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Cost of Shipping A Container To Indonesia

Published on 2021-08-25

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Container To Indonesia?

Indonesia Container Shipping Cost
Indonesia Container Shipping Cost

Our international shipping industry offers different options to ship containers to Indonesia. Here are the details!

Indonesia Container Shipping Cost

There are factors that have to be considered when shipping items internationally. The size of the cargo and the distance to be shipped are examples of such factors to consider. Three Movers provides international shipping services, including shipping to Indonesia. First, let us help you understand these factors surrounding the cost of shipping.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Shipping To Indonesia

There are five main factors that would affect the cost of shipping a container, and they are:

The volume and weight of the items to be shipped: The bigger or heavier the cargo to be shipped, the higher the cost.

The type of transportation used: Transportation of cargo by air is faster, but will increase the cost of shipping when compared to shipping by sea.

Distance: The distance between the two countries will affect the cost of shipping.

The destination port: The destination port affects the cost of shipping cargo because port fees can vary.

The peak period for shipping items to Indonesia is between July and October, and in very busy years can stretch to December. There is usually a lighter peak period between January and February because of the Chinese New Year. Shipping during this period can affect the cost of shipping.

Which Size Of Shipping Container Works Best For Me?

Without experience, it will be difficult to estimate the right shipping container size for your cargo. Don’t worry, we have simplified the math. The contents of a three-bedroom house can fit into a 20ft shipping container, assuming the occupants of the house weren’t hoarders. A 20ft shipping container, alternatively, can contain 48,000 bananas or a single car.

If you know your intended cargo is more than this estimation, it would be a good idea to look into using a 40ft container.

These estimations assume your items will fill the container. This kind of shipping is termed Full Container Load (FCL). There are situations where a person’s cargo doesn’t fill a container.

Three Movers has provisions for that, and it is called Less Than Container Load (LCL). In LCL, shipments from different clients are aggregated into a single container and exported. The cost of shipping in LCL is calculated by cubic meters.

Average Container Shipping Rates Estimates

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates

FCL shipping is best for transporting lots of boxes, pallets, and anything which will require a full container shipping to Indonesia of up to 45,000lbs.

Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates

LCL shipping is a more affordable way to transport less than container load shipments to Indonesia.

  • LCL $54/CBM
  • Household Goods $430
  • Personal Effects $365

International House Moving Costs

International house moving to Indonesia services – quick, easy, and cheap.

  • Partial House (2000Lbs & Less) $330
  • 1 Bedroom (3850 Lbs) $1225
  • 2 Bedroom (4500 Lbs) $2068
  • 3+ Bedroom (8750 Lbs) $3205

Container Car Shipping

International auto transport services to Indonesia via RoRo and container ships. Ship cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, boats, RV’s, heavy equipment, and more.

  • Sedan (Container) $1157
  • SUV (Container) $1225
  • Sedan via RORO $685
  • SUV via RORO $735
Get instant rate quotes for shipping containers to Indonesia
Instant Rates For Shipping Containers To Indonesia

Understanding The Different Types Of Freight Transportation

The primary methods of freight transportation are sea, air, ground, and rail. The first two are the modes of transportation that are most applicable to international shipping.

Both sea and air freight transportation are used to export items to Indonesia, with sea freight transportation accounting for 90% of all imports.

The choice of method depends on the kind of item being shipped. If the cargo is made up of household items or a car, ocean freight shipping services are a more suitable option. The cargo is packed and loaded into the container.

Then the container is transported by sea, and it arrives at the seaport where it is offloaded, cleared by the authorities, and then sent to the intended destination. It might be transported by a smaller shipping vessel, as the country is made up of small Islands.

There is also the option of freight transportation by air. It can be quicker than sea transportation, but it is usually more expensive.

Smaller items, fragile items, or items that are time-sensitive, will benefit from air freight shipping service.

Additional Shipping Costs

There are usually additional shipping costs when shipping a container anywhere. The additional shipping costs to expect are:

Insurance: Insuring items add to the overall cost of shipping. They are vital in providing much-needed cover for your cargo.

Custom fees: Indonesia has import fees ranging from 0% for books and electronics to 40% for other items. There is also a fixed Value Added Tax (VAT) of 10% on all imported goods. All these fees add to the shipping cost.

Inspection: You might be charged for inspection of the shipped items.

General Rate Increase (GRI): This is an adjustment of freight rates across specific trade routes. If the demand for shipping on a route increases, shipping costs might also increase.

