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Discount Long Distance Movers

Published by Chris Townsend

Discount Long Distance Movers

If you plan to move across the country, or any long distance, and you are worried about the cost of long distance movers, it’s understandable. The average price of a professional out of state move over 1000 miles is close to $5000 for 7500 pounds.

Considering that the contents of an average 3-bedroom house weigh in at nearly 10,000 pounds, you can guess that your move will be expensive if you use a moving company. But if you are looking for cheap moving discounts, you have probably already decided that the DIY method isn’t going to work for you.

More about long distance moving companies

It may be that you are short on time or not able to physically take on the task. There is a lot involved in moving, and all but the simplest of moves require both a lot of time, planning, and manual labor.

Whatever has motivated your relocation is likely more compelling than spending time packing, loading, and driving a truck full of stuff from your old home to the new one.

Besides, a professional move is likely to be less stressful and less damaging to your possessions. Movers know what they are doing—it’s their job, after all.

Cheap moving companies

Now that you have decided to engage movers, you want to save money without forgoing quality. You need to look for the cheapest reliable moving companies.

There are ways to accomplish that. It takes planning and may take extra work, but you can influence the outcome by doing your homework.

Before you start, take a good hard look at what you are moving. Carefully consider whether each item should make the cut or not.

Reducing the weight of your move is the easiest way to reduce the cost, and there is something attractive about the idea of starting fresh in your new home.

If moving your furniture interstate is not worth the price, then sell it or donate it. Move the pieces that matter to you—anything that has substantial sentimental value or would cost more to replace than to move is a keeper.

Cross-country movers

If you know where you are moving, consider how the furnishings will fit (or not) in the destination environment. If you are moving from a ranch-style California single-family house into a smaller high-rise urban townhouse or moving into a condo, you will want to redecorate when you get there. Some of your furniture may not even fit, so look at the dimensions before you start loading the truck.

More about affordable movers

Also, if you are going into temporary housing at the new location, you may not know what your final domicile will be, or how big.

That is a good reason to reduce the items included, as is the potential cost of storage. If you need storage, you add fees for an additional iteration of loading and unloading (into and then out of storage).

Pro tip

Don’t move the college textbooks you haven’t looked at since graduation. If you haven’t read them yet, you will probably not read them now. Is it time for new dishes, pots, and pans?

Donate or sell the old ones at your starting point, rather than moving them and then deciding to upgrade. The rule-of-thumb on clothing is that if you haven’t worn it in six months, you shouldn’t have it in your closet. The same is probably true of impulse-bought appliances (time to ditch the juicer, it’s just making you feel guilty) and exercise equipment.

Are There Discounts For Movers?

Once you have whittled down the scope of the move by reducing the weight, you can save money by being selective about the services you add to the move and looking carefully for discounts. You may also save by being flexible.

What Services Are Worthwhile?

Paying movers to pack for you may be worthwhile if you are short on time or moving at the request of your employer, who is paying for the relocation.

It is also worth considering if you have valuable or fragile items that you are concerned about safely packing yourself.

Professional movers know how to pack—it is their job, and they have the proper materials to get it done right.

They want to ensure that your valuables are protected, so there are no conflicts over damage at the end. But this is a service that will cost extra, likely $1000 or more, obviously depending on the time it takes to complete the packing.

More about corporate moving services

If you choose to pack on your own, you will save money by buying the materials from another source. Packing supplies are a high mark-up item for the long distance movers.

You can collect boxes gradually for free, either by asking friends who have moved (or by looking on neighborhood websites—people generally are happy to have someone come and pick their empty boxes up at no charge).

Newspapers are suitable for wrapping dishes, pictures, and decorations. Packing tape and bubble wrap for the delicate items are less costly from a big box home improvement store than directly from the moving company.

How Do I Get A Discount?

Many moving companies will offer a discount to military families. There are plenty who provide pricing incentives to other organizations as well, including specific college alumni, automobile association members, religious affiliates, AARP members, and others.

Be careful. A mover may offer you a discount to accept an estimate that is not based on a visual inspection of your household goods.

Movers are required (at least for interstate moves, and within many states as well) to conduct a walkthrough before providing an estimate, unless the customer waives the requirement, or unless the customer’s residence is more than 50 miles from the mover’s office.

The requirement exists for your protection, and if a mover is reluctant to come in person for the walkthrough, it should make you think twice about the discount.

How Else Can I Save Money On The Move?

