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Average Cost To Move To Alaska

Published on 2022-07-15

Cost To Move To Alaska

Nicknamed America’s Last Frontier, Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. So, if you’re considering making the big move north, we don’t blame you. Though often overlooked, the state of Alaska is a wonderful place to live. In fact, over the course of the last year, it was reported that more people moved to the state than left it. 

When it comes to planning a move to Alaska, your first tasks are to figure out how you’re going to transport all your belongings there and, more importantly, how much it cost to move to Alaska. That way, you can know what to expect and draft up a moving budget accordingly. 

Fortunately, the movers at Three Movers have been helping individuals and families relocate to Alaska for over 20 years. Our experience and the knowledge that we’ve gained during that time have allowed us to compile the following useful tips and resources to help guide you through the moving process. 

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Alaska?

The cost to move to Alaska depends on various factors, including where you’re moving from and the specific part of Alaska you’re moving to, how much stuff you need to be moved, and the specific time of year you’re moving. With this in mind, when it comes to relocating to Alaska, costs can vary considerably. In fact, with so many variables at play, there really is no such thing as an average cost of moving to Alaska. 

Though, for those looking to relocate a three- or four-bedroom home, you can expect to spend a couple thousand dollars to over $20,000 for full-service movers. The only way to obtain an accurate estimate of how much it costs to move to Alaska is to request a quote from a professional moving company. To ensure that you get the best deal possible, it’s highly recommended to gather quotes from multiple companies. 

While the cost of hiring professional movers can be pricey, it is the best method for moving to The Last Frontier. When you think about it, it would cost you much more to move your belongings yourself by driving several thousand miles from the mainland, through Canada, all the way to Alaska. 

Cost Examples For Moves To Alaska

Moving To Alaska Distance 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Atlanta, GA to Anchorage, AK 3392 miles $6,534 – $8,367 $9,996 – $13,444 $13,444 – $19,823
Los Angeles, CA to Anchorage, AK 2337 miles $5,334 – $6,804 $8,113 – $10,886 $10,886 – $16,007
Fort Worth, TX to Anchorage, AK 3041 miles $5,958 – $7,621 $9,100 – $12,230 $12,230 – $18,019
New York, NY to Anchorage, AK 3357 miles $6,441 – $8,255 $9,872 – $13,290 $13,290 – $19,624
Spokane, WA to Anchorage, AK 1578 miles $4,334 – $5,501 $6,540 – $8,745 $8,745 – $12,807
Jacksonville, FL to Anchorage, AK 3687 miles $6,888 – $8,828 $10,551 – $14,198 $14,198 – $20,947
Columbus, OH to Knik Fairview, AK 3085 miles $5,954 – $7,617 $9,094 – $12,222 $12,222 – $18,007
Houston, TX to Fairbanks, AK 3273 miles $6,400 – $8,192 $9,784 – $13,155 $13,155 – $19,390
Colorado Springs, CO to Fairbanks, AK 2476 miles $5,424 – $6,921 $8,252 – $11,072 $11,072 – $16,279
Crossville, TN to Badger, AK 3201 miles $5183 – $6914 $8453 – $11709 $11709 – $17733
Tacoma, WA to Wasilla, AK 1450 miles $4,218 – $5,350 $6,359 – $8,499 $8,499 – $12,440
Syracuse, NY to Sitka, AK 2697 miles $5,678 – $7,252 $8,652 – $11,616 $11,616 – $17,094
Tampa, FL to Juneau, AK 3232 miles $6,403 – $8,196 $9,790 – $13,163 $13,163 – $19,401
Warren, MI to Juneau, AK 2439 miles $5,448 – $6,952 $8,291 – $11,126 $11,126 – $16,365
El Sobrante, CA to Tanaina, AK 1999 miles $4,484 – $5,662 $6,902 – $9,115 $9,115 – $13,469

Cost of Living in Alaska

While the overall cost of living in Alaska is notoriously high, it’s not as expensive to live there as you might think. In fact, the cost of living in many Alaskan cities is considerably less expensive than in Manhattan, San Francisco, Honolulu, and several other cities in the United States. The high cost of living in Alaska has to do with the fact that groceries and other resources must be imported from much further away. 

According to, it costs approximately $122 per week to feed a family of four in Anchorage, Alaska and the Matu-Su Valley, a number that is on par with Portland, Oregon. Though, it’s important to note, that these costs are higher in the more rural areas of Alaska because it’s more expensive for the goods to reach remote locations. 

