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How Much Do Movers Cost In Boise?

Published by Chris Townsend

How Much Do Movers Cost In Boise?

Movers costs in Boise, ID vary, but the average price range is approximately $5310 to $9,510 per move, influenced by factors like distance and services.

Price Table for Moving Service

Service Type Basic Package Premium Package Deluxe Package
Packing Included Included Included
Furniture Disassembly Not Included Included Included
Loading Included Included Included
Enclosed Transport Not Included Included Included
Local Transport Included Included Included
Insurance Not Included Included Included
Delivery Standard Standard Express
Storage Service 7 Days Included 12 days Included 15 days Included
Price $5,000 $7,500 $10,000

Understanding the Cost of Movers Boise: Your 2023 Moving Budget Guide

Wondering about the cost of full-service movers Boise? When planning your move, understanding the expenses involved is essential. In Boise, the price you’ll pay for moving services varies depending on factors such as move size, distance, and timing. On average, local moves could cost you around $413, while long-distance relocations are priced based on the weight and travel distance of your belongings. Moving during peak seasons can also affect the cost of movers Boise. Our article offers an in-depth guide that breaks down these costs and factors, helping you budget effectively for your upcoming move.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of moving in Boise is influenced by move size, distance, and additional services like specialty item handling. Hourly rates for local movers are around $140, and costs increase with long-distance relocations and during peak seasons.
  • Optional services like packing and storage significantly affect the overall commercial moving budget, with professional packing averaging $1,000 and specialty item handling potentially adding thousands. Decluttering and using your own packing supplies can reduce expenses.
  • Comparing multiple quotes, moving during off-peak seasons, and decluttering can help save on moving costs. Selecting a reputable company involves checking customer reviews and verifying their licenses and insurance.
Moving Truck On The Road Boise, ID

Breaking Down Boise Moving Expenses

Knowledge of the contributing factors to moving expenses is crucial when planning a move in Boise. The overall cost of moving in Boise is influenced by several factors such as the size of your home, the number of belongings, and additional services required, such as handling specialty items. Moving expenses in Boise can be categorized into three primary segments: hourly rates for local moves, cost for long-distance relocations, and seasonal price fluctuations.

In Boise, hiring a local moving company typically costs about $140 per hour for two movers, with the total cost averaging around $413 for local moves. The pricing for long-distance relocations is determined based on the weight of the belongings and the distance traveled, with most local movers charging hourly rates. Additionally, moving costs can fluctuate based on seasonal variations, with a documented rise in movers cost during peak seasons.

Hourly Rates for Local Moves

In the context of local moves in Boise, the hourly rates levied by professional movers significantly contribute to the total cost. The typical hourly rates for professional movers in Boise for a local move vary between $25 and $125 per mover, depending on various factors. Factors such as the size of the move, the distance to be covered, and the number of movers involved can impact these rates.

As a ballpark figure, the cost of hiring two professional town movers for a typical local move in Boise is approximately $140 per hour. Local moves in Boise, which is part of the Treasure Valley, usually take approximately 2-3 hours, and moving companies in Boise typically have minimal hourly requirements without extra charges. However, remember to consider your specific moving needs as these costs can vary.

Cost Of Boise, ID Movers

Pricing for Long Distance Relocations

When considering long-distance relocations, the cost dynamics differ significantly. The cost of long-distance moves in Boise, ID is influenced by several factors including:

  • Distance
  • Size of move
  • Weight of belongings
  • Size of the home and number of items

For example, a local move is within the Boise metro area, while a long-distance move refers to relocations to or from Boise across the state or nation.

Moving companies like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in Boise provide two types of long-distance moving services. These include an exclusive long-distance service that includes the use of their truck or container, padding and stretch wrapping of belongings, loading and unloading of belongings, and a two-day unload window. They also offer an expedited service for customers moving to neighboring states like Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

Seasonal Price Variations

Your moving costs can also be significantly influenced by the time of the year you decide to move. The busiest time for moving in Boise is typically between April and October, and moving during this peak season can increase your costs due to higher demand for moving services. Conversely, the off-peak months for moving in Boise are usually from October through March, and moving during this period can potentially save you some money.

To put it in perspective, the average moving cost during the peak moving season in Boise is approximately $1,250. While the specific average cost during the off-peak season is not provided, it is implied to be lower. This increase in moving costs during peak moving seasons can be attributed to the high demand for moving services and limited availability, which ultimately leads to higher prices.

Comprehensive Services That Affect Your Moving Budget

In addition to the basic moving costs, there exist other services that can inflate your moving budget. Comprehensive moving services, such as specialty item handling, packing and unpacking, and storage solutions, can significantly impact the total cost of moving. These services can provide a more stress-free moving experience but come with added costs.

The cost of moving in Boise may be significantly increased by the transportation of specialty items, which necessitates extra equipment, specialized skills, and meticulous handling. Moreover, packing and unpacking services have a substantial impact on moving expenses in Boise, with an average hourly rate of $100 and total per moving day costs varying from $358 to $3,290.

Lastly, storage solutions can impact the moving budget by incurring additional costs for secure storage space during the transition between homes, particularly when there is a time gap between moving out a one bedroom home and moving into the new home.