You can often obtain a lower price by being flexible in your timing. You may already be aware that moving is seasonal—more families like to move in the summer, often to avoid disrupting the children during the school term, so higher demand pushes the cost of the interstate move up in the late spring and through the summer months.

You may also be able to find a lower price during the off-season if you can take advantage of a mover’s schedule—if someone cancels or has a gap in the lineup that can accommodate your move.

Trust your instincts. If a price seems too good to be accurate and is much lower than competing bids, it is unlikely to be legitimate.

Check the movers’ references, and always check with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to ensure the moving company doesn’t have a safety or complaint problem.

Budget-free services on a long-distance move

FMCSA has a searchable database of companies, and all interstate movers are required to register with them. Check with the BBB in your areas as well, and ask people you know for recommendations.

Do not skimp on insurance. While you may be tempted to save money by choosing the “free” coverage of $0.60 per pound, the full replacement coverage is usually a safer choice. If it isn’t worth protecting, it probably isn’t worth moving.

Some long distance moving companies

Finding one of the best long-distance moving companies for your upcoming move will make a difference. There are several types of moving companies from storage container companies to full-service moving companies.

With the right moving company for your move, you’ll lower your stress level and know your things will arrive safely and on time.

When you want to find the best long-distance moving company for your needs, you need to know where to look. There are several to choose from and each source online has a different opinion.

Let’s look at some of the options out there and how they fit into the category of the best moving companies.

The best long distance movers

Here is the detail for the best long distances moving services. Let's get right into the in-depth services you will get with moving companies.

International Van Lines

According to Move.org, International Van Lines is the best overall long-distance moving company. They are a full-service moving company and offer locked-in estimates. The reviews for this company on Move.org put it at 4.8 out of 5 stars, so customers like them quite a bit.

A premier moving company, International Van Lines (IVL) is currently one of the top-notch professional moving companies for short and long-distance moves. It also provides international moving services. Furthermore, the company offers multiple insurance options to take care of your belongings.

And you know what? It features excellent cross-country moving services that are second to none. Customers ranked International Van line among reputable moving companies of 2021 for good customer service and worldwide availability.

Details for International Van Lines

This all-in-one moving company specializes in delivering long-distance moving services. Therefore, no need to worry about the belongings.

They offer storage services to pack up and transport whatever you want, starting from automobiles to pianos and much more. Sounds impressive, right?

The company supplies specialty services within the US, and additional services are provided across the world. Have you heard that this professional moving company is both a moving broker and a carrier at the same time? YES! It might outsource full-service packing to other companies.

The company offers long-distance moves within the US, and the entire moving process is on its own as the US DEPARTMENT approves it OF TRANSPORTATION.

But wait! It is currently offering high-grade interstate moves within California, Texas, Illinois, and Florida. If IVL wants to move out of this area, it partners with different professional movers to deliver quality customer service.


Better Homes & Gardens chose U-Pack as their best moving company for flexibility. It's a less expensive option than a full-service moving company, and as the name states, you will do the packing. They deliver storage containers or ReloCube to your home or business, you pack it up, they pick it up, and they transport it to your new location. Then, you do the unpacking.

This moving option also provides optional storage, and you can hire a crew to do the packing for you if you prefer.

Better Homes and Gardens also chose International Van Lines as their best moving company.

U-Pack Moving Services

U-Pack is one of the moving companies that strictly aids in providing high-grade transporting services. With the loading and unloading services and different packing and unpacking services, U-Pack benefits people in multiple ways.

Here are the steps to get services!

  • Ask for reservation
  • Hire help to pack the belongings
  • U-pack will load the equipment
  • Loading will take up to three days
  • It will be transported safely to a new place
  • Unload the belongings

Types of Packing Units

Choosing two options can help you get the maximum out of it. You can select the desired option depending on the flexibility, budget, and space. Let's take a closer look!

Moving Trailer

The top component is the moving trailer. That's beneficial as you only need to pay for the save it takes up for your belongings. See the difference! You are not required to pay for the rental cost of a trailer. No need to pick it up; U-pack can drop it off for you.

Moreover, the moving trailers also feature a ramp. Why is that effective? It is free to use and offers an effortless setup for loading and unloading. The long divider within the trailer is essential to secure the belongings once you finished the whole process.


Adding storage to the trailer move is also provided. YES! This moving company offers 30-day periods for storage with multiple pricing options. However, the storage units aren't weathered control, but you can put the lock on the mover. Lastly, you will only get access to the stored items until they are delivered to their destination.


ReloCubes is an efficient option if you don't have a large parking area for a moving truck. Are you getting it?

