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International Moving Company Maryland

Published by Chris Townsend

International Moving Company Maryland

Top-Rated International Movers Maryland: Smooth Overseas Relocation Services

Are you searching for international movers Maryland that match your need for trust, efficiency, and clear pricing? The right mover is key to a smooth international transition, offering not just transport, but a complete suite of services to navigate your move’s unique challenges. From precise cost estimates to certified expertise and real-time shipment tracking, this article unpacks the crucial information you need to make an informed decision, avoiding unwelcome surprises in an already complex process.

Maryland International Moving Rates

Maryland International Moving Companies Rates

To / From Maryland2 BR3 BR4 BR
Maryland To Barcelona, ES$5,352 - $6,030$7,114 - $7,791$8,469 - $9,146
Helsinki, FI To Maryland$3,384 - $3,813$4,498 - $4,927$5,355 - $5,783
Maryland To Zürich, CH$3,245 - $3,656$4,313 - $4,724$5,135 - $5,546
Vienna, AT To Maryland$3,477 - $3,917$4,621 - $5,061$5,501 - $5,941
Maryland To Säffle, SE$3,113 - $3,507$4,137 - $4,531$4,925 - $5,319
Graz, AT To Maryland$3,478 - $3,919$4,623 - $5,063$5,504 - $5,944
Maryland To Christchurch, NZ$7,052 - $7,945$9,373 - $10,266$11,159 - $12,051
Leeds, UK To Maryland$2,794 - $3,148$3,714 - $4,068$4,421 - $4,775
Maryland To Shanghai, CN$5,877 - $6,621$7,811 - $8,555$9,299 - $10,043
Ghent, BE To Maryland$3,008 - $3,388$3,997 - $4,378$4,759 - $5,139

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and other factors. Get a quote custom tailored to you.

Key Takeaways

  • Maryland’s top international movers provide comprehensive services with certifications ensuring high standards, specialized teams for customer support, and free detailed moving estimates to prepare clients for the costs involved in an overseas relocation.
  • These movers are part of global networks like FIDI and OMNI, offering efficient customs assistance and tracking systems, along with solutions for time-sensitive shipments—factors that contribute to seamless international moving experiences.
  • Customized solutions are available for unique moving needs, including specialized packing, vehicle shipping, and pet relocation services; planning and budgeting are key for a successful move, and local expertise in Baltimore provides access to convenient shipping options and proximity to major ports.
Maryland International Relocation Service Cost

Top International Moving Services in Maryland

Maryland hosts well-established moving companies, such as JK Moving Services and Von Paris Moving and Storage, which are proficient in managing the logistics of your international move. With a legacy of over 40 years, these companies offer comprehensive global moving services. Be it personal belongings or household items, these companies are equipped to guarantee a hassle-free overseas relocation.

These companies’ committed teams and dedicated team of professionals work diligently, ensuring each shipment is managed with meticulous care and expertise. As an international moving company, their services include:

  • Timely and secure relocation of your belongings to any worldwide location
  • Broad business connections with global moving companies
  • Secure storage facilities to facilitate your international move effortlessly.

Certified International Movers

In the realm of international moving, certification stands as a symbol of quality and trust. In Maryland, international movers are required to complete 15 hours of RIM-approved education and training over a period of three years to maintain their certification. This certification, bestowed by established industry organizations, is a testament to a moving company’s commitment to high-quality standards and operations. It reassures customers about the moving company’s professionalism and dependability.

Certified international movers also offer comprehensive liability protection covering all belongings during the relocation process. While the extent of coverage may differ, it generally includes limited liability coverage and the option for full value protection, ensuring that your possessions are safeguarded during the move.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

A dedicated customer service team is the backbone of any successful international move team. With their technical understanding of the international moving process and strong communication skills, these teams are crucial for a seamless and dependable moving process. Typically, these teams are expected to possess a degree or equivalent education, previous experience in international moving, and superior organization and empathy skills.

These teams provide personalized onboarding experiences, ongoing support, and seamless relocation, helping to maximize the value gained from HR and engage professional expertise. International moving companies in Maryland utilize various methods to train their customer service teams, including external training centers or in-house training programs, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Free Moving Estimate

Grasping the cost dynamics of an international move can be complex. This is where free moving estimates become beneficial. International movers in Maryland offer free moving estimates to help you assess the full range of moving costs. These estimates typically encompass the expenses related to services like:

  • packing
  • transportation
  • delivery
  • customs fees

Accuracy is the cornerstone of these estimates. The most precise estimates are given following a visual or on-site survey. These methods are comprehensive and take into consideration specific details of the move that may be overlooked in phone surveys or online estimates. These companies take into account factors like the move’s distance, shipment size, and required services to provide you with the most accurate estimate for your international move.

Maryland Cheap International Moving Companies

Global Network for Seamless International Moves

Having a global network is a game-changer in the world of international moving. Organizations such as FIDI, a global network of international movers, and OMNI, a network comprising the world’s top overseas moving companies, provide a dependable global infrastructure, which ensures smooth service for customers engaging in international moves. Affiliation with such networks provides international moving companies with access to a wide range of specialized movers and the ability to engage in global contract negotiations, ensuring consistent and smooth services on a global scale.