Shipping costs might also increase if shipping routes have security challenges like piracy or insecurity at docks.

Delivery Times: The delivery times can add to shipping costs. Choosing express shipping will have additional costs.

How much does it cost to ship a container from Indonesia?

It costs between $900 and $1,180 to ship a large container from Indonesia. This estimate includes air freight charges only. It does not include the cost of customs clearance, port charges, or insurance.

Indonesia’s closest international seaport is Singapore, which is 530 nautical miles away from Jakarta by sea.

The voyage typically takes between two and three days (depending on weather conditions). Bringing a container from Indonesia by sea is generally considered the least expensive option. The only major cost involved in this type of shipping is the ocean freight, which averages around $1,000.

An alternative option to ship a container from Indonesia would be to fly it to either Singaporeor Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is known as an EXW (Ex Works) flight and generally takes only 24 hours to complete. EXW flights carry a much higher shipping cost than sea shipments and generally cost around $1,600.

To ship a container from Indonesia by air freight, the destination should be either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

This is because Indonesia does not have a direct flight to any other international destination. In this instance, it would be best to use a freight forwarder in Jakarta that can organize flights from Indonesia to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

However, if the recipient has a representative in Indonesia then an agent could bring the container by road to Jakarta and arrange` for it to be flown out.

This is known as an FCA (Free Carrier) – Indonesia to Singapore or Malaysia, but there are very few forwarders that offer this service.

What is the cost to ship a car to Indonesia?

The estimated cost to ship a car from the USA to Indonesia is $1,938.00 -$3,004.00. This estimate is based on a 50′ container load.

The estimate includes both the cost of the shipping and taxes/duties/fees that may apply when importing into Indonesia. The cost to ship a container to Indonesia will vary depending on the port.

For example, as of 2011, it is reported that Jakarta, Indonesia charges $1,000 for a 10′ container and $1,500 for a 40′ container just in port fees.

If you are looking to ship any household items overseas we would recommend using a free quote service that ships worldwide.

How much does it cost to ship a 20FT container overseas?

This is a question we hear maybe once or twice a day and it probably deserves more than just a brief answer, hence the following guidelines:

An estimate of your 20ft shipping containers price will be between $750 and $1,500 depending on the number of miles traveled and the number of days taken.

It’s true that many shipping lines have a fixed basic freight price for all customers but in the case of a ’round the world’ shipment, you have to take into consideration several factors which can increase or decrease your basic freight cost.

For example, if you are shipping from North America and have a break in transit in Europe this adds mileage. Also when goods are shipped from Asia to Europe this will cause additional charges. These charges are called ‘demurrage’ and can be very costly.

A 20-foot container is typically the size of a standard household or office moving van or perhaps an apartment building’s storage locker; however, some containers are larger (up to 40 feet) and some are smaller (10-15 feet).

How much does it cost to ship a 40FT container overseas?

The cost of shipping a 40ft container overseas depends on the destination country and what is being shipped. If you were to ship a 40ft container of household effects, for example, it would take about 4-6 weeks to get there.

This type of shipment would cost approximately $2,500-$3,000 which includes ocean freight costs and destination port service fees.

We hope this information was helpful and if you need more information, please contact us or use our quote form.

Average Container Shipping Rates Estimates

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates

FCL shipping is best for transporting lots of boxes, pallets and anything which will require a full container shipping to Indonesia of up to 45,000lbs.

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping Rates

20 ft Container $430
40 ft Container $480

Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates

LCL shipping is more affordable way to transport less than container load shipments to Indonesia.

Less Than Container (LCL) Shipping Rates

Household Goods $430
Personal Effects $365
International House Moving Costs

International house moving to Indonesia services – quick, easy and cheap.

International House Moving Costs

Partial House (2000Lbs & Less) $330
1 Bedroom (3850 Lbs) $1225
2 Bedroom (4500 Lbs) $2068
3+ Bedroom (8750 Lbs) $3205

Container Car Shipping

International auto transport services to Indonesia via RoRo and container ships. Ship cars, trucks, suvs, atv’s, boats, RV’s, heavy equipment and more.

Container Car Shipping

Sedan (Container) $1157
SUV (Container) $1225
Sedan via RORO $685
SUV via RORO $735


There are four types of shipping freight services to ship to Indonesia.


The cost of air freighting a 20ft container to Indonesia is about $2,000. The price can be reduced by moving more volume. But there’s no way around the basic charge of $1,500 for the initial 20 footer (which weighs approximately 6 tons). You might get this down to nearer 4 or 5 tons but you’ll pay a fairly hefty premium for this.