Packing And Unpacking Materials Boise, ID

Specialty Item Handling

Handling specialty items during a move can significantly increase your moving costs. The cost of a move can be increased by $300 to $2,000 due to the transportation of specialty items, depending on the specific item being moved and the level of expertise needed for its handling. Examples of such items include pianos, hot tubs, and boats.

For instance, the typical expense associated with relocating a piano in Boise can vary from $150 to $2,000, influenced by factors such as the type of piano, distance, and additional services required. Similarly, the average cost for an on-site move of a hot tub in Boise ranges from $200 to $400. It’s important to research moving options and choose experienced moving companies for handling such specialty items.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing and unpacking services can add a significant amount to your moving costs. The average cost for professional packing services in Boise falls within the range of $60 to $80 per hour. And the total costs typically vary between $250 and $2,500, with an average of $1,000, encompassing both materials and labor expenses.

However, it’s worth noting that you can save considerably by packing and unpacking your belongings yourself. By handling these tasks independently, you can save several hundred dollars on the overall moving expenses. It’s a trade-off between the convenience of having professionals pack your belongings and the potential cost savings.

Storage Solutions During Transitions

Sometimes, you might need to use storage solutions during your moving transition, especially when there’s a time gap between moving out and moving into your new home. Storage solutions can impact the moving budget by incurring additional costs for secure storage space.

The pricing of storage units in Boise is influenced by factors such as the unit size, available amenities like climate control, and the specific location within Boise, resulting in price discrepancies. Therefore, it’s important to conduct thorough research and compare various options before making a decision.

Reputable storage unit providers in Boise, Idaho, include U-Haul, Republic Storage, Central Self Storage, Wise Space Storage, All Purpose Storage, and Idaho Storage Connection Franklin.

Saving Money Concept Boise, ID

Strategies to Save Money When Hiring Boise Movers

Even though moving can be costly, there exist strategies to help you cut costs. These range from moving during off-peak seasons, decluttering before moving, and comparing multiple quotes from different moving companies.

Relocating during the off-peak season in Boise, Idaho, typically from October through March, can lead to cost savings due to lower demand compared to peak seasons such as summer months. Decluttering before moving can reduce the volume and number of items to be transported, which can subsequently lower the overall cost of the moving service. And lastly, comparing quotes from multiple moving companies is crucial for cost-saving during a move in Idaho. This process enables the evaluation of price, services offered, and customer reviews, facilitating the identification of a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality service.

Off-Peak Moving Discounts

One of the strategies to save money when moving in Boise is to move during off-peak times. Relocating during off-peak times can result in reduced moving expenses, minimized stress, and a more streamlined moving experience due to decreased congestion and fewer construction-related disruptions.

Cost savings can be achieved by engaging a moving company during Boise’s off-season, which usually runs from October to April, as opposed to relocating during peak seasons or weekends, which tend to incur higher expenses. Moving rates tend to decrease during off-peak times due to the decreased demand for moving services, leading moving companies to offer reduced rates to attract more customers during these periods.

Boise, ID Moving Companies Cost

Decluttering Before Moving

Another effective cost-saving strategy is decluttering before moving. Decluttering before moving can be beneficial in reducing moving costs by minimizing the quantity of items to be moved, thus saving time and cutting down on moving expenses.

The recommended best practices for decluttering prior to a relocation include:

  • Getting motivated
  • Starting early
  • Beginning with the rooms and items you least need
  • Making simple decisions first
  • Initially avoiding sentimental items to ease the process

Furthermore, in Boise, individuals can donate unwanted items to ReStores, nonprofit thrift stores that accept a variety of goods. Alternatively, they can schedule a pick-up or drop off donations at any SVDP thrift stores.

Comparing Multiple Quotes

Lastly, comparing quotes from multiple moving companies can help you save money. To effectively compare best moving companies' quotes, it is recommended to contact at least three moving companies for in-person estimates. This enables you to understand various factors that can impact the quote, such as the size and distance of the move, important dates, and the need for materials.

Moving quotes commonly encompass services such as moving truck rental, moving supplies, professional movers, packing and unpacking services, and cleaning services. The most effective platforms for comparing moving company quotes in Boise are Colonial Van Lines, HireAHelper, and Angie’s List. However, be cautious when choosing the most economical moving company quote as it can expose you to potential scams, subpar service quality, undisclosed fees, and insufficient insurance coverage.

Selecting the Right Moving Company in Boise

After comparing quotes and settling on your budget, the subsequent step involves choosing the most suitable moving company in Boise. This involves considering customer reviews, verifying licenses and insurance, and looking for personalized moving services.

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in evaluating the standing of a moving company. Furthermore, it’s crucial to confirm the presence of a valid USDOT number, registration with the FMCSA for out-of-state moves, and proper licensing and insurance.

Lastly, when assessing Boise movers, it’s advisable to seek out those, such as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and cross town movers, that offer customized services tailored to various requirements.

Customer Reviews And Ratings Boise, ID

Importance of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a critical factor when choosing a moving company. They can significantly shape a moving company’s reputation, enhancing its appeal and credibility with positive feedback, while negative reviews can diminish its standing.