It can easily fit in any parking area and provides additional protection. The aluminum and stainless steel construction add more to the versatility.

It features enough space to move things from one large room. The rates vary significantly and consist of fuel costs and drivers. You will get storage services until the moving process begins.

How much does U-Pack cost?

Averagely, the U-pack costing services are a bit different than others. It might cost you $2,610 when making an average move. Generally, long-distance services have low rates over 150 miles. If you are on a tight budget, it might help you.

Quite simply, the prices vary, starting from $740 if you move the contents of one room or $4,630 for a home with five bedrooms. Therefore, you will find a U-pack cheaper within the moving industry for a long-distance move.

Allied van lines

Are you searching for a cross country moving company? Allied lines are one of the renowned distance moving company known for moving cross-country services ensuring that the relocations go smoothly. Isn't that appealing? Well, that's second to none.

The better business bureau illustrates that these movers offer full-service packaging for international and interstate or local move. These cross-country movers are worth it for many customers due to high-grade services.

Moreover, the allied van is based on the miles traveled and the items weights making them one of the bets moving companies of 2021 within the moving industry.

Allied Lines works by making partnerships with the moving experts to provide specialty services and cross-country move almost everywhere.

You will see that the company offer remarkable local moving, long-distance and cross-country moving services. Here is the detail for it.

Services Provided by Allied Van Lines

Allied van lines are offering wide range of services for all types of moves. Many services also includes add-ons thereby making the moves customizable. That's beneficial for people who want to add or remove services such as packing, etc.

What if the moving budget is tight? You can easily DIY a lot with Allied van lines. But if you can afford paying the significant amount, you can pay additional for the storage options and other services.

Tell Allied your needs and get a complete cost estimate for the services. It's one of the affordable moving companies with average cost services.

Allied Van Lines offers the following services:

  • Corporate relocation
  • Cross-country moves
  • International moves
  • Interstate moving
  • Personal relocation consultant
  • Full-service packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Boat transport
  • AUTO transport
  • Shipment tracking
  • Full-value coverage
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Long-term storage
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Storage for in-transit items
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly

Either pack everything yourself or get full-service packing and even ask the movers to pack fragile things. If you complete the task yourself it will save you money.

The experts are known to generate custom rates for all the bulky items such as electrical appliances for safe transportation. A moving truck will take care of all your belongings.

United van lines

One of the best moving companies of 2021, United van lines, has been known for years for providing high-end moving options for all types of moves, and there is no doubt about it.

Whether you want to move to another street, international, or across the state moves, United Van lines can facilitate the move.

With multiple customizable packages available to other services options so customers can plan a moving scheme according to their needs and budget, UVL got it all. You will find many agents anywhere across the world.

Details for United van lines

After choosing united van lines, you will get a broad range of options, either for local moving or long-distance moves for corporates or residential relocations. The standard services are cleaning, packing, storing, and transporting vehicles.

You will find hundreds of UVL agents in different countries for easy working. It mainly benefits the customers as they get personal and face-to-face services. Isn't it a valuable advantage? Well, that's true!

If you come across any issues, United van lines are evident to provide full-value coverage for all you moved.

But if your preference is beyond that coverage, united van lines will allow you to add on more. The plus point is that you can get free cancellations until the services are not provided.

Services Provided by United Van Lines

Well, a wide variety of packages are offered within united van lines, no doubt. They are facilitating all kinds of moves.

Generally, when you opt for a small move, you can ask the movers to pack and transport bulky things.

But wait! During more significant moves, a full-service package is also available that includes everything from packing, loading, and transporting the items. Moreover, you will also get an unloading service.

What more do the services include?

Along with long-distance and local moves, United van lines provides premium quality international moving options for more than 180 countries.

The long-distance mover will make the move hassle-free by allocating a moving manager to coordinate the entire logistics before a move.

United van lines are one of the largest moving companies of 2021 for auto transportation. It is offering car shipping at doorsteps. YES! Just tell them a specific address, and the movers will pick up and deliver it to the location.

The manager will aid you in knowing that whether the city policies allow transportation of vehicles for residents or not. For instance, you can check the department of transportation for more details.

Besides this, the company also has long and short-term storage options for moving. It enables you to store the belonging as a part of the moving procedure. Hold the belonging until you want to move them.

North American Van Lines

North American Van lines aim to provide customers with all services, from complete local relocation to international and long-distance moves.

The plus point is that these van lines are fully registered and licensed within the US Department of Transportation.