The alternative is to use sea freight, which can bring the cost to ship a container to Indonesia down towards $1,000 – sometimes even less.

The key difference between air and sea transportation as far as shipping containers are concerned is that it’s much cheaper to ship items by sea than by air.

The reason for this is that the sea freight shipping companies simply have a much larger volume and they’re able to negotiate lower fees than their air freight counterparts,

Ocean freight

It’s not just about the cost of shipping containers to Indonesia. It is also about how much you are willing to risk losing your goods, and it’s more than likely that there will be no compensation for your loss if it happens.

So, before you entrust someone with your valuable fleet of containers full of all kinds of items, whether they are full of cargo or consumer goods, please be sure to read this article first.

The sad fact is that the majority of people who use freight services are not aware of what might happen to their shipment, and therefore do not take the required precautions.

They simply assume that all they have to do is go online, find a quote for shipping containers to Indonesia, and use the cheapest option they’ve found. Well, it’s not that simple at all. Here are some reasons why you should think twice before using any freight forwarder/shipping company:

  • The majority of exporters in Indonesia hardly ever advise their customers about what to do when an import container is full of goods. They merely give them the name of the person responsible for shipment, and never speak to them again after that, not even when it turns out that your container is lost or stolen.
  • There are many ‘freight forwarders’ online who offer extremely low rates for shipping containers to Indonesia. It seems like a good deal at first, but you will soon find out that these companies are not what they appear to be…
  • Unfortunately, all too often, the actual rates for shipping containers to Indonesia are never seen by the end client until well after the container has arrived in Jakarta. These freight forwarders (or ‘friendly forwarders’) usually create an invoice with a very low amount of money, to make the total look attractive.

Land Freight

There are many land freight options that can be used to ship cargo. There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for a cheap option to have your product delivered, one of them being the type of car that was used for transportation.

For example, if the load is transferred by trucks instead of trains or bulk, the cost is usually much cheaper.

Also, you should keep in mind that many times large companies are willing to pay a few cents more for this transportation type so they can have their logo branded on the side of the car.

What are Loading and delivery options?

In this process, we have to deal with multiple carriers. We have to book a slot from the nearest international container station and leave the container there for loading by one of the container operators or forwarders.

In most cases, they will take care of selecting an appropriate vessel based on your requirement like if you want it faster then at least FCL(Full Container Load) will be required (45 days from door to door) if it is urgent and within 20days then LCL(Less than a container load) might be the right option(45days from seaport to seaport

After that we have to book a slot for delivering the container along with all the custom papers and documents to the nearest international container station or you can also take it directly to your own place.

The charges for this will be much lower because in this case carrier has already moved one way of his journey.

Less than Container Load

Less than container load (LCL) is the term used to describe any number of products or items that are loaded into an overseas container shipping service container without having to fill the entire space.

Because of this, it takes on the cost of shipping one full container load (FCL). Accordingly, LCL container shipping costs are cheaper than FCL shipping containers.

Full Container Load

A Full Container Load or FCL is a container that has been loaded with cargo to its maximum capacity. The shipper/producer or a representative will usually load the FCL. The person in charge of loading the container is referred to as a stevedore.

In general, an FCL consists of 20 foot and 40-foot containers. However, less common container types such as 45 foot and 48-foot containers are also part of an FCL.

Please note that if you are shipping goods to more than one destination or have goods being delivered to several different locations, it is more beneficial to fill the container with cargo. This will result in a cheaper price per KG of transported freight.

Three Movers cargo container and freight delivery services to Indonesia
Find Cargo Containers For Freight Transport & Relocation

Frequently Asked Questions

How Important is it to Get Insurance for My Cargo?

Insurance for your shipment is extremely important and required. This is because the insurance on your items will normally cover any damages or losses that occur during the transportation of the goods, and most nations require an insurance certificate for imported goods.

What is the Difference Between Shipping Taxes and Shipping Duties?

Although both charges are imposed on commodities, their application and aims are different. For example, taxes are imposed on all commodities purchased in the country, whereas duties are imposed primarily on imported goods to minimize dependency on foreign goods.

What is the Difference Between a Freight Forwarder, a Freight Broker, and an NVOCC?

These three terms are frequently misunderstood; nonetheless, they are not interchangeable. NVOCC’s services are always used as service providers, not as agents. Under their bill of lading, they provide all of the services of a carrier.

Freight brokers serve as middlemen between shippers and carriers. They can work in a variety of countries, although they usually focus on a certain region.

