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10 Important Things You Should Do When Moving Out of Your College Dorm

Published by Chris Townsend

10 Important Things You Should Do When Moving Out of Your College Dorm

College can be fun. It is fun for most people. You get to meet like-minded people, have your views and knowledge expanded, and make friends that you might love and cherish till your death bed.

One part of the whole experience that can be a downer is having to move out of the dorm every year and then move back in a few months later. The truth is, you will need to turn moving to a science. You will need to know what to do when moving out of your dorm room.

It might seem like you don’t have much, but remember that you filled up your mother’s SUV with all your stuff when you first resumed and since then you have gotten more things like books, furniture, little antiques, and clothes.

This means that you will be moving out with more items than you moved in with. The main difference between both scenarios is that you have been busy with your finals and academic work, so, haven’t had the time to pack properly.

Improper packing will lead to loss or damage of property which will cost you. It all makes things like moving tips, very important to every college student.

Reasons You Will Move Out of Your Dorm

Many things are common knowledge about moving to college and becoming a student. However, one of the most overlooked things is the number of times you will move out and move back into your dormitory. You will even change your room a couple of times while you are at it.

Many students, experiencing the chaos for the first time wonder why it cannot be more organized. When they are veteran students, they know the drill and act accordingly. Why, though, do you have to move out of your dorm?

For a start, you will have to move out of your dorm for spring break. You have planned your spring adventure and are ready to take on the world. The simple question is: what do you do with your stuff? You can’t just lock your room and call it a day. You will have to move your stuff out.

The second reason is that you will move out is the end of the semester. This happens during the summer break. You will have to move home with all your belongings.

This is particularly difficult because you will move out a day or two after your finals meaning that the time you give to packing will be limited.

10 Things to Do When Moving Out of Your College Dorm

The time has come to move out, and time is the one thing you lack. How can you turn something traditionally frantic into something organized and efficient?

1. Begin Packing Early

Most times you will be moving out 24-48 hours after weeks of exams and academic activities. You won’t have up to 3 days of no activity to sort your stuff out before moving.

So, create the time and pack your stuff early. Start with things you won’t need till the new semester arrives. Certain clothes, shoes, and even books can be packed weeks in advance. That way when the real packing begins, you will have less work.

2. Make Sure You Don’t Pack Your Roommate’s Stuff

While packing early or packing a day to move out, make sure your separate your stuff from your roommate’s things. You might end up unpacking if you do.

During the semester, you might fuse your things with your roommate’s things as you get more comfortable with each other.

There might even be things you bought together. You will have to discuss what you are taking with you and what your roommate is taking. Have this discussion early as the packing period might be too busy.

3. Create A Checklist

The best thing to do when you are about to prepare for your move out of your room is to get a checklist. The list should contain a step-by-step outline of how you intend to get your things out the door, into a vehicle to your destination.

It should cover things like furniture arrangements, list of stuff to return, give out, sell, or pack. It should have a reminder to count the number of moving boxes you will need.

A checklist will make the move organized and easy to execute.

4. Separate Summer from Fall Items

Go through your stuff and separate what you will use during the summer at home from what you won't use till you return in the fall.

This will prevent the unnecessary searching moving boxes later for things. If you sort them properly, you won’t have to unpack some boxes till you return in the fall.

Clothes are the most common category for this sort of task. Keep your fall and winter clothes separate from your summer clothes.

5. Send Some Things Ahead of Your Move

Towards the end of the semester, more and more of your belongings become less useful. Things like certain books and even clothes become irrelevant to your daily life.

These are the things you can pack ahead of time and send home. This is particularly important if this is your last semester in college.

If you are moving out for the last time, reduce the number of items you will have to move with by sending some items ahead. For this service consider using a moving company. It won’t cost you as much as you think.

6. Clean Your Room

The ending phase of every semester is just a string of activities. You move from one thing to another with very little time to clean or organize your room.

Moving allows you to clean up. Cleaning your room will make your packing more efficient because it will force you to sort out your stuff.

You might even find things that you would’ve left behind if you didn’t clean up.

7. Know The Rules for Moving Day

Most dormitories have a moving schedule with rules. Some things have to happen. Know those rules. If this isn’t your first time, don’t assume the rules will remain the same.

Ask the representatives questions if something isn’t clear. For example, ask for the news rules, considering the pandemic.

Knowing these rules beforehand will help you plan your packing and moving.

8. Use Storage Services

Packing your stuff home and then sorting, buying new things, and packing back to your dorm will be quite the hassle.

The good thing is that you don’t need to go through all that trouble. You can simply pack all the things you won’t use till fall separate from what you will use in the summer.

The fall items can be sent to storage. This way, there is no risk of forgetting something important at home over the summer.

This is particularly advantageous for those who live in a state different from their college.

Instead of going through an endless list of storage service providers, simply contact Three Movers. We offer storage services.

9. Carefully Pack Your Essentials

Packing is stressful. Unpacking, because you have made a mistake, amps up the stress. Throwing in a deadline to move out will add anxiety.

In all this chaos, don’t forget that there are things you will need as you move. Such things shouldn’t be sealed into boxes. Instead, pack them separately into duffel bags.

Essentials are items you will need before you can unpack your items. They include documents, identity cards, a few clothes, toothbrushes, among other things.

Carefully pack these because you might be stranded without them.

10. Get Help

You will need help with your move. For some students, their parents will be willing and even eager to show up and help. That isn’t the situation with everyone.

If college is very far away from your family, you won’t get a lot of help. This is because your friends will be sorting out their things at the same time.

The best thing to do is to hire help. Get a mover to handle your stuff. If cost is your concern, you can seek good hourly-rate moving deals. With proper time management, you will pay far less than a regular fixed move. Three Movers offers special college moving services.

Wrap Up

Moving is stressful, and it takes a lot out of a person. Having to go through that repeatedly has to bring anxiety. That can be prevented with simple planning.

Remember, as helpful as tips are, they won’t replace your reality. You might have certain needs or be in a situation where tips won’t help.

Most times, these situations require the help of professionals. Consider using the services of a mover. It might seem expensive but what you get in return is convenience and peace of mind that you cannot find anywhere else.

Contact Three Movers for your college moving services. We will help you get your summer on track with as little stress as possible.

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