North American Van Lines specializes more in moving residential and other commercial clients. You can obtain quotes for the interstate and local services through the official website. Moreover, you can also get storage and unpacking services at an additional cost.

Services provided by North American Van Lines

Here are the most accessible services offered by North American van lines.

Residential Moving

North American van lines are evident in handling residential moves nationally, locally, and even internationally. If you opt for full-service moving, it concludes loading, unloading, packaging, and much more.

Moreover, the movers will make an inventory sheet that includes details for each item with a tag. For special items, they have a high-value sheet.

You will also get professional piano moving service with North American van lines.

Long-Distance Moving

Generally, all the long-distance or cross-country moves are completed within five days, and North American van lines offer complete services to all US and Canada.

Long-distance moves can also save customers money on different expenses such as food, tolls, hotels, etc. Military members are consistently using these van lines for relocations within a long-distance move.

International Moving

The company has been offering high-end services on international moves for 80 years. You can get the service in many countries and also door shipping is available.

These van lines ask the customers to prepare for any international move before ten weeks of moving. A MoovScout is established to standardize the global process within hauling perfectly.

Commercial Moving

North American lines offer high-grade services for both small and large businesses. The company has a 95% satisfaction rate among the customers.

Moreover, they offer customized services, including furniture management, shredding, and other disposal services. Corporate employees can get benefits by using their moving services as well.

Storage Services

Storage-in-transit is an additional option available with extra fees. North American Lines doesn't offer other storage options at the corporate level.

Packing and Moving Labor

When planning a full-service move, it includes professional services for all materials needed. They will disassemble the essential furniture, and all the appliances or oversized items can be wrapped into the padding.

That's essential for protective transportation. This full service moving company also ensures premium packing services for beneficial results. With free moving boxes, it is no more than a treat.

Packing and Moving Supplies

The services also include standup and other wardrobe units and mattress boxes at customized rates. Hiring professional movers will save you from multiple hassles and provide different storage facilities.

Vehicle Transport

These lines can move motorcycles, cars, and other auto vehicles. Typically, it takes two to three days for delivery to the destination.

Mobile Storage Containers

North American Van lines will send a mobile storage unit and load it carefully to transport it to a specific destination. Generally, the transit time varies significantly from 8 or 12 days and is specifically for small moving projects.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines currently offer long-distance move and also high-end services to Canada. The interstate moves are also a plus point. Generally, moving costs are more about the total weight of items along with overall distance.

Atlas Van lines also include 430 working agents within Canada and the US who consistently provide premium quality customer service. Atlas Lines is a significant moving company that is evident enough to facilitate the movement of all sizes.

Whether you want services for long-distance moves, cross-country, and even international moves, it will provide high-end services while protecting all your belongings.

Services Provided by Atlas Van Lines

Let us tell you something interesting! These van lines can deliver moves of any size from international, cross-country, long-distance, or short-distance moves. Moreover, the company ensures licensed and insured services for military and government moves.

Do you know storing services are also integrated within Atlas Lines? That's because they ensure great yet secure storage solutions.

The storage in transit feature will ensure that the packages are stored within the Atlas warehouse until you get to the new location. The services are available across the US and Canada.

Furthermore, the packing services are as per your needs enabling the customers to pack the items or hire movers to do the same work. These lines can also move the specialty things such as boats, motorcycles, pool tables, pianos, and swing sets.

AVL also takes unusual moves, so feel free to ask about any unconventional situation.

What's Included in an Atlas Van Lines?

It's not only about the moving distance, as the whole process is still stressful. However, Atlas can aid you in providing such services during a move.

For instance, services like loading and unloading, in-home moving evaluation, and shipment tracking are standard services Atlas takes care of.

Let's dig a little deeper! The working agents can ensure a moving estimate if you request.

AVL will send an agent to your home who can provide you the total cost estimate it will take to move all your belongings while discussing your moving requirements and other costs.

Besides this, you will get the loading and unloading services, and you should learn the complete process from the website before booking any moving company.

Once you book with AVL, it becomes effortless to track the belongings while they move.

American Van Lines

According to ConsumerAuthority.com, American Van Lines is the highest-rated long-distance moving company. They offer full-service moves across the United States with flat-rate pricing and price matching. American Van Lines has been a family-owned business for more than 25 years, and they have won several awards over the years.

Services provided by American Van lines

Here are the services provided by this moving company! These cross country movers offer many efficient services that include:

Military Moving

Experts at American Van lines work effectively to make a moving schedule that suits your budget. Besides this, comprehensive planning is also necessary for better moving under deadlines.