Freight Forwarders specialize in the management of personal and business shipments. They are not, however, involved in transportation. They’re also certified to work in different countries throughout the world.

What Type of Goods Am I Not Permitted to Ship to Indonesia?

Indonesia has a number of commodities that are restricted. The majority of these items are likewise prohibited in other nations. Illicit and narcotic substances, firearms and ammunition, counterfeit notes and coins, pornographic materials, and a variety of other items are illegal in Fiji.

Some commodities, on the other hand, are restricted and require a license and permit from the Indonesian government and authorities before being admitted into the nation by customs.

How Long Does It Take for Cargo to Clear Customs in Indonesia?

In the event of air freight, a clean, clear consignment (without any documentation gaps or restricted/prohibited commodities) will take 3-4 working days, and in the case of sea freight, 12-15 working days.

It’s worth noting that processing ITAS and IMTA takes an average of 4-6 weeks. Because the consignee must be physically present in Indonesia for the clearance to commence, the consignee must time the arrival of shipment within three months.

Is it Possible to Track My Container While it is Still in Transit?

Yes, it’s a distinct possibility. At Three Movers, we only have your best interests at heart. We offer a tracking system that allows you to keep track of your cargo’s progress and receive updates from time to time. To trace the location of a container, you must supply the container number/Bill of lading/Booking number as well as the shipping line. Any of these three references can be used to track a container and discover where it is.

What is the Maximum Weight That Can Be Loaded into a Container?

Containers exist in various sizes and can only hold a certain amount of weight. You should be able to load items with a gross maximum weight of 67,200 pounds (30,400 kg) inside a 20-foot container. The gross maximum weight of the 40ft container is the same as the 20ft container, which may surprise you. They can carry up to 67,200 pounds, or 30,400 kilograms of goods.

Do I Need to Be Present During the Delivery of My Container?

Your presence at the delivery location will make it easier for us to ship your products to their final destination. When you’re present, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how we treat your belongings. Being there at the delivery site will also help to avoid long-term problems. You’ll also need to sign some delivery documents, which you’ll only be able to accomplish if you’re present at the delivery location. In conclusion, the answer to the preceding question is YES. You should be present at the time of delivery of your goods.

What Are the Essential Documents Needed When Shipping to Indonesia?

The following documentation must be provided by businesses importing into Indonesia:

● A commercial invoice signed by the manufacturer or supplier showing the documents as truthful and correct.
● Three endorsed originals and four non-negotiable copies of the bill of lading.
● Certificate of insurance
● Packing list
● NIB/import permit
● Customs import declaration

Are Shipping Containers Waterproof and Properly Ventilated?

Not all shipping containers are waterproof; you’ll commonly find that shipping containers are only watertight. This aids in the prevention of precipitation, snow, or rain. However, these containers will almost certainly leak if submerged in water or flooded.

Some containers, particularly those that have already been used, may not be sufficiently ventilated. As a result, you should inspect the container’s vents on a frequent basis. We provide the greatest service at Three Movers by providing you with the best shipping containers that are adequately ventilated.

Shipping Containers Worldwide – Popular Routes

Three Movers can help you ship a container from anywhere in the world to Indonesia:

Afghanistan to Indonesia
Albania to Indonesia
Algeria to Indonesia
Andorra to Indonesia
Angola to Indonesia
Antigua to Indonesia
Argentina to Indonesia
Armenia to Indonesia
Australia to Indonesia
Austria to Indonesia
Azerbaijan to Indonesia
Bahamas to Indonesia
Bahrain to Indonesia
Bangladesh to Indonesia
Barbados to Indonesia
Belarus to Indonesia
Belgium to Indonesia
Belize to Indonesia
Benin to Indonesia
Bhutan to Indonesia
Bolivia to Indonesia
Bosnia Herzegovina to Indonesia
Botswana to Indonesia
Brazil to Indonesia
Brunei to Indonesia
Bulgaria to Indonesia
Burkina to Indonesia
Burundi to Indonesia
Cambodia to Indonesia
Cameroon to Indonesia
Canada to Indonesia
Cape Verde to Indonesia
Central African Rep to Indonesia
Chad to Indonesia
Chile to Indonesia
China to Indonesia
Colombia to Indonesia
Comoros to Indonesia
Congo to Indonesia
Congo {Democratic Rep} to Indonesia
Costa Rica to Indonesia
Croatia to Indonesia
Cuba to Indonesia
Cyprus to Indonesia
Czech Republic to Indonesia
Denmark to Indonesia
Djibouti to Indonesia
Dominica to Indonesia
Dominican Republic to Indonesia
East Timor to Indonesia
Ecuador to Indonesia
Egypt to Indonesia
El Salvador to Indonesia
Equatorial Guinea to Indonesia
Eritrea to Indonesia
Estonia to Indonesia
Ethiopia to Indonesia
Fiji to Indonesia
Finland to Indonesia
France to Indonesia
Gabon to Indonesia
Gambia to Indonesia
Georgia to Indonesia
Germany to Indonesia
Ghana to Indonesia
Greece to Indonesia

