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Average Cost of Moving from East Coast to West Coast

Published by Chris Townsend

Average Cost of Moving from East Coast to West Coast

Whether you’re relocating to the opposite coast due to a job transfer, promotion, better weather, a change of pace, or simply to improve your cost of living expenses, you’re likely wondering how much this big move is going to cost you. For a move as substantial as one from the east coast to the west coast, costs can vary quite a bit depending on the individual circumstances surrounding your move. Though, the method, or service, that you select to tackle your move has the biggest influence on average costs.

Aside from the method of choice, costs also depend on distance, the size and scope of your move, the time of year, and the services you require. So, if you want to know what the cost of moving from the east coast to the west coast is, there really is no easy one-size-fits-all answer. However, if you’re just looking for a ballpark estimate regarding costs, looking at average costs and real-life moving examples can be very helpful. Let’s dive in.

East to West Coast Moving Expenses

Before we go too deeply into the average costs of moving from coast to coast, it’s important that you understand the three main cost factors involved: moving your stuff, moving your vehicles, and moving yourself (and your family).

Moving your stuff.

The costs involved in this stage of the move can vary widely. DIY services, including portable storage and moving truck rentals, tend to be on the more affordable side of the spectrum. On the other hand, full-service movers that handle every aspect of your move are typically the most expensive option.

Moving your vehicles.

Your options for transporting your vehicles are to drive them, tow them, or hire a professional auto transport service to ship them to your intended destination. Most people choose to drive their cars from the east coast to the west coast, meaning gas is the only expense involved. If you have more cars than drivers or you’re concerned about putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, shipping or towing the car is the ideal option.

When it comes to towing, expenses include the required equipment, additional fuel, and liability coverage. For professional vehicle transport, the costs will vary based on the type of vehicle, distance, service chosen, and delivery preference.

Moving yourself & your family.

Moving from the east coast to the west coast likely means that you’ll have to spend a few nights on the road. While travel costs will vary based on the time of year and specific location, you can budget for the following:

  • Gas: The current average fuel cost in the U.S. is $3.28 per gallon. To calculate your costs, take the distance of your trip and divide it by your vehicle’s average miles per gallon. Then, multiply the result by the current cost of gas.
  • Meals: You can plan to budget for between $5 to $30 per person, per meal, depending on your choices.
  • Lodging: As of October2021, the average nightly rate for a hotel was $130.87.

If you choose to ship your car and fly to the destination instead, the only expense involved is the cost of the plane tickets.

Coast to Coast Moving Methods

The cost of moving from the east coast to the west coast varies considerably based on the service that you use to move. Generally speaking, you have three main options to choose from: do-it-yourself (DIY), hiring a full-service moving company, and a “you pack, we drive” service.

Do it Yourself Move (DIY)

Overall, DIY moves tend to be the least expensive method for moving coast to coast. The average cost of a DIY move from the east coast to the west coast is a little over $3,000, assuming that the individual does the packing themselves and drives their own car with the self-service company. If you don’t know how to pack yourself or would prefer to hire someone to do it for you, this can add to increased costs.

The main drawback of opting for a do-it-yourself move is the time it takes, as most cannot afford to take months off of work to complete such a major undertaking on their own. Additionally, there are numerous risks involved when you don’t use professionals to pack your belongings.

Hiring Full Service Movers

On the other end of the spectrum, hiring a professional moving company is the most expensive option for moving from coast to coast. Though, it is the easiest and most convenient method, as a full-service move involves handling your entire move from start to finish with no additional fees at the end.

The cost of hiring full service movers varies depending on the starting location, the size of your home, and the specific distance of the move. Though, the cost of moving from the east coast to the west coast with a full-service moving company is between $12,000 and $15,000 minimum. Though, the best way to know exactly how much your move will cost is to request a quote from your moving company of choice.

You Pack, We Move

The third and final option is kind of between a DIY move and hiring full service movers. It involves you packing up your belongings yourself and then a moving company will transport them to your destination for you. In most cases, these types of moves cost less than a full-service move, but with more steps involved, it can often take longer than expected.

There are a number of companies that offer this service including U-Pack, PODS, Pack-Rat, and other self-moving companies. So, the only way to truly know how much you’ll pay for your move is to request an estimate. However, for a move of this scope, most companies will recommend using two moving containers which will cost you around $3,000.

Which Method Is Best?

If you have a lot of stuff to move, are limited on time, and need assistance with packing, a full-service moving company may be your best bet. While this option is certainly going to cost more than a self-move or DIY option, there are often fewer steps involved so the move will take less time overall. Though, you should also factor in the cost of tipping your movers. It’s not required but always appreciated and could cost you upwards of $200 or more depending on how many hired helpers you have.

Despite being the most cost-effective option, DIY moves take a lot of time and effort. In most cases, you’ll still need to hire people to help you load and unload your moving truck – which can cost you between $100 to $200 an hour depending on the company. Not to mention, all the additional toll taxes, costs for gas, and other expenses involved during the whole process. So, if you have the time and are willing to put in the work to save the most money possible, DIY moving is for you.

With self-moving, or “you pack, we move” services, you enjoy the benefit of packing on your own time and then someone else handling the transportation of your belongings. While it is more expensive than a traditional DIY move, it’s much more affordable than going with a full-service moving company. This option is ideal for those that need to move on a budget but don’t want to drive.

What is the Average Cost of Moving from East Coast to West Coast?

Depending on the method you choose, the average cost of moving from the east coast to the west coast ranges from around $3,000 to well over $15,000. While this type of move is unavoidably pricey, with careful planning and choosing the moving option that suits you best, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t fit within your budget.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted moving company to help you ensure that your move from the east coast to the west coast goes as smoothly as possible, your search ends here. Look no further than Three Movers for all your coast to coast moving needs.

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