A global network also boosts the efficiency of international moving services by fostering the logistics industry’s growth, simplifying international trade and commerce, and enabling strategic partnerships for moving companies. International moving companies leverage these partnerships by collaborating with movers abroad, real estate agents, and transportation carriers, broadening their reach and ensuring efficient communication, essential for facilitating comprehensive and seamless international relocation services.

International Tracking System

An international tracking system is an essential tool that brings peace of mind to the moving process. This technological solution enables customers to:

  • Monitor and verify the real-time progress and location of their shipment throughout an international relocation process
  • Ensure the safety and security of their belongings
  • Stay informed about any delays or issues that may arise during the shipping process

Maryland moving companies like Advance Relocation Systems, JK Moving Services, and Suddath offer advanced tracking systems that allow customers to monitor their international shipments.

A proficient international tracking system offers:

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Regular status updates
  • Tracking of the shipment’s vehicle speed and rest times
  • Digital proof of delivery
  • The capability to integrate with other logistical systems

Such features provide clients with a sense of control and assurance throughout the moving process.

Maryland International Removals Near Me

Customs Clearance Assistance

Navigating customs clearance can be quite complicated. But no worries, international movers are here to help. They provide custom solutions by offering assistance with customs clearance, giving precise information about customs duties and taxes specific to the destination country, thus ensuring a smooth transition.

Time-Sensitive Shipments

If you are working against a deadline, don’t worry. Time-sensitive shipments can be accommodated through expedited shipping options. For time-sensitive international shipments from Maryland, expedited services offered by carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the most suitable options. These services are designed for urgent shipments, even if they entail higher costs than standard options.

For urgent deliveries abroad, air freight is a swift mode of transportation, utilizing cargo planes to ship goods rapidly.

Custom Solutions for Unique Moving Needs

As no two international moves are identical, this is where bespoke solutions become important. Maryland International Movers offer specialized packing services for unique items such as antiques or valuable art, ensuring the safe transit of these items. They also provide reliable and efficient shipping services with options for both sea and air transport, specifically tailored to the needs of delicate items.

Additionally, they offer customized vehicle shipping services, utilizing skilled personnel in air and sea freight to ensure a seamless process for vehicle shipping.

Maryland Cheap International Movers

Maryland Container Shipping Rates

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates

FCL shipping is best for transporting lots of boxes, pallets and anything which will require a full container shipping to Maryland of up to 45,000lbs.

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates

20 ft Container$734
40 ft Container$823
Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates

LCL shipping is more affordable way to transport less than container load shipments to Maryland.

Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates

Personal Effects$675
Household Goods$746
International House Moving Costs

International house moving to Maryland services - quick, easy and cheap.

International House Moving Costs

Partial House (2000Lbs & Less)$636
1 Bedroom (3850 Lbs)$1016
2 Bedroom (4500 Lbs)$1396
3+ Bedroom (8750 Lbs)$2169
Container Car Shipping

International auto transport services to Maryland via RoRo and container ships. Ship cars, trucks, suvs, atv's, boats, RV's, heavy equipment and more.

Container Car Shipping

Sedan (Container)$896
SUV (Container)$867
Sedan via RORO$543
SUV via RORO$610

Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing and unpacking might seem overwhelming, particularly when planning an international move. That’s why international moving companies in Maryland offer professional packing and unpacking services to ensure a secure and stress-free global moving experience. These companies utilize materials such as:

  • Cardboard and plastic boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Furniture covers

to ensure the secure packing of items for international relocation.

They also take additional measures to safeguard fragile items and ensure the safety of belongings during transit. By coordinating with assigned Destination Agents who receive the shipment and guide the unpacking process, movers manage unpacking services at the destination country, ensuring your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

Maryland Hire International Movers Near Me

Vehicle Shipping

Internationally shipping your vehicle is certainly not a walk in the park. But with Maryland’s international moving services, you can rest easy. They offer customized vehicle shipping services, transporting a diverse array of vehicles internationally, such as:

  • cars
  • sedans
  • trucks
  • SUVs
  • crossovers
  • motorcycles
  • recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • specialty vehicles
  • ATV
  • UTV

The process involves reaching out to an auto transport company to inquire about rates and services, coordinating the transportation of the vehicle to the port, and its loading onto a ship. Depending on the cost and convenience, they offer two available methods: Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) and shipping containers.

The smooth transport of vehicles necessitates the submission of registration and title documents, ensuring all legal requirements and regulations for exporting vehicles internationally from Maryland are met.

Maryland Top International Movers

Pet Relocation

Relocating internationally with pets might seem complex, but with the right support, it need not be a struggle. Providers of international moving services in Maryland offer pet relocation services to guarantee the secure and hassle-free transportation of your pets during a move. They provide specialized air and sea freight services for pet relocation, ensuring careful planning and stress-free services by air and regional ground transportation.