Grenada to Indonesia
Guatemala to Indonesia
Guinea to Indonesia
Guinea-Bissau to Indonesia
Guyana to Indonesia
Haiti to Indonesia
Honduras to Indonesia
Hungary to Indonesia
Iceland to Indonesia
India to Indonesia
Iran to Indonesia
Iraq to Indonesia
Ireland to Indonesia
Israel to Indonesia
Italy to Indonesia
Ivory Coast to Indonesia
Jamaica to Indonesia
Japan to Indonesia
Jordan to Indonesia
Kazakhstan to Indonesia
Kenya to Indonesia
Kiribati to Indonesia
Korea North to Indonesia
Korea South to Indonesia
Kosovo to Indonesia
Kuwait to Indonesia
Kyrgyzstan to Indonesia
Laos to Indonesia
Latvia to Indonesia
Lebanon to Indonesia
Lesotho to Indonesia
Liberia to Indonesia
Libya to Indonesia
Liechtenstein to Indonesia
Lithuania to Indonesia
Luxembourg to Indonesia
Macedonia to Indonesia
Madagascar to Indonesia
Malawi to Indonesia
Malaysia to Indonesia
Maldives to Indonesia
Mali to Indonesia
Malta to Indonesia
Marshall Islands to Indonesia
Mauritania to Indonesia
Mauritius to Indonesia
Mexico to Indonesia
Micronesia to Indonesia
Moldova to Indonesia
Monaco to Indonesia
Mongolia to Indonesia
Montenegro to Indonesia
Morocco to Indonesia
Mozambique to Indonesia
Myanmar, {Burma} to Indonesia
Namibia to Indonesia
Nauru to Indonesia
Nepal to Indonesia
Netherlands to Indonesia
New Zealand to Indonesia
Nicaragua to Indonesia
Niger to Indonesia
Nigeria to Indonesia
Norway to Indonesia
Oman to Indonesia
Pakistan to Indonesia

Palau to Indonesia
Palestine to Indonesia
Panama to Indonesia
Papua New Guinea to Indonesia
Paraguay to Indonesia
Peru to Indonesia
Philippines to Indonesia
Poland to Indonesia
Portugal to Indonesia
Qatar to Indonesia
Romania to Indonesia
Russian Federation to Indonesia
Rwanda to Indonesia
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to Indonesia
Samoa to Indonesia
San Marino to Indonesia
Sao Tome & Principe to Indonesia
Saudi Arabia to Indonesia
Senegal to Indonesia
Serbia to Indonesia
Seychelles to Indonesia
Sierra Leone to Indonesia
Singapore to Indonesia
Slovakia to Indonesia
Slovenia to Indonesia
Solomon Islands to Indonesia
Somalia to Indonesia
South Africa to Indonesia
South Sudan to Indonesia
Spain to Indonesia
Sri Lanka to Indonesia
St Kitts & Nevis to Indonesia
St Lucia to Indonesia
Sudan to Indonesia
Suriname to Indonesia
Swaziland to Indonesia
Sweden to Indonesia
Switzerland, {Eswatini} to Indonesia
Syria to Indonesia
Taiwan to Indonesia
Tajikistan to Indonesia
Tanzania to Indonesia
Thailand to Indonesia
Timor-Leste to Indonesia
Togo to Indonesia
Tonga to Indonesia
Trinidad & Tobago to Indonesia
Tunisia to Indonesia
Turkey to Indonesia
Turkmenistan to Indonesia
Tuvalu to Indonesia
Uganda to Indonesia
Ukraine to Indonesia
United Arab Emirates to Indonesia
United Kingdom to Indonesia
United States to Indonesia
Uruguay to Indonesia
Uzbekistan to Indonesia
Vanuatu to Indonesia
Vatican City to Indonesia
Venezuela to Indonesia
Vietnam to Indonesia
Yemen to Indonesia
Zambia to Indonesia
Zimbabwe to Indonesia

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