Although Alaska’s cost of living can be considered high by comparison, the real estate prices in the state have remained rather affordable. Whether you prefer to live in a busy town or in a remote, secluded village, there are a plethora of real estate options across Alaska. Median home prices for Alaska’s top cities are as follows:

  • Anchorage – $349,500
  • Fairbanks – $250,529
  • Kenai – $239,300
  • Wasilla – $299,900

Does Alaska Pay You Yo Live There

It is a common misconception that you can get paid to move to Alaska. Rather, the Alaskan government will pay you to live there after you’ve established residency. At that point, you can apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), which awards full-time Alaskan residents royalties each year from the Permanent Fund’s investment profits. This annual dividend can help to offset the costs of living in the state. Though, it varies each year and could be as little as $800 or over $2,000. 

The Permanent Fund was established in 1976 to help conserve a share of the state’s income from mineral resources. This revenue was designed to help benefit the future generations of Alaskans and, hopefully, attract new residents. The extra income each year helps Alaskan residents to save for education, vacations, and retirement. It is one of the major reasons why people choose to move to and remain in Alaska for life. 

Why Move to Alaska?

According to data collected by USPS change-of-address, approximately 8.93 million people moved from March to October of 2020. Although states like New York and California saw more people leave than entering, Alaska experienced the opposite. So, why might someone move to The Last Frontier? Here are just a couple of reasons to consider: 

  1. Escape the stress of the lower 48. Particularly if you’re relocating from a city or bustling metropolis, Alaska is the perfect place to live for a change of pace. Many choose to relocate to the state for solitude and the much lower population. 
  2. Many opportunities for adventure. If you’re looking for a different lifestyle, you’ll certainly find it in Alaska. There are nearly endless opportunities for recreation – from watching the Northern Lights and exploring ice caves to hiking in Denali National Park, whitewater rafting, and dog sledging. 
  3. Unmatched beauty. It’d be a challenge to find anywhere on the planet as uniquely picturesque as Alaska. In fact, Alaska’s natural beauty can be both overwhelming and heavenly at the same time. Those who reside in Alaska enjoy the benefit of experiencing some of the world’s most beautiful views, wildlife, and natural phenomena, all on a daily basis. 
  4. No state income tax or sales tax. Alaska has some of the lowest taxes in the entire country and is one of a few states that does not have a statewide sales tax or income tax. Although residents still have to pay a property tax (among other taxes), saving on both income and sales tax is a major advantage. 
  5. An excellent place to work remotely. In the last year, we saw more people working from home than ever before. Fortunately, Alaska has the infrastructure you need to stay online and get your work done. Then, you can spend your time off exploring all that this stunning state has to offer. 
  6. The ultimate summer. If you thought California experienced the ultimate summers, think again. In addition to gorgeous temperatures (with highs between 60 and 80 degrees), the summers in Alaska include 24/7 sunshine. From late May to late June, the sky stays light pretty much all night long. Then, it remains light past 10 pm for an extra month after that. 
Moving To Alaska

How to Move to Alaska

When it comes to moving long-distance to Alaska, there are essentially three main methods: hiring full-service movers, renting a moving truck or using a self-moving service. While relocating to Alaska can be quite the adventure, having to drive a rental truck through snow, ice, and mountain ranges filled with free-roaming bears is not. Self-moving services, like U-Haul U-Box or U-Pack, are among the most affordable and convenient options for moving to Alaska.

However, hiring a professional moving company is ideal for those looking to have every aspect of their relocation handled. In the past, moving household goods to Alaska from one of the lower 48 states was done via moving trucks like traditional interstate moves. Nowadays, these moves are treated like overseas, or international, relocations. This means that your belongings will be packed and loaded into a shipping container, transported to a port in Washington, Oregon, or California, and then hauled to Alaska via ship. 

For this reason, it’s best to hire international movers for your move to Alaska. Then, once your belongings arrive in the state, the container will be retrieved by a local moving company and transported to your new home. 

Ready to Move?

If a relocation to Alaska is in your future, contact Three Movers today for your free, no-obligation moving estimate. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, ensuring that you receive the best rates possible for your upcoming move. 

Get in touch with one of our moving specialists today by filling out our online request form or calling the number listed at the top of this page and find out how you could save up to 20% when you hire Three Movers And A Truck for your move to Alaska. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to move to Alaska?

Yes, Alaska is quite an expensive city. The living cost in Alaska was 24.09% higher than the national average.

What is the cheapest way to move to Alaska?

Three Movers is the fastest and most affordable moving company that provides full services like professional movers, and transportation to move to Alaska in the cheapest way.

How much money is needed to move to Alaska?

There is no such fix or average price but it might need you from few thousand dollars to 25,000 above.

How do I prepare to move to Alaska?

Alaska moving checklists includes the Address updating, Driving license, personal documents, medicines, get health insurance, and setup your utilities may need to prepare to move to Alaska.

What is the best city to live in Alaska?

Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, and Palmer are the best cities to live in Alaska. These places are close to nature and the perfect place to settle down.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at [email protected]

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