To ensure the safety of pets during relocation, Maryland international movers:

  • Conduct thorough inspections
  • Arrange pet-friendly accommodations to ensure their safety throughout the journey
  • Comply with the USDA Pet Travel Guidance
  • Familiarize themselves with the import regulations of the destination country

These measures are imperative for the well-being of your pets during the move.

Tips for a Successful International Move from Maryland

An international move, being a significant life event, warrants careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you navigate this journey successfully.

A successful international move from Maryland begins with a thorough understanding of your destination country regulations. This knowledge will prepare you for customs clearance, verify the required documents such as passports and visas, and ensure adherence to local laws, helping you avoid potential complications.

Planning ahead goes a long way in ensuring a smooth international move. It’s advisable to plan at least two to three months ahead to adequately prepare for the complexities of an international move. Also, factoring in additional expenses like customs duties and taxes on imported items in the destination country can greatly affect the total cost of your international move. Hence, it’s important to include these costs in your budget planning.

Research Destination Country Regulations

Researching destination country regulations can save you a lot of headaches. It can help you:

  • Adequately prepare for customs clearance
  • Verify the required documents such as passports and visas
  • Ensure adherence to local laws, mitigating potential complications
  • Understand specific regulations of a country that may impact an international relocation
  • Navigate through customs rules, prohibited items, and requirements on international moving checklists

Keeping abreast of changes in customs regulations is equally important. Maintaining communication with your freight forwarder or foreign customs broker, conducting an import controls screening, and monitoring government updates can help you stay informed about regulatory changes.

Maryland Best International Removal Companies

Plan Early and Stay Organized

Planning early is the key to a successful international move. It provides the opportunity to:

  • thoroughly research and become acquainted with the destination’s culture, language, customs, currency, and safety
  • initiate the moving process
  • pack personal belongings
  • make essential arrangements

This ultimately leads to a more streamlined and organized relocation experience.

It is advisable to commence the planning of an international move approximately 1 year to 6 months prior to the intended relocation date.

Budget for Additional Expenses

Budgeting for additional expenses is an essential part of planning an international move. Customs and import (duty) taxes for international moving are subject to variation based on the destination country. Typically, these fees amount to approximately 2% of the transportation expenses, and consumer goods may incur a customs duty ranging from 5-7% of their import value.

When planning for unforeseen expenses during an international relocation, it is important to prioritize essential expenditures such as accommodation, transportation, and sustenance. Thoroughly researching the living costs in the destination country and ascertaining if your visa necessitates evidence of financial resources or income is also crucial.

Furthermore, it is prudent to allocate funds for an emergency reserve to address any unanticipated expenses.

Maryland Best International Packers And Movers

Local Expertise: Baltimore International Movers

Baltimore, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also a hub for highly-rated international movers. With their comprehensive services and local expertise, Baltimore international movers provide clients with:

  • Convenient ocean freight options
  • Proximity to major ports for efficient international moves
  • Consolidated container shipping
  • Full container shipping
  • Air freight shipping

Baltimore has got you covered for all your international moving needs.

Baltimore’s proximity to major ports such as the Port of Baltimore, Port of Norfolk, and Port of Philadelphia ensures efficient and cost-effective international shipping options. These ports offer streamlined handling of containerized cargo and specialized roll-on/roll-off services for vehicles and heavy equipment, making your international move a smooth and hassle-free process.

Ocean Freight Options

When relocating internationally from Baltimore, individuals have access to three primary ocean freight options. Consolidated container shipping is the preferred method enabling customers to pay only for their space volume in a single full container. Full container shipping, where customers utilize entire 20 or 40-foot containers, is utilized for larger cargo loads.

For time-sensitive shipments, air freight shipping is the optimal choice. While it entails higher costs than sea freight options, its expedited delivery time makes it the preferred choice for urgent shipments.

Maryland Cost Of International Moving House

Proximity to Major Ports

Being close to major ports has its perks. Significant ports, such as:

  • the Port of Baltimore, offer efficient handling of containerized cargo and specialized roll-on/roll-off services for vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • the Port of Norfolk offers smooth connections to rail and trucking networks.
  • the Port of Philadelphia features advanced container handling facilities.

Close proximity to major ports offers several benefits for international moving services in Maryland:

  • It boosts efficiency by reducing shipping costs and potential congestion.
  • It allows for more efficient operations.
  • Inadequate port performance and delays can lead to increased costs, so proximity to efficient ports is a key factor in the pricing of international moving services in Maryland.


Embarking on an international move from Maryland doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With top-rated international movers, comprehensive services, a global network, and custom solutions, you can navigate the process with ease. Remember to research your destination country regulations, plan early, stay organized, and budget for additional expenses to ensure a successful move. With the local expertise of Baltimore international movers and their convenient ocean freight options and proximity to major ports, you’re all set for a smooth and seamless international journey.

Maryland International Moving Estimate

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