced by the services offered by movers, such as packing, loading, and special item handling. These services require labor, time, and resources, which can add up quickly. For instance, the price for full packing services provided by two movers here in Montgomery varies from $250 to $1,400.

Cost Of Moving Various Home Sizes Montgomery, AL

Pricing Your Move: From Studios to Family Homes

The cost of your move is largely determined by the size of your home. Whether you’re moving from a compact studio or a sprawling family home, the volume of items to be transported can significantly affect the total cost of your move.

We’ll examine the specifics of the best moving companies for homes of varied sizes in Montgomery with the help of Alabama movers.

Solo Space Shifters

The approximate cost of moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment can vary significantly, depending on the total weight of your belongings and the distance to your new home. For instance, the typical expense for relocating a studio in Montgomery falls within the range of $182 to $2,666.

Family Home Relocation Estimates

Relocating a family home demands more resources and manpower, leading to higher costs. The estimated cost for relocating a three-bedroom family home in Montgomery typically ranges from $457 to $725.

Hence, incorporating these costs in your budget while planning a move is advisable.

Expansive Estate Movers

Moving large estates can be quite a complex task that requires more resources and expertise, resulting in higher costs.

For example, the cost of moving double-wide homes, which includes expenses such as grade work, footers, electric, and plumbing, typically ranges from $10,000 to $13,000.

Long Distance Moves From Montgomery, AL

Long Distance Logistics: Montgomery and Beyond

Are you in the process of planning a long-distance move? If so, I can help you with some important tips and considerations to make the upcoming move as smooth as possible. Comprehending the additional costs involved, such as fuel expenses and longer transportation times, is vital as long-distance moves can turn out to be significantly more expensive than local moves.

We’ll examine the costs associated with moving to nearby cities and further.

Nearby Navigations

Moving to a nearby city can be a cost-effective solution, thanks to the shorter distance. For instance, the typical range of moving expenses from Montgomery to Birmingham, Alabama is expect to pay between $800 and $1,200 for a local move.

Cross-Country Costs

A cross-country move, on the other hand, presents its own set of challenges and higher costs. For instance add on services, the estimated average cost of a cross-country move from Montgomery is approximately $3,500, with supplementary charges for extra stops along the route, commencing at a standard fee of $75.

Specialty Services Impact On Moving Budget Montgomery, AL

Specialty Services and Their Impact on Your Moving Budget

Your moving budget can be significantly affected by specialty services like moving heavy items or packing services. These services typically come with an additional fee and require specialized equipment and skills provided by a professional mover.

Heavy Hauling Fees

Moving heavy items, such as furniture or appliances, can result in additional costs. For instance, moving a piano or hot tub requires special attention and can significantly impact your relocation budget.

Protect and Pack Add-Ons

Packing is an essential part of moving, but it can also add to your moving costs. The cost of packing services in Montgomery can vary from $280 to $2,200, with an average cost of $1,000.

Hence, when planning your move, it’s advisable to account for these additional costs in your budget.

Hidden Costs Of Moving Montgomery, AL

The Hidden Costs of Moving: What You Need to Know

In addition to the costs discussed so far, there are some hidden costs that might take you by surprise. These include accessorial charges and insurance, which are not typically included in the base moving quote.

Accessorial Charges

Accessorial charges are additional costs for services that extend beyond the basic moving service. These can include fees for packing, unpacking, appliance servicing, and storage, among others.

Insurance Inclusions

Moving insurance provides extra protection for your belongings during the move. Although it is not always part of the standard moving service charges, opting for customized insurance policies can add to your total moving expenses.

Saving Strategies: Reducing Your Montgomery Moving Bill

Despite moving costs accumulating quickly, implementing a few strategies can help keep your moving bill within budget.

We’ll examine how timing your move and decluttering can contribute to reducing your overall moving expenses.

Timing Tactics

Timing your move during off-peak seasons or weekdays when demand is lower can help you secure better rates. For instance, moving during the winter months or on a weekday can result in cost savings.

Cost Of Montgomery, AL Movers

Declutter and Donate

Decluttering your home before the move can also help you save on moving costs. By reducing the volume of items to be transported, you can potentially lower your moving costs.

Consider donating or selling items you no longer need to further reduce your moving expenses.

Rent vs. Hire: Analyzing Montgomery Moving Options

Deciding whether to rent a moving truck and handle the move yourself or to hire movers is a key decision you need to make when planning your move. One option to consider is hiring movers, which can save you time and effort compared to doing it all on your own.

We’ll weigh the costs and benefits of these two options.

Do-It-Yourself Drive Rates

A do-it-yourself move can be cost-effective, with the typical cost for such a move in Montgomery ranging from $150 to $400. However, remember to factor in additional costs such as fuel expenses, which can range from $0.59 to $0.79 per mile.

Professional Prowess Prices

Hiring professional movers, on the other hand, can offer a stress-free moving experience. With the average cost to hire professional movers in Montgomery being $791, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your move is being handled by experienced professionals.

Montgomery, AL Moving Companies Cost

Planning Ahead: Booking Movers in Advance

To secure the best rates, it’s vital to book your movers as soon as your moving date is confirmed. Aim to book your movers two to three months in advance of your move to ensure availability and the best rates.

Montgomery Movers Cost Calculator

Using a Montgomery movers cost calculator could help you get a more accurate estimate of your moving costs. These tools consider factors like:

  • the size of the move
  • the distance of the move
  • the number of movers required
  • the weight of the items being moved

To provide an estimate of your overall move cost, use our moving cost calculator.


Understanding the costs involved in hiring movers is crucial when planning a move. From hourly rates to distance, size of the move, specialty services, hidden costs, and more, being aware of these costs can help you budget effectively and make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

Montgomery, AL Moving Budget

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