Long Distance Moving

Are you thinking of getting long-distance moving within specific cities? Well, American van lines aim to move on time. YES!

The full-service moving company has convenient and suitable features for long-distance moving that make the process easy to facilitate, thereby providing users a hassle-free experience. There is no binding estimate within the state lines.

Local Moving

Local moves are different than others. American Van Lines is one of the most astounding local moving companies to aids you in full-service moves within the cities.

Whether you plan to move content from an apartment or a home, American Van lines have got the right services for you. These professional movers also have flat pricing rates that will help you save money.

Commercial Moving

American van lines offer additional services such as commercial moving. YES! The full service includes moving your warehouse, offices, or even the stores within a limited time. The after-hour moving services are also insured at no charge to meet users' needs.

Antique and Piano

Antiques and pianos are always close to people's hearts. As a result, these valuable possessions require optimum care whenever moving.

This professional moving company concerns significantly when relocating such equipment to the new residence. That's a valuable advantage by American Van lines, no doubt. Moreover, they can quickly move the recreational and sports equipment with efficiency.

Corporate Relocation

Do you know long-distance moves are always a fresh start? The American Van lines are currently offering high-end corporate relocation services. The moving specialists have proficient knowledge about the ways to relocate in less time meticulously.

Moving and Storage

Generally, this moving company provides a flat pricing system with quick deliveries that offers budget-friendly interstate moving services. American Van lines offer hassle-free services within the moving industry, even for a move.

American Van Lines also ensures services for long-distance moves within 48 different states. You cannot get the benefits in Hawaii and Alaska.

American Van Lines Cost

American Van lines provide complete information regarding moves on their page. Generally, if you move contents of a two-bedroom apartment from Miami and Dallas, it will cost you almost $5,030. The long-distance mover is a mixture of full services. This full-service company includes different factors:

  • The overall weight for move
  • The overall distance for move
  • Additional services

Factors to consider when planning a move

Planning a move is, unfortunately, an intimidating task, and there is no doubt about it. Once you are done packing, the first thing that comes to your mind is a protective move. For that purpose, hiring moving companies are a must.

It's challenging to choose the right company when there are many moving companies around you. Which can be the best-cross country movers? Or what about moving companies when requiring a move. No worries; we have made it easier!

Follow up the steps below when planning a move and hiring moving companies to complete the task.

Determine Which Type of Move You Need

Before scheduling moving companies, you should think about what kind of move you require. Whether you need a full-service mover or just a self-service move, therefore choose the moving companies accordingly.

Are you looking for moving companies that can handle all the most delicate details of your move so you can cope with other things?

Or are you okay with paying the additional cost that the moving companies feature? You can undoubtedly consider any full-service company in these aspects.

Suppose you already have helped through family and friends and don't need full-service movers, then it's better to save money and hire self-service moving companies.

Reduce Your Inventory

The professional movers can provide you a lesson, seriously. It's the right time to eliminate unwanted belongings.

Organize the unwanted items carefully into two piles, one for donating and one for throwing. Before making any move, ensure to drop these leftover inventories to the destinations.

Tell anyone Who Need to Know About It.

Everyone is likely to tell their family and friends whenever planning a move, but it's not always enough. You have to say some critical individuals and organizations before a move.

For instance, tell the post office, tax agencies, Internet service providers, and other utility companies before moving. Hire the cleaning services before for better efficiency.

Check whether the moving companies are Licensed and Insured.

Another essential thing is to choose the right company that's licensed and insured.

No worries if you selected moving companies from our list because all of them are licensed. All these long-distance movers and cross-country movers are bonded and insured.

But wait! If you plan to hire other moving companies to ensure that they are adequately insured as it will protect your belonging during the move,

Generate a Detailed Inventory

Generally, moving companies are helpful here! Many moving companies like international van lines will provide the customers an effective tool that helps create an inventory for all their belongings.

When you generate a complete inventory of belongings, it's essential to consider their condition while taking pictures of everything. What's the catch? The notes and photos are beneficial in claiming against a mover if something gets damaged.

The Bottom Line

Along with these companies, which have been named the best long-distance moving companies by relatively reliable sources, many others were called to the lists of best moving companies.

There are many great options when it comes to moving a long distance. Whether you want to save money and do the loading up yourself or you prefer a moving company, you can choose from a long list of the best long-distance moving companies for your upcoming move.

Just make sure you verify their reputation and licenses to ensure you're not falling for some moving scam.

Our list includes some top-notch moving companies of 2021 that have been beneficial services for customers for years.

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