Customer reviews offer valuable insights from past customers, allowing you to assess the reliability and credibility of the moving company. They can also help identify any potential issues or areas for improvement within the company.

When choosing a moving company in Boise, consider key factors such as pricing, reputation, reliability, and customer service as highlighted in customer reviews.

Verifying Licenses and Insurance

Another crucial step in choosing a moving company is verifying their licenses and insurance before you hire movers. These certifications guarantee the company’s legal authorization to conduct business and offer protection for your belongings, providing you with peace of mind.

To verify the licenses of moving companies in Boise, check for a valid Department of Transportation (USDOT) number, which is a mandatory requirement for such companies in the area. Furthermore, ensure that they possess an MC, or Motor Carrier license, as this is also a prerequisite.

Engaging a moving company in Boise that lacks proper licenses and insurance can lead to:

  • Increased overhead costs
  • Potential loss or damage of belongings
  • Hidden costs
  • Limited recourse in case of accidents or damage
  • Financial repercussions
  • Potentially higher rates charged by unlicensed movers.

Personalized Moving Services

Personalized moving services can make your moving experience more seamless. Companies like Valley Custom Moving provide personalized moving services including:

  • Residential and long-distance moves
  • Loading/unloading
  • Delivery
  • Office moves
  • Packing
  • White-glove service

These services enhance the overall moving experience in the moving industry.

Having access to a moving truck enables the transportation of the entire household in one trip, facilitating the movement of a substantial volume of items and enhancing the overall moving process. Furthermore, personalized moving services can yield a favorable effect on the overall cost of relocation in Boise. They not only facilitate a seamless and convenient relocation process but also provide expert support with packing and delivery, ensuring the protection of your belongings during the move.

Moving Insurance Options Boise, ID

Navigating Hidden Fees and Additional Costs

A crucial aspect of planning your moving budget involves understanding and navigating concealed fees and extra costs. These can include moving insurance options, equipment and packing materials charges, and long carry and accessorial charges.

HireAHelper provides customized insurance policies for each booking in Idaho, ensuring protection for your possessions during the relocation process. Some additional charges that you may encounter when hiring movers in Boise include:

  • Charges for the utilization of equipment and packing materials, which can increase your moving expenses
  • Long carry charges, which apply if the movers have to carry your belongings over a long distance from the truck to your home
  • Accessorial charges, which are additional fees for extra services that may be needed during the moving process

It’s important to be aware of these potential charges and factor them into your budget when planning your move.

Understanding Moving Insurance Options

Comprehension of moving insurance options is crucial when selecting a moving company. These options protect your belongings during the move and can give you peace of mind. The various moving insurance options offered in Boise include valuation coverage, which encompasses both released value coverage (basic carrier liability) and full value protection (full replacement liability).

The cost of moving insurance in Boise is influenced by several factors including the financing, estimates, and insurance valuations provided by the moving company, the type and value of the items being moved, and the coverage needed for cleanup and property damage. The average cost of moving insurance options in Boise ranges from $20 to $55 for truck coverage, with approximately $300 extra for $10,000 of coverage.

Boise, ID Moving Budget

Equipment and Packing Materials Charges

Stay alert for potential extra charges for equipment and packing materials that could inflate your moving expenses. The standard equipment fees charged by moving companies in Boise can vary, but typically, you can anticipate paying an average of $140 per hour for two movers and the essential equipment.

However, providing your own packing materials during a move can offer certain advantages. This can result in potential savings on the overall moving expenses by lowering the labor costs related to packing. In addition, if you possess special items that demand unique packaging or handling, providing your own equipment can also help in avoiding extra charges from the moving company.

Long Carry and Accessorial Charges

Long carry and accessorial charges can contribute to the total moving cost, hence the importance of discussing these fees with your moving company in advance. Long carry charges in moving costs refer to additional fees incurred when movers are unable to park near the entrance of your residence. Accessorial charges, on the other hand, are fees for supplementary services beyond the standard pick-up and delivery, which are added to the base moving cost.

These charges are determined by the distance that items need to be carried, and for services such as crated moving or special handling of appliances, in addition to the standard moving cost. Therefore, it’s advisable to compare different companies’ offers, understand the service rates, terms, and valuation coverage. It is recommended to aim for at least three quotes to enhance negotiating power and attempt to have certain fees waived or the base rate adjusted.


In conclusion, understanding the cost of moving is crucial to planning a successful and stress-free move in Boise, Idaho. The factors that contribute to moving expenses are multifaceted, ranging from hourly rates for local moves to long-distance relocations and seasonal price variations. Additional services such as specialty item handling, packing and unpacking, and storage solutions can also significantly impact the total cost of moving. However, by employing cost-saving strategies such as moving during off-peak seasons, decluttering before moving, and comparing multiple quotes, you can effectively manage your moving budget.

Choosing the right moving company in Boise involves careful consideration of customer reviews, licenses and insurance, and personalized moving services. It’s also important to understand and navigate hidden fees and additional costs that may be added to your moving expenses. By following these tips and strategies, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective moving experience in Boise.

Boise, ID Premium Moving Cost

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